Frank Todarello Apps

Jungle Deep Run 1.0
Get ready to new fantasy jungle adventurerun,enjoy the adventurous run through the mysterious jungle!get ultra power hit jungle deep run with multipleworlds,power-ups & challenging Levels, collect coins in thejungle andavoid all obstacles.face the unknown dangers and fea, run & fly alongwithrunning you will enjoy with more than +100 levels needtocompleted!explore the mysterious 100+ Castles! tipul run is ready to gobutbe carefull because you will face many obstacles in thejungleshould avoid it!the only way to survive in this jungle is to run,and runreallyfast.You must escape the jungle before its too late.get past all the hurdles,giant spiders,wolfs,lions,gorillasandother monsters on your path and find a way out of thejungle.avoid your enemies, cross different obstacles, overcomedangerswhile collecting as many coins & jewels as you can toscore thehighest..explore the jungle run and collect coins in the jungle castlethebest ever jungel run two, it's contain smooth sound effectsandamazing HD graphics for lot enjoying!you are on adventurues and you are running on jungle you havetokeep safe from dangerous obstacles things and keep running oninthe deep bal ganesh have to collect different coins to keep you more powerfulandstrong. now you can challenge your friend with your besthighscore.overcome dangers while collecting as many coins as you cantoscore the the girl princess girl to avoid obstacle in theforestMowgli and collect all coins possible★★★"How To Play Jungle Deep":★ Tap in the screen to jump.★ Collect coins to get power.★ Avoid all obstacles in the forest.★★★"Feature":★ Free action game★ 100+ Challenging Levels★ Amazing game control★ Good quality graphics and smooth sound effects★ Simple and easy to play with one tap★ Endless game★ High Action★ Single Tap Run Game★ Jungle run style gameplay★ Suitable for all agesSo what are you waiting for..just go and download the superultramodern addictive jungle deep run!
Subway Cat Kitten Run 1.1
Help the cute kittens hero protect theworldand survive in this endless run will your madcatsurvive? can you escape the obstacles and enemies?run though the subway and cross different obstacles,overcomedangers while collecting as many coins as you can to scorethehighest.Run, dodge, jump, and slide into an incredible pet adventurewiththe new subway cat kitten run!While running, avoid hitting traps, snare, or any otherobjectthat could either slow you down or stop you.Collect all the fun power ups to get further and to givethetireless dog the slip.siamese cat it has the best fun run game with smooth graphicsandgreat the ragdoll cat to pass all levels and collect all thecoinsin the jungle world with +100 levels in different modes:Easy,Normal, Hard.++ How To Play Subway Cat Kitten Run? ++-Easy, just tap the screen to make cat jump!-Collect coins to unlock levels.-Avoid all obstacles and traps.++Features:+Classic runner game style.+Simple and fun game play platform.+Different enemies and obstacles to defeat.+More than 100 level.+Amazing power ups: coin magnet, rocket, super fast speedandmore..+Cool music and amazing graphics.+Subway run.+Lots of obstacles dodging fun.Subway Cat Kitten Run is a very fun runner's freenow!!!!
Piano Keyboard Tap 1.0
Piano Keyboard Tap is a virtuel piano appthatallow you to compose music, play your own music ina simple way. You can download piano app free of charge. Itfeaturesa new innovative way to playpiano on your phone.start learn the piano with this fun app and enjoy playamazingmusical songs in the ral piano keyboardyour best piano keyboard you will ever need to get startedonpiano learning lessons, it's easy to use for all's a simple and easy to start on and play ! just tap theKeysand tune comes to you can play piano every time on your android phone withthisbeautiful piano keyboard tapin this digital piano keyboard you can also be app if you are learning piano or you are piano masterorlearning piano instrument and perfect for better pianoplayer.piano keyboard game is completely free. Kids & adultswillsurely love & enjoy this piano keyboard using theirandroidphone and's a cool multi touch support for your fingers !!!!relax your soul with beautiful sounds of piano while playingyourfavorite tunes on classic piano and Keyboard rhythm game.this is a fun game for the family to practice or show offtheirpiano skills, The application is suitable for bothbeginners,professionals, pianists, keyboardists and any othermusician ormusical artist!!begin now and create your own tracks from everywhere andenjoymusic while playing and learning a variety of's a free Virtual Piano, just enjoy a musical auditorytourbetween black & white tiles!Install now and:touch and make wonders.Music notes are almost like flying.After you play this game you will feel relax with the soundofmusic.Fun is waiting for you!!Have Fun!Features:*** Free arcade piano game.*** Keyboard with adjustment key control.*** Clean and beautiful graphics.*** Smooth sounds effects.*** Grand Piano sounds.*** Suitable for all ages.*** Easy enough for kids and children.*** Classic rock organ.*** Best modern piano.*** Electric, jazz,pop,classic musical piano sounds.*** Single & double scrollable piano keyboards.*** Full screen keyboards for best control.*** Multi-Touch.Now give your fingers a fast paced thrill with the eleganceofpiano playing with this beautiful piano keyboard tap! itsfun,itsmagic, its free!Hope you have great experience with it !!!