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Quad Bike Offroad Mania 2019: New Games 3D 2.4.3
GAMBIT presents brand new game of quad bike driving on mountaintracks & off-road hills with tons of challenging drivingmissions. This quad bike game is totally free and offline, so youare not bound to have an internet connection. KEY FEATURES: • Free& Offline Quad Bike Game: Play on your Phone & Tablet •Highly Challenging Mountain Driving Missions on Dangerous Tracks •Sharp & Beautiful 3D Graphics & Visuals • Easy & SmoothQuad Bike Driving Controls • Mountain Tracks Powerful Quad Bikes •Beautiful Environments for Quad Bike Driving DRIVE & RACE QUADBIKE ON MOUNTAINS: The innovation in this new game 2019 is that,this quad bike game offers tons of challenging quad bike drivingmissions on hilly tracks and you have to pass through dangerouscurved mountain roads. Precise and careful quad bike racing is theultimate objective of this free game 2019. This is basically adriving game having multiple mountain quad bikes in the garage,choose the new quad bike or hill quad bike of your choice andforget the boring rush of city in this new game. The major featureof quad bike games is that, it is similar to car games just that itis open to air while driving in mountains & uphill roads. Easyquad bike driving controls, lush green mountains and adventurousuphill tracks make this quad bike racing game stand among bestgames 2019. BEAUTIFUL HD GRAPHICS: The lush green mountains andhills in this free simulation game with beautiful hd graphicsenhance the quad bike racing experience to extreme level. Theoffroad drive on the back of a new atv quad bike make this new game2019 very addictive to play. The mountain quad bikes in this ridinggame are not any usual quad bikes, instead all the off-road quadbikes are equipped and upgraded to higher power level in order todrive on dangerous mountain tracks & uphill drives. This quadbike game has tons of amazing offroad games & simulation gamesfeatures to make it worth playing especially for new games lovers.This uphill drive will be the most adventurous of all other newgames and off road games that you have experienced in other freegames. ADVENTUROUS MOUNTAIN DRIVE: When you will try this new quadbike game 2019, you will forget all other boring mountain drivinggames, as this simulation game has something special in offroadracing games genre. Our quad bike racing game has the mostadventurous offroad driving missions which test the user’s quadbike driving and quad bike racing skills to the limits. We try ourbest to provide quality new games to the mobile game’s lovers, andthis quad bike game is one of our top game of 2019.
Tourist Bus Adventure: GBT New Bus Games 3D 1.1.11
Gambit present a new bus driving game with detailed environment,realistic missions and driving experience ahead of you in latestsimulation game of 2019. KEY FEATURES: • Free & Offline BusGame: Play on your Phone & Tablet • Highly Challenging MountainTracks • Sharp & Beautiful 3D Graphics & Visuals • Easy& Smooth Bus Driving Controls • Modern & Luxurious Buses •Beautiful Mountain & City Environments MOUNTAIN BUS ON THEOFFROAD TRACKS: Bus drive in a detailed hilly environment was thedream of uphill drivers like you. Modern buses to off road busesall in your bus garage to pick one and set off your journey toexplore the mountain hill terrain or to give tourist service to theforeign bus passengers. In this bus game 2019, which is a bussimulator; you will experience the best ever mountain bus gameplaywith luxury buses to tourist buses for driving. Among the manyoffroad bus games this bus driving game uphold the multipleventures from off road stunts, mountain bus driving to uphillparking on the sloppy highways of hilly mountains. This new busgame, which is a realistic and adventurous bus simulation, carrythe off-road driving ventures on mountain tracks. BUS DRIVINGSKILLS TESTED Have you ever dream of offroad driving in an mountainbus simulation? If yes then your dream is going to fulfill in thisbus simulation game. Mountain driving has always been fun andadventure in bus simulator games for those who love off road bus.In this new bus game there is realistic bus simulation of busdriving on the mountain highways carrying passengers or transportgoods from one bus station to other. You must be master in busparking in these offroad games to be expert bus driver. Take yourmodern bus to mountain and experience this best bus simulator. Withintuitive bus controls, immersive environment and realisticgraphics make this free bus simulation game best in offroad busgames. BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENT This advance bus simulatorfor the uphill drivers is great opportunity to experience driveoff-road buses. Such amazing and propelling game features in thisbus driving game make it best in mountain bus games and in offroadbus driving games. Driving bus in city and then bus parking onstation is quite an easy task while offroad driving is way moredifficult for a driver of mountain bus like you. Have you everexperienced realistic bus simulation of real bus driving andparking on hills? Now it is time to endure such ventures ofmountain driving on special passenger buses, which includes allmodern buses to off-road buses. Among bus simulator games, thismountain bus is best and most addictive with its propelling busfeatures and easy smooth and intuitive bus controls, which makesyour off-road driving on bus lot easy and adventurous. ENJOY BESTBUS DRIVING EXPERIENCE Are you bus driver? Do you wanted to giveservice to tourist bus? If yes is all in your mind than this newbus game of 2019 is for with intricate environment, realistic cozycontrols, cutting edge graphics and enduring game play. Bus drivingon highway is not stuffiest here on high mountains if you want tobe bus driver then you must be expert in bus driving in this freegame 2019. All the bus drivers are practicing in bus passengergames to carry passengers and drop them to their destinations whichcost you to stop at different local points and you park buseverywhere. While bus driving on the mountains you become thedriver and drive a bus while enjoy new bus driving game.
Gangster Jail Escape 3D: GBT New Prison Games 2019 1.33
Welcome to the world of escape games where only genius can think oftheir way out. In our new escape game, you will be held captive inthe police prisoner jail and challenged to survive, fight andescape your way out of high security prison. KEY FEATURES: • Freeand Offline Prison Game • Challenging, Tricky and Hard EscapeMissions • Highly smooth and Easy Game Controls • A+ Class and HDGame Graphics • A Gameplay that makes your Heart Beat Faster Youare prisoned in the highest security jail of the city, the escapemissions in this action game are to determine the weakness ofpolice guards and then breach their security with your guts. Thereare special prison cells in this prisoner simulator. Now you arekept in the police jail and you will watch the jail guards and thenescape the jail. To escape the jail, you will walk, crawl and sneakto kill the guards, police officers from behind in this new escapegame 2019. There are so many thief games on play store where aplayer does the escape mission but in this prison gameplay presentthe new ideas of escaping and surviving. In this new survival game2019, you will be the prisoner and your mission is survival in thejail and escape jail without getting caught, killed or shot. Thisescape game is about planning the prisoner breakout which is kindof interesting and yet hard to complete the challenging escapetasks. FIGHT WITH THE POLICE GUARDS TO GET OUT There will be lot ofpolice fights and gangster combats when you will be escaping inthis new action game 2019. There would be plenty of guards in thisprison game 2019 where you will pass with your stealth skills andcombat skills to hand fight with gangsters. Escape from policestation by hacking door locks as soon as you find the chance andthen get ready for guards fights at several tunnel passes. Thisstealth action game is all about prisoner breakout, your experienceof escaping prison would help you to make fighting plans and thenfight with the police cops, gangsters and mafia heads in this jail.If you manage to survive from the police jail in this survivalgame, then you win this new games level. Escape mission in this newgame 2019 is not easy; you will need your stealth plans, computerhacking plans, your escaping guts and fighting skills. If you gotthe special skills of escaping prisons or the guts to escapegangsters then this new survival gameplay is best for you. SHOWYOUR SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE OF ESCAPING In this new escape gameplay,lot of police guards and jail criminals are around you to fight,shoot and kill you. In some escape missions of this survival game,you will have to clear gun shooting or stealth shooting missions tokill guards, police cops and gangsters. Your solo mission in thisprison game is to survive combats, escape jail and fly in yourhelicopter. Lots of escape missions of this prison game are whereyou will get guns, knives and other fighting weapons. Escape fromjail and survival should be your only concern in this free game2019. Escape games are always interest for you to escape from thepolice and gangsters by using special escaping skills. Escape formgangster is easier than the escaping jail with lot police guardsand security. When you escape from police station watch the guardsand fight with them for your escape. Download now this free actiongame 2019 to start off your first escape mission with the ghettolifestyle. Intuitive controls, 3d city environment and realisticgame play make it worth playing and downloading.
Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D: Crocodile Game 2019 2.9.2
Hungry enough? Let’s go hunting as a Wild Crocodile in thevastoceans, jungles and beach. This is a crocodile hunting gamewiththree different environments to hunt animals and other preys.KEYFEATURES: • Thrilling Hunting Missions with Range of PreyAnimals •Easy and very Smooth Crocodile Controls • Beautiful 3DifferentEnvironments to Hunt • Sharp and HD Gameplay Graphics • AFree& Offline Crocodile Game: Play on your Phone & TabletHUNTAS A PREDATOR CROCODILE: Welcome to the world of predators, inthiscrocodile simulator game you have to play like a predator. Forthesurvival of a wild animal in this survival game, you have tohuntthe prey and kill your hunger. You are a giant crocodile andyoudon’t need to be feared, if you are afraid to hunt, then youwillbe the next prey of other animal hunters. Other animal hunterswillfill the hunger by you. PREY IS INTELLIGENT, BE A FURIOUSHUNTER:Be a hungry crocodile in this new game 2019 and enjoy thefreedomof wild killing. You are a crocodile and have the bestpredatorskills, kill the hunger with delicious food in this freegame. Inthis epic crocodile game, you have to fight with jungle andwateranimals too like goat, cow, sheep, lion etc. In this predatorgame,be a part of crocodile family and enjoy the animalbattlesimulator. Many human preys are on beach enjoying beachenvironmentin this alligator game. This hunting game is abouthuntingintelligently, go to the beach silently, quickly attack onthe preythat is unaware of the crocodile attack and fill yourhunger. Inthis predator game, you will fight, attack and hunt thesharks andwater animals in the deep water of ocean. SHARP ATTACKSKILLSNEEDED TO HUNT: Being a wild crocodile you have to sharplyattackon sharks otherwise you will be killed by their sharp teethin thishunting simulator. Many hungry animals are coming on thebeach todrink water in this crocodile simulation game. They arealso yourprey while you are on beach hunting mission. Keep eyes onthem andwait for exact time to attack and hunt, precise attack timeis thebasic rule of beach hunting for hungry crocodile. And as yougetthe exact time, don’t waste your time and take an attack onprey.In oceans water there are some white fishes, jelly fishes andothersmall fishes are swimming in this new game. These fishes arealsofrom the favorite food of hungry beast. Your crocodile attackskillmakes you eat everything which comes on your way to fightwithhunger. You are a fearless crocodile but be careful when you gooutfor beach hunt to prey because other predators and hunterswillalso be waiting for prey. PLAY AS A CROCODILE OF YOUR CHOICE:Aselection of cranky crocodiles is given in this hungryalligatorgame. Modify and upgrade your beast crocodile’s huntingskills,skin color and size. These swampy crocodiles have sharpteeth inbrutal jaws, monster nailed feet, hard skin and extra powertoattack on prey. A very smooth control of crocs is to makethiscrocodile simulator more attractive. The alligator in thishuntingaction game walks like real assailant. Complete differentattackand hunting missions and earn coins to explore moreadvancedfeatures. Many other predators, crocodiles are alsorendering thereto catch the assailant and send this alligator tocity zoo. Everylevel of this game is very adventurous and unique.There is no samestory of different level of this assault game. Thisnew game givesyou a chance to play a free animal attack game inwild. HOW TOPLAY: Choose the best beast crocodile from a selectionof bestalligators in this animals attack game. Very smooth controlof thismonster beast makes hunting missions more fun. Use joysticktocontrol the movements of your predator in this crocodilebeachattack. Every level of this crocodile eating game has aspecifictime limit.