Wifi Hotspot Free - Portable Wifi Hotspot 1.3.7
Wifi hotspot free from 3G/4G is the best free application today.Helps users create share portable wifi hotspot from 3G/4G. WHYSHOULD YOU USE Portable Wifi Hotspot ? - Wifi hotspot free: Helpyou quickly create a mobile hotspots, free wifi station from 3G/4G.- View the list devices connected: Show connected devices wifi -Show wifi Password: (ROOT required) Review wifi passwords ofpreviously connected wifi networks on your device. - Secure wifibroadcast station: Set up a password for wifi network to avoidundue connections. - Quick turn on: hotspot wifi quickly fromNotify or Widget bar you've installed from screen. - Display: Easyinterface design fast operation. - Share Wifi Free: Share is a freeWiFi. You do not need to pay any costs (except 3G/4G) for thismobile hotspots free (wifi sharing) Thank you for using thePortable Wifi Hotspot If you find it useful 5 star rate to motivateus to continue to develop app.
Doctor Battery - Battery saver for android mobile 2.0.20
Battery doctor, power battery and extend the battery life of yourphone. Using the doctor saver application is the best way to extendbattery life, improve battery life and help your device savebattery life faster and easier than ever. ⚡ Do you know that mostof the applications you are using now automatically run in thebackground, resulting in greatly reduced battery life? These hiddenapplications fill your phone memory, consuming energy as well asaffect the use of your phone. The only solution that can solve theroot of the problem is to run under the hood and help your devicebe optimized for power saver. Turn it back on when you need it.Doctor Saver gives you an excellent solution to optimize yourdevice for a more seamless and continuous power battery process. 🚀KEY FEATURES: ✔️ Powerful scanning of underground applications Justhit Doctor battery will automatically scan for running applicationsthat consume energy, then optimize your device quickly. ✔️ PowerSave Mode With 3 modes: Sleep mode, battery saver mode and normalmode, the modes are set by us so that you have the option to choosedifferent situations in addition to it is a regime. The degree ofcustomization for you personally. ✔️ One-tap power saver &Battery Optimizer - Battery Saver With just one tap, your deviceoptimization shortcut will automatically clean up hiddenapplications that will help you power saver better. ✔️ Optimizedshortcuts and power save mode Optimize and select battery savingmodes quickly and simply with built-in shortcuts. You can customizethe toggle on/off by going to "Settings" and choosing to enableshortcuts. ✔️ Low Energy Warning Mode Automatically alerts youwhenever power is low, enabling you to turn on the power saver modeto extend the accurate battery life. Doctor Saver is battery appbrought to you by the Fast Charger Battery Master applicationdevelopment team, in the hope that our application duo will helpyour battery charge on your phone. out faster and save batterybetter. This is a FREE battery doctor application. Download todayto optimize the battery and one tap to save power!
Love Quotes Free - Famous Love Quotes 1.1.6
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