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Galaxy Strike - Galaxy Shooter Space Shooting 1.0.3
GMS Studio
Other planets in Solar System had fallen by the invaders. Pluto wason the edge of danger. In the situation, Pluto’s defense squad hadmade a decision to destroy the enemies & bring peace back tothe universe. Heading to the evil lair layed on Sun, the squad tookoff from Pluto & shot enemies down on their way.Get ready toagainst the enemie’s attack anywhere, anytime.HOW TO PLAY:GalaxyStrike is a third person action game (Particular: Vertical Shootthem up), you role in spaceship, your mission is fighting againstthe invaders and protecting universe.Just need one finger to dragyour spaceship & auto-fire (minimize control operation whileplaying so player only needs to focus on attacking and avoidingenemies). Moreover, Auto-fired combined with unlimited bullets(enjoy shooting without worrying about bullets).FEATURES OF GALAXYSTRIKE:Simple controls with one finger that doesn’t need atutorial03 game modes to explore: Classic, Endless & PvPOver60+ levels to completeVarious spaceship with their own uniquebullets & special skillsDifferent epic bosses with their bullethellAmazing lighting and special effectsThrilling fun maximizingthe shoot them up game feelingNumerous reward resourcesHigh qualitygraphics & soundsPlayable OFFLINE SUPPORT:If you’re having anyproblems with this game, feel free to contact us at:[email protected]’re looking forward to hearing yourfeedback!Follow us on Facebook: YOU READY TO STRIKEin GALAXY STRIKE? DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!Galaxy Strike : GalaxyShooter - Space Shooting for Android official Trailer
Cat Invaders - Galaxy Attack Space Shooter 1.0
GMS Studio
If you like space shooting and survival games and like to simulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy Space Invader isthe one you should be shooter playing.To accomplish this task, youmust have the courage and wisdom.In this bullet hell shooter game,you will be faced with an increasingly large number of projectilesand enemies.As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade your spacecraft to bring it to full lethal capacity.Pressscreen to move, destroy enemies in your adventure!Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevil enemies.Aboard your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of alarge number of enemies while dodging their attacks.Will you beskilled enough to understand your enemies strategy and attackpatterns?In this bullet hell shooter game, you will be faced withan increasingly large number of projectiles and enemies.As the gameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft tobring it to full lethal capacity.Feature of game Cat Shooter -Space Attack- The game is packed with 110 levels giving you hoursof fun for you and your friends.- 20 different enemy types .- 8Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.- 6 uniquefighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed alleasy/normal/hard levels- Amazing Lighting and Special Effects-Thrilling fun maximizing the shoot them up game feeling- Precisioncontrols- charming sound and music, with HD graphics .- 12different weapons .- Simple control with one finger- x2 speed byusing two fingers- Small download size & Playable OFFLINE- Twogame modes to play: Classic and Endless- Unlimited upgrade bulletsystem- Numerous reward sourcesHow to play:Drag on the screen tomove Meow Spaceship (Bullet will be auto shoot).During thecampaign, you will have to face a lot various dangerous attackingwaves.How to win each level?: Well.. Just need to survive until theend Because you only have a live.Support:If you’re having anyproblems with this game, feel free to contact us at:[email protected]'re looking forward to hearing yourfeedback!Get ready for the fight in Cat Invaders? DOWNLOAD NOW forFREE!
Cat Squadron - Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter 1.3.5
GMS Studio
Join the Cat Squadron in this space shooter game to defense thegalaxy against the space attack of the mechanical mouses.Thosemouses have rob a Cheese Bank on the Food Planet and stealing a lotof precious cheese. In that situation, the government of FoodPlanet had an meeting and they decided to assemble the Cat Squadronto chasing down the mouses and bringing the cheese back safety,before they use it for some evil plan.Prepare yourself to travel ina galaxy shooter game and face against the galaxy attack of manylarge army of mouse. The mouse legion is leading by 5 giant mouseswith super power that can wipe out an entire army.Cat Squadron -Galaxy Defender is a vertical shoot em’ up space shooter game. Youcan choose 1 member of the Cat Squadron and control him to shootdown the enemies. You will only need to use one finger to move thespaceship around, dodge the enemies’s attack and the spaceship willfire automatically with unlimited ammo. Also, this galaxy shootergame allow you to choose a drone to fly side by side with you likea wingman. Some Drone can only available after defeating theBosses.You can upgrade your spaceships to a whole new levels justby using coins earns from many sources like shoot down mouses,Daily Missions and Achievements. And you can buy new spaceship andnew drone with coins too.Features in Cat Squadron - GalaxyDefender:2 game modes: Adventures and Endless35+ level tochallenge5+ Bosses with many special skills6 types of enemies withvarious attack pattern6 Spaceships with different type of bullet8+Drones shooting alongside with youHigh quality graphic andsoundAmazing and stunning special effects