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Galaxy Alien - Attack Shooter 1.2
One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of alien invaders.They from space have been sent to destroy our galaxy. You are lasthero of galaxy and will be faced an space attack. You must planyour battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter ship to defeatthe increasingly advanced aliens. Hurry up, galaxy warriors! Thesafety of ordinary human beings all depends on you. Get on yourstunning jet, travel through the bullet hell & join fiercegalaxy war. Let's knock out all the alien invaders and save theworld! FEATURE : : Galaxy Alien - Attack Shooter - Amazing lightingand special effects - Includes Power-ups and Bosses! - Leader boardglobal. - Lucky circle. HOW TO PLAY : Galaxy Alien - Attack Shooter- Touch screen to move the fighter jet up, down, right and left -Upgrade the aircraft with coin, bullet, rocket, and plane types. -Kill spaceship If you are a fan of space shooting games and like tosimulate sky shooting, so Galaxy Alien - Attack Shooter game is theone you should be shooter playing.
Alien Shooter : Galaxy Shooter 1.4
Are you fan of space shooting, bullet hell games and like to blastenemies for glory? If the answer is Alien Shooter : Galaxy Shooterattack will suit you best! If you like space shooting and survivalgames and like to simulate sky shooting in for glory and duty, thengalaxy space invader is the one you should be shooter playing.FEATURES: ★ Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete. ★Multiple extreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade your shields, guns,missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everything torescue civilians. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against otherplayers. ★ Boost your final score with a host of in-gameachievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extra lives andstars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcore shooteraddicts. ★ Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack. ★Seven gorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect! Download Galaxy Shooter& Enjoy it !!!
Brick Puzzle Candy Plus - Block Jewel Puzzle Game 1.2
It is classical game and very interesting with very nice graphicsdesign. It’ll take you back to the childhood.Break lines and earnpoints with Block Classic. This is a full of fun and very excitingclassic brick puzzle game.The player must move and rotate thebricks as they fall, attempting to fit them together. If the playercan completely fill one horizontal line with colored squares, thatline disappears and any filled squares above move down. If theplayer is unable to fill lines completely, the Blocks! will stackup and eventually reach the top of the playing field. Brick Classicis a classic puzzle game start the game on the lowest level. As youplay the game levels will go up, but you need to start at a lowlevel to help you practice. The different blocks of Brick PuzzleCandy Plus - Block Jewel Puzzle Game : - J blocks face the oppositedirection as L blocks. - S blocks for filling small holes. - Oblocks for filling large gaps. - Z blocks face the oppositedirection as S blocks. - I blocks are useful for competing fourlines at once. - L blocks for filling medium-sized holes. Featuredin game Brick Puzzle Candy Plus - Block Jewel Puzzle Game : -Classic game - Nice graphic - Good relax your brain - Mission -Upgrading level system - Supports all tablet devices Game interfaceis very friendly and simple to use for all users of all ages
Jewel Block Puzzle 1.3
Choose the best position for each block depending on their shapes.It is really a casual puzzle game for your free time. You can'tstop playing it once you start the game .Don't forget to keep theblocks from filling the screen in this addictive puzzle game.Thegoal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines onthe screen both vertically and horizontally. Jewel Block PuzzleClassic Features: -Puzzle casual game -Various blocks and colorfulgraphics -Smooth and delicate animation -Easy to play but hard tomaster -Amazing graphics and sound effects -Good for relaxing andbrainstorming Tips: -Put the block in the appropriate position -Trynot to leave blanks -Big blocks are below -Complete multiple linesat once. How to play: -Drag the blocks to move them -Try to fitthem all in the row or column. Then the block will be clear and youget the point. Game will be over if there are no room for any theshapes below the grid -Blocks can't be rotated
Blocks Puzzle 2018 - Bricks Classic Plus 3.1
Break lines and earn points with Block Puzzle 2018. This is a fullof fun and very exciting classic block puzzle game.Blocks Puzzle2018 - Bricks Classic Plus have HD graphics, crisp colors,eye-catching colors and entertaining gaming sounds .Game is thelegend of all puzzle games because its popularity is very high.It’ll bring you back to your childhood. It's very simple andexciting. Just break as much as possible lines formed by carefullyplaced bricks. [Game Features] ►Supports left-hander orright-hander (option) ►Mission ►Upgrading level system ►Supportsall tablet devices Play Blocks Puzzle 2018 - Bricks Classic Plustoday and experience the great features!