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Singapore Property 4.0.4
I am experience in Residential (HDB &private) and Commercial Sale & Rental transactions.My 7 Core Values of Real Estate:Trust needs to be mutual.Efficiency is key.Result orientated.Negotiate for your ultimate key point.Customer first.Ethics in work.
8 yolk studio
8 Yolk Studio App is now Live at App Store8 Yolk Studio is established in 2007 by a group of highlyprofessional 3D Visualization Artists, inspired to bring a new 3Dvisualization experience to our clients. We consist of a CreativeCollection with diverse background in architecture, graphic designand 3D modeling + animation.In 8 Yolk Studio, we believe each architectural design is uniqueand it is critical to identify best visualization style to embraceits design intention & strengths. We are committed to explorewith architects/designers on any possibilities to achieve yourdesign winning edge. To further enhance our clients’ 3DVisualization Experience, we have also established 3D designpartners globally to bring the best & distinctive visualizationworks to our clients.Some functions:1. Latest 3D Visualization Works2. Latest 3D Animation Walkthrough Videos3. Social Media Engagement4. Mobile Purchases5. Portfolio6. MoreDownload 8 Yolk Studio App now
E-Painting 4.1.1
E-Painting provides quality exterior &interior house painting with friendly, reliable service in theSingapore since 1998. We pride ourselves as a professional housepainting specialist. Using only the best quality material and usingscaffolding and gondolas to access heights following the rightsafety standards. Whether you are planning a residential orcommercial project, painting a multi-story exterior or a singleroom interior, if you want a great looking, long-lasting paint job,look no further – E-Painting will take care of it for you.Guaranteed!
Melvin Tay 4.0.1
Melvin Tay is a passionate and very motivatedprofessional in Real Estate. He is friendly and with his experienceof more than 10 years in the real estate industry, he has helpedcountless clients in owning their first homes and also taking careof leasing matters. With a comprehensive after sales services, manyclients refer their families and friends to Melvin, knowing thatthey will also be well advised and taken care of by Melvin.Real estate is not only about buying, selling or leasing ofproperties. Its a creation of a milestones in people's life,helping them in their first steps into their dream homes, providinginvestors with opportunities and providing tenants a smoothrelocation from aboard etc.Feel free to contact Melvin for all your real estate needs andenjoy assurance from a experience realtor that you can rely on.
Edwin Soon 4.1.4
Edwin is a Full-time marketing agent,dedicating his Entire time & effort to Meet his clients' needs.Focusing on District 13/14/15, he Ensures he has Good Knowledge toassist & serve his clients well.
Jennifer Ho 4.1.2
Hi, this is Jennifer Ho from Propnex. My very1st deal back in 1994, 20 years ago with Ambience Realty Pte Ltdwas a great $2 million landed property sale in Siglap, and thereafter a great $1 million condo sale in district 02 in 1996, justbefore the strike of 1997 Asian Financial crisis.Over the past 20 years, i have done numerous rentals, bothprivate condos and HDB whole units serving landlords and tenants,as well as some resales of HDB and private condos.Now besides the resale, i m also riding on with the Hot NewLaunches trend in singapore ! So buyers, sellers, landlords andtenants, you are welcome to contact me @ 98778368.Find HBD Private PropertiesDesigned for land lord and tenants. Yourone stop rental solution. Fast and effective!!Download my app now to:- Get instant updates on property news in Singapore- Be informed on the latest property launches- Browse through gallery to view latest property launches- Take a photo and email me directly from the app to documentdefects and make claims.- Send me enquiry forms through the convenience of your mobilephones- Be updated with push notification sent from my app to get thebest deals!
Joey Wu 4.1.5
Hi,Everyone.My name is Joey ,I am working inAIA as a financial service consultant.We provide professionalservices as following :Financial Health Review and AdviceMarketing of Life insurance, Investment-linked products,Accident& Health plansEducation and retirement planingGroup InsuranceGeneral insurance(car insurance,house insurance)
Propdeal 4.0.4
Extensive experiences in management positionsin retail operations of world renowned retailers including Isetan,Robinson, and Ikea before working as property agent. Gives valuablefeedback for commercial properties sought.Have closed deal in the briefest period of within 3 days from theday asked to market the property. Diversity of property deals fromleasing land to buying a HDB flat.Can meet challenging task of marketing any property and skillfullin negotiating for a deal so that all involved ended up happy withtheir expectations matched.
KGS Consultants
KGS Consultants App is now live at App StoreKGS Consultants key purpose is to obtain total clientsatisfaction. We are comprised of a group of selective industryprofessionals, experienced in recognizing, analyzing, and solvingclient matters concerning:Business BrandingBusiness Modelrisk managementAudit preparationOperational riskConsultants outsourcingAccounts receivableCash managementSystem integrationPreparation and reporting of p/l analysisBack office OrganizationAt KGS Consultants, Inc. we provide management consulting andliaison specialist services specifically designed to assist ourclients to obtain their desired objective(s) in a timely fashion.Our solutions and answers are balanced among five key factors:functionalitycost benefitefficiencysimplicitytimeIn all, it is the clients' infrastructure, training ofpersonnel, managements' ability to implement change, as well as toeffectively communicate their vision internally and externally thatultimately determines the client's long term success.Download KGS App now!!
TaoBaoWalker 4.1.1
TaoBaoWalker is a professional TaobaoAgent/Tmall agent. We can assist you in Online Shopping and other Chinese Online stores.Our commitment - reliable / hassle free / professional / costeffectiveWhy use Taobao Walker-Can't read / write Chinese-Difficulty communicating with taobao sellers-Can't make payment in RMB / Alipay-Taobao sellers do not ship to Singapore-Cheaper international shipping cost from china to Singapore.-No agent fee-No handling fee
Mary Leo 4.1.3
Mary Leo has been in the real estate businesssince 2007. Started my career in Globe (GRE). Joined OrangeTee andnow with ERA as Marketing Director. Had performed consistently andfocused mainly in private residential apartments in districts 9, 10and 11.My clients are mostly investors who regularly look forproperties to invest and had served properties for rental too. Ihad been trusted as their friend and property agent.I have closed various deals in district 9,10 and 11 and please toserve anyone who is keen to sell or buy properties inSingapore.
Andrew Wee 4.0.3
Whether you are in the market for a primaryresidence, an investment property or a second home, purchasing realestate involves many important considerations and decisions. I canprovide the focus, due diligence and expertise needed to help youfind a home of your dreams.Buying and Selling real estate can be complex and sometimes evenfrustrating.It is no wonder sometimes the sellers as well as buyers havemany questions and concerns.I Care, Listen, Solve Problems and provide Professional Real EstateConsultant.Emphasizing the importance of having integrity to do the rightthings and always put my client's needs first.To My Fellow Agents Colleagues, I believe in working together toserve our client's better. Welcome co-broke.If you wish to engage my service or for further propertiesenquiries, Please contact me at, +65 98890896.
Matthew Wee 4.0.3
SERVICE YOU TRUST.A Propnex Realty Pte Ltd Salesperson; that that has been in theindustry for over 10 years.I specialise mostly in rental in district 8, 9 and 10.Dealing mostly with expatriate that relocate to Singapore for theirwork posting.I will lead you to your objective, your desired result; be it inBuying, Selling, Renting or Leasing.
My Party Friend 4.1.6
My Party Friend, established since 2008, hasbeen bringing smiles and fun to our customers with our wide arrayof balloons and party supplies. Owners, Catherine and Christopherwith their years of experience in the balloon decoration line,would be most happy to oblige customers with their creative ideasand plans.We started out with a retail shop supplying balloons and partyitems, back in 2008. Soon, we began to receive balloon decorationjobs for baby showers and birthday parties, and our attractivepackages were much in demand.We realised that we needed to upgrade ourselves and offer moreservices. We enrolled for courses and attended seminars conductedby professional trainers from overseas. We picked up good tips andlearned new ways to create interesting balloon designs.We are now fully geared to provide many creative ways of balloondesigns for birthday parties, baby shower celebrations, weddings,company celebration events, school functions and all kinds of partyevents.As a three-member team, we are well-supported by a regular groupof balloonistsballoon artists and part-timers, and auxiliary supplychain of party-related providers.No matter how demanding or challenging a request from client, wewill be most happy to give you our best service and provide youwith a most effective solution.Now you can engage in our services from the convenience of yourmobile phone. Download our app to find our more about our services.Browse through our gallery to find out more about the products thatwe offer and request a package quote. You can also purchase ourproducts anywhere and anytime through our app. Engage with us onsocial media like facebook.
SG Property Investment 1.399
SG Property Investment Android Apps is here.We have the latest property information for Singapore RealEstate Market.Some functions we provide:1. Latest property trends2. Mortgage calculator3. Live-time Property Listings4. Useful contacts for Real Estate investors5. Latest Property Investment Opportunities.6. MoreDownload SG Property Investment Apps Now!!!
Lim & Tan Metal Works Pte Ltd 4.0.2
Lim & Tan Metal Works Pte Ltd has beenservicing the building industry since 2001. With our accumulatedyears of experience and expertise, we have grown to be one of theleading contractors for metal roofing, gutter and steel structuralwork.
Alvin Wee 4.0.2
I am Alvin Wee from SRI5000, an elite divisionof SLP Realty Pte Ltd. SLP Realty Pte Ltd is a boutique propertyagency providing one-stop real estate consultancy services to ouresteemed clients, investors and developers alike.Call me @ 9651-1991 for a non-obligatory discussion should youhave plans on leasing, realizing your financial gains on yourproperty. Or just to get a complimentary property analytical reportwhich contains key information which could be helpful in making asound decision on your property.Alternatively, I can be reached via email at Thankyou!
Zhong Yue Therapy 4.0.2
ZHONG YUE Therapy is known in the wellnessindustry as a reliable, professional and trusted provider ofhealing and massages services with oriental medical techniques, andprofessionally managed by a team of male and female therapists whohave at least 50 years of experiences combined.Our core service values are to assist clients in maintaininggreat health, healing to injuries and providing relaxation to whicharise from stress, anxiety, body tissue overuse and adhesions.ZHONG YUE understands clients’ requirements, and offer advices tothe clients on appropriate approaches to each healing.Within a span of 10 years in service, ZHONG YUE has alreadyachieved the reputation of being “The authentic healer” and this wehave a strong clientele base of more than a 1000 to thank for.Download Zhong Yue App Now!!
Daniel's Invest Ideas 1.399
Daniel Liew Invest Ideas App is Now Live atPlay Store.As a result of his high standard of professionalism,acknowledged work ethic, and market knowledge, Daniel isconsistently sought out by local and international buyers as wellas agents representing an assortment of buyers seeking propertiesin Singapore.Daniel has been cultivating his strong international clienteleand reputation for over 5 years with his honest and sincereapproach. He is committed to serve you with your best interests atheart. Daniel strongly believes in building quality long termrelationships with all his clients.Daniel began his residential real estate career in 2009 andremains dedicated to serving his clients and referrals. He wouldalways listen to his client's need and to provide them with theright information that can assist them in selling, buying andletting & leasing their property and to negotiate the bestprice for them.Daniel believes that there can always be a win-win situationwhere there are Happy Sellers/Landlords, Happy buyers/Tenants andHappy agents.Daniel is continually among those at the pinnacle of productionin real estate sales and has been honoured with numerous awards forhis hard work and dedication.Let Daniel take care of all your Property Needs.He is ready to serve You.Engage The Right Agent for the Job.
Daniel Sim 4.0.1
Daniel Sim, a Financial Services Consultantwith AIA Singapore Pte Ltd Specializing in International MedicalInsurance solution for Passer-by (non-Singaporean).Daniel has catered his services for many Passers-by. He hastailored several solutions according to different clients needs,ranging from Straight Medical Plan to Limited PaymentsSolution.Call or Email Daniel to know more.
Bay Poh Heng 4.1.3
I will be the person you deal with face toface when buying or selling property. Sometimes you will see mewhen i handle rental as well.I will be on the front lines of the real estate market andperform such tasks (amongst others) as showing homes to perspectivebuyers and negotiating transactions on behalf of the client.I often have to work on a 100% commission basis, my income isdependent upon my ability to find property suitable for my preciousclients and closing transactions.If you deem i am able to render such services, please contact meand wait no more, for time awaits no one.
Vincent Wong ERA 4.0.3
Determined & Focused !Always striving for the Best for his Clients, Vincent Focuses onPte Residential properties, New Launches, HDB Resale & Rental,Currently involved with New TOP projects - Flamingo Valley /Parc RosewoodDevelopers Appointed sales Team @Flamingo Valley, Pasir Ris ONE DBSS, RiverBank @ FernValeUpcoming Exec Condos launching soon.With ERA, im sure we'll find a property / investment suites toyou needsVincent WongAssistant Division Director• Elite Asia pacific Award2012/2013• Division - Top manager2013Team Awesome - Part of Awesome Division
Gerald Wong RES 4.0.2
Gerald Wong App is live at Android Play Store.Download it now to Find HBD / Private Properties/Designed for land lord and tenants.Your one stop rental solution. Fast and effective!!
Sam Chin Real Estate 4.0.9
Download Sam Chim Real Estate App for your:Find HBD apartments/ Private Properties/ Rooms for rent andsell.Designed for land lord and tenants.Your one stop solution. Fast and effective!!Download now!!
Edwin Png 4.0.5
I am a certified real estate professional withmany years of experience in managing assets and portfolio mainly inSingapore prime area (Orchard, Sentosa Cove, Bukit Timah etc).Please feel free to contact me for consultancy and professionaladvice. Thank you.
Ming Li Eating house 4.0.5
Ming Li Eating House is a Premium Coffee Shoplocated at Geylang lorong 15 facing Sims Avenue, serving plenty offood choices such as; Economic rice, Porridge, Penang laksa, KLHokkien mee, Char siew wantan mee and Seafood (crab).We open 24 hours. Visit us today to try our delicious meal!
Alex Sim 4.0.3
Alex Sim Marketing Director of Huttons AsiaPte Ltd . He has joined the property industry in Jan 2008. Heachieved Top achiever company in 2009. and 2012, Alex Simspecialized in new projects covering all the east and north eastsold more then 300 units. Moving in year 2014, he sees moreopportunities in property markets and will continue to managerecruitment, training, and personal sales all at the same time, andboth his team and he himself are progressing well to accomplishbigger visions in year 2014. He believes to achieve greater successtogether with the members in his team. He always belives inPerserve and Focus !!!
SG Home For Rent 4.0.6
Real Estate Specialist App Live in AndroidPlay Store!!With more than 10 years in project launches in Singapore,Kenneth Chen is the man for your next property investment.With this apps, you will find these useful information:1. Latest Project launches2. Useful Contacts3. Calculators4. Up-to-date Property Listings5. etc..Down Kenneth Chen App Now!!!
Rosloh-ERA 4.0.1
Whether you are an owner looking to sell orrent your property, a buyer seeking that ideal home or an investorsearching for the right property to invest in, I’m certain I can beof service to you. Do feel free to call me for a non-obligatorysession which will allow me to share with you at greater length thekind of services that I’m looking forward to render to you.I take pride in providing personalized service in attending to myclients real estate concerns. I believe in providing my sincere andhonest advice with your best interests at heart.I would also be able to furnish you with the Home Report which is avery useful tool for owners or potential home buyers in providingupdated information about latest transacted sale, rent and propertydetails.ERA Rosalind Loh
Alvin Lim 4.0.2
To Alvin, a career in real estate is simplynot just about buying and selling of property. His vision is aboutproviding families with home and making sure everyone get theirdream homes.Alvin joined the industry in November 2013, and started workingfull time in January 2014. He brings the 7 core values from SAFwith him into this industry. His leadership and adaptability makeshim top new rookie in his branch in the month of March 2014. He maybe new in this industry; however he is young and full of energeticto help everyone realize their dream.Alvin believes in the SAF 7 core values; this is the reason whyintegrity and professionalism is very dear to his heart. His realestate agency also has a platform to provide resources and supportfor him to assist his client.Alvin believes in continuous learning. He does so by attendingtraining to upgrade himself and also keeping up with the technologyand investing in application which helps him in his career andproviding better services to his clients.It is very challenging but the idea of helping somebody buy or selltheir first/dream home; it brings him to great satisfaction. Hewants to continue to help many more families realize their dream ofbuying or selling their house.Alvin’s mission is simple,To let all his clients feel happy. Living on the belief that“Client happy means they are happy, and so am I”.However, his services does not end in residential, it also includescommercial and industrial real estates.Free feel to call Alvin Lim for a non-obligation discussion.Lim Aw Siong, AlvinSales ExecutiveCert-in-RESCEA Registration No: R051358CDTZ Property Network Pte Ltd480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh#14-08 HDB hub (East Wing)Singapore 310480Mobile: +65 97655519Email:
United Manpower Pte Ltd 4.0.6
United Manpower is a leading Manpower solutionprovider with an association of recruitment firms who provide bothforeign recruitment and local recruitment in all industries, Wehave partnership with local employment agencies and abundantGovernment appointed agencies in China from more than 10Provinces,Using the network of this association, we have built aCandidates Database which have thousands of talents for our clientsto choose. The Candidates database is managed by our experiencedrecruitment team using advanced screening process methodologies. Wecan provide a shortlist of top quality talents for our clients inshort time.
Raymond Lim 4.1.6
I joined ERA in year 1998 and soon moved upinranks to Senior Group Division Director with more than 200agentswith me.I see more opportunities in the real estate scene andwillcontinue to manage my team, training and organizeextensiverecruitment exercise. It is not a job but a Career withmuchpassion in which I serve with integrity and professionally.Thank you for downloading this app and I believe you will haveapleasant experience and insights to the latest property newsandall the property investment tips in both residential andcommercialsectors.Download my app to :• Stay up to date with latest property viewings• Check out our latest videos on properties• View our photo galleries on properties• Make a viewing appointment
Alan Tan 4.1.3
I am a professional Real Estate SalespersoninSingapore. I truly love my work and I can help you to choosetheright property in Singapore - whether you are anexperiencedinvestor, a first time buyer or a foreigner looking tomove intoSingapore. My services cover you through the whole process-finding the property, negotiating the best price, making anofferand closing the deal.This app will help you to understand how I can attend toyourproperty needs efficiently. We can assist you to search fortheright property accordingly to your needs. We can also representyouexclusively if you are selling, buying or renting. You are abletoget instant updates on property news in Singapore thru thisapp.You may find calculators useful for your propertyfinancialplanning. A unique House Cam function for you toconveniently sendme the pictures of the property you want me tomarket. And you canalso contact us immediately for viewingappointments with ourin-app form. Therefore, from New ProjectsLaunches to ResaleSelling, Buying or Renting, I will always bethere for you.Connect with me via my exclusive mobile app.
SG Property Trends 4.1.4
Whether you are in the market for aprimaryresidence, an investment property or a second home,purchasing realestate involves many important considerations anddecisions. I canprovide the focus, due diligence and expertiseneeded to help youfind a home of your dreams.Buying and Selling real estate can be complex and sometimesevenfrustrating. It is no wonder sometimes the sellers as wellasbuyers have many questions and concerns.I Care, Listen, Solve Problems and provide ProfessionalRealEstate Consultant.Emphasizing the importance of having integrity to do therightthings and always put my client's needs first.
GayRachel 4.1.4
Gay Rachel, a highly-driven financialadvisorwho is strongly passionate about people, community andthefinancial market, seek to address the financial needsofindividuals and organizations in assisting clients makeinformeddecision by utilizing latest information on market trends,andhelping them assess the merits of different plans.Gay Rachelalwayswork towards providing effective and timely service tocreatepositive client’s experience.Her Professional Services:• Financial Health Review• In depth sharing on Life Insurance, Investment-LinkedPolicies,Accidental and Health Policies, CPF InvestmentsHer Achievements 2014 (Year till date):• Fast-Track 2014• Quality Club 2014• Quality Club Elite 2014• Star Club 2014Please feel free to contact Gay Rachel at 8102-6780 or emailherat this app to:• Contact Gay Rachel with one-touch calling• Make a meetup - discussion-session appointment• Engage in insurance and financial discussions in our Forum• Be informed of the latest financial plans andschemeslaunches• Use in-app financial calculators to check your budget ondebtcalculation, saving calculation, goal saving calculation, networthcalculation.• Keep up to date with the latest finance new feeds• Get the latest news updates on Singapore finance investmentviain-app Youtube videos
Asia Swim Kids 4.0.3
Asia Swim Kids App is here.The school offers swimming classes to all age groups on aweeklybasis.The program of lessons is designed to give children all theskillsthey need to benefit and enjoy the sport of swimming.We also provide social, competitive and external activitiestocreate a team spirit within the swimmers.Download Now!!
Michael Moh 4.0.2
Michael Moh, a Professional Realtor for21years, specializes in luxury homes, up market condos andcommercialproperties in Singapore. Michael's areas of expertiseincludemarket analysis, residential sales, serving buyers &investorsfor homes, renting of investment properties, commercialsales andrentals, etc.His real estate responsibilities include Marketing ofSubjectProperty, Qualifying Buyer, Professional Showing, GatherBuyingInterest, Closing Sales, Negotiation of the Contract,FinancingOptions, Following up etc. Michael believes inProfessionalism,Honesty, Integrity and Long Term BusinessRelation...integratinghigh tech with high touch to produce adelightful experience forhis clients who are selling, buying orrenting their realestate.With superior level of informed, professional realestateservices to his clients...he feels fortunate to be able tosay, "Ienjoy & take pride in what I do!" There is nothingbetter thanhim helping families and investors finding their dreamhomes or theoffices or shops of their requirements & desires.It is alwaysa pleasure to provide the professional guidance thatresults in thesatisfaction, joy, confidence, and security they feelwith theirreal estate acquisitions.So whether you are looking to buy your dream home or planningtosell or lease your property etc...ask for a reliableexperiencedreal estate agent & give yourself the advantage,call MichaelMoh now for a non-obligation discussion!
Lionel Liong 4.0.2
Hi my name is Lionel Liong, married withfourchildren. Our family leads a healthy lifestyle, when thechildrenwere younger, my wife, Susan, and myself used to take themswimmingevery Sunday. As for now, we go cycling or jogging duringtheweekends.I have been in the property business for the past sevenyears.During this time I was involved in numerous new projectlaunches,(eg. Duo Residences, Luxus Hill Landed Houses, Marina BaySuitesand many others), dealt in sales and leasing ofcompletedresidential properties (including landed and HDB)properties. Andin the past few years enter into commercialproperties aswell.Since I started venturing into this business, I had taken upmanycourses to upgrade myself and with this ongoing process becomeabetter Professional Real Estate person.It is during these courses that I have had the privilege ofmeetingsome really great people and mentors, namely Mr Alfred Chia,CEOSIngcapital Pte Ltd, Mr David Poh, Owner of Asia ManagementandWisdom Pte Ltd and Mr Anthony Chua, Senior Vice President,DTZProperty Network Pte Ltd and many others.Having been in the property business for quite a fair bit of time,Idiscovered the passion to share my knowledge and experiencestoassist my clients to find their dream homes and profitablepropertyinvestments.Going forward, I hope to continue to use my knowledgeandexperiences that I have gather to serve more home buyersandInvestors and ultimately assist them in achieving theirrealestates goals.1)Specializing in Waterfront Properties-Seafront-Riverfront-Lakefront2) Landed Properties-Inter-Terraces-Semi-Detached-Detached HousesBungalow and GCB
Antiques Furniture 4.0.6
Singapore Best 2nd hand furniture App isliveat Android Now!!Some functions:1. Online shopping cart2. Our Services3. Gallery4. Fan Walls5. Latest products we haveDownload Best International App Now!!
Formed in year 2013, Five Star Refrigerationisspecialized in supply, install, repair of refrigeration system.Withover 10 years of experience in maintaining chiller, freezer,coldroom and F&B equipment.
Vera Ng 4.1.4
With more than 15 years of experience inthereal estate industry, I have helped many homesellersbuyers,landlordtenants in selling, buying and leasing theirproperties.Most of the transactions were referred to me by myclients’friends and relatives. I always provide them with my verybestknowledge and services. My happiest moments are when my clientsarehappy and pleased with my services.Be it a Residential or Commercial property, just give me acall,and it will my great pleasure to serve you.
social conversion
Social Conversion Mobile App is now liveatAppstore.Social Conversion is established in 2012 by a group ofhighlyprofessional Social Media Experts, inspired to bring a NewMediaexperience to our clients. We consist of a Creative Collectionwithdiverse background in Programmers, Designers, Marketers.In Social Conversion , we believe each Social Media Campaignisunique and it is critical to identify best marketing Strategytoembrace its measured results. We are committed to explorewithclients on any possibilities to achieve your social mediapresence.To further enhance our clients’ Social Media Experience,we havealso established online marketing partners globally to bringthebest & distinctive social media works to our clients.Some functions:1. Our Latest Services2. Our Referral Program/ Rewards3. Social Media Engagement4. Mobile in-Purchases5. Portfolio6. MoreDownload Social Conversion App now
Easy Chauffeur 4.1.1
Our company is dedicated to providetransportservices for our customer to travel to any places inSingapore. Wevalue and care about our customer and are committed toprovidecomplete satisfaction.Hire a car with chauffeur to bring you and your love onetotravel around Singapore in an easy, fast and affordable way.
Nails Talk 4.0.1
Nails Talk has been established since 2009thatoffers nail beautification services for men and women. Weoffer fullsuite of manicure nail services for hands and feet,includingmanicures, pedicures, nail polish application, nailrepair, and handand foot treatments.We have a full team of dedicated nail techs who are alltrainedand experienced. With over 5 years experience, we and ourstaffsgenuinely strive for customer satisfaction at all times andalwaysattempt to make your visits to our salon a happyexperience.We invite you to browse our site and find out moreinformationabout our services and location. If you need anyfurtherinformation, please contact us at 64793638.
Doris Teng Property Guide 4.1.1
Good day to All Sellers and Buyers,Thank you for visiting our website and you have made aRIGHTchoice!I specialize in HDB with more than 4 years of experience. Isell/rent with passion, treating your unit just like selling/rentingmine. Once you engaged us, our experience and dedicatedteam willwork for you and you will also enjoy the privileged ofgetting ourdata network system that we updated it daily.For Sellers,With our PROVEN and unique marketing techniques, you willdefinitelyfetch the highest price possible! On top of that, wewill also makesure that your timeline and financial plan for yourbuying is alsomet. This is to ensure that we will make thetransactionhassle-free! Give us a call now and in our meet-up Ican enlightenyou on how we can achieve your desired price for yourunit.For Buyers,Do you want to know how much your property is worth intoday’smarket? Give us a call now, it is totally Non-obligatory. Asaspecialist, we will know which unit is the “Best Buy” and wewillknow which units is “For Sale”! We will make sure that you gotthebest price possible and make sure that your financial planandtimeline be met!• Your interest is our PRIORITY!!!• Negotiate the best deal for you!!!• Professional and dedicated services, providingfactualinformation• Assist you with loans and legal matters• Handle all necessary documentations for you and many more!!!Give me a chance & I assured you my actions and RESULTSwillprove your choice!Some features:1. One-touch Call2. Latest New Project Launches3. Latest property news4. Financial Calculators5. Fan Wall with Clients
Vincent Woon 4.0.1
Vincent gave up his accounting career tostarthis real estate career in 2010 after garnering years ofvaluablecommercial experience in the Big Four Auditing Firms andlocallisted company. Without any prior experience in sales, Vincenttookthe leap of faith to jump into a totally different industrytopursue his passion in real estate.After created his first record price HDB transaction in Serangoonin2011 with more than $100K COV, Vincent had since thentransactednumerous HDB transactions in Serangoon Estate and brokenmanyrecord price transactions in the estate. In 2012, he wasawardedthe TOP HDB SALESPERSON.Vincent also believes in Real Estate as one of the bestinvestment.He has invested time and money on attending externalcourses,workshops, real estate trainings and seminars conducted byPropNexand Powerful Negotiators. He has employed what he learntonproperty restructuring, value investing and "savings plan"conceptto help many of his clients meet their property needs andmultiplytheir properties and increase their net worth.Vincent has achieved numerous monthly and yearly topproducersawards ever since joining the industry and has also wonseveralgood testimonies from his clients.In 2011, Vincent recruited his first associate and his team isnowexpanding rapidly under "Powerful Negotiators" – The No 1 TeaminPropnex.Vincent believes in sharing selflessly with everyone includinghiscobroke agents. He strongly believes that the best way to learnisto model after the best. He also adopts the principles ofintegrityand professionalism as he believes in building longtermrelationships with his clients and cobroke agents.Today, Vincent actively coaches his team of more than10salespersons to effectively leverage upon proven systems inorderto constantly improve service quality and value-add totheirclients.In the longer term vision, Vincent and his team endeavours tomoveon to a bigger stage by always challenging themselves tocompetewith the best.Vincent believes that dreams can come true if one is willingtostrive hard, and invites like-minded professionals to join himonthis journey.
KEN XIE 4.0.1
Specializing in holistic wealth planningandbusiness insurance. The core value of our business is toalwaysthink in our client's best interest.
Trinity Mobile 4.0.14
Trinity Mobile Phone App is here.Trinity Mobile is one Stop Mobile Phone and AccessoriesRetailnetwork in Singapore with more than 10 years of experienceinproviding mobile solutions to business and retail buyers.Download our app to enjoy the convenience of our latestupdateson1. GPS location2. Push notification on latest promotion3. Coupon Promotion4. One-Click Call5. In-app Repairs & Sales Enquiries Function
I Love My Club 4.1.1
My shop is serving nutrition meal toeverypeople. We do free wellness evaluation measurements and alsodoexplanation for every figures show out. We serve with freshfruitswith protein, fibre and all the vitamins and minerals. Weserve 805nutrition.I love My Club is a place where exercise meet with goodnutritionlocatedin Ampang Point, KL. Join us and share the fun today.I ♥ My ClubOperation Hour: Monday to Saturday, 11am to 8pmLot 24-A, Jalan Mamanda 4,Ampang Point, 68300 Ampang
Isaac Home 4.0.3
Whether you are in the market for aprimaryresidence, an investment property or a second home,purchasing realestate involves many important considerations anddecisions.I can provide the focus, due diligence and expertise neededtohelp you find a home of your dreams.Buying and Selling real estate can be complex and sometimesevenfrustrating.It is no wonder sometimes the sellers as well as buyers havemanyquestions and concerns.I am serving Sellers, Buyers, Landlord & Tenants ofHDBflats, Private properties (New Launches and Resale),Commercialproperties and Industrial Spaces.What I Can Offer Buyers* Together we can work within your budget to find the homeofyour dreams* Inform you of the properties in your desired area thatmeetyour criteria* Finding the property, negotiating the best price, makinganoffer and closing the deal* Refer financial institutions for your mortgage,professionalservices such as interior design firms andcontractors* Answer questions and help explain the closing process* Representation and support through the entire homebuyingprocess, rest assure that i will help you short list your newhomeand you do not have to go through unnecessary hassle.What are my services?* Make sure your property earns a worthy price.* Through my real estate networks and 24/7 advertising,offermaximum exposure to your property* Negotiate offers to get the best price* Follow up with buyers and co-broking agents toensuretransaction is proceeding accordingly* Manage and simplify the deal to make the transactionaseffortless as possible for you* Services includes:-- FREE Consultation & procedure on buy/sell/rent- FREE Financial Planning- FREE advertising on major newspapers