Gagosoto Factory Apps

How much does it pay? 1.2.5
This application we have designed to give youa tool to calculate the cost sharing among several people. Thedistribution is calculated taking into account tax and tip,avoiding the annoying “how much should/must we pay?,let's see, whoestimates?”, and the famous “wait a moment, VAT is missed”.Cost sharing: For the calculation, the only you have to do isspecify is the amount, how many people you are,VAT % (ifapplicable), and the Tip % (if applicable).Tip: To calculate it you just need to enter the cost and the Tip% to applyOrders: This tool will allow you to keep track of the beers,shandy or soft drinks that you have requested, thus you'll canalways answer the famous waiter question, “let's see what do youwant?” or even you could know if you have really got all that youhad asked.
Expenses Control Sync 1.75
*** Selected as the best app to control your finance by thePersonal Computer Magazine (number 118) *** Expenses Control Syncin a highly flexible powerful application that lets you controlyour expenses and income through lists, and even if you wish, youcan control the finances of your home or your business thanks tothe posibility to create accounts, purses and fictitious loans.This app allow you to SYNCHRONIZE several devices with the sameuser. The data is stored in our server in order you can access fromany of your devices by introducing your user and password. If youwant to have this app but without synchronization and without anypossibility of store your data in the cloud, then you can download"Expenses Control" (by gagosoto). This app use a Secure SocketsLayer (SSL). A SSL certificate is a cryptographic protocol which isdesigned to provide communication security over the Internet. SSLuse X.509 certificates and hence asymmetric cryptography to assurethe counterparty with whom they are communicating, and to exchangea symmetric key. This session key is then used to encrypt dataflowing between the parties. This allows for data/messageconfidentiality, and message authentication codes for messageintegrity and as a by-product, message authentication. Also yourpassword is encrypted by the application, so your details are safe.Any questions or comments, please let us reach detail of features that you can find in this app are: 1) It ispossible to add a photo of the purchase receipt for each expense.2) It is possible to generate an spreadsheet with revenues andexpenses incurred that you can send by mail, bluetooth, Dropbox,Evernote, Google docs, etc. 3) The app also allows to send to acompressed file (zip) with the spreadsheet and the photos of theproof of purchase. 4) You can include income and expenses indifferent currencies, for which you must enter the exchange ratefor the currency. You can check the exchange rate in ourapplication. 5) You can see some statistics and reports, thatallows you to: a) View statistics of expenditure by type b) Viewstatistics of income by type c) Compare costs and revenue d)Compare costs between lists e) Compare income between lists f) Viewreports of 2 leves o 3 levels, for example, by category, month andtype of expense 6) You can see your expenses and revenues orderedwith several sort options. 7) You can to backup your data and alsoyou can to restore it. 8) You can to add an alarm notification tothe expenses/revenues you want for to remind you when you must torecord the same entry again. 9) you can control the access to theapp with a password. 10) Added virtual account, virtual wallets andvirtual loans management, so you can control the amount of moneythat you have in each place. Now you will be able to charge a costdirectly to your virtual accounts, or virtual wallets. Now you willsee what is the situation of your finances because each expense orincome can be charged against the accounts or walletes that youhave defined. 11) You will be able to archive list. 12) You will beable to use a widget that allows you to add fast reminders. Youwill be able to check your reminders later in the app and create anexpense/income by clicking it. 13) This application allows you torecord the amounts of the invoices that you have in our anotherapp: Invoice Control. This app has a purchase integrated to removethe ads. If you want to remove the ads you have to perform apayment through "Google Play" (it is a one time payment).
Directorio de Empresas 1.6
Aplicación donde puedes encontrar cualquiernegocio o empresa que se haya dado de alta. Si tienes una tienda,negocio, empresa o cualquier sitio que quieras que sea localizablepor cualquier usuario, solo tienes que darlo de alta de maneragratuita. Aumenta la probabilidad de que te encuentren incluyendotu negocio en nuestra app.Application where you canfind any business or company that has been discharged. If you havea shop, business, company or anywhere you want it to be searchableby any user, you only have to register it for free. It increasesthe likelihood that you find including your business in ourapp.
Ad2Get (classified ads) 1.11
This application is a tool that help you tocomunicate with all people for: to advertise your events, torequest help for something, to sell something, to buy something,for change something, or for everything that you usually hang overa bulletin board.This is not only a tool to publish classified ads, also we wantgive you a tool to request help for all that you need to get, inorder to create a community of help.The publications that you hang will be watched only by peoplethat have the same language of your device.If you are an android developer and you want include a window inyour app to allow people to communicate between them, or you wantto implant a communication chanel in your app to launch notes ornotify something about your app when you want, then we can provideto you the code to open a direct window to your public group,private group or your communicating channel.
Meet and Go 1.4
How many times have you tried to organize ameal with friends, or a company event, or organize a sportingevent, and has been a headache with endless mails that are notspecific at all, and there are always disputes to see when andwhere to stay?Well, this is an application that will help you organize eventsin an agile, whether public or private events.If you have some questions about the app or about thepermissions necessary to use it, please feel free to write us.As in other important applications such as whatsapp or Line, inorder to invite or be invited to events automatically and evenparticipate in events is necessary (BUT NOT REQUIRED) to enter yourtelephone and / or mail and / or connect the app with your facebookaccount, this way the application can find your friends who alsouse the application and add them them as your friends that you havein the app.If you do not enter contact details, you can invite or beinvited to an event if you send or receive the EVENT CODE that theapp generates. If you receive an event code and insert it in theapp you can access the event you've been invited and confirm yourattendance or not.EXPLANATION OF PERMITS:- SEND MESSAGES SMS:From the app and in an OPTIONAL way, you can send messages viawhatsapp, as well as sms, to the friends you have in the app. Also,you can validate your phone in an OPTIONAL way too, by sending anSMS code to your own phone, This is to avoid that anyone canregister the phone number of another person.- COMMUNICATION NETWORK and NETWORK FULL ACCESS TO:You need to connect with our server that stores the event dataset.- Your personal information and CONSULT YOUR CONTACTSSimilar to apps like whatsapp or Line, this permission is needed tolocate friends that have registered in the app, and have validatedtheir phone number.Any questions, please write us.