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Crazy Eights 1.03
There are many variations of the basic game,and a number of different names including Crazy Eights, Mau-Mau,Last One, Pesten, Switch, Last Card and Tschausepp. You can playthe most popular variations of this game - Crazy Eights.Features:- single user- 1 to 3 computer opponents- а large number of rules that can change and customize thegame- you can assign a suit-changing card and any other specialcards
Crazy Eights 1.03
Your game, your rules. A large number of rulesthat can change and customize the game. You can assign asuit-changing card and any other special cards.Only SinglePlayer are supported.
Durak 4.26
Durak is the most popular Russian card game. You can configurerulesand settings whatever you like. Features: - a lot ofconfigurablerules - infrequent ads - clean and minimalist design -statisticsand achievements - turn by double tap or swipe -portrait andlandscape mode
Spider Solitaire 4.27
Features of our card game: - clean and minimalist design -uniqueability to control only using the lower part of the screen(oldcontrol still works) - infrequent ads - portrait and landscapemode- 1, 2 and 4 suit options - statistics - smooth andpleasinganimation - friendly to arachnophobes (no images ofspiders)