FreeRancher Apps

Mahjong Solitaire Full 2.1.0
Mahjong Solitaire is a classic matching game. It is also known asShanghai Mahjong, Mahjongg, Kyodai.How to play:The objective of thegame is to remove all Mahjong tiles by matching them in pairs. Onlysame tiles that is not blocked can be removed. A tile is blocked ifboth left and right side is blocked by other tiles, or have othertiles placed on top.You can use device's menu button to display theoption menu while playing the game.You can move game tiles by holdyour finger(or pointer) on screen, and you can zoom in or out bymulti-touch or use zoom bar while playing game.Features:- Timechallenge and relaxed game mode- 30 layouts in normal mode(timechallenge), 21 layouts in relaxed mode(some available in fullversion only)- Auto save game- hints, reshuffle, move back,auto-zoom tools- Multi-touch zoom- Randomly generate solvablegames- Zoom tools for devices that do not support multi-touch-Support landscape, portrait screen mode
Photo Frames 1.0.1
"Photo Frames" allows you to decorate yourphotos with cool frames.Features:• Select photo from gallery or take photo by camera.• Support front camera and back camera• Build-in gallery to display your decorated photos.• Share decorated photos through other social apps.• Use touch screen to move, zoom in/out or rotate the photo.
Transparent Screen 2.0.4
Transparent Screen allow you to make the screen transparent withthe camera!You can still notice what happened in the street, andwho is coming to your back while you are playing game, chattingonline, or doing many other things. Features:-Support both frontfacing camera and back facing camera(front facing camera needAndroid 2.3 or later)-You can change the transparent view size andposition.-Toggle widgetPlease note that this app may not supportyour device! I cannot respond to the comments in market, pleasefeel free to contact me by email if you have anyquestions!Permissions:-Read phone state and identityneeds to allowautomatically turn off camera while call coming-Displaysystem-level alertsneeds to display the notification on statusbar-Hardware controlsneeds to use the camera-Networkcommunicationneeds for ads display 1.0.0
FreeRancher is a game that combines the classic Tron game and Snakegame. The goal of the game is to capture as many blocks aspossible.Players control their slither snakes to encircle parts ofthe grid, then the blocks will be captured and become the samecolor as the snake. You must avoid other players to hit the tail ofyour snake, and you can kill other snakes by hit their tails withyour snake's head, you will earn extra 50 points for each defeatenemies by hit their trails.
Draw On Screen Pro 1.2.1
With Draw On Screen, you can draw anywhere or make text notes onanywhere of the screen(even over other apps), takescreenshots(Android 5.0+ required for take screenshots).The app isuseful for presentations, making tutorials for any other apps. Thefloating toolbar let you use the tools without leave the currentrunning app.Key Features: • floating toolbar. • support draw oflines, rectangle, ellipse and arbitrary polygon. • undo/redo ofdraws • adding text as sticker. • auto save your editing and autoreload it next time start the app(pro version only) • takescreenshots(Android 5.0+ required), allow edit or share screenshotwith other image editor or social apps.