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Slime Simulator Time : Make Super ASMR 1.61
Slime Simulator Time is a great app for beginner slimers toadvanced slimers. It is also good for people who love ASMR sounds.The app works like a super real slime that you make it from realingredients such as clay, glue, borax and much more. Of course,charms for slime is safe for boys and girls. Having a hard timecreate your own slime? Watch many video tutorials but stillcouldn't make it? This is the app for you. Not necessary to knowhow to make slime. It's easy, fun, addictive and FREE! Features: ★Stress & anxiety relief ★ Beautiful ASMR sounds and noises.Good for meditation and sleep. ★ Make your own slime: add differentproducts to achieve new colors and textures such as food coloring,glitter, foam beads, fishbowl beads, foam, fake snow and more! Youcan customize them using your imagination! ★ Many polymer claycanes added: perfect things to add to your slimes! They can rangefrom simple fruits, balls, jelly, heart to adorable characters! ★Name your own slime e.g. clear, crystal, egg, cloud, rainbow,fluffy, butter, super glossy, metallic, galaxy, bubbly slime! ★Satisfying slime sounds: different slimes make different ASMRsounds. You can poking, popping, swirling and pressing them! ★ DIYslime stress ball for squishy and crunchy toy ★ Decorative slime:player can add glitter, microbeads, mushroom and other additives tomake your slime look more interesting. ★ Make a slime wallpaper!Slime Simulator Time brings slimes to your mobile phone. We'd callit slime factory! Just follow the instructions. It's time to makeyour own slime with your own super recipes! Glow in the dark,unicorn, metallic slimes are my favorite. You can share slimes onsocial and play with friends. Download Now!
DIY Slime Simulator ASMR 1.81
DIY Slime Simulator ASMR Games is a 3d slime simulator appwhichworks like a real slime. It's easy to play, squish, poke,streatchand pop. With some asmr sounds, it can reduce stress,anxietyrelief and make you super relax. There're many ingredientsandrecipes to make slime such as unicorn, cloud, iceberg,garcia,soda, jelly, fishbowl, clay and putty. It's a 3d familysimulatorgames for boys and girls. They can play slime games forfree. Addmany texture color for slime games Satisfying withwonderful slimetypes such as rainbow unicorn, cloud, iceberg,glossy, and sodaslimes. Mix ingredients then poke slime gamesemulator. Glossy andcloud slimes are very popular. We also haveglider, putty, clay,butter, pastel, unicorn, glitter, salt,activator, rainbow, andshaving for slime ingredients. DIY slimemaker is super fun andaddicted. Features - Play, squish and pokereal 3d slime simulatoron your phone - DIY and create your ownslime - add your favouritecolors, add some ingredients such asrainbow, unicorn, cloud,fishbowl. - Paint color, draw slime andsave a wallpaper on yourphone - Satisfying and relax ASMR soundemulator - Import your ownimage or take photo and make it slime -No more glue and toxic toharm your health - To collect coins,squeeze slime as much aspossible. Use coin to unlock new colorslimes and ingredients. -Decorating slime by adding 3d objects suchas crystal, egg, cloud,rainbow, fluffy, butter, unicorn, superglossy, metallic, galaxy,and bubbly - Select more colors for yourslime. - Enjoy andsatisfying over 20 slime recipes for slime maker- 3D slime makergames is a super good time killer. Play and pokewith friends. DIYSlime Simulator ASMR is the best 3d slime makergames and manyrecipes that you'll love. ASMR sounds are great. It'sa familysimulator slime games. Super fun and addicted. Create yourownrainbow unicorn slime. Tips: Add garcia and glitter to makejellyslime more colorful. Do you get bored? Ready to become agreatslimer? Download and poke Color DIY Slime Simulator Games now!
Neon Air Hockey - Extreme A.I. Championship 1.05
Neon air hockey is a realistic sport air hockey. We have a smartAIwhich is so strong and intelligent. This is not an usual airhockeygames. Each game takes a short time. neon air hockey is somuchfun. You'll get addicted, and relax. Functions: - Championship:3game slots which record your completed level - Single Player:Thereare 5 PvP modes. Easy - Medium - Hard - Extreme hard - andRobotic.Our AI is so smart! - 2 Players: Dual with friends -Settings &Shop: Change skin of table hockey - paddle - andpuck. Challengefriends and win AI with neon air hockey! DownloadNow!
Candy Fruit Mania : Crush & Blast Jewel 1.21
Candy Fruit Mania: Crush & Blast Jewel is challengingandaddictive match 3 game which is a great time killer. Enjoytheexciting puzzle game with cute toon and toys. Lots ofbeautifulfruit, flower blossom, gems and jewel to collect. Crackcode to getthe highest scores. KEY FEATURES: ★ Candy fruit crush isfree toplay for everyone ★ Hundreds of unique levels with specialeventsto pop and bomb puzzle ★ Beautiful graphics and adorablecharactersfor story of jelly jam juice ★ Sweet Daily reward, luckyspin andbonus candy mania items ★ New booster items help you crush&blast jewel and win easily ★ Beautiful relaxing music forcandypuzzles ★ Connect Social Media and beat and crush friends ★NewEgypt theme is coming soon! ★ Create your own story, gethighestrank as much as possible ★ Bundle fruit mania items forsale, whichuseful to win jewel games ★ Awesome candy mania weeklyVIPsubscription – gain powerful boosters everyday HOW TO PLAY: ★Boomfruits by swipe & swap match 3 mania to same kind of fruits★Use boosters and power tools to boom fruit, crush blast jellyandclear the tasks ★ Get sugar smash when matching more than 3fruitpop that will create more powerful items such as jelly blastmania,jelly rainbow. ★ Find every hidden ice cream behind candyblast,magic fruit pop ★ Collect gems and jewel and getting highscores ★Hunt crazy monster dog as fast as possible ★ Crack code andtry newstrategies to win candy fruit mania every missions ★ Try toget 5stars in every mission! ★ Be calm and patience while playingandblast jewel game Candy Fruit Mania: Crush & Blast Jewelgamesis a new trending match 3, which is different from ordinarymatch 3games in the market. It makes you feel relaxing and stressrelief.Play with friends is highly recommended for everyone. Bombandcrush gems, jewels, fruits and candy as fast as possible.DOWNLOADNOW! If you'd like to support us, please rate 5 stars :)
Free Dress Up Games for Girls 1.11
Free Dress Up Games for Girls – Create your own characters inyourdream. Can’t stop thinking about your favorite superheroes,chibimonster or beautiful princess? Here is the right place foryou.This anime dress up games design for girls because it is agirlgames for free. There’re hundreds variation of clothes,costumesand new fashion. You can create a princess, superheroes,fun girls,anime, chibi, and kawaii characters of your choice. Thisis a freegames for girls you’ll love. In this free dress up gamesfor girlsyou can browse between the following categories of items:dresses,skirts, shirts, pants, shoes, necklaces, hairstyles,accessories,extra items and many more. Let’s these cute, chibigirls have theirtime to shine and outstanding. Anime dress upgames, free games forgirls, is very popular among girls, kids andteenagers. It’s avirtual game. Create your own unique charactersand dress up themwith beautiful clothes and dresses. “Free Dress UpGames for Girls”Feature: * 8 chibi & kawaii girls * Beautifulfashion outfit ofpants, dresses, shirts and shoes * Stunninghairstyles to createyour own princess, fun girls, monster, etc *Unlock animecharacters for free games for girls * Tons ofaccessories to dressup your own characters with beautiful clothes *6 backgrounds tochoose from and experience a new environment *Social sharing soyour friends see your kawaii characters! *Unlimited fun girls,kids and teenagers * Avatar maker by savingyour final kawaiicharacters and make them avatar “Free Dress UpGames for Girls” isone of the best anime dress up games for girlson Google PlayStore, that allow you the chance to show yourimagination andcreate your own character of free games for girlssuch as monster,superhero or princess. All you need to do is bringout the fashionartist in you! Start playing dress up games forgirls as you wishright now! Download this game for Free today!
Real Slime Simulator Maker: Dress Up Girl 1.37
Real Slime Simulator Maker: Dress Up Girl Game is a supersatisfyingslime maker game. You can create many different slimessuch asunicorn slime, pony slime, mermaid slime, galaxy slime,butterslime, Halloween slime, magnetic slime, iceberg slime, gummybearslime, glitter slime and glow in the dark slime. So much funwithdress up princess Emma and select your favorite fashionstyle.Features: ★ When you enter game for the first time, princessEmmawill guide you how to play the Real Slime Simulator Maker:Dress UpGirl Game ★ Many slimes available: unicorn, pony, mermaid,glitter,Halloween, gummy bear, butter, iceberg, magnetic and glowin thedark ★ Create your own DIY slime by mixing multipleingredientssuch as glue, soap, fishbowl, putty, clay, foam, sequin,borax andetc. ★ You can play with your created slime (as if a realslimesimulator) by stretching, poking, throwing, squeezing andmuchmore. You can eat gummy bear slime, turn off the light for glowinthe dark slime, make a unicorn horn, etc. It's really funandaddicted ★ Keep your created slime in a container and decoratewithmany stickers such as unicorn, flower, monster, wording, etc ★Makea competition with other players in the Slime Stadium. Canyourslime rank No.1? ★ Dress up princess Emma with yourfavoritefashion ★ Play spin wheel to get a daily reward ★ Superrelaxing& anti stress game with beautiful ASMR ★ Simulatemaking slimeon your mobile devices! There are many fantasticfeatures whichyou'll love: dress up princess Emma, spin wheel toreceive specialdaily reward, play with slime simulator: stretching& poking,decorate a slime container and slime contest. Wesuggest you startwith unicorn slime, galaxy slime and mermaidslime. You'll superexcited and love them! Real Slime SimulatorMaker: Dress Up GirlGame is a fun game which kids really love. Theycan spend all daywith it. Princess Emma will be your friend. You'llbe supersatisfying, calm, anti stress, and no anxiety during thegame.Download now!