Drakomon - Battle & Catch Dragon Monster RPG Game 1.3
PLAY THE BEST MONSTER FIGHTING & CATCHING GAME TODAYWelcome tothe virtual world of Drakomon, where you can battle, catch, train,evolve dragon monsters and fight epic duels on the go.MONSTERS& DUELSPoke around looking for powerful dragon monsters andbattle, capture, train and evolve them with unique stats andskills. Fight in fully animated 3D duels against monster trainersfrom all over Dragonia.MULTIPLAYER ONLINE MODEChallenge trainersfrom all over the world and prove your skills in fighting in thePVP multiplayer online mode.IMMERSIVE WORLD & AMAZING 3DGRAPHICSExplore an amazing and immersive 3D world: poke around invarious cities, finish multiple quests and discover new charactersand cute monsters in an engrossing storyline and an epic journey onthe go.CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERSDress up your trainer with differentand cute shirts, hairs, pants, and much more!Do you have what ittakes to catch all the dragon monsters, defeat the arena championsand become alegend?---------------------------------------------------------Ifyou like Drakomon, make sure to write a review and spread the wordabout this new monsters battle rpg game.Having problems? Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us here: is is free todownload and play. You get the full game experience with no energybars and no waiting. The game contains in-app ads.