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com.blockycars.online 7.2.2
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Are you looking for an awesome car shooter? Blocky Cars is not justa gripping pixel game but even more! It is extraordinary shootinggame with crafting and a great variety of online modes. Buildfuturistic robots and fight with other players worldwide! BlockyCars is the mix of all your favorite features in one place: -Create cars: collect blocks (more than 90!). Wheels, turbines, tanktracks, sniper guns, turrets and many more for your car or tank! -15 fascinating maps created in 3D! - Various modes: create teambattle, capture the flag, stand alone in your car or.. get out ofit to show your rivals who's the boss in FPS heroes mode! - Up to 8players on the same map: hang out in chat, play together in onlinemultiplayer! Develop your own tactics, form a brigade and combatagainst your enemies on the hardest battlefields! - Show yourindividuality: choose a skin or draw it by yourself with a specialeditor How often do you find shooters with user-friendly craftingof tanks? Try this online game! Create fantastic vehicles andcustomize your hero, choose an awesome gun... Grab your buddies,get into your tanks and start an epic fight! Play Blocky Cars - themost imaginative online shooter game! Join our official #BlockyFanscommunities and Blocky Cars channels on social media: - Like us andfollow the latest news on Facebook athttp://facebook.com/blockycars to get more info about all ourupcoming updates. - Check out our videos and game trailers onhttps://www.youtube.com/c/blockycars - Subscribe on our Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/blocky.cars.online/ Terms of Use:goo.gl/CA6ZCP
com.mad.gunz 1.9.18
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Looking for great pixel shooter or unusual shooting games withstunning graphics and the variety of online games modes? Meet MadGunz - one of the best online shooter games with battle royale!Imagine this: you wake up, feed your beloved kitty, and then — allhell breaks loose! Where did Mr. Fluffy go and what is... is thatan armored turkey and unicorns? Uh, what's going here? You’re gonnafind out in this adventurous entry in the pixel shooting games& battle royale genre! Join this shooting game online andplunge into the craziest atmosphere! Take up your weird pixel gunand start the maddest of the pixel games & shooting games! MadGunz comes from the school of online shooter games, online gamesand gun games that have strange, cute, pixel art and is just notlike all online games multiplayer you’ve used to see! What is MadGunz - one of the best online games about? - Far from realistic,but SUPER beautiful pixel art! Take a look at this online shooter,pixel games and you will fall in love with nice pixel graphics! -Incredibly weird shooting game online will give you the oddestarmory! Beat your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it, a hugelollipop or a magic wand. Use explosive hamsters or just shootwith… cat fur! - Enemies from the best of online games &shooting games including zombies, crazy chickens and even a madoctopus! - Plus! The most weird about shooting games and FPS ,online games, you can see not only the gun but even your feet!Still don’t wanna play this awesome shooting game online - themaddest battleground of online games? Think it’s just another oneof those online shooting games? Well we think you’ll love it morethan any of other gun games, because Mad GunZ - online games, pixelshooter has: - The easiest, intuitive online shooter controls - 5unique maps with easter eggs from your favorite movies & games- Dynamic battles with wild enemies are here in crazy onlineshooting games - BATTLE ROYALE! Show your skills and become thelast one standing! In our Battle Royale you will enjoy HUGE map,unusual system of gun and armor crafting! - Mad GunZ is one of thebest online shooter games because you can enjoy crafting in it!Build your map, create items for it in the shooting games online!Mad GunZ is not like regular pixel shooter or other shooting games& online games that haven’t surprised you much. Tired ofthinking of new tactics in different shooting games onlinemultiplayer? This online shooter won’t teach you any tactics likeother online games Just shoot your rivals with a banana gun, or ahamster thrower, or slap them with a handbag! Break into the mayhemof online shooting games and crush everything in the wackiestonline shooter games and online games! Team up, choose your onlinegames rivals and dominate the battleground! Enjoying pixel gamesand online games multiplayer but can’t find really amazing one?This shooting game online is made for you! It’s the one pixelshooter you’ve been waiting for! Survive in one of the mostadventurous online shooting games among all online shooter gamesand save Mr.Fluffy! Mad Gunz is the unique in its madness shootinggame online! We bet you’ve never seen such odd guns in any ofonline games and gun games! A gun of you dream is here in our pixelgames, online shooting games! You’ll be surprised with our BattleRoyale features: cool gun styles, bright trails and flying devices!Why are you still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talking about thebest online shooter, Battle Royale & online games for free(according to me)! Get one the most weird online shooting gamesmultiplayer among shooting games and especially pixel shootinggames, create your map or pick any of ours and start playing onlinegames for free! Download the craziest online games and start thebattle now! Feel the rush of great pixel shooter, online games, bethe last one standing in Battle Royale! Terms of Use: goo.gl/p2eVrQ
MAD Battle Royale 1.0.6
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What do you like the most about Mad GunZ - online shooting game? Webet you're a fan of Battle Royale mode! Now you can enjoy Mad GunZBattle Royale separately from the main game. Only Battle Royale andnothing else! This means that nothing will stand between you andthe victory except enemies and the Frenzy Storm of course! Createbuildings, upgrade guns, hide, run, fire and become the last onestanding! Reach the 1st place among all of the players on thepixels battleground For those who didn't play battle royale mode ofMad GunZ and who are fond of playing that legendary game withbuilding during the fight in battle royale session and nice brightgraphics. Oh, yes! You will fall in love with our battle royale andthat is why: - Extremely cute pixel graphics - Huge map - Dynamicbattles with wild enemies - Сool gun styles - Bright trails andflying devices - Absolutely strange, frightening and AMAZING FrenzyStorm! Download now and enjoy the most favorite mode of thecraziest shooting games! Become the last hero on the battleground!See you in MAD Battle Royale and in Mad GunZ!
hooked.fisher.masters 1.1.7
Full HP Ltd
Enjoy fishing? How about fishing right on your mobile device?Become the greatest fisherman ever with Epic Fish Master! Travelaround the aquatic world full of fishes and treasures. Get themwith a fishnet, create your team of fishers, upgrade the boat andbecome the best of the fish master! What is Epic Fish Master about:- Upgrade the fishing boat and fishnet to catch MORE FISH! -Explore the world, discover new kinds of fishes and get bonuses forit! - Recruit a fisherman or 2 or more... Create a real fishingteam! You can leave your employed fisherman to continue fishing onthe completed levels. - Get new equipment to upgrade yourfisherman's skills - Catch treasure boxes, bottles and barrels toreceive COOL bonuses for the fishing boat or your fisher Thisfishing game will hook you with its unique features! Let me explainwhat awaits ;) - Countless amount of new fishes! The ocean is fullof active life. Explore as many as you can - Be ware of trickycrows. Hit them to get additional coins! - Fight with bosses toprotect your fishing team! 8 different evil bosees will try todefeat you. - Lots of stuff for fisherman! New clothes with bonusesto protect the boat from crows and many more - Various obstacles:boots, bombs, torpedoes and so on. Try to avoid them and get yorufish! You'll never be bored, fish master! ;) Get this fishing gamenow and start the adventure.
throwing.knife.party.food.delivery 2.05
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Do you like knife games - games about throwing some knives at atarget - and tasty food? Try Food Cut! We offer you someinteresting targets to throw your knives at instead of logs andother silly things. How’s about throwing knife at delicious pizza,sweet cake, roasted turkey, spicy sushi and other tasty dishes inour annual throwing games! Our knife master chef Stacey Blade givesyou her best knife so you can throw it and win some prizes for yourown knife party! Knife games are very addictive and Food Cut is notan exception. Food Cut is a fresh and original opportunity to throwa big knife party with the knife master chef Stacey Blade! It won’tbe easy but you can become a master at throwing games like her too!Food Cut grants you a chance to show your throwing skills and hitthe target with all the knives. Train hard and you will become fastlike a ninja and accurate like a knife sniper! Smooth and simplecontrols make this knife games easy as a pie. Choose your knivesand start to throw it in pizza! Defeat bosses to unlock new levelsand crazy throwing blades. You can unlock kings sword, machete,dual blades, throwing kunai, chainsaw sword, guitar knife, and manyother secret blades :) And now Food Cut has some special knifeparty packs so everyone will find something interesting! We haveCyberpunk pack with cyberpunk sword, Fantasy pack with a magicalaxe, Sci-Fi pack with a lightsaber, Medieval pack with dual blades,Music pack with a piano knife, Travel pack with the Statue ofLiberty, and others… Unlock them all with the knife master chefStacey Blade and show your collection to your friends! Whichthrowing knife will become your favorite? Maybe you will throwlightsaber? Or you will choose a rocket missile? Or it will be theSpace Needle? Or maybe you prefer throwing basic Chef’s knife? Youcan adjust our knife games to your style by switching knives,sounds and even the background to the one you like the most.Develop your own strategy of throwing knife and avoid hitting theother blades. To master throwing games you have to improve yourreactions and throw very accurate. Collect tomatoes by slashing itwith your axe, sword and dual blades, earn donuts and spend it allon new shiny food cutters! Share your high score with friends andchallenge them to beat it! Everyone can play this game because itis easy and smooth. Try it and you won’t be able to stop the knifeparty. One of the funniest knife games - Food Cut - is waiting foryou. There are more than 10 bosses in the Food Cut like cake, pie,turkey, and watermelon. What will be next? Defeat them all and geta special stylish weapon for each one as a gift from knife masterchef Stacey Blade. Also, we have a lot of achievements - and youwill get some prizes if you complete them. Can you beat them all?Bosses and achievements are waiting, grab your cyberpunk swordright now! Let’s start with throwing some sharp dual blades at thispizza! Food has been delivered and waiting for a cut so join StaceyBlade and become a throwing games king. Terms of Use: goo.gl/p2eVrQ