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Modern Gunship Battle: Strike 2.0.7
Are you ready for the Ultimate FPS Action Game!? Defeat waves uponwaves of enemies assaulting your position. Hop into your GunshipHelicopter and use your rocket launcher and machine gun to rip theenemy to shreds. They will be attacking you with everything they'vegot like attack helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.The enemyhas crossed into your land and now the fighting is taking place inthe streets of the city and you the only future ghost soldier whocan stop their advances. Protect your country. You have to win thebattle at any cost as the future of the country depends on you!Youthe are one of the best men of the brigade metal soldiers to besent to the frontline to destroy the enemy in pure fury commandoaction from your gunship helicopter. There is a blackout in thecity as this modern war takes place in the midst ofpeople.Features★ Complete missions divided in regions★ 40 JuicyMissions full of explosive war combat action★ Enjoy realistic gunsimulation and animation!★ Call in the Airforce when you arefeeling overwhelmed by the enemy! The A10's will rip the enemy toshreds!★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got; GunshipHelicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it and they've got it!★ Optimizedcontrols for a great FPS experience★ Play anywhere; does notrequire an internet connection and you can play it when you are inyour car (not driving of course), flying in an airplane (real onesat that!), enjoy it in the subway while waiting for your train andyou can even play it on the beach and show the game to your surferdudes!★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.PS. We work hardto ensure that our games run properly on every major android phoneand tablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't letyou enjoy our games, please report it togalassiastudios@gmail.comIf you love to play our games and wouldlike more addictive games or would just like to say hi, please likeour facebook page at
Modern Assassin Combat Killer 1.2
Take on many challenging missions in Modern Assasin Combat Killer3D.Take out the targets with well-placed shots, assault the enemymilitary base and perform lethal shots taking out the enemies bymastering your environment!The enemies have established their basesin the jungle, occupied the sea and have set-up their bases in thedesert. Now this is the suicide mission, you need to eliminate themone by one. You have got enough artillery to attack them. This isthe best chance to test your sniper shooting skills. Get out on theBattlefield and obliterate your enemies, as they have come to yourland to enslave it!Equipped with real-life 3D graphics and sounds,this shooting game gives an exhilarating experience. Use yourlimited ammo and armor wisely and kill the enemies at a distancebefore they get a chance to aim at you. The enemy is aware of yourpresence so take your first shot carefully because the moment youfire it, your gunshot will be heard and the enemy will be upon youbefore you know it.You are a pro Modern Sniper Assassin answeringthe Call of the Battlefield, an excellent marksman going indangerous territories to take out the enemies by any meanspossible. Sniper Counter Strike is ones of our latest and best fungames for free!Game Features★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation andanimation!★ Missions full of explosive warfare combat action!★Smooth controls and addictive gameplay★ Also optimized for androidtablet devices.
One Man Army Gunner 1.8
Your modern army set up an ambush to inflict maximum casualties onthe enemy mechanized brigade forces which are passing throughdangerous terrain. As a One Man Army Gunner, you will be equippedwith state of the art modern bazooka and high powered guns. Can yousurvive the modern gunner assault on the battlefield of theenemy?The enemy forces have dispatched a mechanized brigade toattack our army installations with full force. Support your base bydeflecting the strong attacks of the enemy by targeting theirmechanized brigade and blow up their tanks and mobile forces. Youare a One man Army Gunner so take that rocket launcher and showthem who is boss!Be ready to engage in action packed battles bybeing the best gunner! Experience beautiful 3d environments. Withsimple controls, target the enemies and blow them to smithereens!Enjoy realistic war games in the comfort of your home!Features:-Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario- Ambush the enemyforces in spectacular fashion- Realistic enemy forces withhelicopters and tanks- Well built storyline- Efficient weaponcontrols & movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous soundeffects- Easy GUI and controls- First person shootingHow to Play:-Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon-Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and startyour assault- Use the scope button to aim closer- The shootingweapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial
Mobile Gunner Convoy Strike 1.3
This is the modern war and you are alone to stop the army of theenemies. Enemies on battle frontline want to build the base andcontrol the action and to test your troops; they are invading alongwith powerful alliance.May be their Arsenal is bigger but beconfident since your arsenal is far better to protect and defendyour country. The battlefield is set for you and to write your namein the history as a action hero, you need to fight till your lastbreath.The elite military and political class has lost their faithand wants to bow down. So you are the head of state now, take yourdecision wisely.Strike the convoy passing through the city and hitthem hard damage their supplies. Use mini gun for the soldiers onfoot and for Humvees, trucks, tanks and helicopters, use theRPG.*** Become the action hero of your country***Fight with therogue nation on the battlefield***Earn points destroying theirsupplies and life lines***Use modern weapons to destroy their heavyartillery ***Build your confidence by taking down the tanks,Humvees and choppers
Commando Shot Overkill 2.1
Commando Shot Overkill is a free gunner and third person commandoshooting game for android Tab and mobile phones. The Jungle issurrounded by enemies and they have built their base and trainingcenters around. The sounds of Tanks, Anti-Aircrafts, Helicoptersand Machine Guns Is all what you hear?Enemies are planning a majorattack and could strike with the help of an alliance in the dark ofthe night. A modern era of combat is near to start. The enemy willbe equipped with the modern weapons and with an extra ordinaryspecial Forces skills. There will be no mercy once they invade, sobe prepared!It’s going to be an offensive covert operation and yourduty is to enter by sneaking deep inside the enemy's strongholdterritory and kill them. Destroy their weapons of mass destructionand leave no signs of your footsteps. The mission “Jungle CounterStrike” is set to begin. So load your weapon, check your militaryequipment and get ready for rock & roll. Surprise them with thepowerful strike, ambush them and do not let them settle, targettheir snipers and weaken their strengths, destroy their suppliesthat it bring down their logistic support and assassinate the highvalue targets so they lose their moral.Now its time to rescueremaining soldier and start counter strike and show fightingskills.A realistic 3d jungle environment allows you to experiencestunning scenes of waterfall, mountains and natural beauty beforethe real action starts. Prove yourself to be best army shooter andbecome an action hero for your country. Prove that terrorists arenot a metal soldier and crush them like ants.There unlimitedMissions in the jungle will not let you settle down. Survive theirattacks and outshoot your enemy. Use their Tanks and Guns todestroy their own Base camps and Units.Enjoy access to an elitearmory where AK47 is just a baby toy. You are a War Warrior sofight like contract shooter and stay alive in this warzone tilllast.Features:Realistic 3d environment of Jungle, mountains,Fightin the extreme weather conditions like Snow, Rain and Sunny Upgradeto the latest weapons with all best designed gunsUse hand grenadesand missiles to take down the enemyUse Medi Kits to save yourlifeUse Armor to protect yourself from bullet shotsHit the tanks,Helicopters and HumveesEarn coins and equip yourself with betterarsenalAmazing Sound effects
WW2 Commando Gunner 1.1
WW2 Commando Gunner is an action packedfirstperson shooter game that puts you directly in charge of aUnitedStates of America Assault unit whose mission is to hunt downenemysoldiers and columns of tanks on the frontlinebattlefield.You are assisting your elite commando unit to protect yourcitiesthat are in total blackout. You will hide in strategicvantagepoints waiting for the enemy strike. Once you start yourattack, donot stop as the enemy will ensure that you are dead!Survival isthe need of the hour and time is your enemy!Your elite commando unit of the United States Sniper Armyisarmed with state of the art modern weapons like TankBustingbazookas which can easily strike vehicles, combathelicopters, jetfighters that are assembling to attack on yourbase. TFeatures★ High powered bazooka rifle★ Realistic and smooth gun physics and controls★ Realistic environments★ Unlimited ammunitionHow to Play- Aim by touch and drag on the screen- Fire button on right- Enemy will be alerted of your presence only when youopenfire- Scope so you can aim betterPS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it togalassiastudios@gmail.comIf you love to play our games and would like more addictivegamesor would just like to say hi, please like our facebook pageat
Navy Battle World War 1.2
You are Elite Marine Commando from a naval counter terrorist squadgoing in towards the enemy positions in this epic battle warshipwarfare when they decide to take you out. Out numbered and outgunned you need to clear a path for yourself and get in touch withBase HQ. The enemy is attacking with all it is got.Enemy riflemanare on their way on inflatable rafts. Some global terroristhelicopter gunships can be seen hovering in the near distance readyto pounce on you so brace yourself for this counter terrorist openwar. They will take a chance to interdict you while you are enrouteto your warship battle. Do not fail; as the hopes of yourcountrymen fall on you! Take over the enemy with assault weaponssuch as a deadly minigun and high explosive rocket launchers as youlaunch your attack in the heart of the enemy! Fear not Rifleman; asFear will fear you!Features★ Explosive Naval Combat missions★ 20Action packed levels★ Attack with mini gun and rocket launchers★Optimized controls for a great FPS experience★ Also optimized forandroid tablet devices.If you like the game rate us on googleplay!If you love to play our games and would like more addictivegames or would just like to say hi, please like our facebook pageat
Base Attack Secret Army Gunner 1.0.2
Base Attack Army Gunner combines first person action shooting withtower defense! Defend your base from 3 defense points as the enemyapproaches and attacks your stronghold. This is a pure militaryscene and all you would see is killings and blood. Enemy has all ofa sudden attacked the crucial army base which contains the Forcedata and all the secret plans. They have infantry, cavalry, and airforce with them. We have to defend our posts and also takeoffensive position to change this war into offensive. Arrest orshoot the terrorists who are so called soldiers and commandos.Modern combats are technical at one hand and life taking on theother as weapons of mass destruction have no limits. Gun strike onthe aims and shoot. Gun strike should be triggered at the righttime. Outrun the enemy in their force. They cannot outrun you. Be acommando and fight like a warrior. Commando skills are required towin the war. This is the heavy battle war. Show your shootingskills and win the tribute.Now is the time to show that you havethe skills. Fight smart and defeat the enemy soldiers before yourhealth goes down. Kick them out from this battle field. Completevarious missions as this is the super operation against the evilenemy. This military operation has to be won. Accomplish yourchallenging mission and advance towards the bad men to push themback.Get into action with strategic positions while the enemy comesdown to your positions and tries to destroy your base. You mustpoint your heavy calibre machine guns to take out the assaultingenemy. They have heavy weaponry but yours is heavier! Good lucksoldier! Enjoy this fast action paced game on your devices asGalassia Studios brings you a mashed up game sure to pump youradrenaline with its fast game play.Game Features*Beautiful 3Denvironment*Real life sound effects*Engaging missions*ChallengingLevels*Fast Paced Action*New type of Mashed up game play. *EnjoyTower Defense in a First Person Shooter!
Secret Agent Army Commando 1.2
Fight like a Secret Agent in modern combat. Be a war commando in asniper game
Police Car Crime Chase 2017 1.3
People of New York City are living under the dark shadow ofterrorism. Gangsters are roaming around the city without any fear.Banks, casinos and markets are not safe, law & Order has becomea joke. With fast racing cars and advanced weapons it has nowbecame impossible to catch these bloody terrorists.As a NYPD Policeofficer you are assigned with the special task to save New YorkCity from this terror Mafia. Drive one of the fastest police carswith mini gun installed on the bonnets in dangerous traffic on thebusy roads. Smash criminal's cars and show your drifting skills,remember it's your duty to save premises and arrest criminals.Chase down all the street racers, thieves, robbers and upgrade yourcar to catch their gang leaders. Save the lives of innocentcitizens, chase and damage the vehicles of criminals, arrest themand become the hero of the New York City.Such bloody criminal getoff from the car or bike and start running. Don't let them escape;hold on them and remember you have limited time. It's not possiblefor Helicopters to keep an eye on them so you have to do it. Hityour car in theirs before they got to know that they are beingchased. It would be a close combat crime chase, keep your guns atthe aim. Accomplish the challenging missions to get more rewards.It is not a child’s play so you better pull up your socks. MakeNYPD proud !FeaturesImmersive 3D EnvironmentMissions toaccomplishChallenging game playAddictive progressionVarious ThirdPerson Shooter gameReal life sound effects
Stickman Escape: Bank Robbery 1.1
Real Stickman 3d is as new fast as a flash legacy war when it comesto do his favorite annihilate crime that is the smart bank robbery.Stickmen ragdoll loves robbing and to loot the money, gold, jewelryand other important assets and live a luxury mafia life in crimecity. Stickman dismount wants to get rich! They leave no tracebehind. Stick man even becomes kind of invisible that laser beams,CCTV cameras & Surveillance camera can’t catch them to stairdismount. Thieves of the madhouse are swift in night shifts totheir robbery missions. They kill the bank guards on duty. Theyeven plan to breakout the fence and loot the ATM machines. Therobber is about to rob the bank for total annihilation of theempire of smart bank.State Armed Police department has made a planto get control over these bank robberies by conducting a secretoperation based on missions because of stickman sin. You have beenchosen as the lead commando who would attack and kill the enemywith your armato guns and save the empire of innocent people.Handsome Stickman warrior wants to break it. The ongoing robberyhas to be stopped and stick figure has to be made a lesson andadmonition for other robbers who want to become universedefender.Handsome soldier! Fight the situation with courage and getthe looted money back from the stickman sniper. You have variety ofarmato weapons to use like shields, health pack, assault rifles andsniper rifles and their upgrades. Take precise aim and shoot. Shootlike you would never get a chance to shoot again. Fight the timeand complete your missions to go to the next level. Every leveldemands a stronger you!!!Prove that you are the best shooter ofyour army and win the fight on this battle ground in the commercialarea of the city against stickman crime. Don’t let those bloodystickmen robbers escape from the bank exits. Their robbery attemptshould be a failure this time. We want the enemies dead or alive.They must not survive for our good!Good luck.FeaturesFree 3DgameBeautiful city environmentsChallenging missions tocompleteMultiple weapons to useAddictive game playReal soundeffectsAmazing graphics gameFeedback channel for you to get back tous (
Stickman Escape: Prison Break 1.1
Shadowbreak real Stickman 3D comes with another amazing plan tocrime escape from hell which is the high security prison, while thepolice force & jail break sniper prevent you from it. Thisimpossible new stickman ragdoll jailbreak is no less dramatic, it’sa stickman sin city as K9 dogs are there, secure lockdown, CCTVcameras & Surveillance camera are there, total annihilatebrutal prison break sniper guards with weapons are on the gates toshow you no mercy. But the shadowbreak stickman warrior mustsucceed in this impossible stickman crime escape mission at anycost to avoid the torture of evil guardsman by armato. It is amodern Jail and escaping or running from this stickman sin city isnot easy. They have a strong eye on whereabouts every move youmake, chase freedom and find clues that will lead to your paper 3dstickman crime jailbreak from secure lockdown in stair dismountmode.Be the brave hardcore shadowbreak stickman warrior to take astep to ragdoll run from prison, chase freedom by collision throughfight to crash the prison. Make sure you are not caught by thecameras and snatch or steal the keys in a way that you couldperform escape mission from their range. Be the one trying to helpother prisoners to run from this prison. You have to use paperstickman crime escape stealth mind set to make smart moves in nightshift. Each level requires a better paper 3D stickman to accomplishthe mission. Impossible surroundings to reach the fence to breakprison or wall of this jail prison and then cross this hell onearth. Good Luck Stick Man sniper!
Russian Mafia Robbery Crime 1.1
Stop the Mafia Wars robbing banks and spreading terror
Futuristic Robot Survival War 1.0.3
It's a futuristic robots war where a specie has to survive at anycost. Upgrade your weapons, destroy your enemy super robots withendless ammunition and prove your battle mech skills at each level.Use artificial intelligence of your super hero robot and fire withyour missile defense system to destroy high tech powerful robots.Ifyou love transformation, this is the game for you. You would surelyenjoy this robotic battle arena. Might is right that is what thefight is all about. Survival is the goal and that is why it is acombat survival. Future warrior robots came from the galaxy on thisplanet and now want to stay here permanently due to rich naturalresources which they could use to fulfill their mission and battlein super robot wars. Being a warrior robot feel the difference andwin the fight in this battle field.FeaturesMission OrientedgameReal like 3D EnvironmentReal life sound effectsMultiple sci-fiweapons to fightMap option to fight betterFeel like aRobotChallenging game play
Army Commando Survivor War 3D 1.3
Enemy was quiet until one day a news came that our front line armybase has been attacked by rockets and heavy rain of bullets by theenemy. It was a crucial time for the army to respond so quickagainst the evil enemy but we managed as we had all the counterplans for the terrorist force. A Close combat awaits on the armybase! Noway now that either side could escape from this deadlystrike sniper fight. Army sniper strike is a great weapon for younow. Empower our syndicate and get the tribute.You are the armybase commando who has been chosen to lead this close combat againstthe war mongers with iron tanks. You were trained well and now itis the time to show that you are the real Hero. Glide and executethis military operation. Dominate the enemy strike. You have enoughammunition in this operation to respond their deadly attack. Be apart of rising syndicate and advance towards the bad men and holdyour breath, keep your position for a better aim. Hide behindobstacles and iron tanks to live and kill the enemy like a sharpshooter. Shoot with your shot gun and if not this, use rocketlaunchers, hand grenade or smg heavily. Call upon helicopter attackagainst them and pilots are ready. Keep binoculars with you to geta better view of the enemy positions. You are the strike sniperfrontline commando and you got to prove it in the battle field. Wehave to win this war and capture their army base. Come backvictorious to get the tribute.Features- High Quality 3d Graphics-Addictive Game Play and Game Controls.- Realistic 3D Environment -Active Commando Game Play and Missions BriefingArmy CommandoSurvivor War 3D has challenging missions. Each mission is differentand much challenging as you progress in the game.
Army Shooting in Train 3D 2017 1.0.9
Shooting in Train 2017 is a challenging first person shooter combatgame where enemies have brutally captured the innocent civiliansand made them hostages to blackmail the peace keepers. The gamerevolves around a hardcore shooting and fire exchange betweenmilitary force and the enemies. You have some upgraded latesttechnology weapons to encounter the enemy men and show yourshooting skills. Be ready for a close combat.You have beenfacilitated by a close aim option to take accurate head shots andget them off the scene. The brutal enemy has captured civilians andmade them hostage to blackmail us, but we trust in your shootingskills and your experience in close combats with such enemies andhope that you would free the hostages while killing the bad men. Itis a close combat and you must conquer the field. This armyoperation has been scheduled immediately on the Generals order torestore the peace of the platforms and the train. They, the enemyhas dared to attack the trains and cargo containers as well. Let usgrab the weapons and kill them in this war. Good Luck youngSoldier!Game Features;- Beautiful 3D environment- Challenging gameplay- Mission oriented levels- Rewards upon completion- Chance tobe a Commando- shooting with various weapons- Real life soundeffects- addictive game to challenge others
Venice War Game 1.0.4
The most powerful combat WARSHIP is here waiting for you. This isan intense 3D Navy Battleship game, need to beat rivals to win thevictory,you have to save your boat from oncoming enemy boats ,maintain your speed and also navigate your way through Venice todefeat your enemies !! Choppers and police cars are moving around,be careful.As a commander, your job is to smash an enemy boats, todefend the territorial waters. We have to protect and win thiscombat war.Use heavy machine guns and your weapons to destroy rivalenemy boats and make sure that the front line area is save.Be thenavy battleship commando captain and finish all enemies warships.Fight the evil enemy and accomplish the missions. It would be a door die situation and all the forces are looking upon us. You areone of the best soldier to lead this crucial operation. you havethe armor pack and medi kits for emergency situations.Game isrelatively easy to play,Smooth game play, hi technology boats andawesome 3d Venice environment.Compare your scores with your friendsand beat the best scores and get your on name on top.So get it nowand Enjoy the Venice War.FEATURES:Extremely addictive gameplay!Real life sound effects,High definition 3d Graphics andenvironment.Fight with many battleships !Armour pack, medi pack andmuch more things can be purchased from store.Smooth and amazingship control system! Customize your warships with different weaponsand missiles to win the battle.!
Sniper Train War Game 2017 1.1
Get ready for free to play open world 3D sniper train war game forcombat & shooting adventure. The time has come to face the realfrontier challenge and get to the frontline post to conduct thisimpossible incredible mission. The enemy & terrorist havecaptured the civilians of your city on the bullet train and yourmission is to save the Bullet Train from the vice enemy invasion.Hold your breath and accept your aim to rescue people for theirsurvival. You were trained by special commandos to combat incritical battle.Ruthless & lethal enemy has dared to put hisevil eye onto our amazing land and he is making civilians asprisoners to blackmail the army military security forces. You wereselected as a super hero soldier in this incredible war to combatyour rival by shooting them hard. Army military squads are alsojoining hand to get rid from them for peace in city. You are theone to crack into this situation and get onto their minds and showthem their cruel bloody death. Don not let them to counter yourattack therefore you have to be shooting hard by your modern snipershooting weapons. Assassinate your rival to save your city.Soldier, take your position at secure place and shoot bravely likeyou have no option to lose this incredible war. This would be anaction combat and use your sniper shooting skills to destroy thembrutally. You will be on a mutant stealth helicopter sitting righton the edge of your seat. Revenge is must!Download it now andexperience an aggressive and immersive ultra-air combat actioncombining long-range sniping shoots and close range headshots fullof real sound effects and 3D environment.
Survival Escape: Jail Run 1.1
Survival Escape: Jail Run is a challenging mission 3D addictivegame where you have to escape anyway. The feeling of being in theprison behind the bars won’t let you breath. This is the time toact clever and get to the keys. You have been put to the Jail againfor no reason as you were unable to prove it in the court. Yourfellow jailers really want you to escape from this hell on earth.CCTV cameras and patrol guards are always there to watch anyunusual movement. In Survival Escape: Jail Run you have a plan andthing could be in your favor if you make your mind to run from thispit hell. Be like a stealth and ensure not to come into cameras.The watch dogs would kill you as if they were hungry from so manydays.Don’t let your meat be their food. Kill the guards, snatchtheir guns and weapons and fight. This is the only option you haveto live your life. It is a maximum security prison and escapingfrom the jailers is a risky task. Make a strategy to fight. Thinkbefore you take a move. Let’s see how far you could go in yourescape story. You have to think hard in Survival Escape: JailRun!Features3d environmentJail and prisonsReal life soundeffectsMissions to accomplishEscaping the maximum securityWeaponsto snatch
Robot War Mech Warrior 2017 1.1
Mech cyborg jetpack robots warriors unknowingly came to the planetearth for the search of one of their off spring who was lost in thespace confrontation. They faced human’s squadrons here and becamegang friends. Robots jetpack flying has to fight the human robotsand find what they are looking for. They aim well by square it andshoot like a rocket fire with ammunition.Earth is becoming a battlefield of super hero squad of flying robots to terminate eachother’s control from the soil and get the total control of airpolice & space robot. You have to defeat them in thisincredible conflict by help of metal soldiers and see how you couldrule the planet. Crime is everywhere by deadly criminals and modernmunitions & weapons are limitless. Also use jetpack flying botto fight the enemy and shoot them in their own space ships.Survival is the key to the rule and this metal soldiers ai robotsfight would be taken to the next level to other eobot planetstoo.Galaxy is vast & unlimited and after the earth, nextstation is some other planet. You need to prove yourself a bestparatroopers & winner to stay victorious. It is a mech robotwar 2017 and we are looking into future war.Features3DenvironmentAmazing beautiful robotsGreat controlDifferent shootingoptionsReal life soundsMissions to completeFights every where
Sniper Warrior Assassin 2017 2.0.2
Walk in the shoes of a Sniper Warrior Assassin and take onchallenging missions that will make you sweat in mind numbingscenarios to eliminate the criminals and mafia wars!Forget themindless shooting games, here you have to be a warrior find yourtarget among civilians and make sure that every shot is the killshot!You are the Best Sniper Warrior Assassin in the city and thepolice have asked you to help them take control of out of controlsituations! Defend parades, work towards releasing hostages fromthe clutch of terror! In explosive combat action and many more!Racing against time, you will be tasked to protect VIPs, killcriminals in the streets and defuse explosive situations beforethey explode!You are provided with real lethal weaponry that can beupgraded which will help you take on the most challenging missions!Fantastic 3D animations and realistic environments as if you arethere!FeaturesMissions full of explosive combat actionCompletemissions divided in regions, and special Most Wanted missions!Achievements and Rewards!Difficult challenging missionsSmooth andintuitive FPS controls!Select lethal sniper weapon guns, with manyunique characteristicsRealistic Gun simulation and action!Fulladdictive control of latest shooting riflesPS. We work hard toensure that our games run properly on every major android phone andtablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy our games, please report it to support@galassiastudios.comIfyou love to play our games and would like more addictive games orwould just like to say hi, please like our facebook pageat or visit our
Gunner Gunship World War 1.1
Be ready to command the incredible modern war of critical shootingin 3D action packed game. You will experience the best free target,aiming & shooting attack of hot sniper gunner in elite modernvehicular combat. Be like a world confront warrior with specialblazing shoot tricks of sniping. Put your mind in the sniper freeto play game & indulge yourself into the battle to fire fingersof terrorists & gangsters. Counter your rival & evilterrorists by short gun, pump gun & machine gun with extremeshoot & fire in eventful environment. Gunner gunship war inreal time will pits you against deadly enemies & terrorists atpeak hunter fires. You are the gunner in a helicopter gunship &you have to wipeout the deadly criminals & enemies. After theincredible defeat to your forces so, that the enemy forces have anadvantage to establishing secret base camp on desert island. Beactive & furious action fighter to destroy the criminals checkpoints & base. Never let them to rule the island of innocentcivilians for that you are the final hope for them. So, protect thesevere trapped civilians & let them free from terrorists. Youmust step up & show the enemy that aggression does not gounanswered! Be like a commando in straight fighter & shooterwar mission & save the nation from these mighty enemy forces.Which have taken over the city & now taking command over thedesert island. You are selected as a best gunner superhero for thiscritical mission to counter ruthless terrorists. You are wellorganized with lethal weapons & modern developed helicopter.You are a brave war hero soldier with incredible tactics offighting who is capable of a heroic change. Defeat the enemy armyon land by your helicopter & make the island free from theirhand.Features:• Amazing 3D audio & visual effects• Interesting& breathtaking gameplay• Top-notch & real time soundeffects• First person shooter (FPS) game• Marvelous levels ofshooting missionPS. We work hard to ensure that our games runproperly on every major android phone and tablet. If however youencounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy our games, pleasereport it to
The Gunner Empire - Free Gunner FPS Shooter 1.3.1
The Gunners Empire is a first person shooter game with lots ofbrain exercise as criminal domination in the city has increased andreputation for lawlessness is quite famous! Be a commando shooterand get the tribute.Soldier! You have been called To perform acovert operation and destroy their stronghold in the city to bringback the peace. Use your iron tanks if needed. Shoot to kill as itscritical.Terrorists are equipped with the weapon of modern era andthey wont let go even a single good man. They are evil forcefocused to do bloodshed on a large scale. They torture thepeace-makers till death and enjoy this.Enemy is roaming around inthe Humvees and surveillance of their strong hold is on apachehelicopters, Rpg and AK47 as these are the standard weapons theyhave and skilled in counter attacks.The gangsters are dominatingover the law and have ruined the peace. They openly demonstratetheir superiority over the law and their criminal skills are wayabove all. Commando shooter could kill them. Strike sniper and openthe fire. Behold on the iron tanks. Shoot to kill the terrorists.The underworld gangs are very well organized when it comes towarzone, you need to become a part of them in order to break them.You young man! We trust that you would disguise yourself as one ofthem and uproot them from the kingdom. Test your shooting skillsand you also might have to fight without weapons as and whenrequired ! In this critical mission, wish you Good Luck Soldier !Tribute awaits for you when you come back from the warzone.Featuresof The Gunner Empire;Unlimited challenging battle missionsRealCrime city 3d environmentReal life sound effectsSuperior GunnergunsDrive the battle tankUse the RPG to shot down battlehelicopters
Scary Clown in Carnival: Halloween Night 1.0.4
In Scary Clown in Carnival: Halloween Night comes the famousHalloween Night carnival as Brazil partakes in halloweenfestivities as a traditional way by decorating the Christmas treewith various embellishments and arranging a grand Carnival for allto participate and get amused on the halloween night. This time thefamous spooky hallows carnival of Rio has been organized in a joyland with rides and swings all around but it has turned into aclown horror night with several spooky clowns sightings. Aseveryone is happy and busy in the joy they are getting from theChristmas carnival arranged in Rio de Janeiro, there has also beenscary clowns sightings of a creepy clown there who has taken overthe horror night to terrorize the civilians as a criminal clown. Asyou enter the halloween night carnival being the elite specialforces commando to protect it from any unforeseen misfortune fromthe criminal clown, you see a creepy clown laughing devilish andshowing some unusual signs of body language.As you are the securityyou have different tasks to perform and you got to make sure thatnothing is going fishy around. The criminal clown has a weapon andyes he is trying to hurt and kill people, oh my God what is it?Well now you got to take some actions as his real face is unknownto you and it is crowd in the carnival indulged in their amusement.But anyway you have to stop the notorious activity and arrestcriminal clown. He wants to escape from all this crime. Make theirescape fail and catch evil clowns. Criminal clown is a bad man andhe wouldn't mind shooting the innocent civilians. Don’t let thiscriminal activity be a hurdle in the amusement of folks and don'tlet the clown escape in this scary clown game.Being the policeofficer you have to maintain the security and harmony of the grandcarnival of Rio and make sure that the creepy criminal clownescapes & hurts no one. It is an hour of need where you have toprove your skills which were taught to you by the elite forcesdepartment. The evil clown won’t be visible all the time as itscrowded place. This Crime has to be stopped and it is a mission foryou to complete. Give pick and drop to the people and snatch hisstick and gun and weapons which he has.This free 3D shooting gameis unique and compatible with different smart phones, its amusingaddictive gameplay won’t let you leave the game.FeaturesAmazing 3DHalloween EnvironmentReal life sounds effectsMap facilityMissionsto accomplishLimited time to completeVarious weapons including SMG,Sniper, RifleCollect Bonus upon clearing a levelChance to be aPolice manAddictive and challenging gameplay
Gangster Train Shooting 2017 1.3
Gangster Train shooting 2017 is a challenging first person shootergame where enemies have ruthlessly captured the platform andtrains. The innocent civilians have been made hostages to blackmailus. The game revolves around a hardcore shooting and fire exchangebetween you and the enemies. Use your map to see the enemyattack.You have close aim option to take accurate head shots andget them off the platform and the trains. The brutal enemy has evilaims, but we trust in your shooting skills and your experience inclose combats with such enemies. Let us make sure that you wouldfree the hostages while killing the invaders. You have upgradedlatest technology weapons to encounter the enemy bloody terrorists,so show your shooting skills. This frontline operation calls forsoldiers who want to restore the peace of the platforms and thetrain. They, the enemy has dared to attack the trains and cargocontainers as well. There is no way you return defeated, the onlyoption is to win this war. It is an emergency call and you have tolead this military operation of modern combat.Features3D ImmersiveenvironmentMap optionMissions to completeStrategy to useVariousmultiple weaponsDifferent situationsReal life sound effectsHeadshots with Zoom/aim
Russian Secret Army Training 1.1
Russian Federation has a number of military academies of differentspecialties in which individuals are trained to serve the stateeither as a commando soldier or as a special secret agent. Russianinstitutions called academy are post-graduate professional militaryschools for experienced and commissioned officers. ForeignIntelligence Service (SVR) is a successor to the KGB’s first chiefdirectorate and is interested in Brave, intelligent, fit andpatriotic youngsters who could join as a secret agent. FSB trainsthe agents in Army academia.You have been selected as traineesoldier for the secret army combat training which will take you tothe next level. As soon as the training starts you can’t tellanyone what exactly are you doing as you have to keep it a secret.For the rest of your careers you can not disclose what you are asyou would be an agent of rival secret service of Russia.To be apart of Russian Army one must be intelligent as well as tough. Thistraining gives you a mental and physical exertion to the peak andlet you experience the worst of scenarios. This would be done toenable you to survive in the toughest situations and encounter theenemy in the battle field, close combats and full scale hardcorewar. You have to complete all levels of this secret camp training.It includes weapons training, crawling, rope climbing, swimming,schwimmen, shooting, aiming, running, balancing, exposure tofreezing night outs and much more challenging exercises to make youa tough fighter who could fight any dangerous situation for hissurvival. Military training is meant to break you and then makeyou. Upon graduation, officers trained in military leadershipreceive the equivalent of a master's degree and be a part of armedforces as battalion commanders or higher from Lt. Colonel and upperposts. So honor your time and skills and prove to be a secret Armyleader who can conquer the world. Kill the enemies in the war andfight for freedom and land.Features3D Russian environmentReal lifesound effectsChallenging game playTough military exercises Chanceto feel like secret agent soldierGet into Russian Secret Army
City Robot Revenge War Machine 1.0
City Robot Revenge War Machine is a futuristic moto robot battlegame. If you love transformation, this is the game for you. Enjoythe robotic battle arena where high tech robo villains will try todestroy the mother earth and you have a job to protect the peopleof earth. Revenge is the goal. Revenge war machines are In the cityto fight the enemy evil. It is the era of transformation. Robotsare transformers.Robots came from the galaxy on this planet. Theyare killing the people and destroying every architect they see.Seems like no army can take over them and they seems to have onlyone mission, to stay here forever and rule on people. It's time tolaunch the high tech war robot against the enemy force to defeatthem in this battle of new era. World army was working on high techfuturistic robots for over two decades. It's a battle of futuristicrobots with weapons where a specie has to survive at any cost.Upgrade your weapons, destroy your enemy robots with endlessammunition and prove your bot fight skills at each level. Useartificial intelligence of your robot and fire with your missiledefense system to destroy high tech powerful robots. It is a matterof survival on the earth and now we got to see how powerful theenemy could be. Onslaught the enemy evil force and kill them. Killthem and pushing them back is the only option. Destruction iseverywhere but you need to ensure that war machines fighting in thecities are up and on the go. City robots are super in the power andcould destroy what they want.Features of City Robot Revenge WarMachine:Mission Oriented gameImmersive 3D EnvironmentRealisticsound effectsMultiple sci-fi weapons to fightMap option to fightbetterFeel like a RobotChallenging game play
Super Training Sniper Shooting 1.1
A free 3d super action game for the ones who really know what ittakes to be a sniper shooter. It is all about intense heavy weaponssuper training. The intense heavy weapons are of different kindsand all belong to the US Army. The military game which is notimmersive in its environments but also super addictive in its gameplay.The enemy attacked the control lines of the country and theyattacked with full force. The army never expected this attack butthey surprised the peace makers. After bearing great loss in theform of soldier deaths, now we need to re-redesign our weapontraining course. The enemy has occupied your land and they arehidden in the buildings and houses. The Army has to conduct a supermilitary operation. In this crucial military operation some sniperassassin shooters are required to kill the enemy and push them backout of the line of control or the country boundary. Now is the timethe trainers prepare super commandos and super soldiers to be thebest snipers of the world. The assassinations of the enemy men isneeded badly. However do not forget it is a close combat shootingand enemy is loaded with various heavy weapons too. Get to the armytraining ground and be at your toes. This super training would makeyou undefeatable and stronger in your skills. Weapons are thelatest high-tech machines to be used in intense wars like this.Show some skills and learn shooting.This is a secret military camphidden from the government meant to prepare some super snipersshooters for the intelligence. Feel like an agent sniper and be thebest commando. Assassin the terrorists. If terrorists remain herethey would occupy more land and this is intolerable. Lets hit themhard by beginning with the hardcore sniper training.FeaturesAmazing 3d environmentsReal life sound effectsAddictivegameplayImmersive graphicsChallenging missionsSnipers to shoot andkillLimited time to perform different tasks in trainingChance to bethe snipers shooter in Army
Shooting in Carnival 2017 1.0.2
Shooting in Carnival 2017 is a third person shooting game. Thosewho have a passion for fight while using their secret intelligenceskills, this game is for them. Great to see people and familiesaround in the carnival near Christmas but a terrorist has gotinside to spread terror and do some target killing. Christmas joysare at the peak and we want peace around. Some high profilecelebrities and politicians are there along with their families inhis absolute fun carnival and terrorist wants to kill them one byone. Our secret intelligence agency informed the Police about theforecasted unforeseen event that might happen. As a precaution wehave sent this team to the carnival to protect the targets. Youhave the creed through which you got to maintain the peace of thetown and let us stay save. It is our creed that would guide us. Youhave the weapons like short gun, pistol, riffle and others to use.Short gun, pistol, riffle and other weapons are heavy weapons toencounter such terrorism. Tribute awaits for you as a savior. Wewant the enemy dead or alive when you return.Tribute has to betaken by us. You have been trained. Strike sniper and kill. Sniperstrike will work. Battle field is never easy. Move on and use yourintelligence abilities to win. It is a war between the good and thebad. So you must not lose.Carnival has different swings and narrowpaths where people are walking and playing, taking swings andeating. You conduct your operation in such way that people do notget terrorized. Shooting in Carnival 2017 has the perfect play togive you a chance to show your shooting skills. Military must notbe called and let not this secret operation go on such extreme.Assassin is dangerous and we should kill him.FeaturesAddictive gameplayBeautiful 3d environmentChase the target and shootMultipleweapons to experienceChallenging levels.Christmas carnival crowd.
Train Hero Commando Shooter 1.0
Train Hero Commando Shooter is a thrilling and action pack game forthose who are in the revenge mode and wants to free the innocentpeople. It is a FPS first person shooter game with thrill and fastaction to prove the special commando skills right at the battle.Download it now and get immersed in this train shooting game toconquer what we lost.Terrorists are much evil but they don’toutnumber us and they can never. Good wins over the evil. A groupof enemy which is equipped with heavy weapons have hijacked a trainfull of passengers. They knew the soft targets and they did exactlywhat terrorists have always done. They captured it right from theplatform and are big in number. The enemy is holding innocent menand women and has made them hostages to deal with security forceslike us. You have been chosen as the brave lead commando who has toconduct this mission alongside the railway track while the train ison the move. You have been through extensive commando trainingwhile you were in the training academy and now is the time of warzone, that you prove your army skills. Get in action and grab yourkit. Soldier! You have one of the best weapons of the world for youto fight the enemy. You have an edge because of your aim too, theguns army has provided you are modern army sniper rifles like M107,M4 a1 and MK 11. Sniper rifles like M107, M4 a1 and MK 11 are thebest weapons for the close combat. Enemy knows we are the best. Thebad men have to die. We want the bad men dead or alive in this warzone. This is the special military ops mission which you have tolead as the captain. Never back down and stay intact with theirstrategies. Get the hostages free alive. Commando! We want theinnocent civilians back. Be the hero of the nation as close combatsaint easy. Strike hard to kill them. Strike hard to execute theevil enemy and show the world how brave you are. In Train HeroCommando Shooter, you got to shoot right at the aim. Take the bestposition on the platform and hold your breath well, take the aimand shoot. This process has to be repeated while you shoot in thisclose combat. Aim at the right time and shoot to kill. It is acritical and crucial operation. People are looking upon us. We haveto be the saviors. To be the hero of the people you got to win thisfight. Be victorious and get the tribute. Tribute is for those whofight well. Keep our heads high. The enemy has to die. The hijackedtrain has to get free and you would make this special militaryoperation a success. Strike hard to kill these brutal bloodyenemies. Brutal bloody enemies have no place on earth. Win thisclose combat battle and get the army tribute. War is between goodand the evil and good will win always. All the eyes are on you now.Features of "Train Hero Commando Shooter"Real life soundeffectsImmersive environmentAddictive game playMultiple missions tocompleteChance to be the war hero Various weapons and gunsRewardsand bonuses
Police Car Hero: Super Chase 1.2
Police Car Hero: Super Chase will change the way you look at policecar chase games. Police Car Hero: Super Chase is the latestimmersive racing action filled 3D police pursuit car chase racingsimulator game of 2017 which puts you in the driving seat of a copfully loaded with weapons & guns. Tests your driving skillsagainst criminals, mafia gangsters and evil terrorists who aredesperate to outrun you & runaway. The road is your battlezone. Race, smash, attack & destroy the evil enemy cars &save the residents of your city. Chase the enemy and kill them. Winthe battle against the evil.You are not only the finest sharpshooter of the police but also the best police car chase driver.That is why you’ve been chosen for a special purpose which is tosmash, attack and take down the cars of criminals who are desperateto run away. Just like you your cop car is extraordinary. It isloaded with weapons and guns so you can shoot and take down thecriminals. Get ready & hold on tight because you are about toembark on the craziest & wildest police car chase of your life.Take down your enemy with the help of weapons like machine gun& rocket launcher as you chase them on your super car. Shoothigh speed mafia gangsters, chase criminals escaped from jail &smash the cars of evil terrorists in the most exciting & actionfilled racing game now!There is terror on the streets of the citybecause of the evil criminals, terrorists and mafia gangsters. Butyou do not fear them because you trust your driving skills and yousuper car. You are the hero residents of your city trust. You drivein your super car around the city fighting evil criminals and thatis what makes you the true hero the residents of your city love.Unfortunately the crime rate has increased in the past few dayswhich is why you’ve been called on emergency basis. You are beingprovided with various super cars, weapons and guns. Choose yourdesired car, weapons and guns and battle the criminals. Race,smash, shoot and destroy their cars to stop them from committingmore crimes and to take them down. They would try their best tooutrun you and runaway but your driving skills are far superior soit wouldn’t be difficult for you to stop them. Use your machineguns and rockets to destroy enemy cars. Shoot at them or smash themwith you fast super car. Race like you are racing for your lifebecause the innocent civilians look up to you. There are plenty ofaction filled missions for you to keep you entertained and busy.Choose from various cars and shoot your way to victory. Battle anddefeat the evil terrorist, mafia gangsters and criminals to winthis war. Use your machine guns and rockets wisely and race as fastas you can to take down the evil enemy. Smash enemy cars if theycome close to you and make runaway for the desperate enemyimpossible. You have a fast super car loaded with guns to help youfight crime. You trust your racing and driving skills and fear noone matter if it’s the evil terrorists, mafia gangsters orcriminals escaped from jail. So go out, race, shoot, smash &attack the enemy cars. Destroy all of them to restore the peace ofthe city. The residents look up to you. It is your chase to shinelike a star now. Be the hero your people deserve. With actionfilled gameplay, shooting, racing, chasing, realistic cars,graphics and sound effects this game is a must play! Plenty ofmissions, various weapons & guns, and lots of cars to race!FEATURES OF Police Car Hero: Super Chase:- Realistic sound effects-Plenty of challenging missions- Addictive & action filled gameplay- Various sports cars to choose from- Multiple machine guns androckets to use- Racing, smashing, chasing in a single game
League of Power Hero Rangers - Hero Endless Runner 1.3
Run and fly on the roads as Power Spiderweb 3d hero Rangers &use your powers.
3D Hero Super Spider Rider - Moto Traffic Shooter 1.9.1
Ride the mean streets of Vegas Gangster Crime City as 3D Hero SuperSpider Rider & bring gangsters of 3d Vegas Gangster Crime Cityto legacy of justice in this traffic shooter racing game. Ridesuper fast motor bikes as a strange spiderweb incredible herofighter, Fire missiles, use NOs, spider web or simply destroy carswith turrets and guns and targets to come out victorious as youplay this traffic shooter superhero Vegas Gangster fighting game.Drift your super fast sports motor bike traffic hunter &destroy cars in this fast paced traffic shooting moto racing gamewith a twist of 3D hero traffic hunter game as well. Being lasthope of humanity's fluchtplan spider super incredible hero legendhas always served this Vegas Gangster City in the dark nights withits mutant powers. Amazing super spider legacy has always playedhis role on catching the reckless bad guys, fighting the supervillains, monsters and criminals who have tried to destroy thepeace of the metropolis city and cause injustice among civilians,before they getaway. The legacy of amazing spider 3D hero hasproved himself a true hero traffic shooter. Ride on your traffichunting ride to take on the most dangerous villains and monsters inthe reckless moto traffic hunting race. Race your rival racers anddominate everyone throughout the metropolis city as a superfastamazing spider hero traffic hunter, just when police block cityisn't an option anymore.Drive like a bullet, ride on the roads ofthe most beautiful miami city in this breakout battle of heroes andbeat your super power opponents in this getaway motor bike raceendless fighting game. The only goal of mutant super incrediblehero legend is to recklessly race throughout the city prevail overthe super villains. It's a breakout battle of strange superherofighting. It's a combat of super powers. Show your super powerracing skills. Drive like no one can. Show some stunts that no onehas courage to do. When you are on your super-fast motor racingbike the whole city is yours in this battle of heroes of chaos.Ride and race like a pro and dominate the city and show yourabilities because the heroes never die. Use your super powers toassualt enemy soldiers, and take the villains out of the race orride like a fastest man alive with rope, chains and sticks. Hityour rivals with stick, rope or change if you or play clean if youwant to have a clean ride and race. With amazing turns on the roadand busy highway will make this heroes battle difficult and thisgame wild. In the world of climbing wall, spider super hero leagueranger is here to show justice and amazing bike stunts.Become anultimate champion hero & super flying spider of this amazingmoto city fight against incredible gangsters & vice criminals.Super villain & mafia hero in battlezone can dominate you bytheir amazing mutant stealth moto ride shooting action but you as asuper spider have some supernatural powers to defeat them so youneed to varnish the last hope of gangster survival. Defeat &smash the agent of gangster team brutally by your amazing fighter& rider skills in battlefield. So, be like hero & master ofdestruction against your hardcore enemy, rival & opponents tomake your city heaven for innocent people. Don’t let them escapefrom your attack in this way you will finish the war in battlezoneby your amazing & real stunts action. So let’s start playingthis 3D action filled super spider rider in moto citygame like afearless fighter and win an amazing battle.Features of 3D HeroSuper Spider Rider:1) Immersive 3D Racing and Bike StuntEnvironment2) Unique Powers to destroy on-coming traffic andenemies3) Realistic Racing Game 3D Sound Effects4) Amazing gamephysics 5) Plenty of levels to complete6) Bat, spiderweb and chainwith strange super powers to make game more interesting
Mech Shooter Transform Hero 3D 1.1
Play & feel safe as the futuristic cyborg mech fighting game ofsuper jetpack robot avengers in the high tech super robot jetpacktransformation avenger war to save good robots from the attack ofmodified evil transform robots. The mega tower confrontationunderwater station is on fire as evil robots gang & squadronhave taken over in this one of the latest robots underwater apps.The spaceship has flying over the grand city and the evil hi techiron transform robots have taken hold of it. People of the grandcity are terrified as the grand city space carrier is the onlything that's standing as their only defense super hero squad. Theenemy transformer super have come to this planet withonly one evil aim; to invade the planet and make humans theirslaves in mech battle. In this futuristic scifi era, the only thingthat can save this planet from invasion and destruction is you thehigh tech futuristic robot hero avenger. Save your people from warof transformed robots jetpack who made you their most advancesfuturistic iron robot, in this free 3D Super Robot shootingunderwater app and annihilation mech fighting game. Serve them bysquare it in this mech battle of futuristic shooting mech flying airobots and cause massive destruction.You have all the modernweapons, ammunition, artillery and all the super scifi weapons youwould need in this mech battle with these transformed 3D robots.Use your guns and mech robot paratrooper’s army canons to win thismech war against mighty monster mech robots. Destroy each and everytransformed evil robot by advance munitions & jetpack flyingthat is on an evil quest to destroy the beautiful planet. People ofthis planet are depending on you, to bring justice and build yourlegacy as a true robot hero poseidon. Save the ultimate empire atbattle ground and become their legion rising hero 3D. Air policeand army have tried their best to defend the city but they couldn'tstand against them because they don’t have metal soldiers. It's nowyour job to combat the enemy and shoot your way to the victory bydestroying the legacy robot ring as poseidon. Avenge their brutalkilling by explosive of bombs, and stop the legionary rising. Yourperfect aim makes you capable of fighting in long and close rangecombat against space robots, and emerges as an earth protectorrobot car against legion rising.Beware the enemy mech war robot carsoldiers are modified and have the power of tank domination, laserguns and x-ray capabilities. They can destroy anything in seconds,so this difficult task lies on you to avenge your people in thislegion war and make them bumble in strike. They have destroyed manybuildings, schools and supermarkets. With their laser guns it'sdifficult to destroy modified mech android robot. With their x-rayand night vision capabilities modified super android robot can seeeven in the night to dominare. Take revenge of the massacre. Chasethem down to aim shoot them all. Don't let them escape and stop thelegionary rising. Once the modified mighty monster iron enemyrobots gone under legion war they will definitely try to escapefrom this arquitectura ultimate empire. Find them and destroy eachof them before they escape, and weave your legacy as a true herowith mighty monsters smash.Use your strange android robotsuperweapons and canon in the long range battle of heroes and gunsin the close range battle with the futuristic iron super robots.Show your robot war shooting skills and be the hero the world needright now in this mighty monsters smash. Lock and load all yourguns, canons, superweapons and all the artillery and start yourfree 3D robot hunt mech game.Features of Mech Shooter Transform3D:Immersive futuristic 3D environmentRealistic sci fi sounds inmech battle gamesDifferent hi tech futuristic robotsChallenginggameplayRealistic futuristic game physicsStunning Visual Effects
Flying Superhero Robot Avenger 1.2
Play as a flying spider web superhero robot avenger and rescuefallen war heroes from the futuristic robots war. During the timesof mecha wars, fulfill your duty as a jetpack superhero and rescueinjured soldiers from the invaders battle.If you are a fan offlying super rope hero warrior robots then this free 3D herojetpack shooter game is for you. A game with war torn extreme cityenvironment ready to immerse you as the avenger hero of the game.This free iron hero game brings in the real modern era action tofulfill the need of hardcore action. An immersive 3D environmentwhich says it all when you see it as if enemies have attacked itbadly and shuttered its beauty and peace. Use your special opssuperhero escape powers and fly throughout the worn torn supercityafter the future war. The Army is fighting physical and mind battlewith the evil forces and trying to defend the supercity. Let’s seehow you play your part as a jetpack superhero robot avenger in it.There would be military trucks, jeeps, ambulances, cargo trucks andother war vehicles, you got to look for the injured ones and reachthere as you fly fast as a jetpack superhero. A special power heroavenger robot who is here just to make a difference. Run throughoutthe supercity borders and control line. Help the military soldiers.They need help urgently. Remember there will be hurdles and traffictoo and you got to be very smarty. Flying iron rope hero Robots arethe powerful avengers. You have this flying power along with superiron hero skills. Be the one to rescue the commando soldiers andyour countrymen. They are in a dire need of help from a jetpacksuper hero of the league of justice. Be a brave heart and fly fastto the rescue point. Jetpack superhero fighting squad helps thefighters fighting with the terrorists. The enemy is not weak so weshould not take it easy. Fly fast and use your robot powers torescue the injured people from the future war. Be the flying robotavenger to bring back peace in the city. War has destroyed thepeace of the citizens. An amazing hero with super powers isrequired to restore the law and order by helping the army andmilitary forces. You are a part of superhero fighting squad andstrange flying robot hero who is capable of helping and rescue thewounded war heroes. FeaturesFree to play offline 3D hero actionavenger hero gameImmersive 3D city environmentReal life soundeffectsFlying robot experienceSuper powers to useVariousChallenging missions to accomplish30 addictive levels
Frontline Sniper War Shooting 1.0
An action filled first person shooter fps game to quench the thirstof your inner rapid killer shooter & gun shooting action. Afree 3D action sniper game for all who love gun shooting fpsaction, marine corps and are eager to play their part as themilitary army commando soldier combatant ranger. A free 3D FPSsniper game having a complete feel of war and battle at its peak toimmerse you and get you into this war action. About theEnemy:Antagonist terrorists are increasing in number and they havefunding from peace destroyers. They are well equipped with themodern weapons and super guns which are required to fight a bigwar. Antagonist enemy terrorist has unity. Their intentions aremuch evil and they seek to spread terror in your city, the land ofpeace. They know the military army marine corps is the protectorand that elite sniper killer assassin are the real heroes. They arealso afraid of the frontline military army commando combatantsoldier rangers but still they would attack from everywhere &soldiers have to be strong and strike back & combat with allthe power. We have to win this war and defeat the antagonist enemyterrorists. They might have modern weapons & super guns butthey are no match for your war fighting, gun shooting & combatskills. Enemy has attacked your city & it’s your duty to defendyour city with all your power & skills as the military armycommando soldier combatant sniper shooter ranger.MissionsIt’s acity environment and the antagonist terrorist enemy are not afraidto shoot & destrou the peace of your city. You the commandosoldier combatant ranger sniper shooter killer are trained hard tofight in such situations of extreme war with your sniper guns. Thisis the time to be a sniper shooter hero by successfully completingyour mission. On every step enemy would use their moder weapons andsuper guns to destroy the city peace and kill the army men. Youhave to lead the special military special ops mission and make sureyou win this combat to restore the peace of city. During the waryou have to keep your nerves strong. Never back down on thefrontline and never give up. Heroes are made in wars and battles.Let us show the enemy terrorist antagonists that we have the bestmilitary army soldier combatant commando ranger sniper shooters tocombat on the frontline. You are one of the best soldier combatantcommando sniper shooter ranger from the infantry and General has aspecial eye on you because he believes in your power & skills.Now fight like a killer shooter assassin and use your supercommando skills in this special ops military army mission. Thismission is an ongoing battle which is to save the innocent people.Use your snipers and guns to shoot the bloody enemy. Shoot andstrike hard. War shooting is to kill the enemy forces on thefrontlines and teach them a lesson. Various missions to complete.Be the best super army commando assault sniper & a true warhero.You are the best American elite sniper to shoot the terrorist,a rapid shooter killer assassin and all you need is that aim andcontrol on your finger on the trigger. Pull the trigger and executethe bloody antagonist enemy terrorists. Quench your thirst ofshooting at the enemy, Take head shots, cause full body impact andnever back down.Features of Frontline Sniper War shooting Real 3Dsound effectsImmersive 3D environmentFPS Sniper shootingexperienceVarious weapons to use
Anti Terrorist War Duty Heroes: FPS Modern Shooter 1.0.1
Anti Terrorist War Duty Heroes is a call FPS modern warfare counterterrorism shooter 3D where you counter terrorists with elements ofendless sniper shooting missions game. Immersive war on terrorshooter mission, easy controls and addictive sniper shootinggameplay make this modern counter attack shooting missions game, anexciting one. With several war on terror stealthy commandos counterterrorism swat shoot weapons to choose from, flaunt your shootingskills with firepower of hand guns, m4a1, Ak47 Assault rifles,grenades, employ your shooting skills and so much more in thiscounter terriost open war to earn medals. Heed your sniper duty& declare counter terriost open war on all the uprising warcriminals, defeat the battle terrorist and rebel camps in thismodern counter attack critical ops mission before they detonate thebomb reign during shoot fire in middle eastern desert warzone &reduce the counter terrorism degree in this modern combat shootermission. So if you're a die-hard fan of FPS sniper shooting, thanplay Anti Terrorist War Duty Battle Heroes.Global Terroristscounter sniper team and deadly criminals are hiding without afluchtplan on the desert gangster crime city near border andcausing a terror threat. They have already destroyed one city andare not afraid to shoot more to defeat the terrorist & warcriminals in the last battlefield. Military super soldier riflemanleadership had decided to conduct army man commando special opsswat mission against the deadly sniper enemy. You were a part offittest special counter operations forces SWAT team whose mainpurpose was to end this gorilla war once and forever but duringthis ongoing commando combat shoot you lost half of your swat team.You are one of the survivors in shooting combat, now all eyes areon you to moving help war rescue your sniper team mates andcomplete this special ops mission with your good old m4a1. Hidebehind cover, aim and stealthy swat shoot from the distance attheir base or chase them down and defeat in the close range battleto reduce the level of counter terrorism degree. Use sniper riflefrom the distance to shoot the terrorists and counter terroristthreat. Fight like an action shooter & fearless fighter andtake down the ruthless terrorists in this fatal fight endlessshooting combat game.Features of Anti War Commando Duty Heroes:•Immersive 3D desert environment• Realistic war game sound• FPSmobile game with open world elements• Various modernistic weaponsto use• Several Close Combat Missions to complete
Son Goku Epic Battle City Hero 1.4
You are not only the strongest and fittest martial arts herofighter but also the best in driving a super saiyan car and chasingevil monsters of the dragon city. Get ready & hold on tightbecause you are about to face the craziest enemy of the dragon gangz. Take down majin by your super saiyan hero fighting skills throwsome punches, do some flying kicks and show super saiyan kamehamehaand other fighting skills to beat your enemy in the battle of heroz. Show some martial arts skills in the most exciting & actionfilled Son Goku Epic Battle City Hero 3D reto numérico game now! Inaddition to that, you also get to drive a super car around the cityto chase with numerical challenge and precision to destroy enemyvehicles before the damage makes way to overseas stock market.Drive a super fast saiyan car to chase down the criminals andterrorists of the city in the never ending battle. The criminals ofthe gang z have taken over the dragon city. Save the city in theultimate ninja super saiyan 3D hero battle against the criminals ofthe dragon city. Play the super saiyan battle ninja game in newfighting styles. Drive the super fast super hero songoku car andfight against criminals of different gangsters and evils of thedragon city. The road is your super saiyan battle zone. Race,smash, fight & destroy the evil buu's cars & save theresidents of the dragon city and the overseas stock Chasedown the villains of the dragon pit city and inflict pain. Win yourbattle against Freeza and become the super saiyan.There is terroron the streets of the city because of the gangsters of the evil buuare roaming around freely. But goku ninja warrior does not fearthem because goku saiyan trusts his fighting styles to inflictdamage and his super saiyan snake io car. Goku is the person theresidents of the dragon city trust on. So drive in your supersaiyan car around the city fighting evil criminals self drive carsand that is what makes you the true superhero the residents of yourvegas city. Unfortunately the crime rate has increased in the pastfew days which is why the superhero super saiyan goku is beingcalled for into the snake io dragon pit. Super saiyan goku hasworked day and night on his ninja impact martial arts skills and onhis kamehameha to fight and kill the snake io enemy majin in thedragon pit.There are plenty of action filled missions for you tokeep you entertained and busy. Smash the super villains with yourflying kicks and Kamehameha and defeat the evil terrorist,gangsters of dragon ninja z and criminals to win this last war z.Use your machine guns and rockets wisely and race as fast as youcan to take down the evil enemy. Smash with ninja impact enemy carsif they come close to you and make runaway for the desperate enemyimpossible. You have a fast super car and you have all the superpowers. You trust your racing, fighting and driving skills and fearno one matter if it’s the evil terrorists, mafia gangsters orcriminals escaped from jail. So go out, race, chase, smash &attack the enemy super cars. Destroy all of them to restore thepeace of the city. The residents look up to you. It is your chanceto shine like a star now in last war z. Be the ninja warrior heroyour ninja impact to your people. With action filled lomake vegetagameplay, shooting, racing, chasing, fighting, graphics and soundeffects this game is a must play!Features of Son Goku Epic BattleCity Hero:Stunning graphics and amazing soundsTransform to supersaiyan for super powersFlexible moves of martial artsEasy controlsand amazing battle environment
Stickman Avengers League Hero 1.1
Get ready to take charge of new league of stickman free avengersleague 3D hero to repel and annihilate enemy waves to score high inthe high school basketball court. Ultimate armed ninja stickmandismount is equipped with fun filled sickest moves, lethal weaponsto collisions, whereabouts stickman run and jump and an unforgivingbat. Total annihilation stickman dismount avenger rises as one ofthe armato shinobi heroes, and flaunt his ultimate pavlov ninjashinobi skills as the gangsters attack high school basketballmadhouse court in this real stickman escape mission. Let’s save theempire of school basketball by stair dismount level ofenemies.Stickman 3D draivis Avengers Alliance League 3D Hero is anamazing action free 3d ninja warrior stickman escape mission. Thosewho are thirsty to quench the thirst for fun filled ninja assassinstickman ragdoll mission while wearing a face mask, this isdefinitely your game. The ninja hardcore assassin stickman warrioraction has started and real stickman is all ready to face &destroy enemy. The time is less and mission is hard when you arethe earth protector. The enemy which is a drug mafia has attackedthe school gymnasium and the league of handsome stickman heroes wasnot ready during the school routine. Now it is you who has thisresponsibility trying to execute the drug mafia cartel and restoreleague of stickman ragdoll run legend writ before the schoolroutine resumes. The more you kill, crash and double jump the moreyou collect cash and gold as your reward and purchase guns, rifleand heroes' bat in this stickman run and jump fightinggame.Stickman ragdoll heroes avenger Surveillance league is all setwith the weapons he has got to face a wave of enemies at once. Thisis the first and the last chance you to swept to prove yourself tobe one of the stickman sin heroes and take your stickman revenge innight shift. Be a brave ninja shadow run stickman legend that neverbacks down. This is action filled and stickman warriors have burnttheir boats already. Defeat & destroy the evil terrorists whoare planning to rule this city with the terror they are spreadingwith your stickman defense. The enemy is a drug mafia who haslooted a lot of money and now they have used this black money tobuy heavy stickman shooter weapons and destroy the peace of thehero sky ninja city but the one man army stickman warrior’s crashtheir party with its stickman defense. You the one man armystickman warriors have some special stickman dismount fight. Thisis a stickman revenge that has no room for tolerance against theevil. Win this battle against stickman crash the league of evilenemies and show everyone that you are the hardcore stickmanfighter of the city with its sword fighting skills. Variousmissions you have to complete one by one and tougher it gets ahead.FeaturesStickman ragdoll physics gameReal life soundsImmersive andamazing 3d environmentChallenging missions Powerful ninja warriorstickman sword fighting and stickman fight combosRewards to collect(Cash and Gold)Bat, guns and rifles to use
The Floor is Lava Run: Ben Alien War Hero Action 1.1
Play as Ben Alien superhero in this floor is lava challenge endlessrunning game, where you prove your reflexes and accomplish thefloor is lava 2017 challenge. A Special human with some mutanteextra super abilities to bring a change and protect the planet fromvillains. Ben Alien War Hero Action Run is free Ben Alien hero 3daction run game for those who can challenge the most catastropheand ill fortune times to show their skills in escaping thehardships ahead as a superhero alien in this floor is lavachallenge. A free Ultimate Ben Alien hero 3d game recommendationhave some immersive 3d graphics with addictive gameplay to escapethe fire and dangers on the way to the destination to completefloor is lava challenge. Ben fights back & must avoid slew offire and obstacles while collecting party blackjack challengeartifacts to gain much mutante strength and power to fight the evergrowing enemy and avoid the floor is lava! Moreover, you can alsounlock a female incredible superhero Gwen, and protect the planetwith new character of Gwen as one of the female superheroes.Big BenAlien is trapped on a hill side and all he sees is boiling lava andfire on the sides to escape the spider world. Ben fight has to usehis mutation & flying superheroes powers which he took from thealien DNA to jump from one peak to another in his spider worldescape. Ben Alien is now on his way on mission escape as he jumpsafter reviewing the environment which is filled with big traps andhurdles. A sound mind & Ben transform is required to analyzethe situation and escape these dangerous traps which are lifetaking in this mission of flying superheroes. Big Ben Alien saiyanwarrior is all set with his natural hero powers (extracted from thespecial alien DNA) to win these mars city wars which is on its end.The mission escape survival is the goal of this superheroadventure. Action run is at its peak to find its super hero escape.If fallen in fire, it would burn the super galactic warfare herohere. Be careful while crossing the hurdles to protect the planet.The Alien Ben transform must happen and alien combat must be won bythe earth warrior in this hero survival escape mission in this newsuperhero game.The great thing in Ben Alien War Hero Action Run isthat you could collect artifact and power ups to increase yoursuper saiyan powers and abilities. Do not miss on this super heroescape action opportunity to win this final fight. Survive andescape the ill fortune. The enemies are evil that you'll encounteron this mission of heroes. Enemies want to kill the mankind andrule the world of stones and jewels for their good. Ben Aliensaiyan warrior is all set to show that we still exist in this worldto win the war against evil aliens in this superhero adventure. Somake your mark and cross all the hurdles and traps and bevictorious as ultimate earth protecting force warrior to completeyour survival escape mission.FeaturesFree Alien Ben Hero 3d actionGameImmersive environmentReal life sound effectsAddictivegameplayPlenty of dangerous Missions to accomplish
3D Neighbor House Escape Game Neighbor Escape 1.2
Say hello to neighbor from your nightmares, living in his strangemysterious mansion. Get into his house and collect strange thingsand spy on strange angry neighbor's activities and find out what heis up to in this mysterious mansion map.Since he got in to yourneighborhood, he is acting stranger and stranger every day. Becauseof some weird and even stranger things happening in neighborhood,you decided to monitor his activities. You have been monitoringyour neighbor for a long time then suddenly something strange cameup and you decided to take things in your hand so can you survive?Get in his ark, survive and see what he is up to. Be smart andquick. Take some things with you for further investigation in thismansion map. Be secretive and don't get caught else you will haveto face the charges of breaking in some ones house and stealing histhings. It's a scary task and perform it like a detective hero inthis survival horror room escape adventure game.Since you have beenmonitoring him, you know his in and out timings. You know when cameback from office and go out for shopping, you know when he buygroceries, and when he visit supermarkets. Get into his survivalark when he is not home, so you won't get caught and escape theroom. Wait for him outside his mansion, when he came out of hishouse to go for the supermarket, get in his house before the doorget shut and steal the horror maps for his mansion. Get in the mainhall, his bed room, store room, kitchen and gymnasium. Collectvolleyball and anything weird and anything useful. Be careful it'san old and a very big house. The house is like a maze it's easy toenter and difficult to find your way out and be vigilant in thisfree survival horror room escape adventure game.Features of AngryNeighbor Mystery MansionAmazing 3D mysterious mansionImmersive 3DgraphicsRealistic sounds and amazing gameplayThrilling andmysterious missions to complete
Goku Super Saiyan Dragon Ninja 1.2
Every night the terror of dragon ninjas take over the city. Thecriminals of mafia underworld of dragon ninja clan are roamingaround the dragon pit city for the ultimate clash of ninjas. Theyrob the banks, kill the innocents and threaten the citizens. Theyaren't afraid of police or army. The police have tried to catchthem but couldn't. They walk like shadow and perform kung fu tobeat everyone. It's now in your hand as saiyan goku ninja warriorassassin to save the city from the evil of dragon ninja and destroythe mafia underworld cartel in this ultimate clash of ninjas. Thistime, it's not only about fighting for survival or fighting withcriminal cartels it's about saving people from the bloody roar ofevil in this ultimate ninja warrior assassin saga.They aredestroying the city with weapons and threatening the legends ofninja warriors. But here you are being a 3D avenger hero fightingwith terror without any weapons like a dragon warrior firingkamehameha. Super san goku saiyan warrior is not afraid of them.Take them down, hit the enemy with some superpower kicks andthrough the kungfu punches, show some super power kamehamehasequence blast and other fighting skills in the battle of z ninjaclash. Show some ultimate ninja warrior assassin martial artsskills in the most amazing super power hero goku saiyan vs dragonninja game. This action has to be completed by a 3D hero like youand to save the grace of the legends of ninja warriors. Save yourcity from terror of ninja clash and never step back in this sangokusaiyan hero 3D action game. These dragon trunk ninja warriors havesome weapons for martial arts too so you better be careful.Smashthe majin with your flying kicks and Kamehameha and defeat the evilterrorist of dragon ultimate ninja to win this war and avenge theinnocents in the. The residents look up to you. It is your chanceto shine like a ninja superhero now. Be the ninja avenger hero yourpeople deserve by avenging them. Fight against buu in this dragonfight ninja clash. With action filled gameplay and sound effectsthis game is a must play!Features of San Goku Super Saiyan Dragonninja warrior fighting game:Immersive 3D environment with realisticsound effectsShoot Super saiyan KamehamehaPerform martial artsEasyControls and amazing gameplay
Spider Crime City Bank Rescue - FPS Shooting Game 1.3
Step into the new age city rescue spider world & play asspecial ops cubic strange flying spider incredible hero. In this 3Daction packed spider hero game, you need to take vengeance backVegas Extreme Crime City's bank from dangerous gangster assault ofmiami crime city. Eradicate all enemies by using your future warassault weapons, cat bomb and hand grenades in this last war ofmodern combat commando counter in city survival game. With vicethug open car deadly criminals taking hold of the miami crime citybank and having taken hostages. You're the last hope from new ageof incredible hero forces of hero city for the city survival andwar bar rescue of all those active citizens from this gangsterassault bank robbery. Lead the command of the special ops criticalforce in war rescue commando shooting strike operation as thelegacy of amazing spider heroes of chaos. While shooting all thevice thug open car villains and the miami criminals that stand inyour way to stop the bank robbery. Perform real bank war rescue andrestore survival city's peace in this one of the most rescue heroesaction filled city survival endless shooting games to build yourlegacy. This endless shooting & fighting game lets you use ahost of electrifying assault snipers, assault rifles, cat bomb andhand grenades. Make your frag bombs reign over the extreme crimecity of terrorists & gangsters villains. Spider Miami CrimeSurvival City Bank Rescue offers an intuitive Miami map with FPS 3dhero last commando counter sniper team of shooting to experiencewith several survival and shooting missions. Choose from variousgangster assault weapons and play styles to repel this Miami combatcity attack to rescue heroes. Save all the innocent civilians fromharm’s way and deadly criminals as the fittest spiderweb, spiderrope & rifleman of odd squad hero forces in the airforcecommando combat battlefield strike. This cubic 3d hero FPS strategyendless shooting game offers challenging commando combat in battleground in shooting game play. With high shoot & terrorintensity missions designed to diehard cater players of allcalibers, hit the target hard and make your super hero sniperhunter escape from the miami crime city bank robbery. Let go ofspiderweb for a while, and pick modern combat weaponry up to bringall the deadly criminals to justice in this counter terroristmilitary battle commando game. While being a part of the criticalspecial operations forces, infiltrate the miami crime city bankwith full force and battle your way through in our newest additionto cubic 3d hero FPS strategy shooter future war with last hopecommando counter terrorism game. Features:• Several endlessfighting game play scenarios • Easy to Use Intuitive first personcontrols • Realistic ragdoll physics• Top notch visuals • Morefirst person shooter missions to come
Wonder Warrior Woman 2017 - Sword Fighting Game 1.0.1
Play as a wonder warrior woman, princess of the amazonian peoplewho has come to rescue the people of world of warrior island cityin this 2017 superhero fighting game. With the legacy superherosword fighting wonder warrior woman strength, speed and super powerbracelets, she brings future of fight and future war to evilmurderers and monsters who spread injustice and destroy the peaceof the universe to cause order and kaos. The woman of wonderssuperhero fighters will be enforcing the transnational legacy ofjustice, and use her blade to destroy the entire galactic tribearmy of dead in this legacy of 3D hero sword endless fighting herogames. Start the endless superhero fighting hero games journey offull combat arena battle of future of fight in this sword endlessfighting game. Use order and kaos 3D hero game combat tactics tofight the antagonist dead army of cursed city fighter ultimateninja warriors who made the island of amazonian people theirbattlezone and bring the villains to league of justice with yoursuperhero fighters. Use your superhero fighting skills to survivein the 3D hero sword fighting arena io battle hero game to beat theskeleton army of dead people. Prove that you're a part of league ofheroes warrior, fearless fighter, and bring legacy of justice'sdawn to save lives by killing 3D Snake Tribe's army of dead becauseheroes never die because this is going to one of the bloodiestheroes battles. Since the members of Greek god temple drew thesouls of women who murdered by antagonist city fighter storm ninjawarriors on the island. It put the curse on the army of ninjawarriors. To lift the curse you have to come out triumphant &prove heroes never die, you are the last hope. They are fast andhighly skilled skeleton sword fighters. Now the lives of yourfearless fighter warrior sisters depend on you. Fight with an armyfull of ghosts to save the your land of world of warrior from theevil. You are an anticipated contest champion of arena battle and asuper hero legend among champions. Wonder warrior woman has foughtancient and modern combats and rose as one of the legendary heroesof chaos. But this is completely different, you have to final fightwith antagonists that are an army of ghosts in this 3D herosurvival arena endless fighting game and emerge as the anticipatedcontest's champion. Use the powerful bracelets to defend yourselfand blade of your sword to kill the dead army in the heroes battlesurvival arena to build your legacy as the heroes of chaos.
Pirates Caribbean: Dead Army - Arena Sword Fight 1.0.9
Pirates Caribbean Dead Army is an arena battle ninja combat swordfighting game.
Super Hero Shooter Navy Battle - FPS Shooting 1.2
Step on to real time navy battle of incredible warship combat atarena in this super spider brave hero 3D survival game. Use battlemap & assault sniper commando shooter superiority skills tofight for survival in flight against the waves of criminals &counter terrorists. As of the stealthy anti-terrorist special opssuper blast heroes you need to fight & level up your shoot fromnavy gunship battle solo missions.Let’s start to play in FPSshooting missions on frontier board of the navy battle of offensewarship. This war of real time warships in battle arena with fullFps combat shooting experience doesn't get anyone better than thisto defeat deadly criminals. Here you will take on & shootdownthe terrorists, gangsters and criminals from the sin city by astrategically war. Both the naval unit from air as stealthyairforce commando and assault sniper shooters can let you feel therising attack of fast paced enemies. Show your breathtaking shootfire skills on them & buried them on ground as well as lastcommando rifleman in war of action warships.Use various moderncombat commando assault weapons like M4A1, Assault Rifles, assaultsniper, MP5, Colt 45, and AK47 to fight evil in fleet battle. Inaddition throw frag grenades and flash bangs, so make the bombsreign supreme. Move from cover to cover for flag defense & usecover to your advantage while avoid enemy gunfire. This is thefuture war of commando shooting crafted battle, where you'll haveto make your arena battle plans strategically to adopt yoursituation in these super hero Special Forces operations. Use yourlimited hand grenade stock smartly when you make bombs reign in thenavy war combat in battlefield strike as you kill the last villainstanding upthere. So, play as the strange mutant spider super blasther & uncover his stranger spider web powers to unlock severalspider survival shooting missions. Since terrorists have taken overthe navy warship during the impossible war. You have to emerge asthe modern commando fearless fighter in this navy war PVP shooterwhere criminals are on to you. Use explosive barrels to youradvantage to kill'em all in the naval warfare survival arena andprove yourself as the fearless strange super hero shooter afteryour kill the last villain standing. Now, let’s start playing tobecome master chaos of critical navy battle in the middle of sea.Good luck!
Block Craft City - Pixel Neighbor Game 1.1
Blocky Craft City combines the elements of blocky heropanda cubic stealth survival io pixel games in downtown cubic blockcity with loads of 3D angry neighbors out to stop your mischief inthis usa fighting mafia crime city. This stealthy block survivalmission pixel game puts you in the shoes of 3d hero flying mutanteGlen, who is a crafty thief who is up to no good in the usa crimeblock city. The 3d hero mission of the pixel game is tosuccessfully steal various items from the neighborhood whileavoiding all your mutante angry neighbors, city exploration and bynot being caught to avoid super knock down. This block hero pandasurvival mission escape craft is all about making the right escapestrategy, city exploration and making the right move at the righttime. Because landing one wrong move could mean a lifetime fightingmafia in prison in the usa crime block city along with otherextreme criminals and offenders, so avoid your super knock down andprove that you're an untouchable flying mutant.Things have changedin this cubic block hero pixel town since you came back after yourprison break. All your strange neighbors are acting weird andtreating you badly like one of the police criminals. It's time toteach them a lesson and show them your crazy escape tricks in thisblock pixel survival. Take revenge of their bad behavior. Free Roamaround in this open world block pixel crazy town and steal thingsfrom their backyards. You will get plenty of useful things liketool boxes, chairs, tables, wooden boxes and volleyballs. Teasethem with your evil tricks. Beware of the police officers, they areon patrol and if you get caught, you could go to jail cop cityagain as a punishment for stealing things from other neighborshouse. Their cubic mansions are like maze, take the interestingstrange things and escape from their scary houses. Feel the thrilland excitement of roaming around freely and to guide yourself amongangry neighbors and surviving the terror of being caught in thissurvival escape police criminals game.
Incredible Monster Avenger: Monster City Fighter 1.0
Play as incredible monster avenger city fighter and start the 3Dgreen hero adventure of chaos and destruction in the last battle inthis action filled superhero fighting game. In this heroes battles,crush and smash the villains like superhero monster and roam freein the crime city of miami with your super jump, thump and strongpunches. Join the heroic battle as a smashing monster againstcriminals who fight people and terrorist, fighting mafia andprotect the innocent civilians from the evil invasion in the lastbattle. Drive the high speed racing cars, chase down the battletruck and villains in this avenger battle hero fight and heroesgame and perform crazy car stunts while fighting with antagonistcriminals. So get ready to bring the big fight to the battle herocity.The crime rate have gone up, the city is under attack byfighting mafia and antagonist criminals who are roaming aroundfreely, stealing things and robbing banks so play your role as asmashing monster in this clash of monsters with the city. It's nowgone out of police's hand. Play as avenger city fighter and protectthe city and take out the people from the shadow of terror in thisfight and heroes game. Show your incredible superpowers ofdestruction in the final battle against crime. Chase down thestealers and shooters with high speed car chase. Perform stuntswhile fighting with gunners as superhero avenger in the lastbattle. Crash and smash other cars or fight hand to hand battlewith villains, who fight people. Incredible monster has distinctpowers of demolition, he can pick any thing up and throw it easily.So pick up heavy trucks and cars and throw them like piece of paperand play this action fighting game as the rescuer of the innocentpeople.
Mom Prison Break Escape - Prison Escape Game 1.1
Surviving to chase freedom and escaping prison doesn't get anyintense than Mom Prison Break Escape Survival Mission, where youplay as an angry single mom who is hell bent towards making herprison escape plan by hooks or by crooks. With police guard dogs,jail break snipers and corrupt prison sniper guards at your tail,make an escape, and survive the onslaught of tough secure lockdownprison life in this survival escape mission. Stranded on mercilessalcatraz prison island, using your spy intelligence avoid all thepolice special ops commanders, jail break snipers, CCTV cameras anddevise a strategy to make your heroic impossible prison breaksurvival escape. You can also fight back the prison sniper guardsand chase freedom in this mom hero escape prison shooting game.Equipped with police shadowbreak helicopters and patrol cars,prison guards will come at your with every thing that they have,including their K-9 units. They will be equipped with batons andguns, so they won't hesitate from using full lethal force as yourescape the secure lockup and breakout 3D of shadowbreak forestprison facility. So prove your spy intelligence ultimate survivalskills, make your hero escape and emerge as a survivor as youescape this life of sin and corruption in this breakout 3D prisonescape game.This Mom Prison Shooting & Survival GameFeatures:Intense and challenging survival game playIntuitivecontrols and combat systemTop notch visuals and graphicsSeveralescape missions to complete
Animal Forest Hunting Attack 1.3
Can you survive in most dangerous dark jungle, surrounded by themost ferocious animals of the world and be escape hunter of forest?Well you have to find out by playing this epic Animal ForestHunting Attack game and emerge as escape hunter survivor. Feel thethrill and excitement of wildlife, face the most dangerous realwild animals, hunt for food and walk alone get shelter and makeyour hunter survive escape. This hundreds of Kilometer land betweenthe two countries is called the worlds most dangerous forest andyou are going through it as a escape hunter sniper shoot asssassin2017. There is nobody to help you with your hunter survive asyou're stranded on jungle island. You have to use everything youfind to fight to survive, make your hero escape and tap the deer toget a kill in this deer simulator wild hunter 3d. Plenty of thingshere can kill you in this lion killing hunter survive free game,from venomous snakes, spider, bat and hunting jungle animals &find the deer in this escape mission. Equipped with lion killingsniper hunting rifles, assault hunting rifles and pistols you goteverything for your jungle survival, gorilla hunting and huntingjungle animals. Find the deer and other real wild animals and tapthe deer to use your sniper to shoot the real wild animals fromdistance for an animal land ultimate hunting experience. Shoot thetiger, lion, beer, gorilla, elephant and other wild animal withyour sniper before they come close to you and be a professionalhunter. Don't go to close to the wild animals of the africanjungle, stay as far as you can while hunting jungle animals on jeepsafari. Face all the danger with courage as you go tiger huntingand deer hunting in 2017's exciting addition to free jungle huntinggames. Plan all your sharpshooter anger action moves carefully youwould not want to be killed by the wild animals and plan yourhunting attack for omnivores. Track down rare animals, hold, aimand collect the marvelous rare animal skins. You have to use allyour shooting and hunting skills for clever deers and omnivores inthis hunting experience. During your escape you may have to goangry commando tiger hunting, deer sniper hunting and huntinganimals fury to survive. You have to survive like a hunting world'ssuper hero there, gather rare animal skins and Find your way backhome as a lion killing deer sniper hunter.You've been escapingthrough the safari african jungle and as a retired deer sniperhunter you have been trained to survive in this type of huntingfury in dark jungle. While you go deer sniper hunting also shootdown some mammals, utilize your hunting spots, shooting skills, dosome bow arrow hunting and fight for your survival in your huntsmanescape. Keep hunting animals fury and enjoy sharpshooter angeraction endless shooting game.Features of Animal Forest HuntingAttack:Realistic 3D environment of jungle safariRealistic sounds ofjungleDifferent types of guns to surviveMissions to complete