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Five Nights with Froggy
Once, a few old toys of the late King Froggold the Firstwerebrought to the Fairy Kingdom as a gift to the royal children.Thechildren were delighted and ran to play with them, but the storyisnot quite about that... After buying a new apartment, youurgentlyneeded a good job, and you decided to get a job with therichestperson in Prague. Recently, some vandals have often raidedon hisroyal garden. You will have to work as a night guard at theroyalgarden and make sure that no vandal gets into the garden.Theinstructions will be explained to you by the main servant ofKingFroggold the Second. Warning, for stable game experiencerequires 2GB of RAM and more!
Mystery Chamber 2015 Deluxe 1.1.10 (164)
Once Roach invited his old friends Jack, Alistair, and the Magicianto visit. Jack leaned on the wall, when suddenly it opened! Itturned out to be a secret passage to the Mystery chamber, but onlyone could enter it. Go forward to adventure! And do not forget totake weapons from the Magician. This is my first platformer that Imade in 2015. Here is an improved and expanded edition of thisgame, which includes improvements as well as additional content.Features of the Deluxe version: - MC 2015 in a new way; - Changeson the levels; - Open world — the ability to return to past levels;- New auxiliary objects; - MC-coins — collect them all; - Redrawinggraphics from the interface and weapons to level elements; - Thereturn of the original weapons that were in the first version of MC2015 - magic wands are back in the game, but in a new form; - Newweapons; - New game+ — a new game mode with more advanced levels; -New battle system; - New enemies; - A hundred skins for charactersdrawn by the MC community; - Events and promotions; - Achievementsand highscores (Google Play Games service); - And so on.
Five Nights with Froggy 2 2.1.6 (87)
Autumn 2007. For three years now, King Froggold's II palace hasbeen empty for some unknown reason. But suddenly he took on a newguise! Is this for the best? It will open its doors in the guise ofa theater. Performances for children and adults were promised. Sofar, the repair of the palace after its unprecedented destructionhas not yet been completed, and a night inspection is required. Youwill once again be in the role of a night guard, you will againhave to live five (or more) nights and unravel new secrets. Now youwill be afraid of what you have never feared... Fairy tales havebecome horror...
Froggy vs. Mother-in-law 2.7 (52)
Walking through the royal gardens and halls of the palace, Froggystumbled upon King Froggold II's mother-in-law, who obviouslystarted something unkind... Note: The characters and the gameitself may seem strange to you if you are not familiar with theuniverse of FKoKFII. And this game does not belong to the mainuniverse FKoKFII. She enters another, frivolous universe.