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Escape Run 1.0
Escape Run - new cool runner, where you need to collect coinsandavoid obstacles. Run, jump and slide - it's all what you needifyou want to find an escape!Escape Run features:- Nice 3D graphics- Fantastic huge world- Amazing characterEscape Run - find an escape from that maze!
Pizza Factory 1.0
Pizza Factory - new pizzeria is offering everybody to eat! Come toplay and invite your friends to your awesome pizzeria! The oven ishot and ready to start working, come and play!Go to the shop, buy all stuff that you need. Check theingredients and start to taking orders. Serve the customers and letthem feel comfortable with their favorite pizza recipes. You haveto make your work fast, and make your guests stay here for a longtime in the game Pizza Factory.Pizza Factory:Do usually bake a cakes and make ice-cream with mama? Now it'stime to make a pizza with papa!You can play this game with delicious pizza ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!Who will be our next crazy chef for the pizza lovers?Best food cooking game will teach you to make a pizza.In this game you can mix different ingredients, including bellpeppers, eggs, mushrooms, olives, onion, tomato, anchovy, broccoli,cheese, ham, pepperoni and shrimp. You can strike out a newrecipe!Become a crazy chef in your own pizza shop and bake pizza forparty, carnaval and for the whole town.Pizza Factory is a funny game, very simple to play and funny forkids. Customizable items to make your pizza shop unique!
Ice Cream Mania 1.0
Meet the most delicious game with ice cream - Ice Cream Mania!Make unique ice-creams in record time. Take orders, makethemhappen as fast as you can, otherwise your customers can getveryangry. Remember, ice cream should make people happy! Pick andmix ahuge variety of cones, flavors and toppings. This is your ownicecream shop. So choose your ice cream style, be the best icecreammaker! See how many awesome ice cream you can make. Andremember,more happy customers more points. Which means new levels,where youcan master your cooking skills more.Restaurants, supermarkets, kitchens. Forget about them, nowyouhave your own ice cream cafe!Ice Cream Mania:Design and create ice creams on your own shop.Just tap to select a flavor and to decorate yummy ice cream.The whole world of sweetness now on your device.Stop being ice cream fan, it's time to learn how to make it!I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!Your memory skills will be challenged all throughout thegame.Also, as you progress through this fun game, you will unlocknewingredients making levels harder and harder to complete. Doyouthink you are ready to keep up with such intense pace?Only ice cream maker can compete with candy makers andcakemakers. Everybody loves ice cream! Forget about pizza, donutsandpancake, it's time for ice cream! Enjoy this new cooking game -IceCream Mania.
Five Level Spore 3D 1.0
Five Level Spore 3D – this game will put you in control of amicroorganism.You are a very aggressive creature – spore, who wanders aroundthe ocean of spore planet and eats smaller creatures to grow.Develop a species from microscopic organism to supermassive one.Complete all stages of evolution by crafting your own pet monsterin Five Level Spore 3D.Feeding frenzy, war between predators of micro world, and alllevels of evolution from micro planktons to supermassive creaturesin 3 dimensional format.What is the main rule of evolution? If you see other monsters,who are less than you, eat them. Remember, if you want to survive,you should eat more, evolve.Five Level Spore 3D Features:Customize your character just by eating others.Compete in daily events against all creepy monsters in the world ofspore.Complete all stages of evolution from little spore to thesupermassive one.Play your way. Create your tiny monster anyway you like. Craft,train and care of it. Evolutionary process will never stop. Evolve again!Five Level Spore 3D – enjoy real biological mutation in thisworld of spore and evolution.
Dinosaur Assasin 1.0
Step back in time and you will get to the dinosaur reality, aplanet full of these giant animals. Do you want to see these hugeand strong beasts and their life? Carnivores will be walking allaround you, as many years ago. What an exiting experience in thiscool game Dinosaur Assassin!Characteristics of the game Dinosaur Assassin:Life in the Jurassic era was very hard and cruel.Different species was fighting for a place in the sun.Raptor with tyrannosayr or diplodocus with proceratosaur or viseversa.Use your arms, equip powerful weapons and think about thestrategy.Don't be afraid, look at them through your phone, they will nothurt you.Journey to a dinosaur's battle world, chose who you want to be andtry to win your fight. Be ruthless and tough enough to reach thefinal level and become the ultimate winner in this game.There is one rule - hunt or you will be hunted! Dino park is adangerous place, survive among your furious rivals.Dinosaur Assassin - master your skills in this hunting game onyour mobile device.
World of Spore 1.0
World Of Spore – this game will put you in control ofamicroorganism. Now you have a chance to develop a speciesfrommicroscopic organism to supermassive one. Complete all stagesofevolution by crafting your own pet monster.Do you know what is the main rule of evolution? If you seeothermonsters, who are less than you, eat them. Remember, if youwant tosurvive, you should eat more, evolve.World Of Spore Features:Customize your character just by eating others.Compete in daily events against all creepy monsters in the worldofspore.Complete all stages of evolution from little spore tothesupermassive one.Play your way. Create your tiny monster anyway you like.Craft,train and care of it.Evolutionary process will never stop. Evolve again!World Of Spore – enjoy real biological mutation in this worldofspore and evolution.
Iron Hero Simulator 1.0
Iron Hero Simulator - welcome to the contest!Journey through an exciting storyline as you explore dynamicquest maps and engage in healthy dose of action-packed fighting. Wewill give a chance to become a superhero with no limits. You willbe able to do what ever you want – stop the tank by your hand,block the robot attack, dominate the enemies. You will need foryour force only.This is not only laser simulator game, but a whole universe ofsuperhero.Iron Hero Simulator:ENLIST TODAY! Join one of the superheroesBECOME IRON HERO AS NEVER BEFORE. Complete various missions onfast-placed flying battles.STORM THE BATTLEFIELD. With your unique robot costume you will bethe best fighter ever. Don't let your enemies relax.SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN. Challenging and exciting experience that canreally get you hooked!Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics andanimations.Iron Hero Simulator - marvel everybody at your fighting skills,become an avenging hero.
Tom Cooking 1.0.0
Tom Cooking - try your skills in new popular beautiful game aboutTom!You will cook with well-known cat Tom. You need to drop food intocasserole.Try to complete all levels!Tom Cooking features:- Cool music and sounds- Bright colorful graphics- User-friendly interface- Funny gameplayPlay Tom Cooking and enjoy it as much as you can!
Craft The Auto 1.0
Craft The Auto – craft your own racing vehicle and take part in therace.Build, craft and explore this cube-filled universe on your ownwheels. This is gonna be grand racing among cubic world cities. Butfirstly, you need to craft your car. Engine cylinder, dispensingmechanism, cell tank, petrol pipe, brake disc and other elementsspecial for the future grand race champion.Now we will test not only your driving skills, but also how goodyou are at crafting. Block by block craft your car, test it beforeyour main adventure. Rise to the top of craft racing world. Thissimulator and grand racing game will not let you stop!So, place blocks, craft your own auto and go on racingadventure. Have fun with improved edition of auto craftinggame.Craft The Auto Features:It's not lust a simulator game, it is like in real block craftworld!Creative mode and adventure mode now in the world of race.Show your driving skills and don't get shaking off. Experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsof the race in 3D and cube-filled universe.Craft your car by yourself and enjoy our 3D cubic race.Craft more, drive more and get more details for your car withCraft The Auto
Tomb Castle 1.0
Tomb Castle is a survival adventure game. You are a little boy, whois walking in the dark castle where lives a vampire. Try to make asless noise as you can and find a key to escape from this castle.Otherwise you are going to be a dinner for somebody. So, survive!If you are that type of person, who likes criminal stories,secret terraria with different quests and extreme explorationcases... And you are not looking for lite craft, then you will bequite happy. Visit this lost castle, that looks exactly like realtreasure for fans of mini games. Get to the heart of mystery!Tomb Castle Features:Survival and creative in different conditions.Jump of buildings, smash glass and avoid explosives is ….. notabout this game. Show us all your survival skills!Exciting adventure with warlord of monsters – vampire.It's time for serious games, make life or death decisions.This fictional character will become a part of you. Save hislife!Responsive and intuitive touch control!Tomb Castle – a new story with epic final!
World Of Seven Nights 1.0
World Of Seven Nights – safeguard yourself until morning bywatchingthe doors and rooms in this horror game, ward off unwantedcreaturesthat may venture into your office.These seven nights of horror and scary will never end. Haveyouheard about attraction with animatronics? They could becomealiveat night and started to move. Somebody can tell that this isallkid stories, just to scare people. But not this time. As anewguard you will see it all by yourself.Every night that you spend here can be the last one. So, starttocount and when it will be seven nights it will mean thatyouwin.How does it look, World Of Seven Nights?Well, the first night will be like an easy adventure in anightindie game. Just scary sounds in empty rooms and somecharacterstrying to get into your office. But then the horror partywillstart. Night by night there will be more of them. It meansmorescary, more horror. Remember, you have a very limited amountofelectricity. Especially closed door consume a lot of energy.Andcameras too. Of course, you can switch to the different ones,toknow where your enemies are.World Of Seven Nights – survive these seven nights, overcomeyourfears!
Ragdoll Mortal Fighting 1.0
Ragdoll Mortal Fighting - a new fighting game with ragdoll.Addictive beat'em'up game with realistic physics and hardcoregameplay is waiting for you.In this game you have to fight with a ragdoll enemies on a varietyarenas. Arrange a duel and fight.Ragdoll Mortal Fighting – what can you expect here?Boost your enemy, drag him, bang him and he will jump and yellall over the place.You are a warrior, so kick opponents as much as you can, get thescores.Pick it up, push, poke and pulverise it all in glorious 3D.Ragdoll means breaks, a lot of screams and fun. Come on, lets goplay!Ragdoll Mortal Fighting Features:With simple controls you can perform amazing stunts and blows todefeat your opponents.Realistic ragdoll physics and dynamic gameplay.Prepare yourself for hours of fun and entertainment! Get achievements for special stunts. Endless playing for everybodyRagdoll Mortal Fighting – have fun producing complexdismount!
Tom Football 1.0.0
Tom Football is a real football game for cats, their ownersandeverybody who likes cats and sports. Experience theultimatefootball!With Tom Football you can recreate the game you just watchedonTV! Make the football match come to life on your screen andtapinto the sports world with our free soccer simulator.Take part in the most intensive cat vs mouse football match andshowyou’re the best! Lead your team to the top and challenge themastermouse. Improve your skills and reach the top league! Smashthe balland score goals in our addictive soccer game!Tom Football Features:- Compete for the Champion world Cup- Use many sport combinations- Use your strategy to achieve the best result- The world of real football physics- Enjoy the game and play it with your friends- Score the best result and compete with other people- Become the master of virtual world- Angry and experienced rivals- Superbe game process, you won’t stop playing it- Totally FREE gameBe on the top of the world crashing enemies withTomFootball!
Tom Hill Climb 1.0.0
Tom Hill Climb – physics based driving game now with Tom.Join Tom in his new adventure, face the challenges of uniquehillclimbing environments with many obstacles. Racing means notonlyspeed, wheels and extreme. It is also a good company, acompany ofreal driver, who can help you to learn the secret offuriousdriving, but also to become a legend of the offroadracing.Let's strat our race with favorite character Tom!Tom Hill Climb features:Become a real legend of the tracks with favoritecharacter.It's time for real adventure, forget about mice, there is onlyspeedahead!Let the adrenaline through your veins!Let your fingers do the playing.AMUSING & AMAZING!Upgrade your driving skills.Tom Hill Climb - make the real turbo sound!
Pocket Unicorn 1.0
Pocket Unicorn is a beautiful mini game with tiny adorable unicorn,who likes to sleep and being pet. Hug baby unicorn and show it yourlove.The cute animal is playful and totally not aggressive. Unicornlooks like real – you can go for a walk with it in your phone, tellit secrets or even sleep together – it will guard you during anight time.Little unicorn has the prettiest fur – cool colored, soft andwith amazing hairstyle! Enter the magic world of loving and loyalpets and discover their happiness secrets. Take care of your ownpet from a shop, rescue it from loneliness and be a hero. He willbe always with you in your pocket!Pocket Unicorn Features:Take care of your adorable pet!Tap into the world of kawaii creatures and happiness!Adopt, wake unicorn up and play with it!Have tons of fun and entertainment!YOUR OWN UNICORN! Play with him, bathe him, and feed him regularlywith candy!Pocket Unicorn - join the unicron on his littlest pet world!Learn about the mysterious origins of unicorn.
Need for Jumps 1.0
Need for Jumps – a new jumping game with jelly cubes. Worldofgeometry keeps drowning over and over again. You know whatyoushould do to save them. Jump higher, bounce from platformtoplatform, avoid obstacles. Make them jump higher and higher!Need for Jumps Features:How high you can jump?Rhythm - based action platforming.Challenge yourself with near impossible.Explore world of jumping, be like real ninja!Fast-paced platformer endless jumper.Impossible dash of jumping and falling.Need for Jumps – challenge all your friends with favoritejumpinggame!
Angry Cats 1.0.0
Angry Cats – use your animal power todefeatcunning mouse!There always was the conflict between cat and mouse,andunfortunately cat newer wins. Let’s work it out! Play as acat,strong and independent pet, and survive all the levels againstthemouse. Play unique mini games and dish out your revenge.VEGGIES THROWTry to hit the mouse with tons of delicious lookingvegetables!Smash everything on your way – use your focus andconcentrationskills to besiege the battle. And remember – yourtarget is thegreedy mouse. Touch the screen to aim and shootveggies!COOKING TIMEIt’s time to show your cooking skills! Cook delicious meals fromallover the world with our free addictive Angry Cats game. You’llbegiven the recipe book, where you can find everything fromdessertsto fast food – practice your cooking and beat the mouse!Show who’sgot the fever and who is the real kitchen boss.PLAY FOOTBALL …Ultimate realistic soccer gameplay, the score is Cat:Mouse –0:0until you join the game. Help the cat to win and enjoy physicsandchallenging atmosphere. Be the best team in the world ofanimalsand win the football league of champions in this mobilesoccersimulator. Pass, dribble, take aim, shoot – GOAL!… AND VOLLEYBALLBe the part of the action, control your player and take alltheprizes! Experience pure volleyball with cool animationsandcompetitive gameplay. Swipe the finger to send the ball inanydirection you want, play over and over and become the epicmasterof sports!MICE CATCHStop mouse from ruining your happy cat life, give that mouse ahardtime! Mice are everywhere in the house, YOUR house, chasethemuntil dawn and make to get out. Run and attack with ultimatespeedand fury, explore every corner to find some serious bad guysanddefeat them.Angry Cats – make the cat world be proud of you!
Crash Derby 1.0
Let's move to the next level of race in ournewgame Crash Derby.How long can you survive the arena? Endless racing,destructiondriving pleasure and speedway tracks, which give adifferent typeof challenge and experience. Drive the best cars everand leavegravity in the dust. Here you have you’re the fastest car.So, itmeans that you are a king of tires and what you should do,it’s toshow all your force and what you can do! It’s not just asimulatorgame, it’s like in real live. Somebody wins, somebodyloses. It's time for demolition extreme race!Crash Derby Features:Intense high speed racing action.Be a furious racer of the whole desert. Show your driving skills and don't get shaking off.Realistic car damage. Crash your car! Experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsofthe race in 3D. Great real time competition.Mega speed that will push adrenaline in your blood.Full of competitive spirit.Earn the leader status or die.Crash Derby – real destruction and extreme race are waitingforyou!
Get the Auto Gang City 1.0
Welcome to the virtual reality! Thefamousstudio presents new version of popular Get the Auto: GangCity!Drive, shoot, run, play it with friends - you can do anythingyouwant to! Take the superb machine gun and show who is the BOSShere.Pretend that you are a great sniper, navigate your laser anddokill shots!PROCESS:Life in virtual world is not that typical. You don’t need to gotowork, you don’t need to go to shops. You enjoy your living.Walkingon the streets of the city, what can be better? You don’tlike aman watching you? So don’t pretend that you are a littlesheep,give freedom to your feelings, go up to this man and hit him,andstrike him, and push him, smash his face using your kill shots!Butyour rival could be stronger. Fight for your life or it willbewasted!Gangster wars have no mercy. There will be a long way to thetop.But if you are a really gangstar, nothing and nobody will stopyou.So, just go your own way and become a real old schoolgangster.MODERN CARS: In reality you won’t ever have so many super fast cars. Youcandrive any automobile that you like. There is a driver in it?Ohwhat an unimportant problem. Stop the car, open the door andpushhim out of YOUR NEW VEHICLE! Make the grand crime theft inthecity. It’s not just a simulator game, it’s like in reallive.Somebody wins, somebody loses. Climb, Fly or speed up so astowin!Get the Auto: Gang City:Speed is your best friend.Sometimes you need to risk.Extreme, practice it, otherwise life in virtual world won’t besoepic!More kill shots you do, more intensive is the game process.intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsofthe race circuit in 3D.Get the Auto: Gang City – it's time for crimetowndomination!