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Guide with IV For Pokémon GO 2.5
~~Everything you need to know to become themaster of Pokémon GO is in this guide!~~Combat, Stats, How to read maps, Training your Pokémon, Eggs andkm, List of all Pokémon, CP, Using Items, Cheats, Fake location,Fake GPS, Move in the map...With this guide you get :***Cheats to progress fast***Every hidden mechanic in the game and every secret!***An IV calculator to determine the hidden stats of your Pokémon ;Attack, Defense, Stamina Perfection % and Level, you'll know whichof your monsters is the strongest!***Where to find and catch the rarest and most powerfulPokémon.***The best way to evolve your Pokémon into powerful beasts!***Tips to gain huge experience points and level up fast.***How to beat other trainers in the Gyms!***Every item and medal in the game and how to get them.***Fake location to move in the map (fake GPS)All your questions about Pokémon GO will be answered !!Cheats & Guide For Pokémon GO is not associated, affiliated,endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic (developer of PokémonGo) or ©Pokémon Company.All the Pokemon Go images and content from taken underCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (unported)(CC-BY-SA).