Fishing Fever 1.1
Fishing is the activity of trying to catchfish. Fishing sometimes takes place in the wild. Techniques ofcatching fish include hand gathering, spreading, netting, anglingand trapping along some modern fishing tools which are applicablein modern world of hunting. The term is not normally applied tocatching farmed fish or to aquatic mammals, such as whales, wherethe term whaling is more appropriate. Shark, whale are beyondfishing term, we can say whaling or sharking in case. Enjoy achallenging Fishing Fever from Google Play Store on your androiddevice.There are 38 million fisheries and aquaculture providing director indirect employment to 500 million people in developingcountries. Most fishes are being caught in open waters like lake,river, sea or elsewhere. In addition to providing food, modernfishing is also a recreational pastime.Game maniac is offering wild fish catching game for fishing loversand ace fish catchers.Fishing is fun game not boring, its time consuming but, it’saddictive at the same time. Get hooked on fishing with simple andone touch control. You have to drop jaw and fishing hook afterspinning the reel on rod. As long as you spin it will go far awayfrom your point of fishing.When you feel there is some movement on the fishing rod, you haveto recall the thread you have dropped in the water. Fishing rod iscustomized, you can set up the length and tension strengthcontrol.Features:- Jaw-dropping real 3D Graphics- Real 3D fish with animation- Real blue water, fishing rod, reel and spread- Environmental beauty of water and fishing area.- Equipment in fishing:- Multiple equipment e.g. fishing boats, fishing tackle, modernfishing toolNote; if the contents or graphics or images are similar to sometrade mark or copyright owners, it might be coincident, and, wewould welcome to bring in our notice if there is anything tocorrect.Please, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Modern Dog Fighting 1.3.1
This is a new entry on the Google play storein the category of Flight simulation game. It's a challenging gameever, with multiple air crafts, multiple air, sea and groundmissions and having multiple weapons in the dock of the aircraft.Enjoy the best ever flight simulation game with fighter plane“Modern Dog Fighting” on your android device from Google play storefree.There are rockets, missiles, cruise missiles and anti-aircraftguns to destroy and defeat the enemy forces on ground, in the seaand in the air. There are vessels and aircraft ships need todestroy from jet fighters. There are army bases on the ground, needto destroy them. There are fighters in the war to occupy the aircontrol, need to shoot from air to air to bring the enemy fightersdown.Fighting in the air has always been a challenge for the pilots,whether it’s in USA war against Iraq or war in Afghanistan. Weatherit’s a war of US and NATO forces against ISIS or Russian air forcesattacking the bases of rebels in Syria or Iraq. The stunt, theskies in the sky, the shooting skills, and air craft control with acombination of civil aviation control room.Game Play:There is an open war between two countries, you as a pilotrepresenting the air force war helicopter to destroy the air plans,warships, tanks, anti-aircraft, barracks and military vehicles ofenemy forces. Dominate the skies and master the world’s mostadvanced combat aircraft as you experience the best looking, mostaction packed jet dog fighting game ever on any app store.The F 16, F18 , JF17 Thunder, SUHUI, Thunderstorm , skyline andsupersonic are the name of fear and harm on enemy. In this game youhave got 5 Missions, each mission has the targets and objectivedifferent than others. In some objectives you have to shoot theairplane, in some destroy military bases, in some kill enemy forceson ground and in sea, its combination of war on all ends. Weatherits Day, night, rainy or storm, a Pilot has to be attentive andfocused on enemy targets.Players will command their fighters to conduct a final crucialair combat with the enormous enemies in the sky. It feels like youare fighting in the real hail of bullets. If you are an experiencedpilot - test your fighting skills, fighting on the rigid rules ofour tournaments in the sky with those who already have significantexperience in the management of helicopter and air craft gunships.Not only you could show your clever fighting way and skills to yourenemy but also you got varied weapons to fight in any situation.You have to impress the enemy by action in field to rush, attack,simulate and stunt with your dog fighter.***New exciting levels and Planes will be added soon***Features:- Smooth game control with real sounds- Multiple missions bring you fun- Vivid music is in harmony with the game- Beautiful 3D art work, eye catching graphics- Realistic aircraft combat game with 3D graphics- Best physics and motion control simulation of air craft- Experience the thrill of a fighter jet chase!- Best game play story as real flight stunt- Add different game scenes and power-ups- Different kinds of air crafts fighter- Addictive, fantastic and real game play- Extra ordinary high quality expert game scriptNote: if the contents or graphics or images are similar to sometrade mark or copyright owners, it might be coincident, and, wewould welcome to bring in our notice if there is anything tocorrect.Please, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports.Facebook:
DX Brick Ball Fun 1.1
The break the brick ball games have been verypopular on pc for many years , the children, teen and adults allwere crazy to play these games. Its real fun with endless andunlimited charm, brilliantly designed levels, real 3D graphics,Beautiful funny bricks, lovely sounds affects. There are power upsto collect after breaking the bricks, boosters to enhance the power, size and control of ball pad.Paddle control need to be outstanding in any break the brickgame, so her you are being advice to improve your action skills ofpaddle control on break the brick ball fun game. Its an mindstorming but, entertainment arcade game. Kids loving and full offun game ever on Google play. This game is released with the visionof challenging competitors like glu mobile and game loft , inquality and attraction of art work. The power up making the game ontop in arcade top games category. Crush the bricks like candy,shoot the paddle like jet in air. Lets win award for this gameBrick ball is a fantastic classical game, it keeps the user tofocus on game play during brick game. Familiar to play, but hard tomaster, Break Bricks to get into fresh challenges and unanticipatedobstacles to breakout hunter age players around the world. In thisentrancing game of skill and spatial awareness, it is your job todestroy all the bricks. By using the walls and the paddle below,try your best to ricochet the ball against the bricks and knockdown them to extinction. There are multiple levels, with multipleinteresting design of background, you can control the bricks andball, the environment and sounds are the expression of art work ofan artist. The game is for kids, children and adults, so playwithout any hesitation for yourself, your kids and your friends asa social game play.Features:1. Briliantly designed art work2. 2D / 3D eye catching graphics3. Arcade mode, endless levels4. Multiple levels with challenges5. Art & Fun keep engaged in the game play6. Real and self created sounds and music7. Brick ball game challenge8. Endless kids game ever9. Rapid paddle movement to break bricks10. Intuitive touch controls with realistic physicsPlease, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Tank Defender Battle 1.0
The Tanks have been playing an important rolein the war of World War I, World War II and the wars in the 21stcentury. Weather there is war in Vietnam, or Iraq and Afghanistan.Or the war is in Russia and Ukraine and Syria. There is a main roleof Strategy of Tanks battle game ever. Who has won the war andbattle on ground base, is the country who has fought better tankswar. Clash of Tanks is here, So, here is a game of Tanks defenderbattle. Mean you have to defense your country using best alerttanks to destroy and crash and clash the enemy soldiers, militaryvehicle, helicopter and airplanes and main the tanks. But, what youhave is the tank with heavy weapons and ammunition.Its a clash of tanks game, so be attentive. You have to be on redalert, aggressive and offensive, you have to get out the enemy fromevery corner of the war torn field in the city . Its a battle onroad, frontline action in the city, commando action force to useagainst snipers in action in city.Lets fight better to live better, if you don't kill them they willkill you so, save yourself, save your country, save your nation andlive better life with fun, enjoyment and smiles ever.FEATURES OF GAME:- Real 3D graphics of all time Tanks strategy battles in HDbeauty- Real Tank war battle game, not a fun game to take it easy.- Offense and clash of tanks will decide the war action.- Brave soldiers fight until last moment- High alert fire power, tower defense to hit and shoot.- Multiple battle missions , commandos in action game- Guerrilla like strategy to adopt, hit and run-Real time battles! Rush and crash your enemies in a free SciFilike landscape.- Offence is better defense policy of war strategy to pickup.-War torn city buildings, Defend your Base by creating bigdefenses.- Build up your base to build up your army!- Tank defender Battle, War of Tanks of course has tanks,airplanes, military vehicles, and all kinds of small infantry foryou to train and deploy.- Clash of tanks game in the war battle- Upgrade science techs in Battle Alert, Future is yours, War ofTanks so when you clash with opponents victory will be yours.NOTE:If the contents or graphics or images are similar to some trademark or copyright owners, it might be coincident, and, we wouldwelcome to bring in our notice if there is anything tocorrect.Please, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Helicopter fallout Hunting 1.0
Helicopter fallout hunting is a helicopteraction game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight controlsimulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into animpressive combat experience the moment you start the game.Some rebel groups have occupied several places in the area. Anoperation against rebels has been launched in different areas toget back the control of army bases, air craft and the militarycamps in desert. Shooting and hunting of rebels is the main objectof this action game. Commandos are trained and equipped to restorelaw and order against terrorists in the world.One of the leading stealth helicopter commanders and bestgunship combat pilot. He is geared up with highly advanced airstrike stealth.The main camps in the army base and the surrounding areas havebeen infiltrated by Helicopter fallout hunting squad; thankfully,he and his co-pilot are currently in the air. To counter thisextreme ambush by the enemy fighter gunner war squad, you will haveto operate as the Gatling gunner battle combat with excellenthunting skills to help destroy the enemyThere are three different sight under attach, the helicoptersare launched to destroy the enemy and evacuate; the following threesights are as below; Military camps in desert; Army base on mountains Island in the sea base. Small weapons Armed vehicles Anti-aircraft gunGame Features- Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight. Beautiful 3D art work, eye catching graphics Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with uniquecharacteristics. Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment. Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custommission. Best game play story as real flight stunt Best physics and motion control simulation of Helicopter Add different game scenes and power-ups Different kinds of aircrafts fighterPlease, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Tank Strike war 1.0
An other exciting and thrilling war game bygamemaniacPR.It’s the world war III and every country, city, street has become abattlefield. It’s a world of Tanks and this machine is definitelydominating other modern warfare weapons.While protecting the city, take an offensive approach and storminto enemies’ stronghold. You will see resistance in every mission.Foot soldiers, Tanks, Humvees, Apache helicopters will attack youbut keep focused and neutralize the sensitive areas and push thebrutal army back.The city is bursting into flames. The sound of RPG, Gun, Airstrikes won’t let you settle down. The noise of bullets hitting themetal is you are going to hear until it’s over.Protecting your homeland is all what required. Their Snipershooters are deployed on every building; these assassins arelooking for some high value targets. Kill them before they killyou.Your country is looking at you, make them proud!!!Game features--Multiple weapons-Variety of Armors to protect-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Amazing 3D environment-Real battlefield sound effects-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, Humvee, Tanks-Challenging missionsFacebook;;
Navy sniper story 1.0
This game will fill real patriotism in yourbody for your country. It has extreme thriller and personal tosurvive deadly situation. Navy sniper story contains realisticgraphics and real battlefield sound effects. Sniper kills all armysoldiers in deserts, sea, mountains and city. Innovative upgradesmake your sniper rifle into a truly customized killing machine. Theenemies of freedom can run, but they can’t hide from your Sniperrifle. It feels like you are fighting in the real hail of bullets.You can actually run all around map using joystick to findcover.This is not your average sniper game let’s see if you cansurvive!Game Features:- Using joystick, yes actually move around. Best 3D graphics and environment. Multiple Weapons (all free). Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance. High quality map and weapon. Cross-wire aim for close encounters. Sharp controls, impressive graphics. Multiple missions bring you fun. Best game play story as real shooter. Extra ordinary high quality expert game script.How to Play:- Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distances Use fire button to shoot. Move left Joystick to move around.Please, follow us on the following page, we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
ZUMA Action Game 2016 1.0
Are you a super fan of Zuma games? Iftheanswer is yes, Zuma is the game that you must have.It has a lot of new items to make the game much more interestingandchallenging.We believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and that games areagreat source of joy and relaxation. So Enjoy always try to makethegames easy and joy. Make sure you are a hero.Get help along your journey, as well as gold beyond yourwildestdreams. Shoot and survive if you're lucky, you survive foursecretscenes to get the mysterious treasure! Complete all levels,and tryto get three stars in each level!For Zuma, we want to make it the best ZUMA style game onAndroidand your 5-star reviews keep us inspired and motivatedHow to play:- Shoot bubbles to match three or more of the same color- Tap on the transmitter to exchange the position betweencurrentand next marble.- Combo and Chain increase score- Upgrade props will make you to be more powerful.Features: Easy to start, but hard to master game play. Fresh game graphics. 2D / 3D eye catching graphics Endless kids game ever New magic scenes. Lots of game mode, Score Mode, Jewels Mode, Time Mode! Brilliantly designed art work Intuitive touch controls with realistic physics Magic props: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Frog, Fire,Bomb,Arrows.Please, follow us on the following page, we would loveyoursuggestions to improve our games to provide betterentertainment toour followers, users and supports; Thanks for alldear users! Anysuggestion is welcome!Facebook;;
Arrow Smash Tail 1.1
There is an Arrow to move from the zigzagtrackto reach the destination. There are some pickups like jevels,stars,coins to increase your score of the game.Its test of your mind and brain control, how do you play the gametoget more score. Its fast moving game, a small mistake can bringyoudown and out you from action.Don't hit the walls, don't break the aero, don't be on backsteps.Be brave and attentive to hit your goal and achive yourmissionimpossible.Key Features:- Real 3D HD Graphic- Retro Snake and Arrow Game inspired- Easy Game Play- Different levels and difficulties- Funny and Addicting game ever- Innovative software frame work- Real naturals sounds of snake- Unbeatable IQ Addictive GameNote; If the contents or graphics or images are similar tosometrade mark or copyright owners, it might be coincident, and,wewould welcome to bring in our notice if there is anythingtocorrect.Please, follow us on the following page, we would loveyoursuggestions to improve our games to provide betterentertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Crime Case : Bank Robbery 0.9
Bank robbery is the crime of stealing fromabank while bank employees, and usually bystanders, are subjectedtoforce, violence or the threat of violence.A large group of robbers is going to rush the bank in USA, theyaresubjected to loot the entire bank. They can harm the civiliansoutthere.Being a member of anti terrorist team we selected you toaccomplishthis mission, Equip yourself with highly modified weaponsto savethe robbery and the civilians too.You would need to take a hard-core action with your weaponsagainstthese ruthless gangsters.This is an ultimate bank robbery crime scene case, you havetocomplete all missions to be on top.-Play generously and demolish their plans.GAME FEATURES:. Realistic FPS controls and shooting. Amazing 3d Environment and graphics.. Guns, medical packs, and shield to protect yourself.. Upgrade your weapons.. Get free gifts.. Be on the top of Leaderboard.. InApp purchases.
Modern Elite Shooter 1.0
Get ready for the biggest 3D NavyStrikewar.Terrorist has attacked your marine base and they are about toenterin sea water. They need to be stopped before they attack thewholecountry. Terrorists are backed by helicopters and theirspecialteam is on the ships.Your duty is to protect your country from the ruthless army.Beingequipped with the latest machine gun and rocket launcher, youneedto destroy the soldiers, and helicopters. Don’t let yourselfdownand kill those bloody terrorist and won’t let them rule overyourcountry.Loosing this battle is not acceptable, you have to win at any cost.Features:- Multiple new weapons- Shields to protect- Medical Kits- Enemies with Gunship helicopters- Challenging missions- Machine gun and upgraded RPG- Optimized controls- Realistic 3D environment- Real sound effects- InApp purchases- Google Leaderboards.
Memory Master 1.0
Are you ready to challenge your dailymemorywith "Memory Master" ? Here is a real fun game of MemoryMaster.Top puzzle game to play.A great game to exercise your memory, its a fun andintellectualgame. Game equally important for kids and adults toplay and assesyour memory skills.There are different Missions and levels to test and assesyourmemory strength.There are Numbers, Cards in different colors, Colors indifferentshapes, Multiple items to remember such as diamond, giftbox, moonand star, hear and mobile phone. There are two missionswith play,such as a puzzle game of math, and, mathematicalequations andformulas.★ Play challenges with more than 30 levels with differentgamestyles: match the pairs, timed, limited moves, follow thesequenceand remember all the positions.★ More levels uploaded periodically. Prepare yourself for anewchallenge every time.★ Enjoy different sets of full-color cards with enjoyablethemes:fun with flags, toys & games, city life, clothes, let'sparty,lunch time, travels, lovely nature, nice peopleandvacations.★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inchHDdevices and small or low resolution devices!GAME FEATURES- Real sounds with animation and fun on success.- Unique colors and match combinations with animations- Gift items and products to match the game- Puzzle game inside the mission to sharpen your memory- Match pairs of cards and remember- Different levels of difficulty for kids to adults- The grid adjusts automatically to your device- Colorful images and symbols to be easily remembered- A free memory game for kids and adults .- Brain trainer . Pairs game . Free matchup pro .- Brain & Puzzle game . memory kids apps, matching gameWe hope with this Matching Game you will improve your visualandshort-term memory. Enjoy it!All Logos, images & brands shown or represented in thisgameare copyright and or trademark of their respectivecorporations.This trivia game is for fun and knowledge.Please note company or event logos are protected by copyrightand/ortrademark registration .Please, follow us on the following page, we would loveyoursuggestions to improve our games to provide betterentertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Gunship Helicopter Reskin 1.0
Gunship Helicopter Reskin is the best choicefor First Person Shooter action games lovers. A deadly air attackisapproaching you and the Enemy has launched a vicious attack on thefrontline military base of the super alliance.It’s tiŵe to ďraĐe you aŶd get ready for ŵost ďrutal air fight withferoĐious oppoŶeŶt guŶships. DaŶgerous airattack is approaching you.Gunship Helicopter Reskin is airborne in a gunship militaryaircraft; it is your mission to defend the Land on battlefield. In this action packed battle you will have to shoot down allthe war copters. Are you ready for the dangerousAerial Warfare?Drive through enemy terrains, kill gunships, destroy buildings andeliminate elite enemy units. The enemy forceshave invaded with their special assaulting commando squads anddeadliest military choppers. Engage in theintense disastrous shooting battle.You can play this game with 3D sound effects and detailed gunshipwith fully-equipped & easy-to-play interface inreal world environment. Also, you can choose more than one gunshipand develop your weapons.You need to take charge to protect your base and rescue thecivilian lands. Gunner troop missiles are fired to hityou! Ride in your Sky Copter and hit targets to finish this reignof terror. It is your ultimate duty to save yourhomeland! Fight for Honor, Dignity and Victory!!Play anywhere; does not require an internet connection and you canplay it when you are in your car (not drivingof course), flying in an airplane (real ones at that!), enjoy it inthe subway while waiting for your train and you caneven play it on the beach and show the game to your surferdudes!Features★ complete missions divided in regions★ 40 Juicy Missions full of explosive war combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★Deadliest 3D Chopper shooting★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got; GunshipHelicopters.★ Optimized controls for a great FPS experience----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please, follow us on the following page; we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide betterentertainment to our followers, users and supports;Facebook;;
Crime City Modern War 1.0
Our city was bombed and civilians werekilledin a massive number which lead to chaos and enemy'spresenceeverywhere.Your mission is to eliminate all the terrorists on differentcheckposts in this destructive city!To kill all the enemy soldiers, your war truck is equippedwithbrutal machine gun. Kill all the enemy soldiers before theydestroyyour military war head vehicle. Enemies are using tanksandhelicoptersto win this war. Don't let yourself down and show them who youare.Use missile to destroy Tanks and Helicopters.Get yourself immersed in the real 3D graphics. You have to winatany cost and destroy all enemies to save your country fromtheseterrorists. Best of Luck !!Multiple WeaponsThere are the following weapons to use and play the game inbetterway;i. Heavy Machine Gunsii. Missilesiii. Shields to get extra life.iv. Air Strike AssistanceFEATURES:ï Realistic 3d city environment.ï Multiple targets and scenarios!ï Use missiles to take down the enemyï Intense battle scene and challenging missionsï Tanks and Helicoptersï Breathtaking music and sound effectsï Great graphics and environment with cool animationï Use Medical Kits to save your life
AR Magic Mirror : Animal world 1.4
This is an Augmented Reality application forkids to learn using modern techniques.Download the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can get thecomplete package at: http:// for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help yourkids learn animal and birds names in a new learning technique ofAugmented Reality? Look no further than AR Magic Mirror : AnimalWorld.AR Magic Mirror is a teaching app that makes learning fun forchildren. It features modern learning techniques with combinationof real and augmented experience for kids and put their knowledgeto use in fun matching exercises. Any toddler, kindergartener orpreschool age child can learn animals names and their sounds.This app is suitable for the preschool learning, LKG and UKG. Kidscan also learn the names of animal. This app is suitable for eventoddlers. It introduce the early learning for toddlers.How to you:1. Open the application and point the camera of your device on thecard taken from the package.2. Wait 1-2 seconds and there it is. You can make the animal walk,make an animation and can order the full animals card package, 50 High Quality cardswith 100 animals for 19.99 $ + shipping. There is not such goodapplication such as that. Your kids will love it. They will learnthe animals, sounds, with great 3D effects. You will see theanimals walk on your table or fly in front of you. You seeeverything through your tablet. The best buy for your children.Don't miss it.Featueres:• Modern way of learning• Combination of Real & Virtual images• Interactive in Real time• 3D view of images• Real sounds with animation• 4 Mostly spoken languages• Kids Friendly & easy to useFor more Information please Visit: