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Sky Battleship - Total War of Ships
Sky Battleships - a tactical battleship in real time (RTS), inwhich you have to build a defense base on the island and take partin the epic battleship of medieval steampunk ships. The game ismore like a real-time sea battle with a top view. ~~~~~~~~~~FEATURES: ~~~~~~~~~~ - Command a large group of airships in battle;- Destroy enemy airships by shooting them down with medievalcannons; - Fight on airships which are powered by steam engineswhich resemble 17th century Spanish armoured galleons; - Createyour own fort or stronghold on the flying island while buildingdefenses and upgrading your cannons; - Make an epic battle ofairships with your friends; - Involve your friends to make heroicairship battles - Compete to become the top pirate in the piratesleague and excel as a brilliant pirate and strategist; - Enjoycolorful 3D effects in high resolution. ~~~~~~~~~~ CAPABILITIES:~~~~~~~~~~ - Develop your own fight strategy and tactics bycommanding different kinds of pirate vessels; - Capture the enemy'scamp destroying defenses until you control your adversary's island; - Capture the gold coins and improve your fort defenses withbuilding new towers, tents, bunkers and cannons; - Recruiting andselecting pirates to construct more airships so to complete yourultimate aim of destroying the enemy's fortress in one final epicbattle. Show your skills as a strategist, become the top pirate inthe pirate ratings in this insane world of airships. The gamerequires an Internet connection. The game can be downloaded viaWi-Fi or 3g/H+/4g/4g+ internet The game is available in thefollowing languages: English and Russian.