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TaoBaoWalker 4.1.1
TaoBaoWalker is a professional TaobaoAgent/Tmall agent. We can assist you in Online Shopping and other Chinese Online stores.Our commitment - reliable / hassle free / professional / costeffectiveWhy use Taobao Walker-Can't read / write Chinese-Difficulty communicating with taobao sellers-Can't make payment in RMB / Alipay-Taobao sellers do not ship to Singapore-Cheaper international shipping cost from china to Singapore.-No agent fee-No handling fee
My Party Friend 4.1.6
My Party Friend, established since 2008, hasbeen bringing smiles and fun to our customers with our wide arrayof balloons and party supplies. Owners, Catherine and Christopherwith their years of experience in the balloon decoration line,would be most happy to oblige customers with their creative ideasand plans.We started out with a retail shop supplying balloons and partyitems, back in 2008. Soon, we began to receive balloon decorationjobs for baby showers and birthday parties, and our attractivepackages were much in demand.We realised that we needed to upgrade ourselves and offer moreservices. We enrolled for courses and attended seminars conductedby professional trainers from overseas. We picked up good tips andlearned new ways to create interesting balloon designs.We are now fully geared to provide many creative ways of balloondesigns for birthday parties, baby shower celebrations, weddings,company celebration events, school functions and all kinds of partyevents.As a three-member team, we are well-supported by a regular groupof balloonistsballoon artists and part-timers, and auxiliary supplychain of party-related providers.No matter how demanding or challenging a request from client, wewill be most happy to give you our best service and provide youwith a most effective solution.Now you can engage in our services from the convenience of yourmobile phone. Download our app to find our more about our services.Browse through our gallery to find out more about the products thatwe offer and request a package quote. You can also purchase ourproducts anywhere and anytime through our app. Engage with us onsocial media like facebook.
Gerald Wong RES 4.0.2
Gerald Wong App is live at Android Play Store.Download it now toFind HBD / Private Properties/ Designed for land lord and tenants.Your one stop rental solution. Fast and effective!!
SG Property Trends 4.1.4
Whether you are in the market for aprimaryresidence, an investment property or a second home,purchasing realestate involves many important considerations anddecisions. I canprovide the focus, due diligence and expertiseneeded to help youfind a home of your dreams.Buying and Selling real estate can be complex and sometimesevenfrustrating. It is no wonder sometimes the sellers as wellasbuyers have many questions and concerns.I Care, Listen, Solve Problems and provide ProfessionalRealEstate Consultant.Emphasizing the importance of having integrity to do therightthings and always put my client's needs first.
Doris Teng Property Guide 4.1.1
Good day to All Sellers and Buyers,Thank you for visiting our website and you have made aRIGHTchoice!I specialize in HDB with more than 4 years of experience. Isell/rent with passion, treating your unit just like selling/rentingmine. Once you engaged us, our experience and dedicatedteam willwork for you and you will also enjoy the privileged ofgetting ourdata network system that we updated it daily.For Sellers,With our PROVEN and unique marketing techniques, you willdefinitelyfetch the highest price possible! On top of that, wewill also makesure that your timeline and financial plan for yourbuying is alsomet. This is to ensure that we will make thetransactionhassle-free! Give us a call now and in our meet-up Ican enlightenyou on how we can achieve your desired price for yourunit.For Buyers,Do you want to know how much your property is worth intoday’smarket? Give us a call now, it is totally Non-obligatory. Asaspecialist, we will know which unit is the “Best Buy” and wewillknow which units is “For Sale”! We will make sure that you gotthebest price possible and make sure that your financial planandtimeline be met!• Your interest is our PRIORITY!!!• Negotiate the best deal for you!!!• Professional and dedicated services, providingfactualinformation• Assist you with loans and legal matters• Handle all necessary documentations for you and many more!!!Give me a chance & I assured you my actions and RESULTSwillprove your choice!Some features:1. One-touch Call2. Latest New Project Launches3. Latest property news4. Financial Calculators5. Fan Wall with Clients
Trinity Mobile 4.0.14
Trinity Mobile Phone App is here.Trinity Mobile is one Stop Mobile Phone and AccessoriesRetailnetwork in Singapore with more than 10 years of experienceinproviding mobile solutions to business and retail buyers.Download our app to enjoy the convenience of our latestupdateson1. GPS location2. Push notification on latest promotion3. Coupon Promotion4. One-Click Call5. In-app Repairs & Sales Enquiries Function
Suzana Rahmat 4.1.1
My mission is to professionally representyourinterests above all other whether you are buying, sellingorrenting.I feel my clients are much more than mere transactions; they', tomorrow and beyond...My Goal: To fulfill my clients' needs and wants bycarefullylistening, researching, and finding the most appropriatepropertiesthat meet those needs and wants.Buyers and Sellers deserve accurate market information,honesty,and as an agent who has integrity and professionalism.My services cover you through the whole process - findingtheproperty, negotiating the best price, making an offer andclosingthe deals. I look forward to making your dreams ownershipcometrue!Thank you. Suzana Rahmat
Toa Payoh Lor 5 Bak Chor Mee 4.1.1
The place to go for your everyday "fix"Yes!!!That's TOA PAYOH LORONG 5 MINCED MEAT NOODLE, its the place ~a"Must Try!" We use only fresh ingredients, the noodles are QQandour special original home-made mushroom sauce &broth(specially brewed for 8 hours), thus giving our customersthatflavourful "Bak Chor Mee" of the good old days!The owner has been in the food business for more than 20yearsand its all down to the way they’re cooked with freshingredientsthat gives you the wholesome freshness!The soup for the noodles are cooked individually with TenderLovingCare. The broth is made with pork bones and chicken (老母鸡)whichgives you the flavourful sweetness in the soup."Awesome" is just the word to sum it all!
Jack Jia 4.1.1
I'm Jia Changming (Jack), a property agentfromthe ERA which is a biggest agency as more than 5500 agentsinSingapore.As a professional agent, I have started from year 2007 toservicecustomers for dealing in all areas of properties includingHDB,private, and commercial sector for buy, sale, and rent.I’m confident of delivering a level of service which exceedsyourexpectations.Please download this app to connect with me for:Update your listings for sale and rent;Arrange an appointment as soon as possible;Send photos and voice massages for free connect with me!
Whyzer Pte Ltd 4.1.1
Whyzer Pte Ltd is a leadingSingapore-basedcorporate services firm providing one-stop solutionfor startingand managing a business in Singapore. Whyzer Pte Ltdconsists ofseasoned professionals with extensive experience inSingapore’slegal, financial, tax and regulatory frameworks. Our aimis tobuild a lifetime relationship with you by ensuring that youreceivethe best quality service each and every time you interactwith us.Specifically, we can provide services for:· Incorporation of local companies· Registration of subsidiaries and branches ofoverseascompanies· On-going statutory administration of companies· Bookkeeping and payroll services· Tax filing for companies and individuals· Application for work passes for expatriate staff andbusinessowners· Application for business licenses· Other related corporate services
成 意 General Contractor 4.1.2
CHENG YI GENERAL CONTRACTOR has beeninbusiness since 6 July 2013.We are in the Building Construction business, includingmajorupgrading,Air conditioning, plumbing, heating.Our provide good services, our workmanship is above averagethuscausingus to be high in demand.Some of our new clients know us through word-of-mouthrecommendationfromformer customers who are very satisfied with our services. Wealsoreceive subjobs from CCA Metal Work Pte Ltd.Do call us for a quote for services you need!
SG Property 4.0.8
Jeanette Singapore Real Estate App is Live!!Some Call2. Latest New Project Launches3. Latest propertynews4. Financial Calculators5. Fan Wall with ClientsDownload Now!!
Hi, my name is Samantha Goh. I am acertifiedreal estate professional in Singapore.I believe in providing the best and professional solutionstoyour property needs.My services will cover you through the whole processwhichincludes understanding your needs, providing best advice,findingproperty, negotiating for the best price, making an offerandclosing deal.Download my app now to:- Make use useful finance calculators to check the TDSR,ABSD,BSD and mortgage installments.- Keep up to date with the latest property new feeds- Make well informed decisions with master planning data- Contact me with one-touch calling- Make a viewing appointment- Send photos of properties you wish to sell
Strategic Xcellence 4.1.1
We provide a wide range of businesssolutions,advices and services to entrepreneurs who are interestedto starttheir own business, or to existing companies who areseeking growthto their business, drive revenue, improveproductivity or drivemarketing plans / promotions.We hope to help SMEs improve on their profit margins byachievingcost leadership or seek market growth to expand theircurrentbusiness. We specialise in retail industry, consumer goods,FMCGand F&B outlets.These are somet of our common services provided to clients: Store merchandising standards Data and Sales Analysis, customer profile analysis Business Proposal & Marketing Plan Registering & Setting up new company, Customer Service Advise & Mystery Shopper Retail Quality Audit
Sitianti 4.0.1
Everyday at Sitianti Westen Food,passionatechefs and committed staff are perfecting the originalflavours ofour food offerings.From backroom processing to the frontline operations, we upkeepthehighest standards by putting in place food processing systemsofinternational accreditations, controlled food preparationmethodsand packaging to bring our customers the freshest productsfreefrom preservatives.
A & E Refrigeration Services 4.0.2
A & E Refrigeration services isspecializedin supply, install and repairing ofrefrigeration/aircon system.With over 25 years of experience inmaintaining chiller, freezer,cold room and air-conditioner.
Love Melody 4.0.1
LOVE MELODY began when a group ofindependentevent planners, makeup artists, photographers andmusicians crosspaths while preparing for several events. They hadthe idea tostart a business as they thoroughly enjoyed workingtogether.And with the professional experience each had in their areaofexpertise, our passionate team will provide you withcustomised,hassle-free and quality events and services.
O & A Corporate Services 4.0.5
O&A Corporate Services was set up inyear2000 to provide a comprehensive range of Corporate Gifts&Premiums which can be exclusively customized to suit anyevents andoccasions such as company’s year end functions, dinner& dance,seminars and conventions .Personalized your corporate logo with our in-house serviceswhichinclude Silkscreen & Pad Printing, Dye Sublimation &HeatTransfer Print, Vinyl Transfer and Embroidery.Above all, we also provided Graphic Design, Offset &DigitalPrinting Services.Throughout the entire process from planning & concept todesign& printing, we take immense pride in our performanceandcommitments. Our team strives to offer the highest levelofservices to our customers at all times.Another hallmark of O&A is in its considerable experienceinproviding personalized services to all clients acrossdifferentindustries and is always ready to go the extra mile tomeet ourclient’s needs.
Fraiche 4.1.7
Fraiche - pronounced as 'fresh' is acharminglyhumble salad & waffle parlour situated at TanjongPagar.Since its relocation to Shenton way, Fraiche has receivedimmaculousfeedback from its growing pool of returningcustomers.If you have not tried our Belgian Waffles, youseriously...seriously... SERIOUSLY need to try it! Our waffles areso wickedlydelicious.Our Daily Menu includes Salad with signature Homemadedressings,waffles with ice cream and Breakfast Oats"GOOD DAY" OATIf you've NEVER EVER... EVER fancied Oats... FRAICHE's Good DayOatmight really change your mind! Breakfast oat Porridge with arealtwist!Hot, Healthy & Delicious. A Pure Delight to kick off aGOODDAY!
Tiny Tots 4.0.1
Tiny toddlers aims to bring ingeniousbabyproducts from all over the world to mummies, at anaffordableprice.
Shun De Chicken Rice 4.0.2
We are selling many varieties of food,don'tknow what to eat? Feel free to drop by our store at Ang MoKio, weare not only selling chicken rice. We have a range ofwestern foodthat can ease your craving at a reasonable price. Don'tfeel likeeating rice or fried food? Never mind, we do have lightfood likechicken horfun and noodles too.
Wee Su Estate Planning 4.1.2
Financial planning with ManulifeodysseyfinanzaEstate planning with Rockwills (Singapore) Pte ltdandRockwills(Malaysia) Pte ltdProvide estate planning services in Singapore and Malaysia.9 years experience in insurance and estate planning .1) personal Insurance and investment planning2) business insurance and succession planning3) estate planningType of products provided?1) life insurance2) saving and education plans3) unit trust investment4) wills writing and trust services5) motor and travel insurance6) company insurance7) personal accident plansBoth individual and corporate. Local and foreignersQualified professional estate planner whom have vastexperienceinproviding individual estate planning as well as overseasestateplanningHow long you normally follow up/reply to client? Averageresponsetime.Average 2 days response timeAnything else you want your potential client to know?Feel free to post your question to me.
Erna Hair & Design Salon 4.1.4
Get a hair service at Erna Hair &DesignSalon if you believe that a good hairdresser who know yourhairconditions and face shape well can do a magic job to make youlookbetter.But it is still not the best part you can get at thistrustworthysalon. The best must be the fact that you can have yourhair caredunder the hands of its master hairstylists ataffordableprices.
Melinda Tan 4.0.1
Melinda Tan, a Financial ServicesConsultantwith AIA Singapore Pte Ltd Specializing in HealthInsurancesolutions.Melinda has tailored several solutions according todifferentclients needs, ranging from Straight Medical Plan toLimitedPayments Solution.Call or Email Melinda to know more.
Anthony Yeo 4.0.12
Sell/Buy/RentFind HDB/Private Properties & Commercial/Industrial.This App designed for Owners/Landlords/Buyers/Tenants.Fast & Effective.Download now !!Please feel free to contact me @ 9027 4400 should you have anyqueries in regards to real estate matters. Thank you.
Andy Ou 4.0.2
"20 years of experience in industrialpropertytransaction for Investment, Buy, Sale, Rent. Call now foran nonobligatory discussion".Andy Ou Chee KinCEA Reg No: R004107ZR H Property PTE LTDCell Phone: 6594521228Mail to: [email protected]:
Virtue Solutions Pte Ltd 4.0.3
VIRTUE SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. is aSolutionProvider Company for most electronics related businessincludingdistribution and marketing of Semiconductors,Interconnect, Passiveand Electro-Mechanical components.We also act as a One-Stop Service Centre to our customersbyaffiliating with a robust of electronics business cohortstoproviding a wide range of Value Added Services.
TBK Motor 4.0.3
Dear all, I am a professional dealing withallkinds of Automotiverelated and Chartered Bus Services for many years.The type of services that I provide includes below:-Buy / Sell NEW or Old Commercial vehiclesChartered Bus Services (Contract or Hourly)Vehicles insurancesMotor FinancingOthers
We Care Design 4.0.2
We Care Design is a demo app that includeallmobile apps functions we are providing for all ourclients.These include:1. Location2. About Us3. Reward coupons4. PDF Reader5. Push Notifications6. Social Media7. Fan Walls8. Calculators9. Customized apps10. Reservations11. etc...So what are you waiting for? Download We Care Design now!
Oasis Holistic 4.0.1
Bring the benefits of the yoga practice totheworkplace. Suitable as a one-time workshop for a companywellnessevent or team building off-sites, to regular weeklyclasses. Ourteachers can be arranged to conduct classes at yourcompany oroff-site venue, or in a conducive environment at OasisYoga whereall required equipment is available.Depending on the number of employees you have participating, wewillsend an appropriate number of teachers. We would advise that alargegroup be split up into smaller groups for more individualattention.Speak to us about what you have in mind, and we would behappy toadvise and assist in your wellness planning.
Caleb's Property 4.0.1
I am a certified real estate professional. Iampassionate in helping my clients to buy their dream homes aswell asto sell their properties at most profitable price.I specialise in both private and HDB resale propertiesatTampines.Please feel free to contact me for free consultancy should youneedprofessional advice from me.
Lim Yannyi RES 4.0.2
Download Lim Yannyi Real Estate SingaporeAppNow!!Some functions:1. Masterplan 2014.2. financial Calculator3. Latest Real Estate news.4. More
Lim Fresh & Frozen Poultry 4.0.2
Lim Fresh and Frozen Poultry is locatedatSengkang New Market, Blk 118 Rivervale Plaza stall no.21.Owned by Mr Lim Ching Yeong. Selling- Fresh Duck, Fresh Duckwing,Fresh chicken minced, Fresh chicken Fillet, Fresh chickenfeet,Fresh chicken leg meat,Fresh Fried Chicken feet, local oldFowletc...Visit us today to try our Fresh and Frozen Poultry.
XO Chicken Rice 4.0.1
Specialty of my store, our chicken isallfreshly cook in the morning we don't keep leftovers. Ourroastedchicken is a must try as we marinate it with my secretrecipe. Meatare tender, juicy and we serve it boneless.Catch us at Fernvale.
Melt Solutions 4.0.1
About MELTIf you're searching for an app development company or specialistsiniPad and Android app development or websites, look nofurther.Melt Solutions brings you a team of highly experiencedprofessionalswho have helped startups and enterprises to createhighly polishedproducts across iPhone, iPad, Android and theweb.We, at Melt Solutions knows what users want and we strived tobuildmobile apps that succeed. We know how to build apps thatgenerateaudience for your business and they all result in increasedrevenuefor your business.Our Services- Mobile apps development- Mobile Website- Traditional Website- Leads Generations System- Social Media Automation- Email Blasting Software- e-Commerce Website- Content Management System- Customer Relationship ManagementWe also provide free consultation and advice for our clients whoareinterested to know more about how they can qualify fortheProductivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) grant / bonus.Bring your business to the next level, call us today foraconsultation!
Eileen Lim Hwee Siang 4.0.1
I am a representative of PrudentialAssuranceCompany Singapore Pte Limited who is authorised to conductthefollowing regulated activities under FAA:Advising on Investment Products (Life Policies)Arranging Contracts of Insurance in respect of Life PoliciesAdvising on Investment Products (CollectiveInvestmentSchemes)Marketing Collective Investment SchemeI specialized in family planning for families with newbornbabiesand newlyweds to help them achieve their long and short termgoalsfor the new and exciting stages of their lives.I offer free financial reviews of current portfolios and giveadviceon enhancing your portfolios as well as the rational behindmyadvice.HP : 9366 0644
Apptivate 4.0.4
Apptivate is a demo app that include allmobileapps functions we are providing for all our clients.These include:1. Location2. About Us3. Reward coupons4. PDF Reader5. Push Notifications6. Social Media7. Fan Walls8. Calculators9. Customized apps10. Reservations11. etc...So what are you waiting for? Download Apptivate now!