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C++ Tutorial & Programming 1.10.1
C++ Tutorial for Beginners A complete Guide has been specificallydeveloped for students. This app has been specifically build forstudent who are willing to learn programming and start their careerin programming. Here is the best guide you can start with. C++Tutorial covers almost all basic concepts that a programmer needsfor a good start. This app will also help you to make you dailyassignments and will help you understand difficult lectures. C++Tutorial C++ Tutorial for Beginners A complete Guide has beendeveloped by keeping in mind the mindset and capabilities ofstudents. It is very user friendly and very simple to learn. C++Tutorial A complete Guide is compatible with all android devices.Download and learn whatever you want to learn about C++programming. If any concept is missing let us know . We will gladlylook forward to you response. Rate our app if you like it...Tutorials for C++ Offline is a complete application for those ofyou who want to learn C++ easily and for free. There are dozens andeven hundreds of C++ tutorials starting to base for beginners toadvanced. All these tutorials you can read offline without the needto connect to the internet or mobile data. C++ Introduction C++Advantages & Disadvantages C++ Structure of Programing C++Variable C++ Variable Scope C++ Constants-Literals C++ VariableStorage Classes C++ Operater C++ Array C++ String C++ Structure C++Reference C++ Enumration and typedef C++ cout(output stream) C++cin(input stream) C++ cerr(error stream) C++ clog C++ Conditionbrancing -if C++ Condition selection-switch C++ Loops-while &for C++ Break and Condition C++ Random number C++ Function BasicsC++ Declaration, call & argument c++ Inline Function C++Recursion C++ Classes Basics C++ Constructor - Destructor C++Friend Function C++ Inheritance C++ Function Overloading C++Polymorphism & Virtual Function C++ Data Abstraction C++ DataEncapsulation C++ File Handling C++ Exception Handling C++ DynamicMemory C++ Template C++ Preprocessor This C++ Tutorial &Programming app enables you to carry C++ programming Tutorials inyour android phone. It contains about 140 Programs, many FAQ's& Important Exam Questions. This app has a very simple userinterface and the contents can be easily understood by the users.This will definitely help u for preparing for interviews, tests andin many more ways Wherever and whenever you require any informationabout C++, you are just a click away.
Kali Linux 1.1.1
This tutorial provides a complete understanding of Kali Linux andexplains how to use it in practice. This tutorial has been preparedfor beginners to help them understand the basics of Linux Times.This will be particularly useful for penetration testingprofessionals. After completing this tutorial, you will findyourself at a moderate level of expertise from where you can takeyourself to the next level. -Topics covered 1. Getting Started 2.File Management 3. Directories All tutorials are precisely andattractively designed to make it easier for you to learn. All thesteps in this tutorial are very easy to learn and follow. Theoriginal Color codes and Kali Themes are taken into account whiledeveloping this Here are some lists of materials in this Kali Linuxtutorial Vulnerability Analyses Website Penetration TestingExploitation Forensics Social Engineering and more... Features inthis app - Kali Linux tutorial complete from beginner to expert -Search Feature Tutorial - Illustration step by step in eachtutorial - Attractive Design