军棋 1.51
军棋,又名陆战棋,相信大家一定玩过。这是一款界面精美、功能丰富的军棋游戏。 1.支持人机对战,两人对战,联网对战,蓝牙、Wi-Fi联机对战。包含两人军棋和四国军棋。人机对战可选择多个难度级别。 2.两人军棋支持翻棋、布局,暗棋、明棋四种玩法。 3. 四国军棋支持四暗、双明两种玩法,可选择两种操作方式:放大棋盘或直接点选棋子。 4.可以编辑、载入和保存布局,并提供大量预置的参考布局。 5. 布局暗棋具有标志对方棋子的功能。 6.可以设置玩法细节:如由工兵还是最小的棋子挖地雷,大本营是否允许吃子等。 7. 电脑对手相当聪明,想战胜它除了需要策略,还需要一点运气。8. 蓝牙联机对战如果出现连接失败的情况,请尝试在蓝牙设置中先进行配对或者换个人创建游戏。 9.Wi-Fi联机对战需要双方接入同一个无线局域网。 10. 游戏菜单中有详细的规则说明。快来尝试一下吧! Jun Qi, alsoknown as marine chess, I believe we must be played. This is abeautiful interface, feature-rich military chess game. 1. Thesupport crew war, the two battle, battle networking, Bluetooth,Wi-Fi online game. It contains Junqi and Siguojunqi. Man-machinewar can select multiple difficulty levels. 2. support turned chessJun Qi, layout, An Qi Ming chess four kinds of games are played. 3.Siguojunqi support four dark, two-out two kinds of play, you canchoose two modes of operation: an enlarged board or simply clickpawn. 4. You can edit, load and save the layout, and provides avariety of preset reference layout. 5. Layout Anqi other landmarkpiece of functionality. 6. You can set the play details: such isthe smallest piece of mines dug by the engineers, the headquartersof whether to allow the child to eat and so on. 7. The computeropponents is quite clever, wants to defeat it in addition tostrategy, you also need a little luck. 8. If the Bluetooth onlinegaming case connection failure occurs, try the Bluetooth settingsbefore pairing or for individuals to create games. 9. Wi-Fi accessto online gaming requires both sides to the same wireless LAN. 10.The game menu has detailed rules explanation. Come and try it!