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Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga 1.2
Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga:All exercises aredividedin different training programs with respected to time-step.Eachtraining program contains safe pregnancy yoga exercise fornormaldelivery for the corresponding trimester. Research suggeststhatPregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga can have many benefitsforpregnant women and their babies. Studies have suggestedthatpracticing yoga while pregnancy can also improve sleep,reducestress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibilityandendurance of muscles needed for childbirth. Prenatal Yoga:Learnhow to achieve a healthy body doing Yoga during pregnancy. Ifyouwant to start with prenatal Yoga, or lean relaxation exercises,youcan start with Pregnancy Exercises - Prenatal Yoga appExerciseduring pregnancy is important, because it's the perfectpath tofaster postpartum weight loss and recovery. Here you'll findeasypregnancy yoga exercises and fitness plans to get you moving.Ifyou do it regularly, Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga isanexcellent way to improve your physical, mental and emotionalwellbeing. The Pregnancy Exercises – Prenatal Yoga may help you to:✿Improved sleep ✿ Reduced stress ✿ Increased strength,flexibilityand endurance ✿ Decreased lower back pain ✿ Decreasednausea ✿Decreased carpal tunnel syndrome ✿ Decreased headaches ✿Reducedrisk of preterm labor ✿ Lowered risk of intrauterinegrowthrestriction (condition that slows the baby’s growth) *Note:Asalways, check with your physician before you begin any newexercisepractice. Download Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal YogaApp forFREE now! Thank You for your support.
MS SQL Server Tutorial 1.5
MS SQL Server Tutorial MS SQL Server Tutorial App is userfriendly,light weight, an easy-to-use for learning. MS SQL Serveris acomplete application for those of you who want to learn MSSQLSERVER easily and for free. There are dozens and even hundredsofMS SQL SERVER tutorials starting to base for beginners toadvanced.The application keeps SQL Server 2008,2012,2014 and 2016versiondocumentation, This application keeps eBooks to read.Features MSSQL Server Tutorial. ✿ MS SQL Server - Overview ✿ MS SQLServer –Editions ✿ MS SQL Server – Installation ✿ MS SQL Server–Architecture ✿ MS SQL Server – Management Studio ✿ MS SQL Server–Login Database ✿ MS SQL Server - Create Database ✿ MS SQL Server-Select Database ✿ MS SQL Server - Drop Database ✿ MS SQL Server-Creating Backups ✿ MS SQL Server - Restoring Databases ✿ MSSQLServer - Create Users ✿ MS SQL Server - Assign PermissionsDownloadMS SQL Server Tutorial App for FREE now! Thank You for yoursupport
Discrete Mathematics 1.2
Discrete Mathematics The app is a complete free handbook ofDiscreteMathematics which covers important topics, notes,materials, news& blogs on the course. Download the App as areference material& digital book for computer scienceengineering programs &degree courses. Discrete Mathematicsbeen prepared for studentspursuing a degree in any field ofcomputer science and mathematics.It endeavors to help studentsgrasp the essential concepts ofdiscrete mathematics. DiscreteMathematics has an ample amount ofboth theory and mathematics. Thereaders are expected to have areasonably good understanding ofelementary algebra and arithmetic.Discrete Mathematics is abranch of mathematics involvingdiscrete elements that uses algebraand arithmetic. It isincreasingly being applied in the practicalfields of mathematicsand computer science. It is a very good toolfor improving reasoningand problem-solving capabilities. Thistutorial explains thefundamental concepts of Sets, Relations andFunctions, MathematicalLogic, Group theory, Counting Theory,Probability, MathematicalInduction and Recurrence Relations, GraphTheory, Trees and BooleanAlgebra. Features of DiscreteMathematics: ✿ Introduction ✿ DiscreteMathematics Sets ✿ DiscreteMathematics Functions ✿ PropositionalLogic ✿ Predicate Logic ✿Rules Of Inference ✿ Operators andPostulates ✿ Group Theory ✿Counting Theory ✿ Probability ✿Induction ✿ Recurrence Relation ✿Graph and Graph Model ✿ More OnGraph ✿ Introduction To Trees ✿Spanning Trees ✿ Boolean ExpressionsFunctions ✿ Simplification OfBoolean Functions Download DiscreteMathematics App for FREE now!Thank You for your support
Environmental Studies 1.4
Environment literally means Surrounding in which we areliving.Environment includes all those things on which we aredirectly orindirectly dependent for our survival, whether it islivingcomponent like animals, plants or non-living component likesoil,air water. Environmental studies is an interdisciplinarysubjectexamining the interplay between the social, legal,management, andscientific aspects of environmental issuesEnvironmental studiesinvestigate the scientific and thehumanitarian aspects. Studentsof environmental studies learn thecauses, effects, and possiblesolutions to address importantenvironmental problems. Meaning ofEnvironmental Studies:Environmental studies are the scientificstudy of the environmentalsystem and the status of its inherent orinduced changes onorganisms. It includes not only the study ofphysical and biologicalcharacters of the environment but also thesocial and culturalfactors and the impact of man on environment.Ecology and Scope ofEcological Studies: Ecology is that part ofenvironmental studies inwhich we study about organisms, plants andanimals and theirrelationship or interdependence on other livingand non livingenvironment. Following topics are covered inEnvironmental studies:✿ Nature of Environmental Studies:Environmental Studies ✿ NaturalResources and Associated Problems:Natural Resources Water ResourcesMineral Resources Land ResourcesEnergy Resources ✿ Ecosystem:Classification of Ecosystem Functionsof Ecosystem EcologicalPyramid – Energy Flow ✿ Biodiversity andIts Conservation:Biodiversity Hotspots Threats to BiodiversityConversation ofBiodiversity ✿ Environmental Pollution &Pollution Control: AirPollution Water Pollution Soil PollutionNoise Pollution ✿ SocialIssues and Environment: GlobalEnvironmental Problems OzoneDepletion Solid Waste ManagementHazardous Waste Management WaterWaste Management Deforestation& Desertification ✿ EnvironmentalAct, Policy and Protocol:International Protocols Policy &Legislation Air, Water &Forest Acts Environmental ImpactAssessment Download EnvironmentalStudies App for FREE now! ThankYou for your support
Basic Electronics 1.2
Basic Electronics Basic Electronics engineering hascompletesyllabus for electronics engineering.This app will help youtolearn Basic Electronics easily with practical example.BasicElectronics Engineering is an electronics engineering appforstudents and professionals. Very helpful for last minpreparationfor Exams, Viva, Assignments and Job interviews forElectronicsengineering students. Basic Electronics supplies basicinformationon how to use electronic components and explains thelogic behindsolid state circuit design. Starting with anintroduction tosemiconductor physics, the tutorial moves on tocover topics suchas resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers,diodes, andtransistors. Some of the topics and the circuits builtwith thecomponents discussed in Tutorial For Basic Electronics.Thisappwill help you to learn Basic Electronics easily withpracticalexample. Basic Electronics should be useful for allreaders whowant to gain preliminary knowledge regarding the basiccomponentsused in electronic circuits. The goal of BasicElectronics is toprovidesome basic informationabout electronic circuits.We make the assumption thatyou have no prior knowledgeof electronics. Basic Electronicsis about basicelectronic circuits, both analog anddigital. In the analogpart, diode circuits, BJT amplifiers, Op Ampcircuits will becovered. Features of Basic Electronics: ✿ BasicElectronics Material✿ Energy Band ✿ Semiconductors ✿ Hall Effect ✿Resistor ✿ CircuitConnection In Resistors ✿ Non-Linear Resistors ✿Linear Resistors ✿Fixed Resistors ✿ Capacitor ✿ Circuit ConnectionIn Capacitor ✿Variable Capacitor ✿ Fixed Capacitor ✿ PolarizedCapacitor ✿Inductor ✿ Inductance ✿ Circuit Connection In Inductor✿ Type ofInductor ✿ RF Inductor ✿ Transformer ✿ Types ofTransformer ✿Transformer Based on Usage ✿ Transformer Efficiency ✿Diode ✿Junction Diode ✿ Special Purpose Diode ✿ OptoElectric Diode✿Transistor ✿ Transistor Configuration ✿ Transistor RegionsandOperation ✿ Transistor Load Line Analysis ✿ Types of Transistor✿JFET ✿ MOSFET Download Basic Electronics for FREE now! ThankYoufor your support
Matlab Tutorial 1.2
Matlab Tutorial This application is suitable for beginner tolearnabout Matlab programming software. This app enables you tolearnbasic Matlab which is mandatory before learning any toolboxofMatlab Tutorial. This app contains complete notes onfollowingtopics: Features of Matlab Tutorial: ✿ Overview ✿Environment Setup✿ Basic Syntax ✿ Variables ✿ Commands ✿ M-Files ✿Data Types ✿Operators ✿ Decision Making ✿ Loop Types ✿ Vectors ✿Matrix ✿Arrays ✿ Colon Notation ✿ Numbers ✿ Strings ✿ Functions ✿DataImport ✿ Data Output ✿ Plotting ✿ Graphics ✿ AlgebraDownloadMatlab Tutorial App for FREE now! Thank You for yoursupport
Financial Accounting 1.2
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting help you to learn howtoyoufinancialmanage accounts and financial transactionstooperate a successful business.  Financial Accounting hasbeendesigned to help beginners pursuing education infinancialaccounting or business management. Any enthusiastic readerwithbasic mathematics knowledge can comprehend this tutorial.Aftercompleting Financial Accounting, you will find yourself atamoderate level of expertise from where you can take yourselftonext levels. Features of Financial Accounting: ✿ RectificationOfErrors ✿ Capital And Revenue ✿ Final Accounts ✿ ProvisionAndReserves ✿ Measuring Of Business Income ✿ Bills of ExchangeandPromissory Notes ✿ Inventory Valuation ✿ Analysis Of ChangesInIncome ✿ Consignment ✿ Joint Venture ✿ Non-Trading Accounts✿Single Entry ✿ Leasing ✿ Investment Account ✿ Insolvency Accounts✿Stock Exchange Transactions ✿ Private Individuals ✿Co-OperativeSocieties ✿ Insurance Claim ✿ Government Accounting ✿ContractAccount ✿ Departmental Account ✿ Voyage Accounting ✿RoyaltyAccounting Download Financial Accounting for FREE now! ThankYoufor your support
CNC Programming Example - CNC Tools 2.3
CNC Programming Example - CNC Tools CNC Programming Example -CNCTools is a free application for the CNC technology. CNCProgrammingExample app will help you to learn cnc programmed easilywithpractical example. This is FREE app will teach you that how tousea CNC Programming Example. CNC Tools app is made for CNCoperator,CNC manufacturer & CNC personnel who work and wantlearn CNCmanufacturing processes. Computer numerical control (CNC -LatheMachine) is the automation of machine tools by means ofcomputersexecuting pre-programmed sequences of machine controlcommands. CNCProgramming app is also integrated for common CNCProgrammingformulas, and It provides learning information aboutCNCProgramming - gcode. CNC app will help you to find outcommoninformation about CNC and it's working. Features of CNC Tools: ✿Configurable CNC profiles (2) ✿ CNC Cutting data aboutmilling,turning, drilling ✿ METRIC (FINE/COAST), UNC, UNF ✿ LeaderandTrailer of the CNC program ✿ Help function ✿ CNC Engravingwithoutput for the most CNC Controls*(FANUC, SIEMENS, Okuma, Haas,DMG,..) Features of CNC Programming Example: ✿ CNCFundamentals✿ CNC Programming Basics ✿ CNC Modes &Controls ✿ CNCOperating ✿ Advanced Level ✿ Beginner Level ✿CNCProgrammingcalculation. ✿ Bolt Hole Circle ✿ CNC Machine SetUp ✿ ChamferRadius ✿ Bolt Hole Circle G70 ✿ Rectangular Pocket ✿MultipleMachining in a circular Pattern ✿ Multiple Machining in anarc. ✿Cam. ✿ Contours, Pockets and Drilling. ✿ Canned cyclerepetition. ✿Call and MCALL subroutines ✿ Spacer. ✿ Polar Originselection G-93✿ Archimedes Spiral. ✿ CNC Lathe Intro ✿ CNCProgramming andIndustrial Robotics ✿ Includes more tutorial videos.✿ Ability tolearn on your own time from anywhere when you can’taccess theinternet. ✿ Optimized for most Android supported deviceswithenhanced graphics and design ✿ ct learning tool - gcodeDownloadCNC Programming Example - CNC Tools App for FREE now! ThankYou foryour support
Fundamental of Power Electronics 1.3
Fundamental of Power Electronics Power Electronics refers toaninterdisciplinary subject within electrical engineering thatdealswith the design, control and conversion of power in itselectricform. A system that converts electric energy to an electricloadthrough a control circuit is known as a Power ElectronicSystem.The purpose of Fundamental of Power Electronics is tointroduce andexplain the main concepts in Power Electronics, whichinclude PowerSemi-Conductor Devices, Phase-Controlled Converters,DC to DCConverter, Inverters and AC to AC Converters. The target ofthistutorial is electrical engineering students. It is a goodresourceto help them gain knowledge on electronics and circuits asappliedin power electronics. Features of Fundamental of PowerElectronics: ✿ Introduction ✿ Switching Device ✿ Linear CircuitElements ✿Silicon Controlled Rectifier ✿ TRIAC ✿ BJT ✿ IGBT ✿MOSFET ✿Semiconductor Device Solved Example ✿ Pulse Converter ✿Effect ofSource Inductance ✿ Performance Parameter ✿ ControlConverter ✿Dual Converter ✿ Converter Solved Example ✿ Choppers ✿ControlMethods ✿ Resonant Switching ✿ DC-DC Converter SolvedExample ✿Type of Inverter ✿ PWM ✿ Inverter Solved Example ✿ SinglePhase ACVoltage Controller ✿ Cyclo-Converter ✿ Integral CycleControl ✿Matrix Converter ✿ AC-DC Converter Solved Example ✿PowerElectronics Quick Guide Download Fundamental of PowerElectronicsfor FREE now! Thank You for your support