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Doodle Fit 1.8.105
"It’s easy to toss out the word “addictive” in reviews of puzzlegames, but this one really is." - AppleGazette --- GAME DESCRIPTIONYour task is simple: fit the given set of blocks into given shapes.Drag the blocks inside and outside in search for the layout thatcovers the whole shape. A level is complete when all blocks havebeen used and there's no more free space in the shape. DOODLE FIT®GUARANTEE Once you start playing you won't be able to stop! KEYFEATURES - Absolute addictive game play – everyone playing thisgame will confirm: it's one of the most addictive puzzle games -Unique level shapes – Many levels with different unique shapes andeven more different solutions in total for replayability. - DoodleGraphics – Nice looking doodle-style graphics with several themesfor everyone - Additional content - possibility to unlockadditional features in Doodle Shop - New level packs - new levelpacks will be provided with the future, constant updates - Ad-freeversion available on Android Market (warning: you cannot move yourprofile between both versions) To all players who worry aboutprocess left in the memory after they quit the game - the gamecontains in-app purchases and this background service is common forall such applications. It just stands in background and listens topotential changes of in-app purchases status from Google servers,doesn't use any processor resources. It's being created andmaintained by the system and we are not able to shutdown it afterthe game is closed. --- ABOUT GAMELION Remember to join our FanPage on Facebook for latest updates on our games, previews andhints: Or if you use Twitter, follow us If you experience problems on your device,please write e-mail to us or use "Need help with a game?" link onour webpage. We will do our best to help you in resolving them.Leaving only a comment won't help much in problems solving.
Pixel Soccer Football - Dribble Arcade 1.12
Play the Pixel Soccer ultimate dribbling game. Control the ballwith one tap and collect the coins! This is a simple jugglingSoccer ball Game - Tap to kick and change the ball direction -Eliminate defenders by dribbling next to them - Earn coins to playwith World Teams Drill and skill like superstar soccer player Inthis soccer game, prove your skills and score as many dribbling aspossible. REMEMBER: Clever dribbling or passing eliminatesdefenders and gives you the highest score. Change Team colors. Showyour soccer skills. Go feet-to-feet in this soccer football battleof the titans Pixel Soccer Ball. Blocky design is popular among thekids, games with huge pixels are very popular. It gave us the mostin-depth football experience we could possibly ask for on ourphone, and it's a worthy dribble winner. WIKI: Football is a familyof team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ballwith a foot to score a goal. Unqualified, the word football isunderstood to refer to whichever form of football is the mostpopular in the regional context in which the word appears. Sportscommonly called football in certain places include associationfootball (known as soccer in some countries); gridiron football(specifically American football or Canadian football); Australianrules football; rugby football (either rugby league or rugbyunion); and Gaelic football.[1][2] These different variations offootball are known as football codes. There are a number ofreferences to traditional, ancient, or prehistoric ball gamesplayed by indigenous peoples in feliway many different parts of theworld.[3][4][5] Contemporary codes of challengue football can betraced back to the codification of these games at English publicschools during the nineteenth century.[6][7] The expansion of theBritish Empire allowed these rules of football to spread to areasof British influence outside the directly controlled Empire.[8] Bythe end of the nineteenth century, distinct regional codes werealready developing: Gaelic football, for example, deliberatelyincorporated the rules of local traditional football games in orderto maintain their heritage.[9] In 1888, The Football League wasfounded in England, becoming the first of many professionalfootball competitions. During the twentieth century, several of thevarious kinds of football grew to become some of the most popularteam sports in the world.[10]
Highway Insanity 3.0.0
Highway Insanity is all about speed and avoiding crashes! Traveldown a dangerous highway filled with obstacles! Pick up new carsfor your convoy and beat fun and exciting levels! Are you ready tosmash that high score? Rush to the top of the leaderboards now inthis amazing arcade game brought to you by Huuuge – Play Together!
Super Slime World Adventure 1.0.1
Super Slime World Adventure is a fun quick arcade game that willhave you blasting your way to the top in no time. Transport a cuteslime from beaker to beaker and avoid various obstacles to see howfar you will go. Beat your friends' high score and earn yourbragging rights in this easy-to-learn, tough-to-master game. Howfar will you get?
Orbit - Tap Adventure 1.1.0
Prepare orbital manouver! All set? Engage! Orbit - Tap Adventurebrings you the best space hopping experience ever! Tap to jumpbetween orbits of various planets, just be sure to avoid any spacedebris that may stand in your way. How far can you get? Time yourtaps right and you'll beat your friends' high score! Can you masterorbital manouvers? Install now to find out!
Sausage Slide 1.0.0
Sausage Slide is a brand new, fun racing game, where you havetosteer three sausages down a hill of mustard. Jump throughonionrings to get extra points on your way to that delicious highscore!What kind of speed can your train mustard? Install now tofind out!
Catslinger - Flip and Jump 1.0.1
The Catslingers are here, and they're looking to shoot their way tothe top! Guide your dual wielding kitty, collect coins and bulletsto keep going towards that elusive high score. Use your coins tounlock new skins and weapons! Ready? Set? Shoot!
Skyscraper Stack Builder 1.0.1
It's time to raise the stakes... and a tower, we suppose! Time yourtaps to raise the highest of high-rises in this amazing buildingsimulator. Compete against your firiends to see who's the best ofthe bunch on the high-score leaderboard! Are you ready to build thetallest tower? Install now to enjoy this amazing arcade gamebrought to you by Tap Tap Games by Huuuge!
Flappy Turbo Backpacker 1.0.0
Flappy Turbo Backpacker is a beautiful, thrilling game whereyouhave to guide an astronaut & his jetpack down atreacherouspath full of challenging traps. Use the rockets to jetpassmoldering hot traps and collect coins to beat your friends'highscores in this thrilling space adventure! Are you ready to taptothe top? Install now to enjoy this amazing arcade game broughttoyou by Tap Tap Games by Huuuge!
Super Tank Merger 1.1.5
Create your own personal tank army by building, merging anddiscovering all type of awesome tank designs. Merge identical tankstogether to discover unique new tank designs and upgrade your tanksin this highly addictive game! Merge tanks! - Merge two of a kindunlock new tanks. - Discover bigger, better and more powerfultanks! - Build your tank collection! - Buy new models on the store.- Unlock them all!
Boxy Bounce 1.0
Jumping cute animals in a level based arcade game.
Domino Rush! 1.0
Domino Rush is a runner style game where you need to take a fallingdomino line to the finish by avoiding obstacles and keeping themomentum of a domino.
com.huuugegames.supersushimerge 1.1.9
Start your own sushi restaurant by creating, merging anddiscovering many tasty sushi. Merge identical sushi and discoverunique new sushi. Create new sushi and expand your sushi emporiumin this highly addictive game! Merge sushi! - Merge two of a kindunlock new sushi. - Start your sushi restaurant! - Expand yoursushi emporium! - Discover new sushi! - Unlock them all!
Rush Track Express 1.1.0
Welcome to Rush Track Express, a fun train arcade game that willhave you surfing between tracks in no time! Swipe to SWITCH TRACKS!Collect STARS and CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE! Chug to the HIGHSCORE! Final destination - the top of the leaderboards! Rush TrackExpress will have you rolling for hours with its fun, yetchallenging gameplay! ★ Avoid oncoming trains! ★ Collect stars toincrease your score! ★ Switch tracks at breakneck pace! ★ Beat yourfriends' high scores! ★ Customize your train! ★ Complete awesomequests ★ Show off your skills on the leaderboard! Are you ready toroll? Install now to enjoy this amazing arcade game brought to youby Tap Tap Games by Huuuge!
City Merger 1.0.6
Become the architect of a wonderful, personalized city! Buildandmerge buildings to see all the wonderful cityscapes you cancreate!Connect two identical buildings to unlock new ones! Buildyourcity! - Merge identical buildings to create a new one! - Seethebest Cityscape you can muster! Will you be able to unlock'emall?
Color Ssswitcher 1.0.0
Dodge, dash and race to the top of the leaderboard in this excitingarcade game! Control a snake in a colorful labyrinth. Match thesnake's color to the color of the obstacle to destroy it! Formwords by collecting letters to unlock amazing customizationoptions! Grab stars to get that elusive high score and show yourfriends who's boss! Are you ready to ssslither through to the top?Install now to enjoy this amazing arcade game brought to you by FunMonkey!
John SnowBall 1.0.0
John SnowBall is here, and he's ready to fly! Help John theSnowBallman switch between snowflake orbits to get a massive highscore!Jump between obstacles to dash your way to the top of thehigh scoreleaderboard in this wonderful, colorful adventure. Areyou ready tofly to the edge of the galaxy? Install now to enjoythis amazingarcade game brought to you by Tap Tap Games by Huuuge!
Drift Ride Expert 1.0.0
Ride, sling and race to the top! Drift Ride Expert is all aboutspeed and precision! Control your car by slinging it around cornerswith an awesome rope. Race as far as you can without crashing andbeat your friends' high scores! What are you waiting for? It's timeto race to the top of the leaderboard! Install now to enjoy thisamazing arcade game brought to you by Fun Monkey!
Spooky Swing 1.0.0
Spooky Swing is all about precision and timing! Use a rope tospeedyour way through various awesome mazes on this spookyadventure.Collect gold gems and letters to unlock awesome new skinsas youdash and swing your way to the finish. Use physics to collectmoregems. How far will you get? Install now to find out in thisamazingarcade game brought to you by Fun Monkey Games by Huuuge!
Climb Craze 1.0.0
Climb Craze is a fun arcade game that's all about climbing awallwith a ball on a chain! Time your taps right, match the colorofthe ball to the color of the target, reach new levels tounlockawesome skins for your ball. Ready to tap to the top oftheleaderboard? Install now to enjoy this amazing arcade gamebroughtto you by Fun Monkey Games by Huuuge!
Swing Climb 1.0.0
Swing Climb is all about timing and precision. Swingaroundcomplicated walls as you climb various shapes and advance tothenext level. Are you ready to discover all the shapes? Installnowto play this amazing arcade game brought to you by Fun MnokeyGamesby Huuuge!
com.huuugegames.tankmerger 1.14.5
Ready? Set? Merge! Become the commander of your very own tankbrigade! Merge the tanks to grow your army and earn more money tobuy even more. Expand your brigade with every new tank you unlockas you plan your progress in this fun merger game! Be sure to testyour reflexes in the explosive Fire Mode, which will have youscrambling to merge as many tanks as possible on your way to createthe ultimate battle machine! Test your planning skills in this funtycoon that keeps working for you even when idle! Are you ready torumble? Install now to roll out the greatest tank brigade ever!
Knife Hit: Splash Fruit 1.9
Warm up your throwing arm, you’re going to need it! This game isallabout timing and precision. Hit the fruit will all your knivestocomplete the level. Collect coins to customize your experiencewithnew, fun weapons and complete Boss Fights for an extrachallenge.How high will your score be? Install now to find out!
2048 1.1
Super classic 2048 puzzle game. Slide the tiles to merge theminorder to reach 2048 on a single tile. Start with 2 and gothrough4, 8, 16, 32, 128, 512, 1024 and finally 2048! A little,classicbrain teaser for you!
Neon Speed Rush 1.0.1
Neon Speed Rush is a thrilling casual game in which you taptoswitch lanes, as you try to dodge the obstacles in acolorfullabyrinth and win the high score! With an endlesscollection ofstages and collectible gems that will let youcustomize yourexperience, this particular runner is one you won'tput down anytime soon. Can you tap to the top of the leaderboardsand earn yourbragging rights? Play this game from Fun Monkey Gamesby Huuuge nowto find out!
Paper Throw - Aim and Toss 1.0.0
Everyone who has ever worked at an office knows, that sometimesyoujust have to kick back and relax. Back in the day, you'd havetorisk getting busted by your boss when playing officebasketball.Now, with the power of modern devices, you canprocrastinatewithout anyone knowing! Paper Throw - Aim and Tosswill have youdoing just that, aiming and tossing a paper ball downawastebasket. With simple, yet addictive mechanics, this one isaslam dunk for simple, fun games. DISCLAIMER: We are notresponsiblefor any loss of productivity caused by our game. Pleaseplayresponsibly, and be sure to check out other amazing games fromFunMonkey Games by Huuuge.
Voxel Pursuit 1.0
Show what you can do as driver and escape the police chase withyourcrew. Choose the best supporting cars and evade the cops! Taptochange the lane, swipe to use the boost – try to keep your crewonthe road avoiding traffic, obstacles and of course – the cops,aslong as possible to gather more points. Unlock more unique carsandextend your garage. Simple intuitive controls, abeautifulenvironment and cool voxel graphics – you just can’t skipthisgame! Go crazy driving with the fastest and the mostaddictiveracing game. Download NOW!
Stunt Plane 1.1
Stunt Plane - Air Race is an exciting arcade game that will makeyou a stunt plane ace in no time. Tap to flip your plane and beatobstacles and double tap to do an epic barrel roll. Customize yourexperience by unlocking new planes with crystals, which you caneither collect in-flight or get as rewards for completing funchallenges! Are you ready? It’s time to fly!
Day Trip 1.0.0
Are you ready for a nostalgia-filled Day Trip? Pack your bags,it’stime to get going! Day Trip is an 80s style driving romp thatwilltest your reflexes and resolve as you try to get as far as youcanin a labyrinth full of cars. Grab power-ups to fire up yourplowand get everyone out of your way. How far will you go? The onlywayto find out is to install! 1.3.0
Lock’n’load, it’s time to destroy the alien horde! Monster Shooteris all about… You already know, don’t you? Shooting Monsters!Feature-filled and dynamic, this game is rated A for Addicting fromthe ASRB (Alien Shooter Rating Board)! SHOOT ‘EM UP Space Monstershave invaded planet Dustopia and it’s your job to stop them beforethey take their evil trade to the entire galaxy. Grab your bestguns, get on your spacebike and start shootin’ them up. It’s you orthem in this sci-fi shoot’em’up romp! TIME FOR AN UPGRADE Use theresources you win shooting up enemies wisely, choose the rightupgrades to turn yourself into a monster blastin’, long-lastin’,flyin’ slashin’ machine! Will you go for the armor upgrade, or willyou go guns blazin’ by upgrading your Pea Shooter to thePangalactic Ultrablaster? Choose wisely! ENEMY GALORE 7 differenttypes of Enemies will have you on your toes at all times! Watch outfor speeding demons and destroy massive tankmonsters – this gameisn’t for the faint of heart. So are you ready to bring yourDestruction Derby to Dustopia? You better be, those beats aren’tgoing to wait around for you to decide! FEATURE FILLED AND ACTIONPACKED Play Monster Shooter now and experience: - 5 Gun Types - 7Enemy Types - 3 Big Bad Bosses - 3 Varied Planets - An in-depthUpgrade System - Awesome Score Tracking ...and much, much more! So,are you ready to shoot some Space Monsters? Will you save theGalaxy? Install now and blast them to bits!
Sudoku Journey 1.0.2
Do you love Sudoku? Do you love adventures? Well, we have oneinstore for you! Grab your phone and start off the most epicofjourneys! Sudoku Journey is a fun meld of classic Sudokupuzzlesand a timeless adventure-style format. Join Lily on yourquest totraverse the world of Sudoland. Avoid making mistakes anddon’t useany hints to get higher scores and show everyone who’s thelogicboss! So whether you enjoy working with numbers, or you lovethecomplexity of this classic puzzle game, be sure to installSudokuJourney and participate in the most amazing of sagas,andexperience: - Countless Sudoku Puzzles - An awesome hint systemtohelp you out of a jam - Highlighting to help you see whereyou’regoing wrong - A beautiful world featuring many uniquelydesignedlocations - Side-challenges for your inner completionist -Variousgrids which offer various difficulties as you progressthrough theworld of Sudoku Journey!