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GYM Generation Fitness is a fitness guide for this sport´s fans.Gym Generation Fitness offers you a big amount of info that willhelp you to reach your goals. Gym Generation Fitness has manyexercises and workouts for training at your gym or at homeGYMGeneration Fitness has the following sections:Gym ExercisesGuide:More than 100 different exercises to do at the gym withexplanation of the exercise, info about involved muscles, imagesand an explanation videoGym & Home Workouts:Different workoutsthat will help you to schedule your weekly work, as hard as youwant or you can. You can train at the gym or at homeGuidedWorkouts:Different guided workouts that will allow you to practicefitness at home with this app´s helpChallenges:Try to beat yourselfand reach some of the goals that GYM Generation fitness proposesyou, try to reach your best training with these workouts.MyProgress:GYM Generation Fitness helps you to monitorize yourimprovements with this section. Here, you will be able to controlyour BMI (body mass index), Fat %, and your strength.WorkoutBuilder:Create your own workouts!Nutrition:GYM Generation Fitnesswill help you support your work in the gym with nutrition advice sothat you know what, when and how to eat to achieve yourgoals.Utilities:GYM Generation Fitness offers you the way tocalculate your IMC, Fat %, and your Strength.This app is free, weonly ask you for your positive rating so that more people knows theapp and we can keep improving itWe hope you like it!!
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Gym Generation FITNESS es un entrenador personal para las personasentusiastas del mundo de la musculación y del gimnasio, como paralos aficionados y avanzados. En esta aplicación encontrarás grancantidad de información que te ayudará a lograr tus objetivos.Laaplicación contiene lo siguiente:Guia de Ejercicios:Más de 100ejercicios distintos para realizar en el gimnasio con explicacióndel ejercicio así como de los músculos involucrados, imágenes,videos y anotación de tus avances.40 Rutinas:Distintas tabla deentrenamiento que te ayudarán a planificar tu trabajo, según eltiempo del que dispongas así como de tu objetivo. Hipertrofia,Definición, etcRutinas de Famosos:Rutinas que han ayudado a famososa desarrollar su cuerpo para desempeñar sus papeles en distintaspeliculasRetos:Distintos tipos de retos para mejorar día adíaNutriciónGYM Generation Fitness te ayudará a apoyar tu trabajoen el gimnasio con consejos de nutrición, suplementos, etcDietasDistintos tipos de dietas separadas por calorías y según tuobjetivo (ganar masa muscular, subir de peso, bajar de peso ydefinición)Herramientas:Calculadora de indice de masa corporalIMCCalculadora de calorias necesariasCalculadora de Frecuenciacardiaca FCMaxGeneration Gym Fitness is a personal trainer forenthusiastic people in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, asfor amateurs and advanced. In this application you will find lotsof information that will help you achieve your goals.Theapplication contains the following:Exercise guide:More than 100different to perform in the gym with exercise and explanation ofthe muscles involved, images, videos and recording your exerciseprogress.40 Routines:Different training table to help you plan yourwork, depending on the time you have available and your target.Hypertrophy, Definition, etcFamous routines:Routines that havehelped to develop his famous body to fulfill their roles in variousfilmschallenges:Different types of challenges to improve day bydayNutritionGeneration GYM Fitness will help you support your workin the gym with nutrition tips, supplements, etc.SubsistenceallowanceSeparated by different types of calories as your goal(gain muscle, gain weight, lose weight and definition)dietstools:Calculator Body Mass Index BMICalorie CalculatornecessaryHeart rate HRmax Calculator