Funky Tokyo Club Apps

VR Ride - Ocean City 1.0
Note: This app requires a VR headset such as Google Cardboard orDurovis Dive. No controller is required.Take a virtual rollercoaster ride through Ocean City, a futuristic skyscraper city lyingin the middle of the ocean.Sound is important, use headphones formaximum immersion!This app was tested and optimized for SamsungGalaxy S3 and S5. If it doesn't run well enough on your device,please request a refund within 2 hours of purchase by clicking the"Refund" button at the top of this page, or at "My Apps" in GooglePlay Store.Credits:This app wouldn't be the same without theamazing sound effects provided by these awesome people:*daveincamas, Splash2.wav, CC-BY: *HerbertBoland, MetalWindDrone.mp3, CC-BY:*CGEffex, Large Splashes.wav, CC-BY:* juskiddink,Flock of seagulls.wav, CC-BY:*scratchikken, underwaterloop1.wav, CC-BY:*MrLindstrom, Windloop6sec.wav, CC-0:*inchadney, waves closeup.WAV, CC-BY:* Adam_N,Tweeting.wav, CC-0:* u3190, GaspInhale, CC-0:* Yuval,stereo bubbles (straw), CC-BY: a bigthank you to:* The Unity community and Asset Store publishers.*Durovis Dive for their free VR library.*
Angry Flappy Cat 1.0.2
Angry Flappy Cat is here, mad at everyone and everything! Tap thescreen to fly and try to avoid obstacles. Collect as many coins aspossible while dodging clouds in the new and challenging coincollecting mode. A high enough score will reward you with differenttypes of fish medals. Can you get them all? Don’t paws and thinkabout it, download this free game right meow.