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GCN Slots Wallet. 1.33
When you play the slots you will win GCN. Fact ! Please move allcoins to the wallet before upgrading. Your chance to have a sliceof the Bitcoin world. Store your GCN here on your Android Phone.Transfer GCN to each other using the a QR scanner. You can play ourslots to win more. 10,000 free GCN to get you going. If you run outof coin you can re-install and start again :) Best to bet in G5 tostart with. Don't use up all your free credit before you win.
GCN Bubbles starring you ! 1.22
Hi Guys,GCN is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with a much lowervalue but with alot of space to grow. It's been around for over ayear. GCN Bubbles is ournew arcade game. You can personalize GCNBubbles with your own pictures for extra fun. It's a free Androidapp from the Play store.When you win at GCN Bubbles you win GCNinsteadof just points. You can save them or spend them onelectronics.More details are at www.gcn.zone. Partners withwww.gfile.usMany ThanksBestGreg
GCN Light Bike 1.14
Block the other bikes with your light stream to win GCN.GCN is likeBitcoin. You can then spend your GCNat www.worldofelectronics.ie.In association with www.gfile.us
GCar 2.1
Hi, with GCar the passenger logs in and chooses the pickup pointthe destination point and makes a bid for the job. The driver cansee the jobs and amounts bid. He can take the job if he fancies theoffer. After the job they rate each other. There are no charges.This service is free for both the customer and driver. Enjoy :) Inassociation with gfile.us