Expense Manager 3.3
Expense Manager App is specialised and designed for planning andorganizing the incomes and expenses to all group of people rightfrom housewives to businessmen. You don’t need a pen or book, justone single click is enough to add your income/expense in your phoneallowing you to organize and review the expenses,yearly, monthly,weekly and daily also, so that you can have a control over yourmoney. Internet connection is not needed, just once downloaded inyour Smartphone that’s enough. Features - Simple / yet Classydesign. - Easy to use and friendly user interface. - Create and addnumber of accounts - You can view the Income,Expenses and Balancethrough Pie Chart - Expenses and Income reports are reviewed andfiltered daily, weekly ,monthly and yearly. - Secure App withFinger Print, Pattern Lock and Pin lock. You have pre-definedcategories with icons in which different sub categories areincluded. Once you met with any expense, select the categories forwhich you have spent with picture, so that you can remember. - Ifmade any transactions, you can take photos live directly throughCamera and save. - Create, add, edit and update categories of yourneed in Navigation Drawer - You can view the outstanding balance inNegative/Positive signs. - Editing and sorting of data by date wiseand account wise. - Lock the app with any of the options likefinger print, pattern lock and pin lock - This app also containsExpense Category Reports, Income Category Reports, AccountsCategory Reports as well. - Import / Export Data option isavailable to migrate one device to another.
Comment On Photos 1.1
Comment On Photos is a funny application. Comment on photos is theunique free text and image editor app, where you can write text orcaptions on photos. Images of your cherished moments are taken andtext can be added to those images to make those moments morememorable.In comment on photos app, you can comment on photos, takephotos from gallery, directly take pics from camera. Our appprovides photos with funny and expressive faces and all colours ofrainbow with wide variety of stickers . The best part of comment onphotos app is you can write the text as per your mood just for fun.Comment on photos contains unique features like zoom, rotate,flipping the text, change the colour of text, flipping ofimages.Have you never been experienced image editing with writingtext on images? Here is the solution for your problems “comment onphotos”, a customised way of experiencing an easy way topersonalize, decorate and add text to images. Features :- Funnyapp: Comment On Photos is a funny app with different funnyexpressions and faces.- Grid app with 4 styles of grid where u canarrange images in 4, 3, 2 or 1 as per your wish- Collage editor appcomment on photos app helps you to create photo collages with funnyfaces and funny expressions. - Frames app editor with over 13 typesof frames, to outline memories with different frames - Stickerseditor app with over 16 types of stickers with zoom in, zoom out,rotate where you can write the text as per your wish- Predefinedphoto editor app with over 55 types of photos with differentexpressions.- Text editor app, change of colour, size, font style,flipping, rotation, background colour, multiple text layers, zoomin and zoom out of text is done smoothlySimple and easy userfriendly interfaceChoose the exact and best position of text as ofwhere it gets adjustedInstant sharing of photos via all socialplatformsCompatible and suitable for all age groups.
Learn ABC-123, Kids Learning Alphabets & Numbers 2.0
Learn ABC - 123 app is an application for kids to learn how towrite and trace alphabets and numbers uniquely An easy to trace appwith phonic sound specially designed for toddlers and kids who arestepping into new world of learning and who can learn at home.While Writing with phonic sound kids can easily identify lettersand alphabets and get used to it An educational app forkindergarten kids which is easy to learn and grasp. In short we cansay, that this app is the advanced technology of slating for kidsto practise visually and orally making them perfectionist. Learnabc and 123 app enables for repetitive tracing which in turnincreases memory power and handwriting becoming 100% accurate andcorrect. All in one app for kids and parents to participate withkids to make them ease of app. Features - Learn alphabets andnumbers app writing and tracing from A-Z and 0-9 - This appcontains the demo of writing alphabets and numbers with animatedimages, shows how to write correctly so that kids can easilypractice tracing. - While tracing alphabets and numbers you willhave fun phonic sound associated with it - Kids can easilyfamiliarise with alphabet and number sound while tracing, which isan easy to learn and quickest method to study - Exceptional featureof writing and tracing with different colours of alphabets andnumbers - One added advantage is functionality of erasing isavailable after practising or anything goes wrong in it by justclicking on it - Randomly select and tap on the numbers andalphabets write and trace on it. - It can be practised anywhere,everywhere as it is totally free app
Daily Fitness Workouts - Exercise Gym Diet 1.1
Daily fitness workouts app is designed for body workouts to gettoned and healthy body. Daily fitness workout app is the bestbodybuilding app, a complete guide for beginners who wants tonedbody with six pack abs and solid muscles, for intermediaries andexperienced this app takes you to next level of training. May it bea six pack abs, bulky body or fitness freak, daily workouts app isthe package for all these types. All the workouts are designed byexperts like chest, push ups, biceps, abdominals, shoulders,triceps, etc., The daily workouts app is a perfect gym instructorwithout wasting pounds of money. The right fitness app enhancingyou the right technique with instructions for strengthening andimproving bodybuilding and muscle power. A complete weight gainprogram app moulding your body into toned, healthy and strengthy.With more than 100+ effective exercises - Workouts with equipmentswithout equipments planned for 6 days each day consisting ofdifferent sets of workouts with warm up sessions. - The warm upsessions and stretching routines are uniquely designed inscientific way for different exercises, with inbuilt timer andsound, with options to start, reset and stop - The daily fitnessworkouts - body building app shows you the exercises with detailedinstructions below the images. The exercised part of the body ishighlighted with orange colour so as the user to know on what partof body is being worked out. - Daily workouts app contains BMIcalculator with BMI chart - A complete diet plan indicator with theamount of protein and calorie to take. It provides timely dietchart from morning to evening including pre-workout and postworkout meals to follow - Absolutely free app no internet needed -Easy and friendly user interface
All Best Quotes 2.0
All Best Quotes contains inspiring and motivational quotes andsayings collection specially designed to motivate oneself. All BestQuotes contains about 40+ categories inspired from world’s greatestphilosophers, thinkers, and different kinds of people who motivateus in our daily life. This app contains excellent quotes which is adaily dose to bring smile on your face and boost mental level byrefreshing one’s mind and soul, showcasing the brighter andpositive side of life. Top most quotes are chosen from variouscategories like friendship, success, sad, love and many more.,Features: - All Best Quotes has best customising options likeselected text can be edited, change the colour of text, font style,alignment( left, right and center) - Dynamically you can write newtext and paste on over 9 types of selected images - Simplenavigation and user interface - Set quotes as wallpaper on phone’shome screen - Simply copy, paste, download quotes with images andshare - The Best part of this app is, even non-technical person canalso understand, due to its simplest app design. - Calm andpeaceful images behind the text gives soothing and relaxed effecton mind - Easily share on social media Why ALL BEST QUOTES App? -Wish your friends by sharing Good Morning, Good Night, Love, Smile,Friendship day quotes - How to maintain a healthy relation isinterestingly said in Relationship, Wedding, Positive, Selfimprovement quotes - Wish your loved one’s by sharing Anniversary,Birthday, Wedding anniversary, Fathers day, Mothers day quotes - Tomotivate your young ones, you have loads of Inspirational,Motivational, Patience, Peace of mind, Courage, Change quotes
STYLZ Photo Editor 2.1
STYLZ Photo Editor is the new app specially designed photo editorstyling for men, women and kids. This app is all about makingphotos stylish and awesome. It enables you in editing the photosand having fun making you experts in creating beautiful andinteresting photos. It has unique content which enhances and turnusers into photo-editing masters with the tap of your fingers.STYLZ Photo Editor has a collection of beard, moustaches, ties,goggles, jewellery, face masks, emojis, stickers, hairstyles,crowns.This photo editor is for every gender of all ages whofollows latest trend and looks stylish. STYLZ Photo Editor doesn’tneed internet connection all the time you use it. Easiest photoediting can be done even without internet. - Funky Ties photoeditor to look more stylish - Trendy goggles and sunglasses photoeditor - Different varieties of mustache which makes photo editordifferent - Beard photo editor a unique photo editor - Hairstyleseditor which hairstyle sets your face - Awesome collection of hatsand cap styles - Beautiful jewellery, with necklaces and earringsfor women to make her complete - Rich and flower crowns photoeditor for girls and kids to look like queens - Emojis to cheer up- Stickers photo editor to refresh your mood - Facial mask photoeditor Features: - Creates amazing text frames with font style,with font zoom in and zoom out - Text frames with layout,backgrounds, cheerful stickers and emojis - This photo editor hastools to crop, stretch, adjust curves - Easy to Rotate, zoom in,zoom out, flip option, cancelling image - Add text, colour pickerfor text and text styling - Huge collection of picture effects -Compatible with any mobile device - This app is available in otherlanguages also - Instant sharing of photos
Veeramachineni Rama Krishna Diet Program, VRK Diet 1.0
Veeramaachineni ramakrishna diet app is an educational app inspiredfrom Mr.V. Ramakrishna garu, for obesity, type 2 diabetes, B.P,Diabetes. The one stop solution remedial app where all yourdiseases gets cured by following the complete diet programrecommended by him. The 4 pillar program app is designed in anunique way, to remain healthy and stay fit. The “low carb-high fatdiet is gaining lots of appraisals all over the world as theresults are overwhelming. This app gives you an access to have aninsight of rules and regulations of diet program about what tofollow and what not to follow. The entire gamut of VRK’ dietprogram is presented in an explainable way through this app.Features : - This app is divided into 3 unique features i.e., Dietprogram, daily plan and recipes - The diet program feature explainsyou the 4 pillar program and methods - This app gives a quicksummary of instructions to follow throughout diet program - Thedaily plan features enhances veg and non-vegetarians to follow the3 different programs i.e., liquid diet plan, one meal diet plan andtwo meal diet plan. - The recipes and diet plans are embedded intimely manner from morning to night. - The recommended recipeshelps you to control weight, cut diabetes and stay fit - Totallyfree to install. - Easy to use and user friendly navigation.
Find Places Nearby You 1.0
Find places nearby you app is the one stop solution app designedforone and all to search, find and navigate the places near byyou. Maybe it a coffee shop or a restaurant, school or gym,hospital or spa,each and every place can be detected nearby you.Did you ever feltlike someone should help out in tracing locationswhich you areunaware of, specially when visit a new city orunknown place.Findplaces Nearby you app is for the users offeringadvanced functionsto operate quickly and on time. Finds yourcurrent locationinstantly and accordingly directs you to yourdestination which youhave chosen.With over 90+ types of places,are showcased here whichare directly navigated through googlemaps. With the in built GPS inthe phone helps you to locate thecurrent location. specially if youare planning to travel anywherein the world then Find places Nearbyyou app is the perfect tripadvisor to find and navigate anywhereeverywhereFind places Nearbyyou app provides all the details byselecting type of the place orselecting place type from predefinedlist, with icons and you willget details of that particular place.Details include image ofplace, ratings, address, contact number andnavigation through mapis shown instantly.Features :- Faster andaccurate results- Worksanywhere and everywhere- Tracks and findyour current location andnavigate to destination through googlemaps- You can choose thearea depending upon the radius manuallyselected with searchfeature- Share the address of location andinclude in yourfavourites list- Scroll in, zoom in and zoom out ofthe map to viewthe smallest places near you- View, compare and goto the flexibleplace/ destination from current location.
Indian Elections Survey 2019 1.1
Indian Elections Survey app is designed to know the public pulse onwhich political party will lead in upcoming elections in all statesand constituencies. As a user, simply install this app "IndianElections Survey 2019" and give support to your favourite politicalparty in your constituency. After supporting, you can check thestatus of the political parties which are leading in your state,constituency and also in other states & constituencies. IndianElections Survey 2019 app results may vary day to day and hour tohour also. Daily new users will keep on supporting the politicalparties of their state and constituency. Highlights:* Know people'spulse on the political parties, which party will lead in upcomingelections to form the government.* Daily the results may vary asnew users will register and support to their favorite party.*Results will be shown in the simplified user interface.* Share theresults with your friends & family members.* Genuine surveyresults.Indian Elections SurveyIndian Election PollVoter pulse onupcoming electionsNote:We are not doing any favour to any politicalparty, just doing the genuine survey.
Expense Manager Pro 1.0
Expense Manager Pro is an ads-free and simple, powerfuladvancedmoney tracking app to manage income & expenses veryeasily.Organize and review all the added items by daily, weekly,monthlyand yearly. You can maintain your moneytransactions(income/expense) very easily under specific categories.Categoriesare fully customizable. You can easily track your moneyincome& expenses through charts (pie chart/bar chart). We keepondeveloping this application and adds features &improvementsbased on user’s interests and their point of view.Expense ManagerPro Version Daily Expense Tracker Money TrackerMoney Manager MoneyManagement Simple Expense Manager Advanced MoneyTracker KeyFeatures: - Advanced and best easy interface. - MultipleCurrencySupport. - Secure your app data with different app lockingoptions(passcode/pattern/fingerprint). - You can maintainmultipleaccounts in one app. - Fully customizable categories. -Graphicalrepresentation of income, expense and balance using pie& barcharts. - Backup and export full data. - Export to Exceloption isavailable and can able to share the excel file. -Calculator optionis available while adding transaction. - Ad freeexpense manager. -No internet connection needed to use thisapplication.
Gruha Vaasthu Calculator - Vastu Shastra Tips 1.2
Gruha Vaastu app is the basic vaastu guide which guidesanindividual while purchasing or constructing a house,plot,apartment or a building and follow accordingly. Gruha Vaastuappgives basic idea on vaastu for those who wants to domodificationsto their already purchased or old houses which createspeace,health, wealth, education and harmony among family members.Vaastuis the ancient science, for constructing houses maintainingaperfect balance between nature’s five elements air,water,fire,earth and space. Gruha Vaastu app has exotic featurescalledGruha Vaastu guide and vaastu calculator A nine square gridis afixed compass assigning direction of North(N),North-East(NE),East(E), South-East(SE), South(S), South-West(SW),West(W) andNorth-west(NW). Select a particular room, you wish tohave in thatdirection,within the area of house, app will analyseand give scoreaccordingly. After selecting for each and every roomyou are givenan overall score. The overall score guides you withinstructions tobuy a house or move forward. Gruha Vaastu guide hasexceptionalfeatures of guiding, which place of the room is to beconstructedat which direction with colours and ratings Green colourindicatesthe best place to have that particular room in that roomRed coloursymbolises the worst place to avoid the particular areaForexample, kitchen is to be constructed at south-east direction,thisapp indicating the kitchen direction in green colour, gives youtheguidelines for entire setup for constructing kitchenincludingplacing of gas stove, windows, ventilators, etc., Features- Easyto read and completely free - Categorised according torooms,places of house including borewells, entrance gate, garage,etc., -Saves time and money - Easy to manage of scroll speed fortextwhile reading - Gruha Vaastu app provides tips on vaastuwhichleads to a peace and harmonious life
com.globalimatrix.eventsreminder 1.2
Event reminder app is the simple and easy reminder app designedtoremind you about your friends, family and loved ones birthdaysandmarriage anniversaries. No other option to forget importantdatesof your friends and family, a perfect reminder app to keep youontrack about birthdays and marriage days. During busy schedulesit’snot easy to remember the special occasions, a notificationwithalarm tone is enough to remind the special days Features : -Addnumber of birthdays and anniversaries as reminders. - Add tothereminders name, phone number, date of birth / marriage daywithimage and save it successfully - Has the option to select theimagefrom gallery of birthday boys/girls or couple - Reminders willcomethrough notification along with special alert tones. - You willbenotified with birthday boy/girls photo, name and age with callandmessage option. - Share the birthdays or anniversaries byeditingphotos with beautiful photo frames to your friends &familymembers. - Importing and backup options are available formigratingto other phones.
com.globalimatrix.bmicalulator 1.0
Free BMI Calculator is to monitor BMI (Body Mass Index), whichshowsyou the fat percent in your body. Standard BMI Calculatorgivesresult based on your gender, age, height and weight. If youwant tostay healthy and being fit, know your accurate BMI resultswith ourBMI Calculator app. Shows results in simple way tounderstandeasily. Results are shown based on the World HealthOrganization(WHO) general reading table. BMI Calculator Body MassIndexCalculator Track BMI Results App Standard BMI Calculator BodyFatpercentage Calculator FEATURES: Most useful app to know yourfatpercentage. Get guidance based on the results in a simplemanner.Save your results and track your body fitness. Must try appfor yourwhole family & friends. BMI Calculator works withoutinternetconnection. It is a free application.