Crack Your Screen Prank 4.0.17
The only app that simulate a real cracked screen!Perfect way tofool your friends with this amazing prank app.You can crack yourscreen by 3 different methods*: - Crack on SHAKE: Just one shakeand screen will crack! - Crack on TOUCH: Just one touch on thescreen and screen will crack immediately. - Auto Crack Timer:Screen will auto crack after 5,10,15... seconds.* You can changethe crack method in Settings/Preferences and also there is acracked screen manager from where you can choose the most realisticcracked screen.Why this is the best cracked screen prankapp?Because after cracked screen is presented, you can still useyour phone with full functionality, broken screen image will be ontop of all of your applications until you exit. Also the image fromthe broken screen will be on top of your lock screen or even statusbar.How to use!1. Press the "Ready" button.2. Shake your phone.3.Oops your screen is cracked.4. Shake again for repair.Have a lot offun!