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Free Music for SoundCloud® 1.0.6
Free Music for SoundCloud is a free andpowerful third-party client powered by SoundCloud® API. Great musicdiscovery is effortless and free with Free Music Player forSoundCloudFree Music for SoundCloud may use large amounts of data and carrierdata charges. For best results, we recommend you connect yourdevice to trusted WiFi networks when available.Great music discovery is effortless and free. Just start with thename of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composersand we'll do the rest. It's easy to create personalized stationsthat play only music you'll love.Your best free music client and player for finding and listeningtrending music. Since millions of people listen to music and audiofor free from SoundCloud®, your can find online any song of yourlikes.You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlistof your favorite songs. All are free on mobile and tablet. Listento the right music, wherever you are.Enjoy free music now!Key features:+ Search and find free music and song tracks+ Explore free music online by preset genres+ Manage your favorite music and songs+ Play music on background+ Music player widget+ Music in high qualityNote:- By complying with the API Terms of Use, we do not provide cachingand downloading any tracks (not a music downloader).Therefore, itis impossible to download mp3 music in this app- If you don't know what SoundCloud® is, readhere: If you like SoundCloud®, you can find more in it's great nativeclient: