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Smart Alarm Clock 4.1.2
Galaxy Lab
Wake up gently to your favourite music to avoid panic - Super loudringtones for heavy sleepers - many Dismiss methods and puzzles tomake sure that you wake up completely before turn off alarms. 🛡 Theapp do NOT run in background, collect user's data or trackingusers. Key Features ♪ Simple and Friendly UI ♪ There are manyUIs/colors for you to select ♪ Set alarm easily and quickly withinseconds ♪ Many dismiss methods to make sure that you wake upcompletely ♪ Play mini game to dismiss alarm ♪ Solve maths todismiss alarm ♪ Shake phone to dismiss alarm ♪ Play your favouritemusic and ringtone ♪ Slowly increase volume to avoid panic wake up♪ Gently vibrate your phone ♪ Reliable and accurate alarm clock🛡The app do NOT run in the background which causes out of battery 🛡The app do NOT collect user's data or tracking users ✔ Supportlanguages: English, Tiếng Việt Note: If you like Smart Alarm Clock,you can support us by rating app, sharing app, and downloadingother apps If you have any questions, new idea or want to translateSmart Alarm Clock to your language, please sending requests toemail: Permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE TheSmart Alarm Clock needs to read ringtones and musics on devicesWAKE_LOCK The Smart Alarm Clock needs to set alarms on your devicesFOREGROUND_SERVICE Smart Alarm Clock needs to play ringtons andmusics when alarms go off SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW Smart Alarm Clockneeds to turn on alarms when devices are sleep mode VIBRATE SmartAlarm Clock needs to vibrate devices when alarms go offRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Smart Alarm Clock needs to reset alarmsafter devices restart ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY Smart Alarm Clockneeds to go off alarms when devices are Do Not Disturb mode BILLINGSmart Alarm Clock needs to upgrade Premium version
Auto Redial - Call Timer (Pro) 1.8
Galaxy Lab
Introduction:+"Auto Redial - Call Timer" redials a phone numbermany times.+Making the phone auto hang up with in a settingtime.Application's purpose+Many telecom companies offer freecalling for the first 10,20,.. minutes. "Pro Auto Redial - CallTimer" helps you control calling time and saving phone money.MainFeatures:+Auto redial+Auto hang up+Set timer to redialEmail:trunglehuynh@gmail.comFacebook:
Smart Alarm Clock - Pro 2.2
Galaxy Lab
Introduction:"Smart Alarm Clock -Pro ” is a smart application helpyou never be late and show your personal style. Have you ever beenlate? Because you did not set alarm or you set alarm but you turnedoff your alarm only to fall back to sleep. Do you want to use asimple interface application and this can be designed by yourself.If the answer is YES, Smart Alarm Clock is built for you. MainFunctions:-Simple interface (Interface can be designed by yourself,showing your personal style)-Repeat each day in week.-Auto dismisswithin limit time.-3 Dismiss methods:-----Press on screenbutton-----Enter numbers ( avoid turn off alarm when you do notcomplete wake up )-----solve math problems ( avoid turn off alarmwhen you do not complete wake up )-Alarm by Ringtones-Alarm bySongs-Change Volume Support languages: English, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, French,中文, हिंदी. Note:If you like Smart Alarm Clock -Pro, you can support us by rating app, sharing app, and downloadingother appsIf you have any questions or new idea to improve thisapplication, please sending toemail:
Crazzy Tank Battles - 3D Tank 2.5
Galaxy Lab
FREE DOWNLOAD....Crazzy Tank Battle is the fastest tank game. Ingame, you have to fight with 50, 100, even 150 tanks. Your tanksmust fire enemies and move as fast as possible, avoid enemy'sbullets and destroy other tanks. There is no time for thinking inthose battles, you have to shoot or be shot, destroy or bedestroyed.FEATURES:3D graphics and fantastic explosion effects3unique environments7 types of tanks and bullets35 levels toconquer4 difficulty levels4 type of game controllers5 amazingbackground musicSupport full HD for phones and tabletsREADY FIGHT ?download Crazzy Tank Battle games for FREE, and FIGHT NOW.
Shake Your Brain - Puzzle Game 1.4
Galaxy Lab
** Introducing an unique puzzle adventure **Shake your Brain is asimple, FREE and addictive puzzle game. Shake your Brain is aninterested puzzle game but not easy, it’s very challenge puzzlegames but you don’t worry I have a tip for you.** Tips **Game play:You move the piggy from left to right and avoid 10 columnsThere are3 steps you should do to solve those puzzles1 - Find moving cycleof 10 columns (use all potential of your mind to find)2 - rememberthat cycle (boost your memory)3 - move the piggy and avoid thosecolumns** Training your brain **Shake your Brain is challenge gamebut it is able to play, just lay back, relax, and solve eachpuzzle. If you have played one of puzzles such as: maze,brainteaser, and unblock games, you could play this puzzle game, ithas 100 levels, by training daily, you can be master of your brain,logic, remember and solve problem skills.** Rate Shake your Brainif you like it :) **If you would like to see this app translated inyour language, please email us: trunglehuynh@gmail.comTo see lastnews or other games onFacebook! you ready?Download this puzzle game for free and train your brain.