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Toon Shooters 2: Arcade Side-Scroller Shooter 3.2
Four Fats
Toon Shooters 2 is an arcade side-scrolling shooter shmup inspiredby the golden era of 80's arcade shooters. Real time co-op playavailable with different characters with various roles andabilities. Five years after the fall of the Fleet, the Toons areback in action to wreck threats old and new... it was a massacre,on both sides! THE GAME The first campaign launches with 8 playablecharacters, 7 custom-fit pets & 15 stages of various puzzlesand ridiculous bosses. Up to 5P Co-Operative multiplayer availablewith roles for each player (diagonal shots, healers, bombers...)The game has content patches under planning and you should keep aneye on the app even after you've played through the initial gamefor new challenges. ABOUT US We grew pretty much across the worldand were heavily influenced by Japanese (r-type, gradius) andAmerican games in the 80s & early 90s. Our games are anexpression of who we are and we hope to share a little bit of thatwith you. FIND US If you have a problem with a purchase you madeplease email us (or twitter or FB) so we can sort it out Composer: Matthew Pablo ( : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube:
Smash Club: Arcade Brawler 3.03
Four Fats
After the collapse of the Super Boys organization, street gangsfought among themselves for power over Boot City. In the end, theFour Fats Gang, lead by Supreme Leader Shmeenis rose to takecontrol. One vigilante decided he had enough. Smash Club is nowavailable to 'OpenGL ES 3' & Android 4.3 compatible devices. Ifyou're new here and can download the game, your device iscompatible. Blackmoor 2 will be available in December Features - 50playable characters, form your own vigilante gang to brawl throughthe city streets - Use pipes, bombs, dogs, bikes, tanks... andsmash people over the head with telephone booths! - Local &Online co-operative multiplayer (2-4 bluetooth controllers perdevice for local multiplayer) - Achievements & Account Saving(Google Game Play Services) Disabling Music & SFX in theOptions can improve FPS if your device needs it. Find us Website : Facebook : : Youtube: Music by Matthew Pablo( Announcing by Elliot Gindi(
Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer 6.0
Four Fats
June 13th latest update. BLACKMOOR 2 is a one of a kind arcadeplatformer with genre defining combat and a mix of retro classicand modern gaming. Includes cooperative multiplayer! STORY modewith twists and turns, nine heroes, enemies and bosses full ofcharacter.' BUILD with our user-generated dungeon builder. Buildyour own challenges and share them with ease. It's a sandbox forcreativity. MULTIPLAYER co-op in real time, fight together with upto 4 players online. PVP challenge other players OR challenge aseries of CPU fighters. Supports Google Play Games (Cloud saving).There are a few in-apps available but we allow the whole game to beplayable and unlocked through gameplay. Please consider the PremiumUpgrade if you wish to support our game development. RequirementsAn internet connection is required for Multiplayer and Dungeonmode. 200 MB of storage space. Recommendations 1.5 GB RAM. Android8.0+