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Mahjongcon 1.0.4
Mahjong Connect - a.k.a. Mahjongcon - is a fun onet Connect gamefeaturing classic Mahjong tiles. In this game, you don’t make pairsin quite the same way as in Mah-jongg, however! In Mahjongcon, youhave to find pairs of identical tiles that are free on at least oneside, and connect them with a line to play them away.The linebetween the two Mahjong tiles may only make a maximum of two 90degree bends. That’s why this game is also commonly referred to asNikakudori (two corner street). Sometimes the game is also calledShisen-sho, after the Sichuan or Four Rivers province in China.Another name you might have come across before is 2D Mahjong,because in Mahjong Connect the tiles are not stacked they way theyare in classic Mahjong games. Mahjong Connect has 100 great levelsfor you to play! Can you play away all the tiles and solve all 100Connect puzzles to reach the dragon temple in the sky? You beginwith a number of easy levels with only a few tiles to get used tothe gameplay. More and more Mahjongg tiles will be added as youplay, so the levels gradually become a lot harder!Mahjong Connectfeatures:★ onet Connect gameplay with Mahjong theme★ Well-made,colourful graphics★ Start playing right away: the game is easy tolearn!★ 100 increasingly challenging levels★ The iconic Mahjongtiles you know and love★ Soothing music and fun sound effects★ Thebest 2D Mahjong game online!
Mahjong 1.0.3
This Mahjong game uses the classic mahjong stone designs. Find thepairs of identical stones and match them to remove them from theboard. Mahjongg stones must be free on at least one side before youcan remove them. Mahjong online is a popular game and enjoyed bymillions of players worldwide. Connect mahjong and play!Mah-jonghas 100 amazing levels with 5 exciting worlds.There are some veryhelpful boosters. The game will start easy but the difficulty willincrease progressively with lots and lots of challenging mahjonglevels.This Mahjong game features:★ Mahjong connect gameplay★Classic Mah-Jongg tile design★ 100 classic mahjong levels
Mahjong Ultimate 1.0.3
Play this free Mahjong Ultimate game with classic mahjongggraphics. Mahjong Free is the ultimate mahjong game. Match mahjongtiles to clear the board. Mahjong Ultimate is also known asShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mah-Jong, Kyodai, mah jongg and MahjongTrails. This is one of the best Mahjong Solitaire games forAndroid. The game features:- 100% Free- Free Mahjong- ClassicMahjong tiles- 20 mahjong levels- Relaxing music- Autosave- PlayMahjong for free- Google Play Highscores
Mahjong Pyramid 1.0
Mahjong Pyramid is a fun and challenging new Mahjong game byFunnyGames! Enter the world of Ancient Egypt and travel through thedesert. Weave through the pyramids and palm trees by solving allthe exciting Mah-jongg puzzle levels!Match two Mahjongg tiles withidentical hieroglyphs to clear the pair from the board. Can youmatch up all the tiles until there are none left? The tiles arestacked like a pyramid, and you will have to play away the toptiles to free up the ones below and at the centre of thepyramid.Play Mahjong Pyramid for time, because the faster you cleareach level by combining all the hieroglyph tiles, the more starsyou earn. You can earn up to three stars per level for a total of180 stars! If you get stuck, you can always use the Hint andShuffle buttons.Have fun playing this awesome Mah-jongg game set inAncient Egypt! Play Mahjong Pyramid now!★ WHY YOU WILL LOVE MAHJONGPYRAMID ★CHALLENGING LEVELSEnjoy many free mahjong levels set in anEgyptian theme with many different challenging layouts. Earn morepoints by making swift combo’s and try to get 3 star ranking foreach level.WORLDMAPMahjong Pyramid has an awesome desert level mapscattered with pyramids. Travel through ancient egypt and discoverthe many secrets it has. Do you like Mahjong Pyramid? Please leavea good review. Many thanks and enjoy playing this mahjong solitairegame.
Mahjong Jong 1.0
Mahjong Jong is a free mahjong game that uses a set of mahjongtiles. Enjoy a relaxing Chinese themed mah-jong game. The goal ofMahjong Jong is to open pairs of identical tiles. As with manyother classic mahjong games, such as Shanghai mahjong or MahjongTitan, you must get rid of all the pairs. Complete each mah-jonglevel within the time limit and enjoy this relaxing mahjong game.★WHY YOU’LL LOVE MAHJONG JONG ★CLASSIC THEMEEnjoy a classic ShanghaiMahjong theme. The game is set in the heart of Asia with niceblossom flowers and an overall relaxing Chinese atmosphere. Mahjongjong has all things you expect from a traditional mahjongg game.Whether you only have a few minutes to play, or many hours, MahjongJong is your perfect mahjong game. RELAXINGMahjong Jong is a gameof zen. The relaxing Chinese atmosphere sets the mood for arelaxing game of Mahjong. MANY BOARDSEach level has a differentChinese mah-jong board. You start out by removing the top mahjongtiles and move your way down
Farm Connect 1.0.0
Farm Connect is a fun new pet connect game by FunnyGames! Can youmatch up all the identical mahjong tiles with vegetables, fruit,and funny farm animal pictures? Search carefully to discover allthe pairs. Connect the pet connect mahjong stones with a line inthis shisensho game. The line may only turn two corners at most!Connect tiles with the nikakudori line and continue to makematching pairs until all the tiles are gone. There is a timer oneach level, so don’t get distracted! Find all the matching pairs asquickly as you can and complete the levels before your time runsout! Make your way across the farm on the level map and pass allthe classic farm locations such as the pumpkin patch and thecowshed. If you can’t find any pairs, you can use the shuffle orthe bomb bonus to get the game moving along faster! There are manythings you will find on the farm, such as Dogs, Sheeps, Pigs, Cats,Ducks, Milk, Apples, Corn, Trees and many more. Try to make lots ofconsecutive matches for great bonus multipliers! ★ WHY YOU WILLLOVE FARM CONNECT ★MANY LANGUAGESFarm Connect is available inEnglish, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese,Russian and Turkish languages! Your device will automaticallyselect your language. And if you want to change this manually, youcan do so by clicking the top left corner flag icon.HOURS OFFUNEnjoy a whopping 100 free levels of pet connect mahjong fun! Thegame is offering you plenty of hours of farm fun. The levels aretime-based and you’ve only got a few hints, bombs or shufflesavailable per level. You can earn more by playing!Do you like FarmConnect? Please leave a good review. Many thanks and enjoy playingthis game.