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ROBOTS 1.3.1
ROBOTSThis first person shooter for mobile is all about survival!Use different weapons, tactics and upgrades to climb theleaderboards! Download this no fuss action game and begin thecarnage!Features► Fun & satisfying guns/gameplay► In-gameleaderboards & achievements► Weapon upgrades and minorcustomisations► Two maps with potential for different strategies►Large options menu► 60 fps on most devices► Customisable and usablecontrols► Controller support for most available gamepads
Sky Divers 1.0.0
How to Play:► Tap the screen to make the player invisible to thebeams.► Tap at the exact right time to clear the beams.Test yourprecision skills when avoiding beams in Sky Divers. This gamerequires perfect precision and practice, can you make thechallenge? Climb the leaderboards and earn achievements! Unlockcharacters by completing different intervals.Sky Divers features:►Precision gameplay.► 8bit graphics and sound.► Google PlayLeaderboards.► Google Play Achievements.► Character unlocks.
ROBOTS! COOP!Get ready for waves of ROBOTS! Load up your friendsand weapons and fight for the top place on the leaderboards! Brightgraphics, responsive controls and a true FPS feeling combined with4 player coop makes for a experience like no other!Why ROBOTSCOOP?4 Player coop!- Play and interact with up to 4 players (orplay by yourself). Create private and public servers, or simplyjoin an ongoing game via quick play or the server browser. Playwith people on all common devices, ROBOTS COOP iscross-platform!Fun & satisfying gunplay!- Unlock and choosefrom 11 guns and 2 melee weapons, all with different stats.Customize your guns with sights and camouflages to make ityours!Find strategies!- Explore and learn 2 large maps withdifferent strategies and techniques. Find perks, upgrades andstrategic areas to get ahead of the ROBOTS!Competitive!- Unlockachievements and fight for the top place on theleaderboards!Customize your experience!- ROBOTS COOP takecustomization to a new level. With settings for graphics, thebutton layout, controls and more you can customize the game to suityour playstyle and device! With descriptions for each settingcustomization is easy.Download now and begin the carnage!
Rocket Shock 3D - Beta 0.7.0
***THIS GAME IS CURRENTLY IN BETA***If you decide to leave a rating- please consider that the game is in a early state! :)Welcome toRocket Shock 3D Beta - we hope that you will enjoy this earlyversion of the game!Current features!• Up to 8 player onlinebattles• Three gamemodes, Free For All, Team Deathmatch and ControlPoint• 3 weapon classes and 15 different weapons to unlock!• 5beautiful maps with more to come• 8 skins to customise yourcharacter withUpcoming features!• More maps!• New and differentweapons• Friends list - join and message friends• New game modessuch as domination and CTF• A lot of optimisations and performanceimprovements• Much more - if you have suggestions or feedback youcan find a link in the game to tell us :)Rocket Shock 3D is anonline multiplayer FPS where projectiles and jumping are the mainmechanics of the game. Unlock different weapons and upgrade yourplayer's stats to gain an advantage against others! Rocket Shock 3Dadvances the FPS genre on mobile with new ideas and differentconcepts, even in this early version!
ROBOTS! zzzzaaap R0b0Ts! bzzzt r0b0t51...Defeat the machines intrue style in this NEW colorful FPS from Fourpointfive Interactive!• UPGRADE and CUSTOMIZE 18 different weapons!• EXPLORE differentMAPS, GAMEMODES and ENEMIES!• UNLOCK the most POWERFUL weaponsincluding SNIPERS!• Experience USABLE and RESPONSIVE controls foronce!• Create an account to save your progress!• Please take careof the penguin, he's been through enough...The ROBOTS are closingin! Should you upgrade your PISTOL with your earned credits orshould you unlock that shiny new SHOTGUN?Maybe you should go for anSMG instead and put a SNIPER scope on it? That might finally enableyou to SAVE the DROID from getting compromised in that MAZE...Piece of cake? Try your hand at surviving on the SOUTHPOLE or inthe DARK FOREST with that brand new ASSAULT RIFLE you just got!Will you stand or fall under the pressure of the ROBOTS?
Danger Close - Battle Royale & Online FPS 2020.5.3
👑Fight intense battles in our NEW Battle Royale mode! This modefeatures 5 brand new weapons, our largest map yet and severalexciting mechanics such as recoil, looting and an inventory system!Will you be the last player standing? Have any problems? Reach outon Discord, Twitter or mail, we're here to help! 🎯Controls With oureasy and intuitive controls you will dominate the battlefield innotime! Choose sensitivity, auto-fire, and much more. 🎯Maps 8 Mapsin a variety of locations with more to come! Battle on alienplanets, in the middle of a bank heist or on a pirate infestedisland! 🎯Gamemodes Help your team dominate in classic TeamDeathmatch or go solo in Free For All! Stay tuned for a BattleRoyale mode coming soon. 🎯No interruptions Focus on honing yourskill without disturbing pop-up ads! Danger Close is the ultimateonline multiplayer FPS game for mobile with FPP, tactical gunplay,proper map design and a fun progression system! We have spent a lotof time making the game a fun experience with a large selection ofweapons, skins and grenades!