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Monster Blaster World 1.2
Use the explosion Power of player to kill thedangerous monster....Monster is everywhere please kill it t but don't die good guysthey help u to save your land. Monster Blaster user are use acompletely different sets of mechanics to deliver a fresh gameplayexperience to players.player uses the explosion force kill all themonster which are dangerouse..***** Monster Blaster Game Features *******>> Game have 6 different world.>> Each World have 5 different level and each level hasdifferent to next one.>>100 or more monster are waiting for player>> Good graphic and sound effect.>> Kill the graphic and save the land,***** How to play “Monster Blaster” *******>>Place the bomb correct place to kill the monster>> Don't die good guy, he help you to save the land>> Get some modal to unlock the next world..