GISH 1.0.10
**WHAT IS GISH?** This isn’t your grandmother’s scavenger hunt.GISH(the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) is your ticket toanall-inclusive vacation from the mundane— anytime you want. Packyourcreativity & kiss normalcy goodbye! We’ll return you, butnot inoriginal condition... guaranteed. An ongoing competition toshake upyour world for good, GISH challenges you to put yourcreativity,compassion, courage, and weirdness to the test.Complete hilarious,kind, artistic, adventurous, or creativechallenges to win pointsand prizes. Play with your best friends,or meet new people from allover the globe who will definitelybecome your new GISH friendsforever, or, as we like to call them,“accomplices”. In addition toparticipating in ongoing freechallenges in our app, you can alsojoin our annual GISH Hunt. Forone week every summer, players teamup to compete in an outrageousweek-long game where they tackle fun,wildly creative items from alist for a shot at the Grand Prize — anall-expense-paid adventurewith your team somewhere amazing (boringplaces like hauntedcastles in Scotland, jungles in Costa Rica,Icelandic volcanoes...We’re breezy.). The Guardian says it’s “oneof the strangestacronyms and unusual competitions in existence.”People magazinereports, “the weirdness (is) worldwide…” Wired saysit’s, “a newtwist on scavenger hunts.” You’ll call it“positivelylife-changing” and “something that happened to me.”Yahoo callsGISH, “brilliantly clever, gut-bustingly funny, andpositivelyunforgettable.” Come play with us and find out foryourselves. It’stime to become the champion your mom always saidyou could be...Join GISH! **THE APP** _GeoGISH_ Ever wanted to meetpeople just asweird and creative as you? Use our GeoGISH map tofind new GFFs(GISH Friends Forever) and team members for the Hunt.Our groupchat feature allows you to talk to people in your area.Locationsare purposely inaccurate (2000 feet proximity) to maintainprivacy.Should you want to meet up in person, that’s on you. It’slike ascavenger hunt where the prize is human buddies! _The Feed_Getexclusive updates from Misha Collins, read the latest GISHnews,and participate in exciting ongoing challenges to winawesomeprizes. Be the first to know when news hits right away. _TheHunt_Explore the depths of wackiness that is the GISH Hunt. _MyTeam_Chat, conspire, and plot your world domination with teammembers.Captains are able to remove players, set their team avatarand teamname. You’ll also be able to see every invitation fromotherplayers to their team, too! _My Account_ GISHers, represent!Showyour GISHy self off by setting up your profile. It’sfullycustomizable, so you can choose how much (or little) you wanttoshare with the GISHuniverse.