Jelly Shift - Brain Teaser 1.2
Jelly Shift is a free brain teaser puzzle gamethat will have your mind boggling to accomplish thechallenges!In this brain teaser game, the Jellies always shift together,unless they are blocked by an obstacle. To solve the puzzles, youneed to move all the Jellies onto the colored squares in the leastmoves possible to get the highest score!Play through hundreds of free challenges. The puzzle starts offsimple and laid back with 3 Jellies in the same color, slowlyprogressing to super challenging puzzles with 3 color jellies thatwill guarantee to shift your mind.Features• Exciting game modes of same grid sizes with different colorcombinations.• Experience beautiful minimalistic flat design with relaxing gamemusic and fun sound effects.• 400 challenging levels• FREE to play for life.• Practice your memory for completed tasks.A great game for both kids and adults to improve your cognitivedevelopment.Follow us on:Facebook-
Monkey365-Endless Running Game 1.3
Help Charlie The Monkey collect as much foodaspossible to break the famine in his neighborhood and save hisbreed.Beat the odds in this exciting endless running adventure,bycollecting as much food as possible to gain calories which willyoucan use to buy power ups to survive longer in the jungle.Top the leader board and show your generosity towards Charlieandhis breed.Features:• Enjoy the beautiful hand drawn graphics.• Easy to play- one thumb control• Absolutely breathtaking jungle landscapes.• Interactive Leaderboard to watch your friendsandcompetitors.• Super-smooth graphic animations that bring your runner’severyaction to life.• Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience.• Day and Night mode.• A highly dynamic game engine that will provide endless fun inthisnever ending run.Playing Character:Mr. Charlie –The MonkeyObstacles:• Stones and Wooden log to make Charlie tumble during run.• Banana peel to make Charlie slip.• Big Rock and Tree Bark Hole to Stop Charlie at thesameplace.• Wire Fence to kill Charlie.• Puddle of water• And many moreCollectibles:Banana, Orange, Tomato, Bunch of grapes, Watermelon,Coconut,StrawberryPower Ups:• Mushroom as spring• Red Chilly for Red Hot Invincible Charlie• Wicked witch’s Broom• Magnetic power• Vacuum cleaner to work as suction pump to automaticallycollectthe all collectiblesImportant Notice:This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.Follow us on:Facebook-