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Counter Terrorist Operation 1.2
Counter Terrorist Operation is an actionpacked Anti-Terrorist shooting FPS game. Some Terrorists enemiesattack One of the famous Railway Station which route pass through ajungle, due to some critical security reason the underworld don hasa plane to attack on this railway station. Terrorist come and blasta bomb in railway station to attack on train. In everyside there isin terror and people are helpless in this train station attack 3dgame. you as a Player should encounter the most wanted enemies.This game is just swat anti-terror operation at subway trainstation. You are army commando member and are syndicate to go andShoot at site, escpicially headshot will kill your enemies onsingle shot! You are the brave Assassin commando sniper from thearmy sniper shooter force. Strive hard and show confidence so thatno ferocious usme terrorist can run away. You should kill thichterrorist with every targeted gun shots you would get in practicewith your targets and also be aware of the Civilians present aroundwith your sniper mission game, do not shoot them, else your missionwill be failed. Terri are cruel killing the innocent people fromchilango. Accurate and precise aim practice will lead to moreaccuracy and eliminate terrorism to finish this sniper war. Traveldeep into station to locate and eliminate hidden targets.rom railWhen you kill all enemies from railway station. The train willcome, you have to go in tufty area to complete your duty by killingthe terrorist force in jungle railway track in this geiger should act as a Duty commando in beavers strike mission.You as a elite sniper commando shooter are heading the operationto kill all terri with AK47 and m4 gun in the shoot war. When theyblast a time bomb a kris danger will occure with fira, you have toplan and make strategy to evacuate the station from terroristsferret. You are one of the best counter killer shooter in your armyso that’s why you have been assigned a meaningful task. You have tofight with your mind and heart for the glory of your country'sCivilians in this death sniper shooter game. As a well-trainedcommando, you have the skills and abilities to traverse the armybase and kill the terrorists using your heavy loaded weapons. Bestof luck for your thrilling mission. Take a breath...and pull thetrigger to make the kill Shot.Game play Features:• Good control of the weapons• Complex situation, railway station and cross firing• Short & long shooter rifles• Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the missionsuccess• Best Shooting Game• Amazing 3D Graphics• Beautiful realistic 3d Railway Station• Modern army weapons• Real sound effects
Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin 3D 1.7
Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin 3D Game is the bestfirst person shooter action game with sniper aiming to offer you arealistic battle against your enemies. Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin3D is an amalgamation of all the commando and mission based games,you are going to act like an expert shooter, a sniper killer and acommando at the same time. Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin 3D is anaction game about a frontline army special force personal who iswilling to sacrifice his life to save his country from the criminalmafia. You must eliminate the invasion by killing your enemies anddefend & respond to their counter shooting. Sniper Kill ShootAssassin 3D is an Extreme challenging really bloodshed commando 3Daction game. Assassin sniper attack with fist of fury, hugedestruction.--- STORYLINE ---You have to take the role of the killer who is on the mission toterminate some of the most important people of the Government toeliminate corruption from the city. Find the target, aim, and shootfor an headshot on all the torrorists. They are trained Terroristsfrom isis, suicide bombers, dumb gangsters, thugs or corruptedcops... Shot and kill all in big crowds. You might have playedgames like Commando game, Commando adventure, Sniper killing,Sniper shooting, Commando mission attack, Army base attack,Military camp invasion, Army cargo, Military gunship, War attackgame, but this game is one of its kinds. It is a combo of all theabove mentioned games and once you have installed Sniper Kill ShootAssassin 3D you are going to love this game because it is a wholepack of mission based, AK47, Rifles, terrorist attack base game.Save the state secrets from the rogue agents and spies Invade atenemy base headquarters.You are a modern kill shoot Assassins citysniper ready kill and shot and and play your part in dangerousattacks and silent assassin missions.--- YOU ARE PIONEER OF BATTALION ---You are about to enter a massive enemy frontier line on a flatplain and must servive untill the final exit from forest area camp,where only right strategy and mind plan will save you. Proveyourself brave tribune for your armed force and defeat the enemiesat their camps. Step into the action as the legend killer in thebest Sniper Assassin shooter games. Jump into apocalyptic warfaretotally for free in this Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Battle shootergame. You are assigned with different missions at each stage todestroy enemies objectives and to prevent enemy occupy strategicpositions in the areas. The frontline commando and shooters areprovided with all the available heavy guns and tankers. The tanksand turrets are very much scary, colossal, gigantic and huge. Heavyguns are always loved by military affiliated people. So craft yourstrategy according to each mission. Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin 3Dis a first person shooter where you will impersonate a sniperassassin, a contract killer And get ready to enjoy this trajectoryphysics simulation. Act as a special sniper shooter attack, attackthe terrorists and criminal around your areas to clean the city, byattacking their hub and central point of criminal activities. Heavyguns, battlefield, military camping and many other features areincluded in Sniper Kill Shoot Assassin 3D.*Sniper Kill Shoot Assassins 3D Features*- Best rifle and sniper guns for accurate shooting.- Use swipe controls to aim.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.
Island Defence War 1.2
Enemies have attacked on your territories.They are very cruel, harsh and traumatic, can destroy your state infew seconds if you don’t move to stop them. Protect your islandsfrom you enemies. Survive until all of them are destroyed.Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against evilinvaders in jungles!Protect your freedom and liberty.Can you make it? Lets try !Game Features:--- Islands Defense War --- Real sounds and animation of fighters, helicopter.- Real 3D graphics and easy to control.- Very fast attack from enemies with sniper and guns.- Epic islands defense battles- Lot of soldiers, tanks and guns.- A lot of angry and Unique enemies- Enemies from infantry to aviation- No connectivity required while playing.
Vice Gang City Crime Simulator 1.0
This vice gang city crime sim-ulator 3D gameisbest Crime and shooting game. This crime city game havemanydifferent missions. The story of this township gangster gameisvery thrilling and it’s full of action. The hero goes to mafiagangfor the sake of money where boss of crime city check his skillsandabilities so mafia boss gave him task to get money fromfarmerwho’s live near township. The game hero then defeat thefarmer andcatch him and bring him to the mafia leader to talk aboutmoney hewas hiding. After taking back money from the farmer mafiasquadaccept jack as his team member, then he will become memberofcriminal gang. Now the hero jack is assigned withdifferentmissions to go and get money, he fights for money and riskhis lifemany times for the sake of money, some time he rob themoney, buthe gets no credit the mafia leader deceives him everytime wheneverhe accomplish his mission and give him nothing inreturn, the herofinds it a challenge to fight for the money andreturn the lootedmoney back to the leader but the leader was onlyutilizing it, thiswill create a dispute between the parties in theend the hero willdemolish the gang and the leader by himself.The story and missions are designed in such a way that theplayerswill enjoy the concepts of the game and they will finditentertaining to play jack who was known as the street crimekingbefore in the past, has a very bad reputation because ofhissins.Download and play the game, it’s very entertaining and full offun,so enjoy the story.
Animal Escape Rooster Run VR 1.0
Now the new! first best quality flying,running and dashing thrilling animal racer virtual reality game,no such vr games trend have been developed on this kind ofconceptbefore animal escape rooster run game 2 VR is now availableforfree on the google cardboard games platform. animal escaperoosterrun vr 2 is a fun 3d action-packed fighting game. Thisangryrooster vr game is one of the best rooster fighting simulationgamewith awesome angry rooster fighter simulator 3d action HDrealgraphics. This animal escape rooster run vr 2 is too excitingwithfull of 3d action. This rooster simulation is a real pleasureandjoy for those who love playing with farm funny deadly chicken.Youneed to run the chicken in the 3d environment of endlesschickenrun and tilt the head after wearing the VR glasses, thisgame is agreat source of fun and joy especially a games for thekids, latestkids games 2017 and new top vr games , the game can beplayed bywearing a vr gear headset or without it , but playing inthe vr boxis way much more fun and addicting than playing in thesimpleoldstyle mode the player can change the play options fromtheflying kukkar roosters menu settings. The vr kukkar songisentertaining and very popular in the eastern countries.Survive the rooster against challenging hurdles in this funrunninggame for kids and help your brave rooster to escape from thefarmerwhom is following him to catch him and make his chickenroast. Ayamrunner is thrilling runner game in which you will enjoyto play theflying rooster chicken racer in real cartonic subwayenvironment.Animal rooster escape from farm house to collect thecoins, thisjumping chicken jump to avoid obstacles and also fly inair whencollects the flying sonic subway booster VR. A rooster is aescapeprisoner and avail a chance to get rid off his owner andescaperooster hardly in this animal run rooster game vr. Now theextremebig cock is running in the farm. There are different typesofhurdles on the way, so survive against hurdles to hitthemotherwise rooster will die. This Gallus Domestics will flyalsowhen pick up the power up coins on the way and collect magnettocollect more coins. Rooster pick up the shield to cross thehurdlesto save his life. Jogo do galo is kiddie game to enjoy. Youwillenjoy farm rooster sound when he runs fast. His wattle issosensitive so be aware of hurdles in this granja huhn rungame.Animal invasion Gallo runner is best game forentertainment.Controls:Attack – shake head downLeft – shake head leftRight – shake head rightJump - shake upwardsChicken run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run gamewithawesome gameplay.How to play: in chicken escape 3D Vr you are to help runningroosterpursuing by angry farmer to avoid obstacles on the way likeTrain,animal’s feces, hurdles and obstacles. Don’t forget tocollect asmany Coins as you can. Help the rooster get past all thetraps andwild predators on his path and guide him to his belovedChicken.Attack enemies if that what it takes to survive.AnimalEscapeRooster Run game 2 is available for the virtual reality VRthis gameThis game is the