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Hobbit:Kingdom of Middle-earth
Lead Gandalf, Bilbo, Legolas and more in abattle to defeat the forces of evil! Join Millions of playersonline to build your Elf or Dwarf Kingdom and ruleMiddle-earth!►►►Official mobile game of The Hobbit movie trilogy◄◄◄►►►Over 20 million players and counting◄◄◄The battle for Middle-earth has just begun! PLAY FOR FREE and joinmillions worldwide to drive the Goblin hordes from the lands beyondthe Misty Mountains in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth! Gatherfriends to form powerful Alliances and make your way to the top ofthe leaderboards. Play as an Elf or Dwarf as you join Gandalf,Bilbo, and Thorin to build your empire and dominate the realm ofMiddle-earth.SUMMON LEGENDARY MIDDLE-EARTH HEROES• Appoint heroes including Gandalf, Legolas and Thorin Oakenshieldto lead your troops in battleAMASS A POWERFUL ARMY• Join the Elves or Dwarves and train vast armies to rule the realmof Middle-earthBUILD A MIGHTY FELLOWSHIP• Connect with fellow players in real-time to build a powerfulAlliance to crush the competitionCONQUER CAMPAIGN MODEAdventure through epic quests to defeat fearsome bosses and theevil Dragon SmaugRULE YOUR KINGDOM ON-THE-GO• Strategize against opponents as you bring Middle-earth with youon your mobile deviceFor news and updates, follow @TheHobbitKingdoms on TwitterLike us on Facebook:********************************By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service,Privacy Policy and the License Agreement.********************************
Ace of Arenas for AfreecaTV
여름맞이 대규모 업데이트!올 여름을 뜨겁게 달굴 신규 히로인 2종 출시!최적화 된 UI에서 더 박진감 넘치는 전투를 즐기세요!Ace of Arenas는 새로운 조작 방식의 모바일 AOS 게임으로, 도전의식을 불러일으키는플레이 방법과, 다양한 대전 모드로 전 세계 300만 명의 유저를 사로잡았습니다.영웅의 레벨을 올려 강력한 팀원들과 함께 전략적인 전투를 펼치고적군의 코어와 포탑을 무너트려 승리의 경험을 느껴보세요![게임 특징]무료 액션 MOBA게임(AOS).-정밀하고 혁신적인 컨트롤 방식.-고통스러운 연타는 더 이상 NO!-전 세계의 유저들과 함께하는 실시간 전투.-다른 국가의 유저들과 함께하는 랭크 열전,-데이터 없이도 연습을 할 수 있는 봇 대전.-각자의 개성과 장점을 지닌 영웅들.-100개가 넘는 화려한 무기들.-자연스럽고 부드러운 그래픽지금 바로 배틀에 참여하여 승리를 쟁취하세요! 전장이 당신을 기다리고 있습니다!SUMMER majorupdate!Dalgul two kinds of hot new heroine launched this summer!Enjoy a thrilling battle in more optimized UI!Ace of Arenas is a mobile games AOS operation of the new scheme,evoking the spirit of challengeHow to play the former, various charging mode has caught theworld's 300 million users.And level up your hero expand strategic battles with a powerfulteamFend down the core of the enemy turrets and feel the experience ofwinning![Game Features]Free action MOBA game (AOS).- Precise and innovative control system.- Painful anymore battered NO!- Real-time battles with users around the world together.- Thermal rank together with users from other countries,- War Bots can be practiced without the data.- Heroes with their own personalities and strengths.-100 Over the dog colorful weapons.- Natural and smooth graphicsJoin the battle right now to your victory! This battle iswaiting for you!
FEATURESAoA news: Stay in the know about all Ace of Arenas news andannouncementsIn-depth Strategy Videos: Become a pro in no time with in-depthvideos!Champions and Item Details: Understand you and your enemies’champions and learn the key to victory!Exclusive Gifts: Stay ahead of the pack - get your hands on giftsexclusive to MatchMasters!Player Forums: Find teammates, share scoreboards and makefriendsGem and Talent Simulator: Don’t have what you need to experiment ingame? Find out the best Gems and Talents for your champion righthere!Want to become a master of the Arena, make great friends and claimexclusive gifts?MatchMasters is the app for you! The Arena awaits...
Rise & Rule: Four Kingdoms 1.3.0
New Features:1. Archers on the wall: You now have archers on the wall to helpdefend your City. Upgrade your City Wall to boost theireffectiveness2. Exile: A City will be set in exil when its Fortification fallsto zero due to repetitive attacks. Exiled Cities will leave itsoriginal location and be relocated elsewhere randomly3. Voice chat: You now can send voice messages to players in thegame4. Arena: Engage your enemies with four Armies (in turn) and earnyour place on the leaderboard5. A smaller map without Intermediate Zones6. Honor leaderboardOptimization:1. Displays Citadels of high level Alliances on the world map2. Might change notification3. Daily Turf rewards4. Added 50%-off General Contract5. Instruction mails will be sent as players progress in thegame6. Added “Spectate” button to tiles where battle occursAn epic strategy game where you join one of four power-hungrykingdoms to fight for the crown. You can build incredible cities,generate essential resources, train troops, and invite friends asthe battle of the four kingdoms commences! Join forces with themassive alliances to fight the invading Wraiths that have brokenthrough the northern border. You must defend your city and kingdomfrom enemies both near and far. Lead your Generals, commandformidable armies, and take the throne!In Rise & Rule, you will choose your House allegiance. Willyou join forces with the loyal dire wolves of House of Strivelynhailing from The Boreas? Or perhaps the ruthless lions of the HouseLasson from The Vesterlands. Better yet, from The Gales, the mightystags from the House Bourdekin. Or the fiery dragons of the HouseThorelian, guarding Coronet County. The choice is yours. Choosewisely as you will be called to fight for your kingdom.Strategically command your armies to demolish your enemies inthe ever changing tides of power. The smallest shift in yourstrategy can lead you to awe-inspiring triumph, or completefailure. Bring on your best game and dominate the real-time PvPbattles, mine raids, and fortress sieges.Features:• Command epic Armies and destroy rival kingdoms• Collect powerful Generals each with unique skills andattributes• Classic city builder: No stress city building mechanics to getyou started• Train mighty troops, expand your city and collect resources• Real-time 3D battles: Stunning battle sequences and agile battleformations at your fingertips• Loyal Alliances: Team up with global players and fight for thethrone• Battle thousands of other players in PvP combat and take downtheir citiesAs you rule your land, be ever watchful of those stronger thanyou, even within your own kingdom. You’ll need mighty allies, totake down persistent powerful foes. Everyone is out to win thethrone!This is a kingdom builder worthy of royalty!The game awaits you.Need help or more support? Visit our official NOTE! Rise&Rule is completely free to play, however somegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wantto use this feature, please set up password protection forpurchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.You may be experiencing lagging in the game if your device hasless than 2G RAM. This is an issue that will be fixed by follow-upoptimization, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.********************************By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service,Privacy Policy and the License Agreement.“Rise&Rule Gaea Game 2016”********************************
今天你將來到帝國與自由之子的戰場上,征服還是被征服,正義還是邪惡、忠誠還是背叛,都上演在灼熱的遠古大路上。召集你的兩三戰友開始自由之戰,史詩就掌握在你手中!遊戲特色專利操作,向真正擁戴創新的勇士玩家致敬!完美操作,簡單易上手,精準響應極限微操!經典玩法,補刀、三殺、超神一個都不能少!戰隊集結,創建戰隊,招募戰友,積極備戰!開房約戰,戰隊賽不再是夢,完善競技模式!海量英雄,深度英雄池,更多選擇更多挑戰!掌上競技,不限時間!不限地點!激情依舊!Today you will come tothe Sons of Liberty and the Empire of the battlefield, to conqueror be conquered, justice or evil, loyalty or betrayal, staged insearing ancient road.Gather your comrades began a couple of free battle, the epiclies in your hands!Game FeaturesPatent operation, to truly support innovative Warriors playerspay tribute!Perfect operation, simple and approachable, precise response limitmicromanagement!Classic play, make up a knife, three killed, over one lessgod!Team build, create teams, recruiting friends, preparing!Open house Yuezhan team game is no longer a dream, improve thecompetitive mode!Massive hero, hero pool depth, more options more challenges!Pocket athletics, Any Time! Any place! Passion still!