Funny App Development Apps

Destroy Military Helicopter 1.1
Military helicopters have a greater risk of destruction becausethey were created to participate in hostilities, and can be shotdown by the enemy. Destroy own military helicopter clicking on the3D model of the vane in a different part. You will see how itstarts to break and bend, and through realistic graphics andrealistic damage, will be similar to what is collapsing realmilitary helicopter. Each new time, you will be able to destroy thehelicopter in different ways, thus adjusting the power applied theedamage.
Destroy GAZ M-20 POBEDA 1.1
Check the strength of GAZ M-20 "POBEDA", destroying the car as muchas possible. "POBEDA" - a legendary Soviet machine, strikes a blowon it and you will see how it is destroyed and wrinkled. Realisticgraphics and sounds to help create the effect of this accident. Besure to what extent he can destroy GAZ M-20 "POBEDA". You can crushand injure it wherever you want, absolutely everywhere.
Destroy GAZ VOLGA 3110 1.1
GAZ 3110 Volga - the legendary Soviet machine, and very strong, tryto destroy the firm of domestic steel monster. Create the effect ofan accident. Destroy the machine by clicking on it in any place.Damages will be applied wherever you'll be clicking. Thanks torealistic graphics and sounds can create the effect of theseaccidents. Arrange a kind of crash test domestic auto industry!
Destroy BELAZ Dump Truck 1.1
The world's largest machine - it BELAZ. Such a machine may breakdown unless the missile strike, because it is very strong and verybig. Try it yourself to break this giant. Realistic graphics andsound create the impression of the destruction. To strike any partof the car and see how BELAZ will be destroyed. Leave the gianttitanium only fragments!
Destroy UAZ Milicia USSR 1.1
Police UAZ, made in the Soviet Union, also known as "Bobby" isquite sturdy and durable car. You may have unpleasant memoriesassociated with this car, or you may just be wondering how much itwill withstand shocks. In any case, it is ready to meet you. Simplytap the car with your finger on the screen to inflict damage.Adjust the impact force to maximum enjoyment.
Destroy LADA IZH 1.1
Popular at the time the Soviet car IZH 2715, otherwise known as"heel" or "boots". Check his strength. Touch screen car finger tocrumple it in this position. Change the shooting power slider toachieve the desired result. Turn the phone to turn the car.
Live Spider on a Hand 3D AR 2
Frightened friends and relatives live virtual spider in augmentedreality. Spiderman 3D fully animated and you can specify the pathwhere to go. Just click on the screen and the spider will comerunning to the place in which you will specify. Virtual very scaryspider through realistic graphics, as well as it can be biting, ofcourse it's safe, it's augmented reality. Move your fear, panic andsubsequent laughter on their loved ones, relatives and classmates.Spend a fun time with the application Live Spider on a Hand 3D ARPrank.Attention! The app is contraindicated for people who sufferfrom arachnophobia. This application is the draw and is absolutelyharmless, but can greatly frighten people who are afraid ofspiders.
Car Crash Lada Vaz 2106, 09 AR 1.5
Crash the Russian car Lada of Vases 2106 or 2109 in augmentedreality. Look as easily the Russian four wheels break. Thanks toaugmented reality you can rotate a 3D model somehow. Break in chipsthe Russian basin, from all directions. Very realistic damages ofcars, and realistic sounds of damages whom won't leave indifferent.Simply click the Russian car and you will see as it the loss in theform of strong blows is caused.Direct the camera of the phone therewhere you would like to see the Russian basin, and rotate phone torotate four wheels. On a choice 3 models of cars - 'kopek' 2101,'the nine' - 2109 and in common parlance 'the six' - 2106 aregiven.
AR Hologram Cat Tom 2.6
This application is just a simulation of the hologram, use it onlyfor entertainment!AR Hologram Cat Tom - is augmented reality, live3D hologram of a cat Tom. He's a funny mischievous, likes to play.Aim the camera phone to the place where you would like to see acat, look at the screen, and you will see his hologram. Turn thephone to see Tom on all sides.Have fun and enjoy!
Crash VAZ Lada 2106 Old Tuning 1.4
The Russian basins very strong because are made of old Sovietmetal, the Russian car it is difficult to bend.Lada of Vases 2106legendary Soviet car which often breaks, but thus it very strong. Agreat number of owners of Lada 2106, 2107, 2108 and 2109 намаялисьwith repair of these cars. Splash out the rage and break to aharmony 2106 in chips, recoup on it on the full. Destroy the Sovietfour wheels as you want cheerfully and safely.Choose tuning modelfrets 2106 and start breaking it clicking the screen. This appendixuses Augmented reality therefore you can rotate a 3D model frets2106 somehow, from all directions against the camera of your cellphone. Have fun with friends, destroy virtual to a harmony andleave responses and comments, after all it is important to us toknow your opinion.
Christmas Photo Editor 1.1
Take a picture of yourself or your friend and treat him in this NewYear photo editor. Make a Christmas mood for themselves and theirfriends. Put on the hat of Santa Claus and his beard, and imprinteditself on the background of Christmas light, with a bag of gifts.You can send a picture taken anyone, just to share a New Year moodwith others. New Year is near, Things to do your Christmas photos!
Petard Fireworks X-Mas Pack 1.1
Blow firecrackers and fireworks without spending any money.Surprise your loved ones and friends of virtual firecrackers andfireworks, showing them how they look realistic and explode likereal. Use a large selection of pyrotechnics to the New Year hasbecome more interesting and festive. Small fireworks will explodeand scare people, and the big fireworks will shoot up into the airlike real fireworks, but only in your phone. Share Christmas moodwith their friends.
Photo Editor Beard 1.1
It is fashionable to go with a beard, but not everyone can affordit due to various reasons. Let your little years, or just hairyanimals does not grow on your face. Thanks Photo Editor Beard youcan paste a virtual beard to his face or the face of any person whoyou want. Simply select the beard of our proposed move your phoneto your face and take a picture. Photo Editor Beard - is a fun andcomic app that will not only look at themselves with a beard, butalso to amuse you, because not every person goes beard, andespecially girls.
X-Mas Fireworks Hologram 3D 1.1
Celebrate the New Year with fireworks and loud beautiful. Coolfireworks will brighten up your holiday and make it fun. The effectof the virtual hologram make fireworks even more beautiful andimpressive. Arrange small holiday right in your phone. Loudexplosions and beautiful graphics make fireworks explosion is morerealistic. Fireworks will certainly help to make the festiveatmosphere and lift your spirits.
Bladebuilders Jedi Lightsaber 1.1
Create your own Jedi lightsaber, and choose the side of good orevil. A great abundance of details will help you to create your ownweapons of justice. You can even change the handle of the sword,depending on how convenient it would be to keep your lightsaber.Choose your favorite items for a lightsaber, and Construct your,your sword will be small or very large, classic or original, with alight blade, or with a large set, you decide. Construct theoriginal sword and come to grips with the enemy!
Car Crash VAZ Lada 2110 Priora 1.1
Priora - a legendary Russian car, which gained its popularity notso long ago. Prior owners love them to understate the asphalt. Manytuning priors. Someone like the Russian cars and who is not, but inany case this is a very famous model. With the application CarCrash VAZ Lada 2110 Priora you will be able to break dei Priori,and break the model 2110, which is very similar to the prior. Justlaunch the app and choose your favorite model cars and start todestroy it! The app uses augmented reality, so you can turn the 3Dmodel of the machine as you like on the background of the camera.Also, your application has a very realistic sounds injuries andshock. The sounds of blows and injuries with realistic graphicswill create the real effect of contrition priors!
Graffiti Draw Pro 1.1
Draw Graffiti Pro - application with which you can draw a virtualgraffiti, using the effect of the application of spray paint.Choose a different drawing surface, just as do real street artists.Graffiti artists love to paint on brick and concrete walls, andeven on the shop windows. Realistic effect of paint on the wall,allow more plunge and feel the romance of the graffiti. Draw yourfinger on the screen as the present spray paint.A wide range ofcolors will help you draw a qualitative picture. This applicationcan easily go for sketches, then to transfer them to a real wall.For starters, it will be interesting to see graffiti looks like thecreation of graffiti.Note: This application is primarily drawingtool, and does not allow to draw the present aerosol container ofpaint, but only makes the effect of applying the spray.Traindrawing! Save the result of graffiti itself or send it to friendsor acquaintances.
AR Hologram Flying Dragon 1.1
This application is just a simulation of the hologram, use it onlyfor entertainment!AR Hologram Cat Tom - is augmented reality, live3D hologram of fun flying dragon. Show it to your friends, it willbe able to cheer them. Aim the camera phone to the place where youwould like to see a dragon, look at the screen, and you will seeits moving hologram.Turn the phone to see a dragon waving its wingson all sides.Have fun and enjoy!
Hologram UAZ 452 1.1
UAZ Model 452 - also known as a "loaf" is now a hologram! Amazeyour friends, show them a new hologram of this car in AugmentedReality, let them jealous. The application uses the camera device,move it wherever you want and you will see on the screen hologramUAZ model 452.
Neon Cat Tom Hologram 1.1
Cat Tom always happy to play with you, and especially he likes toplay on the floor with the thread. The app uses the phone's cameraso you can play with the cat in augmented reality. Animated cat Tomlooks like a real cat, and therefore it will be easy to play games,but at the same time that light neon. Do not be sad, because nowalways close to you might be a cat named Tom. You can even touchit, but rather to the phone screen, and it will react, and you willnote. Spend time together and have fun together with a cat namedTom.
Fake Call Cat Tom 1.1
Make fun of your friends, tell me what Tom Cat you have friends inthe phone book. Pzvoni him myself, or do so that the cat Tom calledyou. Raffle of friends to surprise them with an unusualfamiliarity, or simply use the excuse to avoid unnecessaryconversation.The application "Fake Call: Tom Cat" you can chose thetime after which there will be a false call, and also see a pictureof who is calling. If you are a long time will not answer the call,it will stop.
Fake Call Cat Angela 1.1
Make fun of your friends, tell them that youhave friends in the phone book Cat Angela. Call her self, or do sothat she'll call you. Amaze your friends with unusual familiarityby playing them, or simply use the excuse to avoid unnecessaryconversation.The application "Fake Call: Cat Angel" you can chose the time afterwhich there will be a false call, and also see a picture of who iscalling. If you are a long time will not answer the call, it willstop.
Petard Fireworks Sparkler Pack 1.1
Do not buy expensive fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers, becauseall this can be enjoyed in a virtual reality, simply by downloadingthe desired application. In this application, you are offered alarge selection of New Year's fireworks. You can blow up virtualfirecrackers scaring friends and relatives, burn sparklers NewYear's Eve, or run a huge fireworks display on your phone. Treatyourself and your loved ones Christmas mood for FREE!
Car Crash VAZ Lada 2107 Tuning 1.1
All know that old cars strong, in particular the Soviet. Try tobreak completely Lada of VAZ 2107, it isn't easy to make at all. Atgame there are a realistic graphics of damages and a coolsoundtrack. Car Crash VAZ Lada 2107 Tuning - the application whichuses augmented reality in order that it was convenient to you toplay. The Russian Tazy, such as 2106, 2107,2108 and 2109 are verysimilar at each other, not only externally but also durability ofthe metal. Show effort to break the Russian basin completely!Lookas you can easily break old Russian four wheels.
Fake Call Girlfriend Boyfriend 1.1
Bothered that peers constantly brag of the boyfriends orgirlfriends? Give them the worthy answer, show as you have someone,and that it can't live without you therefore constantly keepsringing. Or joke of the friend without guy or the girl, brag thatyou already found someone, and you will call him or her now. Havefun and rejoice when envious persons open a mouth from surprise!And then show them that it only the comic app, because it is bad tooffend people just like that without joke! And so you will lightenmood and it!
Fake Call: Agent Killer 147 1.1
The application for entertainment, complete joke! Play out friends!Show them that you ring a secret agent killer 147. Scare them yourcommunications or threatened to call the agent killer in whichcase, and then see how they will be afraid. Then tell them thatit's just a comic app and laugh together.Features :- The choice anagent killer from virtual phone book;- Imitation of theconversation, the timer will show how much time you have to"talk";- Choice of time when you will receive call from the desiredagent.- If you do not answer the call for a plausible amount oftime, it will finish.
Fingerprint Crack Screen Joke 1.2
Fingerprint Crack Screen Joke - Powerful trick on your friends!Suggest to friends unlock your phone via a fingerprint scanner andsee what will happen!The application looks like a normal lockscreen through a fingerprint. But when someone tries to unlock it -boom! The screen will crack with a specific sound, will noise, thescreen freezes! Of course it will not be in the present, it is onlya graphical effect, but it looks very much believable and able tosurprise the ignorant man. Do not worry, your phone or that is notthreatened, Fingerprint Crack Screen Joke - just prankapplication.There is a possibility that a crack appears in thefirst try, then just need to try again.Good jokes you!
Dance Alive Rabbit AR 3D 1.1
Look how much fun animated 3D dancing hip-hop rabbit in augmentedreality and come and dance with him. Run the application DanceAlive Rabbit AR 3D and you'll see how cute rabbit is fun to danceto rap fun, and when you will touch the rabbit, it will stretchyour arms back. applicationDance Alive rabbit AR 3D uses augmentedreality and so you can watch the rabbit dance anywhere, anytime, atany place where you want!
Star Ships Battlefront Crash 1.1
Battlefront star ships - a formidable force with which lead spacewar in fiction stories and movies. Feel starships break fromtouching your finger, just select the force of impact and pressyour finger on the screen at the point where you want to hurt avirtual spaceship. Learn and enjoy the realistic battle damagespacecraft.
Hologram LADA 2108 1.1
Lada VAZ 2108, known also as the "eight" - an old Russian car,which was perhaps even your parents. Surprise friends newapplication - a hologram VAZ Lada 2108, just move the camera ofyour phone where you would like to see it and look at the screen,you will see a hologram of "eights" in Augmented Reality!
Sexy Dance of an Anime Girl AR 1.1
Anime fans dedicated. Nyashnye 3D girl named Aki will tell you alot of anime movements and techniques. Run the application and seehow sexy Aki will do what you ask it anywhere. Just press thebutton and change the movement and change of emotions she willadapt to changing different poses. You can be at home or on thestreet and have fun with the application anime girl sexy dance AR,due to the fact that the app uses augmented reality camera and yoursmartphone. Let anime girl Aki entertain you.
Hologram LADA 2106 1.1
Surprise yourself and your friends a virtual hologram LADA 2106Russian legendary machine that the common people called "Six" hasnow become a virtual hologram! Rotate your phone to rotate thevirtual hologram, and you can see the LADA 2106 from all sides inaugmented reality. Realistic 3D hologram effect will help yourfriends to believe that this is a real hologram, rather than just agame. Raffle them, telling them that it's a real hologram, when infact it is only a visual effect similar to a hologram. Good luck todraw!
Star Ship Crash Wars 1.1
Wars Star Ship - a very powerful space ship, however, and it can bedestroyed. Look how he destroyed the touch of your finger. Crashand destroy the spacecraft at any time, without waiting for when itwill be shown in the movie! Just install the force of impact,rotate the phone and touch it to the ship on the screen to see thedamage!
X-Mas Snowman Hologram 3D 1.1
Snowman - a compulsory character of winter, which many childrengather themselves out of the snow. Snowmen are very fond of,because they are easy to dazzle of snow and at the same time theyappear as the subject of spirituality. Play with virtual 3Dhologram snowman. Just be very careful, because the snowman is notas simple as it seems at first glance. It may scare or surprise,and through it you can play your friends.
What you are Cat? Face Scanner 1.1
What you are cat Face Scanner - the prank app in which you canphotograph yourself with face, and you will begin to look like cat!Direct the camera of the phone on the person and press the buttonin the form of the camera. Well aim that the photo of a catbeautifully looked together with your body. You can photographanyone and look what ridiculous cat will be the one of whom youtook a picture. Have fun with friends and joke on them, doing ofthem cats.You can keep the received result and even to share withfriends on social networks. Look what you are a cat!What you arecat Face Scanner app will scan your face and will show you with thehead of a cat. All love cats, look at all of them.ATTENTION! Whatyou are cat Face Scanner gives out results in a casual order, butit is always pleasant to see himself as a new cat.
Hologram Kamaz Truck 1.1
Surprise your friends with a virtual hologram Kamaz truck inaugmented reality. The application uses only a hologram, but it wasenough to play people. Realistic effect of holograms and graphics,fine will help to create the effect of this hologram. Rotate yourphone to rotate the 3D model of the KAMAZ truck. Play your friends,showing them the effect of the hologram Kamaz on the background ofthe camera.
Fake Call: Mom & Dad 1.1
Missed parents or you have to get rid of unwanted companion suddencall from your ancestors? Maybe you want to make fun of a friend?Pretend that you get call from parents and you will be free fromunwanted conversations or meetings. This application - a funny jokethat simulates the fake call from parents.Features :- The choice amom or dad from virtual phone book;- Imitation of the conversation,the timer will show how much time you have to "talk";- Choice oftime when you will receive call from the fake parent.- If you donot answer the call for a plausible amount of time, it will finish.
Live Kitten Tom Survival AR 3D 1.1
Have fun and exciting with an animated 3D virtual kitten named TomJr. Jr. Play with Tom Jr., and see how it moves like a realnaturalistic live kitten. App Live Kitten Tom Survival AR 3D usesyour smartphone's camera to make the effect of augmented reality. Acool realistic graphics and animation will create the effect of thekitten. You can click with your finger to any point on the screenimmediately, and the kitten to come running, as bud you play withhim. This app is indispensable for those who always dreamed of asmall kitten, but could not afford it for different reasons.Entertain and have fun with the application Live Kitten TomSurvival AR 3D.
X-Ray Dog Joke 1.1
This application allows you to pretend that you scanning dog usingX-ray beam. Your task is to select the picture that is most like adog in front of you, touch the screen and the picture on the screenwill move back and forth. The main thing moves the arm with phoneat the same speed, and others will seem like you really scanningdog X-rays.Make fun of friends, entertain parents, arrangerepresentation of their relatives and grandparents! Have fun withthe X-Ray Dog Joke.
Destroy Boeing Aircraft 1.1
Boeing - is one of the biggest and most common types of passengerplanes. Look what happened to him if he will completely destroy.Clumping of varying severity on the fuselage of the aircraft andwatch how to change the body of the aircraft. Realistic graphics,sounds, bumps and bruises will create the impression of thedestruction of the aircraft. Thanks to a 3D model of the aircraft,will be around to see how Boeing would have looked after thisaccident.
Jedi Sword Wars 3D 1.1
Imagine yourself as if you were a true Jedi! Use your phone as alightsaber. Just run along with the a friend application, selectthe side, depends on the color of the blade, and can start thebattle! Touching the screen allows you to activate and turn off theblade, wave your phone in the air and hear the corresponding soundworking light sabers. Play imagines, have fun!
Fingerprint Lock Prank 3
Fingerprint Lock Prank - application for a game or prank. Make funof your friends, tell them what's on your phone is a fingerprintscanner, let them try to unlock the screen.Start the app, you'llsee the main screen. Click the Lock button to the fun began. Theapplication will simulate a condition in which the screen of thephone is locked, and to unlock it - you need to put your finger onthe virtual scanner. Hold your finger for 3 seconds and look at thedisplay color: green - then you managed to unlock, and soon youwill go to the main screen; and if red, it means it was notpossible - try more. If you remove your finger before the scan isinterrupted and the screen will remain locked.Do not worry, this isjust an imitation of the lock screen, you can always minimize theapplication or click on the hard Esc button on yourphone.Entertaining friends, make fun of, say they will not be ableto hack your phone!
Destroy Farm Tractor 1.1
Farm tractor unit is very noisy. The tractor is very useful, butall the same he could anyone not like something? If you do not likea tractor, or you just curious to see how you can destroy thetractor, then this app is for you. Destroy the machine by clickingon different parts of a 3D model of the tractor and you'll see howit starts to break. Realistic damage and the sound of blows makeexcellent sense of devastation. Spoil the technique so that it willnot be restored.
Fake Call: Putin Obama 1.1
Heap on respectability in the eyes of your friends! Make fun ofthem with this application, show how important people are callingyou! Not anyone, and the presidents of two great countries! Or youcan make it appear that it is you call them on some importantissues, or vice versa. For example, act out friends call at them topresident Putin or Obama allegedly inviting them to have funtogether with your company, and then come up with some reason whythey can not, and call her a friend. So you can pretty cheer yourcompany. Joking about you can start to compose a rumor that you arepersonally familiar with the presidents.
Photo Editor Vomit Face 1.1
Prank friends took photos of you or someone vomits unnaturalfountain! The choices are several kinds of vomit, use them as youwish. Do funny or nasty pictures vomiting, and then send them toyour friends as a joke to see their reaction as they would sayyuck!
Car Crash Kamaz the Truck 1.1
As they say KamAZ - dirt aren't afraid. These legendary, Russiancars compare even to tanks because very strong and they have thembig passability. Car Crash Kamaz the Truck - the application bymeans of which, you will be able to break virtual KamAZ, by meansof realistic graphics and sounds, clicking KamAZ 3D model.Damagesvery realistic will also not leave indifferent anybody. Look as faryou will be able to come in breakage of super strong Russian KamAZ.The application Car Crash Kamaz the Truck also uses effect ofaugmented reality in order that it was convenient to you to rotateKamAZ in game. Leave the responses and comments, after all it isvery important to us to hear each your opinion!
Photo Editor Scotch Tape 1.1
Do you like to fool around and do funny pictures? Photo EditorScotch Tape - will provide a fun picture, if you wrapped the headand face scotch tape, with no need to really wrap yourself withduct tape.Do cool photos, send them to friends in social networks,even jealous!
Photo Editor Halloween 2016 1.1
Pimp your photos in halloween theme. You can sfotat yourself or tosomeone you like and make a cool Halloween photo Kalash. Turn yourface to the bloody zombies in frankeynshteyna or make himself coolhelluinskuyu witch! Funny friends over and make of them the coolestzombie photographed their faces and imposing on them the effect ofzombies.
AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl 1.1
Live Twerk dance performed by the girl — holograms whom won't leaveindifferent.Simply start the application and look as the attractivegirl, will beautifully move the body in any place where the cameraof your cell phone will be directed. Twerk — is very popular dancepresently meaning active moving by a bottom. Twerk are danced onlyby girls, and here it isn't necessary to explain why... Attention!AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl is only imitation of the hologram, useit only for entertainment! Phones aren't capable to create effectof the hologram therefore this appendix uses the camera, effect ofaugmented reality which allows to consider twerk the girl in allits aspects and the special filter doing similarity to the presenthologram. Have a good time one or in the company of friends,together with AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl and enjoy twerk danceperformed by the beautiful girl, in any place and at any time.
Grate Finger Simulator 1.1
Grate Finger Simulator - a joke application thanks to which you canerase the finger about a virtual grater.You won't be able to domuch harm to the health after all it safely and a grater not real,and it only a joke.To erase a finger it is impossible to do on thepresent, but in the virtual world and by means of moderntechnologies you can look as if it was. Try to erase all finger inGrate Finger Simulator. You can also look how many centimeters ofthe finger you already erased.Play together with friends and lookat whom it will turn out to erase a finger completely, after allblood on the picture frightens and shocks.In Grate Finger Simulator- any finger won't suffer, after all it only a joke a trick, withan artificial grater.