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Kung Fu Fighting Stars Cup 1.0
Are you a passionate lover of fighting games with famous fighters?Then this game is made exactly for you! Check our new Kung FuFighting Stars Cup game and choose your perfect present day hero todefeat your brutal opponents and become the real legend of thisultimate tournament! Perform different martial arts and wrest thevictory from the grasp of your mighty rivals!Everybody knows thatthese heroes are really brutal and mighty fighters, who can kickthe spirit out of your body in a flash! So don’t let them do it infirst, attack right here and right now! Unleash all your inner furyto beat them all up! Master your battling skills, strike themexactly and perform the last blow to find yourself at the top ofthis awesome tournament list! Conquer this wrestling ring andbecome the best famous movie fighter ever!Enjoy four game modes –stair mode, where your mission is to become the first in thetournament list; VS mode, where you should fight your brutalenemies face to face; training mode, where you may train all yourblows and super strikes; and survival mode, where your fantasticmovie hero should stay alive at the battlefield as long as you can!Have fun playing Kung Fu Fighting Stars Cup!Earn points for eachsuccessfully defeated opponent and unlock new legendary moviecharacters to play for or power-up your current fighter! Try themall to choose your favorite one and make him really invincible!Step over the dead bodies of your popular rivals and become theboss!Kung Fu Fighting Stars Cup features:• Outstanding movie starsfighting contest• Various types of powerful characters to play for•Enjoy four interesting game modes • Amazing 3D graphicsPut on yourbest armor, clench your fists and unleash your fury! Dip into thisfamous movie stars fighting atmosphere, improve your battlingskills and beat all your fantastic rivals with Kung Fu FightingStars Cup!Privacy Policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting 3D 1.0
Dive into the world of Japan martial arts and beat all theopponents to prove your worth as a true Martial Art Master -playing amazing Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting 3D game! Explore differentlocations and use your fighting power to win!Survive on the ringleaving your opponent no chance to stay alive! Your enemies usedifferent fighting styles – not only Taekwondo but also Muay Thai,Kung Fu, Boxing and even Karate Tiger Claw style! Fight back andlevel up your fighting skills with each win! Beat thesefantastically skillful human fighters and become the absolutewinner of this championship! Join the team of fantastic fighterswith Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting 3D!Use earned points to upgrade yourpower, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes and power attacks!Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes andfighting styles getting points for each win! Every blow brings younear the shattering victory! Beat all the opponents and prove yourworth as a Master of martial arts playing amazing Ninja Jiu JitsuFighting 3D!Check different game modes! Feel like a true fightingtrainer in training mode! Fight as long as you can as long as youcan in survival mode! Fight against powerful opponents, win overthem, earn points and buy new strikes like a real master of Japanmartial arts with Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting 3D!Perform endlesscombinations of moves and perfect your own best combo strike! Fightagainst powerful opponents using different fighting stylesincluding Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing and otherand enjoy being a real pro athlete fighter!Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting3D features:Ultimate sports fighting action gameDifferent ways toupgrade your fighter skillsCrafty and skilled opponentsUnlockablestrikes and abilitiesThe ring is waiting for you! Let the battlebegin - earn points for each beaten enemy, fight against powerfulrivals and raise up your melee fighting skills to the top levelwith Ninja Jiu Jitsu Fighting 3D!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Kung Fu Battle Master: Legacy 1.0
Welcome to the amazing Kung Fu BattleMaster:Legacy game! Dip into this wonderful atmosphere of shadowwarsbetween the mightiest ninjas ever! Feel like a real shadowwarrior,explore different entourage locations, unlock all theheroes andjust have fun playing Kung Fu Battle Master:Legacy!Be ready to kick the shadow spirits out of your rivals’bodies!Battle for your ninja clan, be the best of it and prove thatyouare worth the first place of the tournament list! Duel withthemost powerful warriors like dexterous Bloodlock, speedySnowstroke,talented Deadsaw, invisible Swiftshot and many others!Who wouldyou choose to play for? This choice is up toyourpreferences!Unleash your super shadow ninja fury and attack your subtlerival!Improve your fighting skills performing such martial arts asKungFu, Muai Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo and even WWE! Use yourspecialblow to finish your rival! Kill or be killed playing Kung FuBattleMaster: Legacy and have fun!Watch your health level accurately – just one super blow and youareknocked down! Just earn points for each successfully defeatedrivaland power your shadow fighter up! Master your martial arts’skillsand become really invincible!Kung Fu Battle Master: Legacy features:• Fantastically dexterous heroes to play for• Wide range of interesting locations• Wonderfully brutal weapons• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitive controlsDip into this wonderful atmosphere of this shadow battle !Becomereally powerful shadow warrior and join this eternal warbetweenthe ninja clans with Kung Fu Battle Master: Legacy!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Cowboy Fighting: Western Duel 1.0
Welcome to the Wild West – the worldofinfinite scrambles, constant shooting and non-fading cowboyduels!Become the part of this wonderful atmosphere! Just chooseyourcowboy and rush into this fantastic Cowboy Fighting: WesternDuelgame!Fight with different cowboy rivals, killing them one by one!Aimcarefully and improve your shooting skills! Avoid youropponent’sbullets and become the most dexterous cowboy ever! Shootfast andaccurate to kick the spirit of your rival out of his body!Provethat you are worth the first place in this cowboy’stournamentlist!Check four game modes: vs mode, where you are going to defeatallyour brutal opponents one by one; training mode, where youcouldcheck your abilities and characteristics performingdifferentshooting strikes and blows; survival mode, where youshould stayalive as long as it even possible; and contest mode,where yourmain goal is to win this wonderful championship! EnjoyCowboyFighting: Western Duel and have fun!Earn points for all your defeated enemies to customizeyourwonderful cowboy, unlock new western fighters or power upyourcurrent one! Become really strong, mighty and powerfulcowboy,unleash your inner energy and be the best cowboyfighterever!Cowboy Fighting: Western Duel features:• Ultimate cowboy duel fighting simulator• Wide range of interesting rivals• Four game modes for more fun• Amazing 3D graphicsEnjoy the regalia of the Wild West being super dexterous cowboy!Setyour cowboy hat straight, grab your revolver guns and be readyto ahot scramble with Cowboy Fighting: Western Duel!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Pirate Fighting: Carribean War 1.0
Yo ho ho, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome tothePirate Fighting: Carribean War game! Choose the pirate, grabyourweapon and burst into the hot scramble right on the ship!Performdifferent stunts and become the most powerful pirateever!Dip into the fantastic atmosphere of the medieval piratestournamentand join this greatest battle! Your wonderful piratesword is sorazor sharp that can even cut the air! Train yourbattling skillsright at the pirate ship! Which pirate will youchoose to play for –Blackbeard, Pirate Queen or Captain Robert?It’s your choice! Youronly mission is to beat down all yourenemies one by one!Be as brutal as you can! Visit the armory and check a wide rangeofaccouterments, embellished with arms! Put on your bestequipment,take the best weapon and get ready to fight! Hear thewavesknocking against the sides of your ship! Feel the power ofsaltyair and unleash fury with Pirate Fighting: CarribeanWar!Check different outstanding locations to fight with differentkindsof cruel rivals! Earn points for successfully done battlesandunlock new powerful weapons and armor, or power-up your ownoutfit!Level up your battling skills and become the greatest pirateever!Mind that your opponents will grow their strength too!Deliverevery blow accurately and quickly, deviate from the attacksandkill your rival!Pirate Fighting: Carribean War features:• Realistic pirates fighting game• Wide range of interesting weapons and armors• Powerful pirates to play for• Different combat tactics for more fun• Wonderful 3D graphicsFifteen men on a dead man's chest, this fight is gonna bereallyepic! Join Pirate Fighting: Carribean War game and becomethegreatest pirate ever!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Ghost Moto Driver 3D 1.0
Explore the night city streets beingsuperbrutal biker and driving fantastic motor bike! Be as fast asyoucan to reach the next checkpoint and become the best motodriverever with Ghost Moto Driver 3D! Remember about your speed,improveyour driving skills, fit into every turn and avoid crashesinto thetraffic commute!Train your driving skills exploring the huge modern nightcity!Start the engine, grab the handle bar, get ready to be reallyrapidand join this rush! Your only mission is to play this game aslongas you can by fast reaching of checkpoints in a limited time!Soburst into the transport flow, avoid crashes and continue thiscityrace!Drive your powerful motorbike really fast but accurate, enjoytheviews of this beautiful night modern city, react withlightningspeed and you’ll achieve a great success! Earn points tobuydifferent boosters for your car like nitro, which can speed youup,or time deceleration, which can slow down everything around youandcomplete your mission successfully! Unlock new missions formorefun and different interesting skins for your motorbike! EnjoyGhostMoto Driver 3D game and master your racing skills!Don’t forget to take account of the traffic commute, becausethetransport flow is really solid! Follow the arrow tocollectcheckpoints and get more time to race! Complete the veryfirstdifficulty level to unlock and buy new ones and havefun!Ghost Moto Driver 3D features:• Outstanding city night city moto racing simulator• Ultimate traffic commute• Various types of powerful motorbikes• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitive controlsRide through the night city streets on a fantastically flamingbike,be as fast as you can to reach the checkpoint and add moretime toyour race in Ghost Moto Driver 3D!http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Wrestling Smackdown Revolution 1.1
Ever dreamed about the brilliant careeroffamous ring fighter? Then this fantastic game is made exactlyforyou! Prove you’re worth the path of real fighter and winthisamusing tournament with Wrestling Smackdown Revolution!Explore different interesting rings and battle with variousskillfuland mighty fighters! Perform different martial arts tofinish yourrivals fast and exact! Would you choose BigMan, Hawk,Queen, Brad,Mr. Time or anybody else? This choice is up to you!Kick yourenemies’ spirit out of their body and become the realchampion ofthis wonderful tournament!Duel with the most brutal human beings ever! Unleash yourinnerfury, just lay them all down and you’ll find yourself at thetop ofthe tournament list! Every blow brings you near theshatteringvictory! Become the best fighter ever! Challenge yourselfwithdifferent skillful rivals and overcome them all inWrestlingSmackdown Revolution!Earn coins for successfully finished rivals; improve yourspeed,power and accuracy stats! Unlock new locations and superblows foryour personal hero! Perform and check four game modes:stair mode,where you should become the first in the tournamentlist; VS mode,where you should fight your enemies face to face;survival mode,where you should stay alive at the ring as long asyou can; andtraining mode, where you may check all your blows andsuperstrikes!Wrestling Smackdown Revolution features:• Amazing wrestle fighting game• Different styles and super blows for each character• Check four interesting game modes• Addictive gameplayBe the champion of this fantastic fighting tournament! Improveyourbattling skills and have fun playing WrestlingSmackdownRevolution!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Death Tiger Legacy Fighting 3D 1.1
Welcome to the fantastic Death Tiger LegacyFighting 3D game! Be ready to dip into this amazing fightingatmosphere once again! Choose the characters which stood the testof time or try to check some other heroes with their specialabilities and interesting stats! Explore fantastically excitinglocations dueling to the death and have fun playing Death TigerLegacy Fighting 3D!Feel like a real assassin being really dexterous and invisibleninja! Play as a powerful combatant killing everyone he meets!Overcome your rivals dead or alive! Explore new different locationsand use your karate power to destroy as many enemies as it evenpossible! Enter the world of martial arts and let the biggestfighting contest begin!Perform endless combinations of punches and strikes and show thebest combo strike of your new ninja fighter hero! Try differentfighting styles including Karate, Judo Taekwondo, Muay Thai, KungFu, Boxing, and others! Enjoy being a real assassin! Fight througha variety of new fantastic tournaments, including standardtournaments, weapon tournaments, survival tournaments and challengetournaments and enjoy the Death Tiger Legacy Fighting 3Dgame!Check two game modes – contest mode, where you should kick thespirit out of all bodies of your enemies; and survival, where youmust survive on the ring as long as you can! Earn points forsuccessfully defeated enemies and power-up your fighting hero!Upgrade your power, speed and accuracy or unlock new strikes andfighting styles!Death Tiger Legacy Fighting 3D features:• Amazing fighting simulator game• Fantastic heroes and locations to explore• Various kinds of fighting styles like Karate, Judo Taekwondo,Muay Thai and others• Two game modes – contest mode and survival mode• Realistic 3D graphicsTry different fighting styles like Karate, Judo Taekwondo, MuayThai, Kung Fu, Boxing, check new characters and locations and provethat you’re worth the fame!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Capoeira Sports Fighting 3D 1.2.0
The public is roaring around the ring! Everybody is waiting onlyfor you, so get ready to choose your professional capoeira fighterand rush into the battle! Become one of these super skillfulunusual warriors, fight with the other and win the tournament ofCapoeira Sports Fighting 3D game!Capoeira is a Brazilian martialart that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It isknown for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly usingpower, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spinsand techniques! So forget about mercy and sorrow, ‘cause if youdon’t want to defeat your rivals, you’d be defeated indisgrace!Perform various stunts of this beautiful and unusualmartial art and kick the spirit out of your rival’s body! Earnpoints for successfully defeated opponents and power your capoeirafighter up making him/her more dexterous, speedy, stronger andpowerful! Unlock different locations and warriors to play for,choose your favorite one and become a real legend of CapoeiraSports Fighting 3D game!Check four different game modes: singlemode, where you should pass three fights with one opponentsuccessfully; survival mode, where your main goal is to survive aslong as it even possible fighting with various enemies one by one;training mode, where you can check your skills and abilities; andstair mode, where you should kill every rival in series!CapoeiraSports Fighting 3D features:• Ultimate capoeira fighting simulator•Wide range of interesting rivals and abilities• Interesting battlelocations• Exciting atmosphere• Amazing 3D graphicsDip into theatmosphere of this beautiful capoeira fighting game! Choose yourhero and defeat all your rivals improving your skills and just havefun playing Capoeira Sports Fighting 3D game!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2018/06/05/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Stick Sniper Squad FPS 1.0
Save the world from the gangsters andarmedrobbers attacks! Become a really skillful stickman sniper anddoyour best to shot all these cruel people! These awful stickmanguyscaptured several places of this city, so charge your specialsnipergun and be ready to fight for the death in Stick Sniper SquadFPSgame!Watch through the sight of your modern sniper rifle, search foryourstickman target at the back side of the building window, keepan eyeon its guardians’ behavior and be ready to make the mostexact shotever! Do your best to kill the guardians at first andthem make thelast shot to their stickman boss! Use your chance tobecome a realpresent-day hero!Improve your shooting skills, aim your brutal target carefully,pullthe trigger and make the most accurate shot ever! Earn pointsforsuccessfully killed rivals and buy special boost for yourbullet – asmart bullet, which will give you an opportunity to slowdown thepassage of time and change the trajectory of your shot!Unlock eachtype of sniper rifles and check their characteristics!Perform yourduty with Stick Sniper Squad FPS!Become a brutal stickman sniper! Mind your sniper’shealthindicators and remember – if it drops, your mission wouldbefailed! Enjoy this fantastic shooting game and have fun!Stick Sniper Squad FPS features:• Ultimate stickman sniper shooting game• Wide range of different missions• Interesting types of sniper weapons• Amazing gameplayBe as fast and accurate as possible, don’t affect civilians,shootyour cruel target and have fun playing Stick SniperSquadFPS!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Mini Army Military Shooter 1.0
Are you ready to destroy bad guys with your own little army ofcartoon soldiers? Check our new Mini Army Military Shooter game forall the tactical shooter lovers! Try great variety of difficultylevels, rule the whole army of funny cartoon soldiers and becomethe best army commander ever!Become the best cartoon army soldierever! Improve your shooting and strategy skills being an ordinarysoldier of the smallest but the mightiest army and fighting withthe other army! Capture the base of your opponents and try not tolose any soldier of your side! Make a clear placement of yourtroops and rush into this epic battle!Mind that your army is not solarge, so appreciate its every unit! When the time would be over,the army with more alive cartoon soldiers would win the battle!Your mission is to stop your rivals’ army with the minimum of yourown losses!Remember that every weapon has its own characteristicfeatures, so choose wisely, think ahead and think over yourstrategy – the moment is precious! Mind your army indicators not tolose anyone and have fun playing Mini Army Military Shooter!Earncoins for each successfully passed battle and buy new interestingweapons, skins for your brutal soldier or the ammunition for yoursuper army! Check three difficulty levels: recruit level, sergeantand major! Complete missions with rising difficulty levels anddefeat every army of your rivals!Mini Army Military Shooterfeatures:• Ultimate cartoon army battlefield shooter• Various typesof different weapons with their own characteristics• Opportunity toimprove your tactics and strategy skills• Amazing 3D graphicsLearnhow to properly be a soldier in the cartoon army and become thebest shot ever with Mini Army Military Shooter!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Rooftop Motorbike Stunt Ride 1.0
Welcome to the wild tournament ofhigh-poweredmotorbikes! Today you’re not going to race with eachother – you’regoing to level up your parking skills riding thesefantasticvehicles with Rooftop Motorbike Stunt Ride 3D!Start the engine of your super motorbike and begin this trial!Thiscity is your stunt track, so enjoy hurling and whirling! Reachanunbelievable speed and then try to park accurately! Your missionisto drive up the treacherous rooftops and park as exquisiteaspossible!Choose your parking challenge and find yourself at the roof oftheneighboring store or at the most dangerous house right underthesky! Earn points to buy power-ups and upgrades for yourpowerfulmotorbikes or even buy a new interesting one! Do your bestandcomplete all the tasks in Rooftop Motorbike Stunt Ride3Dgame!Be ready for different missions, perform outrageous stunts andhavefun leveling up your parking skills in this unusual game!Rooftop Motorbike Stunt Ride 3D features:• Ultimate city parking simulator• Amazing car tricks and stunts for much fun• Many different motorbikes to ride• Intuitive controls• Realistic 3D graphicsFeel the heat of parking mania with Rooftop Motorbike Stunt Ride3D!Drive your motorbike through the city streets, perform madtricksand have fun!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Incredible Avengers Fighting 1.1
Welcome to the post apocalypse city fullofcruel monsters and aggressive zombies! Rebel against humansandzombies being a giant frantic zombie mutant! Chase peoplefightwith other mutants, deliberate destruction and have funwithIncredible Avengers Fighting!Splash out your zombie mutant fury and be the one of themostdangerous creatures in this city ruins! Use your monster powertofind and chase human beings and repel the attacks of zombies!Tryto avoid police, SWAT and army machines because they canreallyhurt you! Become a real king of mutants, powerful and huge!Becareful and attentive, try to do your best and survive as longasit even possible!Roam about this awful place seeking for the prey and askingfortrouble! Don’t forget to mind that every creature isreallyaggressive to you here! Of course, they’re all scared, buttheyhave powerful weapons, so think ahead and be wise to stay‘alive’as long as you can! Watch your mutant’s health, energy andfoodindicators – if one of them drops, your chances to survivewilldrop too! Challenge yourself with different missions and questsinIncredible Avengers Fighting!Become the real phobia for the whole city! Earn points toupgradeand customize your zombie mutant – change the color of skin,buysome boosters and new attacks!Incredible Avengers Fighting features:• Interesting zombie mutant survival simulator• Chase different animals and human beings• Avoid the cruelty of policemen, SWAT and other zombies• Customize your king of mutants• Realistic 3D graphicsFight with zombies and humans, destroy the city and survive aslongas possible in Incredible Avengers Fighting!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Wild West Guns: Cowboy Shooter 1.0
Welcome to the Wild West! Charge your gun, jump on a train and beready to shoot all your rivals! Dip into the atmosphere of the mostpopular western films! Take your revolver, put it into the holsterand wait for the hot scramble in Wild West Guns: CowboyShooter!Watch the other cowboys and citizens trying to ravagewestern city saloons, take your gun and knock their clocks off!Protect the peaceful citizens from being pinched! Discover thetraditions of these fantastic lands and take part in this thrillingshooting contest! Snatch at the train, aim carefully and make thebest shots ever!Earn points for successfully defeated rivals andunlock new interesting stories to complete! Buy different busters,which can increase the speed of your shooting, shells for yoursuper cowboy gun or even new powerful gun to damage more! Enjoythis brutal Wild West atmosphere and have fun playing Wild WestGuns: Cowboy Shooter!Check two game modes – missions mode, whereyour cowboy should complete different kinds of missions one by one;and free mode, where you may choose the concrete type of mission tocomplete! Become the real savior for these poor working men! Don’tlet the bandits cheat on you and rob the golden nuggets from amoving train!Wild West Guns: Cowboy Shooter features:• UltimateWild West cowboy shooter• Wide range of different missions andrivals• Interesting boosters and weapons for more fun• Fantastic 3Datmosphere of the Wild WestTake revenge on the bad guys and makethem return the stolen gold to the simple working citizens! Enjoythis awesome Wild West atmosphere and have fun with Wild West Guns:Cowboy Shooter!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Genetic Monster Fighting Cup: Mega Mutant Battle 1.1
Join the unusual fighting tournament beingacruel and ugly genetic mutant! Unleash your monstrous fury,getready to attack your disgusting opponents right on cue, conquerthepublic’s attention and just have fun kicking the spirits out ofthemutant’s bodies in Genetic Monster Fighting Cup: MegaMutantBattle!Perform different martial tricks and fighting stunts, show theothermutant monster, who’s the boss here! Use all your eternalpower toknock your opponent down and then strike the final blow!Dip intothis fantastic rushing tournament, break and shatter yourenemies’bodies, train your super power and you’ll find yourself atthe topof the tournament list!Earn points for successfully defeated mutant enemies andmissioncompletion and power-up your monster hero fighter’s blow, orunlocknew scary characters with different personal stats! Try themall tochoose your favorite one and make him really invincible!Becomereally good monster fighter in Genetic Monster Fighting Cup:MegaMutant Battle game and have fun!Check four game modes – VS mode, where you should fight yourawfulenemies face to face; survival mode, where your amazing mutantheroshould stay alive at the battlefield as long as you can;stairmode, where your monster should become the first in thetournamentlist; and training mode, where you may train all yourblows andsuper strikes!Genetic Monster Fighting Cup: Mega Mutant Battle features:• Ultimate aggressive mutants fighting game• Wide range of fantastic beasts to fight with• Four game modes for more fun• Amazing 3D graphicsWhat mutant monster would you prefer to play? CruelPlaguebeing,aggressive Tanglefang, dexterous Foulwings, awfulHauntmirage orsomebody else? This choice is up to your preferences!Just enjoyGenetic Monster Fighting Cup: Mega Mutant Battle game andhavefun!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Kickboxing Fighting Tiger 3D 1.0
Have you ever dream of being a professional sportsman and takingpart in an ultimate championship? Enter the world of cruel andbloody sports – Kickboxing - and let the biggest fighting contestbegin! Overcome your rivals dead or alive with Kickboxing FightingTiger 3D!Start the cruel struggle right now - you don’t need toknow more about mixed martial arts to enjoy this game! Learn how tofight, upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock newstrikes and fighting styles! Fight without any mercy and don'tforget to invest in training for rising up your fightingabilities!Overcome as many sportsmen as possible - unleash yourinner fury, just lay them all down! Perform endless combinations ofmoves and strikes! Struggle with powerful opponents using differentfighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing andother and enjoy being a real pro wrestling fighter! Use all yourstrategy and fighting skills to beat your opponent down. Be thestrongest killing machine!Earn coins for successfully finishedrivals; improve your speed, power and accuracy stats! Unlock newlocations and super blows for your personal hero! Perform and checkfour game modes: stair mode, where you should become the first inthe tournament list; VS mode, where you should fight your enemiesface to face; survival mode, where you should stay alive in thering as long as you can; and training mode, where you may check allyour blows and super strikes!Do you like everything connected withMixed Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Muay Thai or Kickboxing?Kickboxing Fighting Tiger 3D is definitely your choice!KickboxingFighting Tiger 3D features:Take part in the ultimate KickboxingtournamentFace many powerful opponentsCheck FOUR game modesEarnpoints and train your fighter to become a professionalStep into thering and become the strongest fighter on the earth playingKickboxing Fighting Tiger 3D action game!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Wushu Ninja Fighting 3D 1.0
If you tired of usual fighting simulators, then this fantasticwushu game is made exactly for you! Choose your super wushu fighterwith his/her own skills and abilities, rush into the battlegroundand do your best to defeat all your dexterous rivals improving yourfighting style! Become the best fighter of Wushu Ninja Fighting 3Dgame!The public is roaring around the ring! Everybody is waitingonly for you, so get ready to choose your hero! Perform wushu - isthe collective term for the martial art practices which originatedand developed in China, and wushu is the well-spring of all Asianmartial practices! Check your fighting skills and prove that you’reworth the first place of the tournament list!Check four differentgame modes: single mode, where you should pass three fights withone opponent successfully; survival mode, where your main goal isto survive as long as it even possible fighting with variousenemies one by one; training mode, where you can check your skillsand abilities; and stair mode, where you should kill every rival inseries with Wushu Ninja Fighting 3D!Earn points for successfullydefeated opponents and power your awesome wushu fighter up makinghim/her more dexterous, speedy, stronger and powerful! Unlockdifferent locations and warriors to play for, choose your favoriteone and become a real legend of this game!Wushu Ninja Fighting 3Dfeatures:• Unusual wushu fighting simulator game• Interestingcombination of powerful rivals and really mortal abilities• Widerange of unlockable battle locations• Exciting atmosphere of thisspecial martial art• Wonderful 3D graphicsIt’s no need to go out ofyour room to join the battle – just download our new game and getready to improve all your fighting skills! Enjoy Wushu NinjaFighting 3D game and have fun!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Robot Ring Wrestling Fighting 1.0.0
Mechanical era is here now and forever, so rush into the epic arenaand start this ultimate fight between the pro robot warriors! CheckRobot Ring Wrestling Fighting and try all these amazing martialarts and fighting styles being a droid large robot!START YOURMECHANICAL FATAL RUSH RIGHT NOW• Choose your furious mechanic robotand be ready to strike final blows and defeat all your rivals!•Feel this awesome futuristic atmosphere filled with urban places,mechanical technics, robotic creatures and everything else;• Try tocreate your own droid fighting style, or choose one of thefollowing: karate, taekwondo, wrestling, muay thai, capoeira,boxing or judo!AVOID MORTAL CRASHES AND CRUEL STRIKES• Your robotis not undying, unfortunately, so be careful and attentive;otherwise you may become just useless pile of metal!• Enjoyamazingly made surroundings: modernly developed rings, urbanfuturistic cities and streets filled with steel;• Earn points tounlock more interesting martial arts and fantastic robots, poweryour current robot up and become the real mechanic king!CHECK FOURFANTASTIC GAME MODES TO VARIATE YOUR GAMEPLAY• Enjoy training modewhich allows you to check all your skills and combo strikes;• Trysurvival mode which demands you to stay alive at the ring for along time battling against the large incoming waves of enemies;•Watch VS mode which gives you an opportunity to fight all youropponents one by one;• Finish your rival in the ladder mode, whichshows you a great amount of rivals to deal with and the finalstrong evil opponent as the last boss!Become the best robot fighterever! Play Robot Ring Wrestling Fighting game and feel the power ofyour iron fist!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Army Men Toy War Shooter 1.3.0
It’s time to remember your childhood! Control the army of toysoldiers, use all your tactical and strategic skills and defeatyour opponent’s army forces playing this fantastic game! Are youready to destroy bad guys with your own little army of toysoldiers? Choose your battlefield - be it a bathroom, kitchen,living room or even garden – make a clear placement of your troopsand rush into this epic battle of Army Men Toy War Shooter! Ofcourse, your soldiers and mercenaries are just plastic toys – butbattles are as thrilling as a real war conflict! Mind that yourarmy is not so large, so appreciate its every unit! When the timewould be over, the army with live toy soldiers would win thebattle! Your mission is to stop your rivals’ army with the minimumof your own losses! Earn coins for each successfully passed battleand buy new interesting weapons, skins for your brutal plasticsoldier or the ammunition for your super army! Remember that everyweapon has its own characteristic features, so choose wisely, thinkahead and think over your strategy – the moment is precious! Mindyour army indicators not to lose anyone and have fun! Completemissions with rising difficulty levels and defeat every army ofyour rivals! Improve your shooting and strategy skills being anordinary soldier of the smallest but the mightiest army andfighting with the other army! Capture the base of your opponentsand try not to lose any soldier of your side! Win this war andbecome the ruler of the household battleground with Army Men ToyWar Shooter! Army Men Toy War Shooter features: • Amazing toysoldiers battlefield shooter • Wide range of different weapons withtheir own characteristics • Chance to improve your tactics andstrategy skills • Outstanding 3D graphics Improve your shooting andstrategy skills being an ordinary soldier of the smallest but themightiest army in this house and fighting with the other army inArmy Men Toy War Shooter! Your use of Army Men Toy War Shooter isfree of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare not using your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu. Please see our TOS for further information:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/12/19/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Special Commando Force Attack 1.0
Welcome to the biggest battlefield ever!Becomeone of the brutal soldiers, use all your strategic andtacticalskills and join this epic battle of Special Commando ForceAttackgame! Learn how it is to be an ordinary army unit and becomethebest recruit ever! Train your shooting skills and havefun!Remember that every weapon has its own characteristic features,sochoose wisely, think ahead and think over your strategy –themoment is precious! Mind your army indicators not to loseanyone,try to capture your opponents’ base as soon as possible andbecomethe best shot ever! Charge your gun and rush intothebattlefield!Master your soldier’ skills using different weapon! Mind thatyourarmy is not so large, so appreciate its every unit! When thetimewould be over, the army with more alive soldiers would winthebattle! Your mission is to stop your rivals’ army with theminimumof your own losses! Don’t forget to buy the shell to yourweapon;otherwise you’ll be dead in a second! Have fun playingSpecialCommando Force Attack!Check three difficulty levels: recruit level, sergeant andmajor!Complete missions with rising difficulty levels and defeateveryarmy of your rivals! Earn coins for each successfully passedbattleand buy new interesting weapons, skins for your brutalsoldier orthe ammunition for your super army!Special Commando Force Attack features:• Interesting army battlefield simulator• Wide range of different weapons with theirowncharacteristics• Chance to improve your tactics and strategy• Outstanding 3D graphicsBecome the best army soldier ever! Prove that you’re worth thefameof a mighty military leader playing Special Commando ForceAttackand have fun!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Haunted Ghost Realm: Death Mansion Shooter 1.0.0
Are you ready for a great hunt? Oh, wejustforgot to tell you that you’re king of a prey here… But youcanchange the situation in your favor! Grab a gun and do your besttorepel all the attacks of horrifying clowns, zombies and ghostsofHaunted Ghost Realm: Death Mansion Shooter game!How did you get here? You are alone amongst differentaggressivemonsters and mad human-like beings, who want nothing butyourdeath! Hurry up, ‘cause every moment is precious if you reallywantto stay alive! Watch the mini map, track their moves and killthembefore they perform their deadly strikes! Rush into thisfantasticterrifying game and survive as long as possible!Check where the evil bases are situated and try to capturethem,‘cause the evil must be eradicated! Earn points forsuccessfullykilled crazy animals and unlock new powerful weapons!Level yourcharacteristics up and watch your indicators carefully –itwouldn’t be ok, if you’d be dead in a really inappropriatemoment!Play Haunted Ghost Realm: Death Mansion Shooter game andhavefun!It’s no need to wait all these disgusting creatures - start ahuntby yourself! Choose a place for your base and prepare adiversionagainst the evil! Become a real king of these places, killas manycrazy clowns, ghosts and zombies as possible and justenjoy!Haunted Ghost Realm: Death Mansion Shooter features:• Ultimate shooter with horrifying atmosphere• Really mad rivals to fight with• Wide range of powerful weapons• Realistic 3D graphicsFight with the evil playing Haunted Ghost Realm: DeathMansionShooter game and have fun!Privacypolicy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Ultimate Supersword Ninja With Sauce Shooter 1.0.0
Welcome to the fantastic Ultimate Supersword Ninja With SauceShooter! Get ready for the extremely new feelings! The time hereflows really slow, so enjoy your domination shooting at thisstrange beings! Unleash your superhot power and rush into thisfantastic action shooter game!Be accurate, exact and fast to killas much superhot creatures as possible to win this tournament andprove that you’re worth it! Charge your gun or grab some meleeweapon and rush into this wonderful game! Aim your superhot targetcarefully, hold your breath and fire! Your mission is to train yourshooting and throwing skills and achieve the great accuracy andspeed!Step over the dead bodies of your defeated enemies and be themost brutal red superhot creature ever! Challenge yourself with thefastest grabbing of different weapons ever and finish all yourspeedy ragdoll rivals! Your mission is to stay alive and don’t missany deadly strikes! Check two interesting game modes: survivalmode, where the rivals wave is infinite, weapons are powerful andtime flies really slow; and mission mode, where the number ofrivals is rising with every new mission! Have fun playing UltimateSupersword Ninja With Sauce Shooter!Explore different fantasticallybright locations! Earn points for each successfully killed superhotcreature and unlock new interesting powerful weapons like katana,hammer, sharp shield, crossbow, pistol, shot gun, disk thrower andeven bottle and watch the clash of your rivals fallingdown!Ultimate Supersword Ninja With Sauce Shooter features:•Outstanding slow motion ninja action shooter game • Interestingtypes of powerful weapons• Wide range of different locations formore fun• Two different game modes – mission mode and survivalmode• Amazing 3D graphicsStart your superhot adventure withUltimate Supersword Ninja With Sauce Shooter game! Use interestingweapons, control the time and kill all your rivals!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Fall of Titans - Robot Empire Assault 1.0.0
Start your quest of the titan robot trying to conquer the universeitself! Watch absolutely amazing modern weapons built-in your steelbody, use plasma bullets and highly developed saws and ruin thewhole planets! You’re so large and outstandingly powerful – justpower all your skills up and become a real planet’s king with Fallof Titans - Robot Empire Assault!LET YOUR ROBOTIC ADVENTURE BEGIN•Rush into this mechanic world filled with futuristic machines –they have their own intellect, can make choices and… destroy!• Ifyou like all these future devices, robot rampage apps, titandefeating apps and strategies, this awesome up is yours!• Find yourpersonal rival (it’s the giant titan robot too) and be ready to useyour entire weapon arsenal – there can be only one winner!TRYSEVERAL TYPES OF QUESTS• From the total ruining of this largemodern city to the simple exploration and exciting battlemissions!• Earn some points for each successfully defeated rival,looted building or ruined wall and unlock more amazing weapons!•Blast off your opponents with your plasma cannon or powerful steelfists and have fun – you won’t be disappointed!COMPLETE YOUR STEELROBOT MISSION• It’s a giant robots attack – and you’re one of them!Tap the screen to control your futuristic heavy machine;• Fightwith the other robots – you can do everything possible in thislarge open world made in 3D graphics!Check this awesome Fall ofTitans - Robot Empire Assault and just enjoy it!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Stickman Ninja Assassin Legend Revenge War 1.0.0
Ever dreamed to become a legendary stickman hero fighting with theevil? Then it’s your chance! Check our new ultimate Stickman NinjaAssassin Legend Revenge War game, choose your ninja stickmanfighter and be ready to kick the spirits of your rivals out oftheir bodies! Have a real fun!All these heroes wanted to find youand kill long time ago and now they’re here waiting only for you!Defeat them all one by one, ‘cause the best fighter here is you!Show them all your outstanding fighting skills, maneuvers, stunts,tricks and blows, pin them to the mat and enjoy your power!Earnpoints for each successfully defeated enemy and power your superninja stickman up making it really mobile and learning interestingcombos and strikes! Unlock different interesting ring and battlelocations to variate your game or choose new character to play for– everything is possible, if you have enough experience! PlayStickman Ninja Assassin Legend Revenge War and you absolutely won’tbe disappointed!Try four different modes: single mode, where youshould defeat your opponent twice to win; survival mode, where youshould defeat as much rivals as possible one by one; ladder mode,where every next rival is more powerful than the previous one; andtraining mode, where you can check yourself! Check them all andhave fun!Stickman Ninja Assassin Legend Revenge War features:•Unique chance to fight as ninja stickman• Four game modes for morefun• Interesting rivals with their own skills• Cool and colorfulgraphicsTry our new ultimate Stickman Ninja Assassin Legend RevengeWar game and feel like a real ninja stickman fighter right here andright now!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
WW1 Battle War Ages Trench Battles Army Shooting 1.0.0
The war is here, soldier – be ready to fight till the last breath,and don’t let your comrades down! Your enemy is strong, but yourregiment is the best one, so do everything possible to stop thisuseless battle and win in with WW1 Battle War Ages Trench BattlesArmy Shooting game! Show them all your shooting skills!SHIELD YOURFRIENDS AT THE BATTLEFIELD• Keen on history games about the WorldWar I? You’ll like this one – it is based on some accidents andmissions of this great war;• Hide behind some natural shelters andobstacles – the action is taking place in the real taiga forest;•Don’t lose this great chance to power your shooting and commandskills up in such stunning and exciting atmosphere of theadrenaline splash!POWER YOUR STATS UP TO BECOME A UNIVERSALSOLDIER• Ammo, reload, damage, accuracy, dodge, hits… everything isimportant when your rival is trying to defeat your comrades!• Tryto earn as much experience points as possible – it will help you tobuy new powerful weapons and get rid of the enemy’s troops;• Beattentive and careful not to have your game over at a reallyinappropriate time and watch your friends’ positions to help themin time!FEEL THE REAL ATMOSPHERE OF ONE OF THE GREATEST WARS• Saveas many army units alive as possible and you’ll be generouslyrewarded with some points and, of course, fame!• Control yoursoldier’s moves tapping the screen, use special buttons to aim,hold breath and shoot and just enjoy these simple controls;• Watchcolorful forest taiga surroundings in a period of the First WorldWar (everything is in 3D graphics) and have fun!Try yourself as asoldier in the atmosphere of real war in WW1 Battle War Ages TrenchBattles Army Shooting game!Your use of WW1 Battle War Ages TrenchBattles Army Shooting is free of charge in exchange for safelyusing some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and only when you are not using your device. Youmay turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS forfurther information:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/12/19/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY
Mini Army Military Shooter - 2 1.0.0
Learn how to properly be a soldier in the cartoon army and becomethe best shot ever with this amazing sequel of Mini Army MilitaryShooter game! Control the army of new cartoon soldiers, use allyour tactical and strategic skills and defeat your opponent’s armyforces playing the second part of this fantastic game!Are you readyto destroy bad guys with your own little army of cartoon soldiers?Mind that your army is not so large, so appreciate its every unit!When the time will be over, the army with more alive cartoonsoldiers will win the battle! Your mission is to stop your rivals’army with the minimum of your own losses!Try great variety of newlevels, rule the whole army of funny cartoon soldiers and becomethe best army commander ever! Check three difficulty levels:recruit level, sergeant and major! Complete missions with risingdifficulty levels and defeat every army of your rivals! Improveyour shooting and strategy skills being an ordinary soldier of thesmallest but the mightiest army and fighting with the other army!Capture the base of your opponents and try not to lose any soldierof your side! Make a clear placement of your troops and rush intothis epic battle of Mini Army Military Shooter – 2!Earn coins foreach successfully passed battle and buy new interesting weapons,skins for your brutal soldier or the ammunition for your superarmy! Remember that every weapon has its own characteristicfeatures, so choose wisely, think ahead and think over yourstrategy – the moment is precious! Mind your army indicators not tolose anyone and have fun!Mini Army Military Shooter – 2 features:•Amazing sequel of Mini Army Military Shooter game• New levels andsurroundings for more fun• Wide range of new different weapons withtheir own characteristics• Chance to improve your tactics andstrategy skills• Outstanding 3D graphicsBecome the best cartoonsoldier ever! Improve your shooting and strategy skills being anordinary soldier of the smallest but the mightiest army andfighting with the other army in Mini Army Military Shooter –2!Privacy policy:http://valart331.wixsite.com/furygamesteam/single-post/2017/03/27/FURY-GAMES-TEAM-PRIVACY-POLICY