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King James Bible: Bible Verses and Bible Caller ID 5.6
The King James Versions Bible App will help you grow closer to theLord by displaying daily bible verses and prayers 3 times a day.This Bible app is a free religious app that allows you to have amoment with the Lord anywhere you are by reading short Bibledevotions, prayers about certain topics, or playing Bible trivia.KJV Bible App caller ID helps you identify numbers real-time whilethe call is happening - even the ones not in your phonebook. Nomore number guessing or avoiding unknown callers – KJV Bible Appcaller ID prepares you for the call. If your local pizza vendordoesn’t pick up the phone when you’re calling, KJV Bible App callerID will suggest alternative nearby places. You can always adjustyour caller ID settings in the settings menu. Share the King JamesVersion Bible app with family members or members of your church tospread the word of God! Download and use the King James Bible:Bible Verses and Bible Caller IDnow. You are going to love how easyto use it is!
Holy Bible: Inspirational Bible Verses 1.0
Holy Bible: Inspirational Bible Verses is the newest Bible Appwhichbrings you a simple but rewarding way to find Inspiration.There isnow more inspiring book in the History of man than theBible. Get anew Inspirational Bible reading in the simplest waypossible, with asingle click! The passages from the King JamesVersion of the Bibleare hand selected to help anyone through anytime by providing theword of God. It is our mission to continue toinspire through theword of the Lord and His teachings in theBible. We also arecontinuing to work to bring you additionalcontent and offers tolead an INSPIRED Christian Life!Praise Himeveryday with this greatsimple App!