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Sing Karaoke Online & Karaoke Record 1.5.0
GO Studio
With Sing Karaoke & Record help you unleash your burning voice,discover talent in your stars. Please join with millions of peoplesing karaoke, and burning, and put passion. The application haspowerful search feature can help you find all what you want as thecurrent hot songs, favorite singer now, musicians and any kind ofmusic do you like, you need the fastest. With outstandingfunctionality Sing karaoke: - Sing: Categories listed clearly andfully affordable genres you love, plus you can search for any kindof music you like. - Recording: Once you've selected a song forher, now is the time for you to shine promote his singing talent,and this is a feature that helps you record the emotions and toneof voice soaring star of the song you just present. - Replay: Thisis a great function, you can replay, share your moments shine whensinging karaoke, this is the condition for you to evaluate theirvoices increasingly progressive or not. - Share: You can share yourperformances on any social network you like facebook, twitter. Alsosing karaoke app also some very interesting features, you alsodiscover download to offline. Sing karaoke songs from the youtubevideo is very rich, so you can find anything you want. NOTE: - Thisapp is Powered by YouTube API. All the content is provided byYouTube service. Sing Karaoke does not have direct control over thecontent. Please use the following link to report any content thatmay infringe copyrights: https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/ -This app is not a music downloader, unable to download music,unable to play offline except local music. - All trademarks andcopyrights belong to their respective owners and are used hereunder the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium CopyrightsAct (DMCA). - According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are notallowed to display videos when in lock screen, nor to enable you todownload free songs. If you love Sing karaoke by gostudio! Pleaserate we app on Google Play. We will always be receptive to yoursuggestions for further improvement applications. If you have anyquestions can contact us E-mail: govnstudio@gmail.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/govnstudio/ . Thank you very much!
Speak English Pronunciation 1.0.5
GO Studio
This app is totally free and it’s the best learning English app inAndroid. It will improve your pronunciation, listening and speakingskill so that you can communicate with others like a nativespeaker. And it provides a large number of vocabulary with fulltranslation and transcription. Main functions: 1) Self-learningeverywhere without network. 2) Provide totally free pronunciationlessons. 3) The lesson are divided into groups, with a clear title.4) Each lesson contains specific and detailed examples. 5) Aselection of best Learning English videos. 6) Each lesson hasdetailed and easy to understand tutorials. 7) The first app has 44Phonemes. We wish you the best of luck in learning English. Hopeyou will support us, so that Go Studio could develop more apps foryou!
Kids song - free 1.0.1
GO Studio
Kids song fully integrated all the bestvideosfrom youtube, the most effective for children. With thedesire togive the children an effective learning environment andusefulentertainment.Kids song by gostudio is a program free 100 % at the top rangeonandroid. Kids song teach for kids sing, dance và alphabetfromtoddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners. Anywhereyou are, you can also learn how your baby and give yourbabycomfortable feeling enjoy Kids learn withparallelapplications.Kids song a kid-friendly educational app, it was designed withadultparticipation in mind. Best of all, Kids song isfull-featured andfree from in-app purchases and third partyadvertisements. Toddlersand adults can enjoy learning togetherwithout interruption.Features:- Smart interface helps kids focus on letters, sing anddancewithout accidentally exiting the game.- Free to use!- Portable, easy to use!- Delightful, colorful graphics.- Easy guide videos step-by-step- Easy-to-use for the whole family.- To watch the videos, internet connections are required.If you love Kids song by gostudio,Please help us to evaluatethisaplication on Google Play. We will always be receptive toyoursuggestions for further improvement applications. If you haveanyquestions, please contact with us by govnstudio@gmail.com.Thankyou very much!Try our Learn app today!