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Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2020 1.2.1
Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017 Soldier! Its a war city, a city onfire. Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all ! Soldier! Its a warcity, a city on fire and the evil empire has taken over the chargeof the kingdom very cunningly. The enemies are roaming around liketheir own planet & a survivor is required to save the nationfrom the menace of the evil foe's. War Commandos are needed in suchgrieve moments and Now is the time to show your kingdom that Youstill are alive and there to eliminate the angry armies of theenemies from the country which was a peaceful place one. The nationneeds a Hero, more of a saviour and you are the one we have chosen.Thinking about weaponry ? Well this time you are equipped with themodern weaponry of Sniper Riffles and we want you to prove theperfect shooter. You are a sniper Commando with a strategicapproach and we know you have been taught war techniques to snipethe targeted enemies. Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !!!Features FPS 3D Real Graphics Real life sound effects differentvarious missions and levels
WAR LEAGUE: SHOOTER War League: Shooter is a first person shootinggame with 3D amazing graphics and real sound effects. Game play isso exciting that you cant stop playing it for hours. The dessesrtis at its peak with Humid & Hot weather and you are there toconcquer the Modern Enemy with your brave action plan. Saving thenation is the main reason. You are a brave and daring warrior , ona secret mission. The mission is dangerous and full of modern warfare. No doubt you are equipped with modern era war weapons likeAK47 , Bazoka , Sniper and AMG's , but the Enemy line is extremistand are dangerous people. You are in your commomdo outfit and areready to attack and kill the enemy soldiers and battle till yourlast breath. Falling more enemies means more chances to surviveinto war mission. just act as a brave and daring warrior! Invade atRivals You Dont Have Much Time Left Before The Enemy Militia KillYou in the warm dessert. You Are a Combat General Veteran of PastWars Before You Hang up Your Army Boots You will Have to Fight oneLast Military War Using all Your Sniper And Anti Aircraft GunnerSkills To Win The Terrorist. Game Features : Amazing 3d grapjhicsstunning sound effects interesting levels fisrt person shoot gamemodern weapons usage
Frontline FPS Battlegrounds Epic Fire War
Take on the role of a shooter of an elite firing squad inthisaction filled free to play FPS shooting game. Aim & shootinthis entertaining first person shooting game. Featuringanimmersive 3d environment, beautiful graphics and actionfilledchallenging shooting missions this free game will keep youhookedto your phones for hour! It's not just a shooting game, it'saquest for survival! There are assissins everywhere so you can'tbeslow, racing against time is one of your skill so be swift! Tosavepeople & your city is your major duty. So get ready tofight& win this war in order to prove that you are the onlytruehero that people need!
Survival Police Prison Escape 1.0
This is a game for all those who understand the breakouttricksunder high security. Deploy your master plan for safer escapebyusing modern technologies tactics. Be careful whileperformingbreathtaking escape mission from jail because wardensarecontinuously patrolling in jail’s corridor. You weremostintelligent & well-trained lock hacker in your time sodon’tget caught by guards. Only you can understand the worth offreedom& your survival is much more important in order to getrid ofit. Find your way out from the prison to become the realsurvivalhero of secret missions. It’s really hard to lockdown &lockupthe jail in a very tough situation in this way doesn’tbeaggressive. Enjoy adventurous & challenging missions to feelahard time in jail. Features: • Marvelous & amazing 3Dprisonescape environment • Easy & smooth controllers to freelyroamin jail • Real life audio & visual effects •Extremechallenging escape missions to accomplish • Mind-blowing3Dhigh-quality graphics
Rules Of Prison Survival Escape 1.0
Rules Of Prison Survival Escape Get ready for an actionfilledprison escape adventure! Prepare yourself to escape from themostintense high alert prison. This is a game for all thosewhounderstand the breakout tricks under high security. Deployyourmaster plan for safer escape by using modern technologiestactics.Be careful while performing breathtaking escape missionfrom jailbecause wardens are continuously patrolling in jail’scorridor. Youwere most intelligent & well-trained lock hackerin your timeso don’t get caught by guards. Only you can understandthe worth offreedom & your survival is much more important inorder to getrid of it. Find your way out from the prison to becomethe realsurvival hero of secret missions. It’s really hard tolockdown& lockup the jail in a very tough situation in this waydoesn’tbe aggressive. Enjoy adventurous & challenging missionsto feela hard time in jail. Features: • Marvelous & amazing 3Dprisonescape environment • Easy & smooth controllers to freelyroamin jail • Real life audio & visual effects •Extremechallenging escape missions to accomplish • Mind-blowing3Dhigh-quality graphics
Fire Force Battleground Survival V2
Fire Force Battleground Survival V2 is a free 3D military armylongrange shooting action game full of gun shooting explosivemissions.Shoot, throw grenades & perform your duty like a truearmymilitary hero in this thrilling game & fight for freedom.Be acommando soldier who is on a special mission to win a waragainstenemy forces. In this game the user gets to play the role ofanarmy military soldier commando who loves shooting & is knownasthe finest shooter. Features of Fire Force BattlegroundSurvivalV2: - A lot of gun shooting action filled mission - Plentyof gunsto choose from - Challenging & addictive gameplay -3Dimmersive environment - Top-notch sound effects
US Army Police Camp Robot Training Courses 1.1
Army Police Basic Combat Training or BCT (also known asInitialEntry Training). It is informally known as Boot Camp and istheprogram of physical and mental training. It is required inorderfor you to become an elite police military soldier armycommando& sniper shooter in the US Army police, US Army PoliceReserve,or Army Police National Guard. Basic military army Trainingisdesigned to be highly intense & tough by following the chainofcommand and is challenging which many can’t absorb. Thechallengecomes as much from the difficulty of tough physicaltraining as itdoes from the psychological adjustment to a difficultway of life.You have to complete all levels of this boot camptraining toqualify as a soldier commando in military army. Startingfromschedule you live your life by it. You have to be at thetrainingground at 5 o clock in the morning for physical & gunshootingtraining. After the breakfast you join the training againat 06:30and continue the gun shooting & physical training untilthelunch time which is 12:00. Step into shoes of a warcommandosoldier and make your mind up to be one of the tough guy toprotectthe state in the future from all sort of vice enemies,evilterrorists & deadly criminals. Starting from your cap tillyourboots, everything is specially designed to keep you fit forthetasks you have to perform in the training & war. It is notonlyyour army military police training ground, get ready to betakeninto the coldest nights, hot deserts, dense forest, hiking onmuddyrough inclined mountains and more difficult areas withchallengingsituations where you have to survive. Life threateningsituationswould make you see your death so closely that you won’tfear itanymore in the battlefield against the enemy. It is allabout beingfrom ordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardestof thepaths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in theArmyforce & a military commando war hero. Would you like tojumpfrom a 10 feet wall, stay in the water while your hands aretiedand taken out at the mercy of your trainer, climb the net in 50Cscorching sunlight? Well only a crazy person would join thearmymilitary force to do all this as a normal man can’t live thislife.To be a war hero, you’ve got to pass through all thistoughtraining of 10 weeks. Once you graduate as a soldier, proveyourfighting, sniper shooting, weaponry & gun shooting skillswhilecompeting with the forces of other countries and make theArmymilitary and State proud.