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My Kids on Map: Family Tracker 1.8
The app is designed for parents who care about the safety of theirkids. The history of the kids’ movement, favorite places withnotifications of visits, the data of the kid’s smartphone, and muchmore: • Locating a kid Always be aware where your kid is and set asafe perimeter for him/her • History of movement Find out whereyour kid goes • Battery charge control Receive low battery messageson your kid’s device • Real-time notifications Receivenotifications on your mobile device when your kid is outside thesafe perimeter • We will build a route The kid sees the selectedplaces added by the parent. He/she can build a walking route tothis place by simply clicking on the marker of this place on themap • Speed dial A kid can quickly call an emergency service orcall their parents directly from the application; the ability toadd their own numbers • Safety is the main thing! Adding kidsoccurs using an encrypted QR code. Just install the app on thekid’s device and scan his/her QR code. All data sent is encrypted!