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TAHUNA 1.83.20243.27414
Overview The free TAHUNA APP allows you to take advantage of allthe tried and tested benefits of the TAHUNA outdoor navigationsoftware on the move. Whether you are on holiday or at home – theTAHUNA APP offers stress-free and reliable navigation and providesindividual navigation profiles, detailed route planning and lotsmore extras to your smartphone or tablet. The TAHUNA APP also makesit easier to link to other mobile devices, allows you to analyzeyour data in comfort and installs updates automatically. Features -Optimized for Bike Navigation and Outdoor Sport Activities - Onlineand Offline Maps - Using tour-oriented OpenStreetMap database -Search Address or POI - Route planning and Navigation - Createstunning Trips with rich POIs and share them easily - Unique Draw& Plan tool for the most flexible route creation - Select anddownload trips from the hundreds of available ones which areprepared by professionals - Record and analyze your activityAvailable Modules for extending the capabilities 1) Navigation -Voice navigation with clear visual indications - One of the mostsophisticated routing algorithm to ensure the perfect ridingexperience 2) Fitness - You can set up your own desired goals basedon distance, time, speed, calories - Sensor connection (heart rate,speed and cadence) 3) Gadgets - Eye catching virtual dashboard -Compass, Speedometer, Altimeter and Staminameter 4) E-Bike -Connect your E-Bike via Bluetooth - Accurate range calculation anddisplay - Battery friendly route planning Fischer E-Bike owners canconnect their bikes via Bluetooth and get an E-Bike dashboard freeof charge. Please check the supported E-Bike types Support  We arelooking forward to your feedback!  Comments and questions tothe TAHUNA APP you can send here:
EV Navigation
EV Navigation is a turn-by-turn navigation and route plannersystem,created for electric car users all around the world. EVNavigationdoes not only provide users with a reliable navigationsystem,including charging stations, but it is also capable ofcalculatingthe range the users can cover with their individuallyselectedelectric car. The range calculation takes a wide varietyofparameters into consideration (driving habits, tirepressure,weight, wind, temperature, etc.), so that users havetheopportunity to plan their trip precisely, anticipating thewaitingtime needed at charging stations. We support each type ofcharger(Supercharger, CCS, CHADEMO, Type 2, and all others).Chargingtimes and the planned routes are synchronized andcalculated inparallel, so that the users can spend the minimum timein waiting,while being granted a safe and the fastest possibleroute to theirdestination.