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Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle 2.0.7
Ever played a numbers' puzzle game that is so simple to play yetalmost impossible to win? Join the numbers and get to the 9 tile!Tap or swipe to move selected tile. When three tiles with the samenumber touch, they merge into one. Try to the 9 tile, and reach ahigh score! Meet the Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle, a puzzle gamethat will challenge your mind and sharpen your logical thinkingwhile you slowly fall for its addiction. Start on a 5x5 board withonly 2 numbers' blocks and slide incoming numbers in such a way togroup 3 or more. This increases the block number and the ultimategoal is to reach a 9. Much more difficult than it sounds! If youlike number puzzles, you'll love the Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzletoo. The only downside is that you'll get addicted to reaching ahigh score, but your brain will love you for it. Impossible Nine:2048 Puzzle TOP features: 🔸 Re-imagined 2048 Gameplay. InImpossible Nine the goal is very simple, combine 3 or more blockswith the same digit to increase it by +1. Even if lower numbers areeasy, reaching 9 will require incredible logical and strategicthinking. 🔹 Different game modes. Start playing in regular mode andtry to reach 8 or even the impossible 9 to unlock Daily Challengesor the Zabaron mode. 🔸 Simple and fun design. 2048 Puzzle will getaddictive and hook you for hours, but it was designed in such a wayso that it doesn't tire your eyes. Its design is beautifullycrafted to help you focus on the gameplay. 🔹 Easy to play but hardto master 🔸 Strengthen your logical and strategic thinking whilehaving fun. If you like to play brain games, you will absolutelylove Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle too. It is so simple to play thatit’s not only for adult, teenagers, but also for kids. Are thereany tips and tricks to get higher score in Impossible Nine : 2048Puzzle? 🔹 Don’t give up! Keep trying. 2048 Puzzle is not an easygame though it appears to be so.
Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills 2.0.8
⭐️Enjoyed by 10.000.000+ Fans Worldwide⭐️ Become the Best UphillDriver in The Best Racing Game! Race & Win! Road Draw: ClimbYour Own Hills is one of the most addictive and entertainingphysics based hill racing games ever made! It is the nextgeneration of endless hill racing. And it's free! Features: 🔸Innovative driving gameplay that is funny, entertaining andaddictive. 🔹 Your mission : climb the hill, draw the roads and keepyour car safe. 🔸 Beware of the shurikens while climbing through theroads you draw 🔸 Innovative endless uphill racing game 🔹 Manydifferent cars : 4x4, Offroad, Army, SUV, Jeep, SchoolBus and manymore. 🔸 Unique Hill Climbing Environments Announcement: The name ofthe game with the old name "Road Draw - Hill Climb Race" waschanged to "Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills".
Snappy Snake: Balls vs Blocks 1.2.9
⭐️The most challenging and addictive snake game of 2018⭐️ Tap withyour finger to guide a snake of balls and break the blocks. Try tobreak as many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make thebiggest snake ever! Very easy to play but very hard to reach highscores! Game Features: 🔸 Free to play 🔹 Endless gameplay 🔸 Simpletouch control 🔹 Challenge your friends with the best highscore🔶🔷Download Snappy Snake: Balls vs Blocks and play now for free!🔶🔷
Road Draw 2: Moto Race 1.6.5
Road Draw 2 is one of the most addictive and entertaining physicsbased driving games ever made! And it's free! It is the nextgeneration of endless motor racing games. Features: 🔸 Lots ofdifferent vehicles with unique properties. 🔹 Numerous stages withlevels to reach in each (Endless, Countryside, Desert and the Moon)🔸 Share your score with a screenshot with your friends! 🔹 Coolgraphics and smooth physics simulation 🔸 Designed to look good onlow resolution and high 🔹 Get new boosters to drive even further 🔸Innovative driving gameplay that is funny, entertaining andaddictive. 🔹 Your mission : climb the hill, draw the roads and keepyour car safe through the obstacles. 🔹 Innovative endless racinggame 🔸 Realistic physics 🔹 Draw the roads of your own style andbeware of the obstacles. 🔸 8+ Motorcycles! 🔹 20+ Levels! Vehicles:Scooter, Enduro, Offroad, Harley, Ultra Limited, Super Sports,Chooper, Police
Love Balls : Ice and Fire 1.0.3
Just draw lines and custom shapes to bump the ice andfireballs!It's really easy to play but hard to master physicspuzzlegame. You will love this game when you understandthegameplay.Features:◆ Simple, Addictive and Fun gameplay◆Creativedrawing game◆ Easy to play but it's a little difficult toclearsome levels.◆ Draw lines and shapes freely ◆ Sometimes youshouldthink in and extraordinary way.◆ Suitable for all ages◆ Youcanshare your scores and invite your friends◆ It will test yourbrainabilities and help you to improve your brain◆ Fun andaddictivebrain-training game◆ Optimized 60fps gameplay◆ HighQualityGraphics◆ Every level has varius solutions. Use yourimagination tosolve this brain puzzles.◆ Lots of unique andchallenginglevelsContact:★ Follow us onFacebook★ Visit our webpage at★ For fastsupport
Hole Defence: Endless Epic Battle 1.0.1
Control the hole and defend your castle! Hole Defence is a uniqueand fun game that challenges veteran players You are under anendless attack! And you have only a hole for defending your castle.Oh I almost forgot, also there is a group of crazy seagulls too!Gameplay is simple: Just drag your finger to move your hole and eatall attackers. Be careful, attacks are getting harder in each waveand timing is the key point in this game. Try to collect coins,energy and healh packs while struggling with the attacks. Do yourbest and compete against your friends and the world in globalleaderboard Game Features: 🔹 One finger control: Game controls arereally simple, you can control the hole by only one finger. 🔸Upgrade your castle with the collected coins and last longer. 🔹Easy to play : beginner players can also play and enjoy the game. 🔸Hard to master : there are endless attacks for veteran players. 🔹Does not require internet connection! 🔸 Challenge your friends forthe highest score. 🔹 Use boosters if the attacks put you in adifficult situation. 🔸 Seagulls attack : Ask for help from theseagulls, and watch what they will do. 🔹 Slow Down Time : You canslow down the time whenever you want.
Sling & Swing: Koala Rescue 1.0.8
The most challenging and fun game of 2018! Tap with your finger tocontrol the bird and the swing koala. Beware of the obstacles andprotect the koala. Game Features: 🔸 Free to play 🔹 One fingercontrol 🔸 Different obstacles and experience every time 🔹 Endlessgameplay Play and compete against countless others, just like you,Worldwide! Download FREE and PLAY NOW!
Merge It! Hexagon Number Puzzle 1.0.3
Select & Move the number blocks to match at least 3 of them tomerge them and level up! This is a simple and fun hexagonal numberpuzzle game that keeps you enjoyed. 🔶🔷Download Merge It! HexagonNumber Puzzle and play now for free!🔶🔷 🔸 Simple Gameplay: Easy tolearn and fun to master gameplay, you can get used to in seconds. 🔹Stress-Free: There is no time limit. 🔸 Cool Graphics: Soothingsounds and gorgeous visual effects. 🔹 Instant Save: Always save thegame when you quit or turn off your phone. 🔸 Offline Gameplay: Youdon't need wifi to play the game. 🔹 Game Modes: Various game modesfor everyone from beginners to experts. Thanks for playing!
Zombies vs Basketball: A Survival Game 1.0.5
Zombie vs Basketball is an arcade survival game in a fantasticworld riddled by a zombie invasion! In this world, there is alovely monster community against zombies. Zombies have only oneweakness: an undefended hoop above their head! Use your basketballskills against zombies to kill them. Tap to jump into as many hoopsas possible, kill zombies and defend your village. FEATURES 🔹 "OneTouch" Gameplay 🔸 Adventure Mode: 45+ adventure and fun levels 🔹 24Different Zombies: Man, Women, Young, Old, Egyptian and PirateZombies 🔸 32 Lovely Monsters: Unlock new monsters, collect coin andupgrade them. 🔹 While levels are getting harder, you should upgradeyour castle too. 🔸 Use Boosters: Energy Bomb, Freeze Time and IceBomb 🔹 Optimized for all Android devices Download Now, and helplovely monsters to defend their village!
BHoles: Color Hole 3D 1.3.8
BHoles: Color Hole 3D is a hyper casual game that will keep youhooked for hours! The most challenging and fun game of 2019! Justcontrol the hole, eat the colorful obstacles and protect your ball.Game Features: - Free to play - One finger control - Differentobstacles and experience every time - Endless gameplay - WorldwideLeaderboard - 400+ Levels - Lots of Achievements - Easy to play,hard to master
2048 Stack Merge 1.0.3
2048 Stack Merge is an addictive, fun and creative puzzle game.Allyou need to do is stack same numbers on the tubes and mergeintoone bigger.