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Aquarium Clock Live Wallpaper 2.0
Aquarium Clock Live Wallpaper 2015
Hoarding Effect Live Wallpaper 2.0
Hoarding Effect Live Wallpaper 2014Now decorate your pictures with high quality frames, which makesyou feel that your photos are hung up on the hoardings :)This app lets you add Hoarding frames to your favorites picturesfrom gallery or take it from your camera.features:HD quality hoarding frames.Pleasant User Interface.No internet connection is required.Set image as wallpapers
Studio Photo Editor 19.4
Then you can do this with the "Studio Photo Editor" app.StudioPhoto Editor is a powerful editor with many amazing effects!A verycomprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you couldever want to do on your phone.Studio Photo Editor is designed withaverage user in mind, simple and fun to use. Everyone one canmaster Studio Photo Editor within minutes of first use. No imageediting experiences needed. The Studio Photo Editor includes threeoptions – Shimmer Effects, Lens Effect ,Blending Effects. In LensEffect options with lovely Lens stickers , You can resize, zoom in,zoom out, move, flip, delete or change multiple colors for them. InShimmer Effects options you just select the picture from gallery ,brush the area on which you want focus, and apply one of multipleeffect and get the perfect shimmer effect every time. you can alsoadd cute stickers and your personalized text. By using Blendingoption in this app you can blend multiple images with awesomebackgound images or your own image.In this option you can blendyour images in gradient manner.You can select and blend each imageindividually. Make your image look creative in seconds withoutusing a Studio Photo Editor and share it to any social network.
Birds 3D Live Wallpaper 10.8
Beautify your mobile screen with beautiful birds of differenttypes. Surprise yourself by touching on your mobile screen. Enjoythe 3D depth of HD backgrounds! In the app settings, you can modifythe following features:- ♛ You can change background from variousHD backgrounds. ♛ You can Change foreground with different types ofbirds. ♛ You can change the type and amount of falling leaves. ♛You can change the speed of falling leaves. How To use: Instal thisapp: -> Go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers -> Select "Birds 3D Live Wallpaper". Make yourandroid mobile glorious with this ultimate wallpaper. This freewallpaper is excellent. This "Birds 3D Live Wallpaper" April 29Raja Ravi varma Birthday
Leaf Animation LWP 3.0
For Use : HOME => Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper =>Live Wallpapers =>Leaf Animation LWPSelect favorite background from various HD backgrounds.Control the number of falling autumn leaves.Control the speed of autumn leaves.This Live wallpaper is tested on latest mobiles.Please contact us if your device is not supported.
Analog Clock Wallpaper 1.2
Set Analog clock as your Live wallpaper and Customize your ownDisplay Style.* You can choose the Analog clock Size.* Change theDial color Like Color Clock Live wallpaper.* Choose the color ofhour hand, minute hand and seconds hand.* You can set Gradientstyle.* Enable/Disable hourly alarm.* Show and hide Digital Clock,seconds hand, day of the week, month and digital clock 24 hourformat.This Analog Clock live Wallpaper App has been tested onlate. Please contact us if your device is not supported. This isthe best Analog clock wallpaper 2016.
Jesus Clock Live Wallpaper 4.0
If you looking for Analog Clock live wallpaper with beautifulflower backgrounds, fully featured and fully customizable analogclock,then this is the perfect choice. Instal this "Jesus CLock LiveWallpaper"for Free.This app has many Features:-* You can choose your favorite Lord Jesus HD backgrounds forvarious beautiful backgrounds.* You can write your name, change colors, change font color andfont size.* You can display your name or your favorite text on thewallpaper.The 3D Jesus backgrounds make your mobile more attractive.Do you want to pray Lord Jesus and remember every time, theninstallthis free Jesus Christ Clock Wallpaper 2014.If you like this free app, Please rate us, which encourages usto create more free apps.
Sai Baba Live wallpaper 1.5
This free wallpaper makes you spiritual and gives peace of mind.Always remember sai baba by setting as wallpaper and always havebaba Blessings. In the wallpaper settings, you can modify thefollowing features: * You can Change the Lord Sai Baba image fromvarious HD baba images. * You can change the type of flowers * Youcan change the speed of falling flowers * Also you can change thenumber of flowers. How To use: Instal this app: -> Go to Home-> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Select "SaiBaba Live Wallpaper 2018". Make your android mobile awesome withthis amazing god wallpaper. This is the best hindu god livewallpaper and is free. Please rate us, which encourages us tocreate more free live wallpapers.
Location Distance Finder 2015 2.1
Location Distance Finder its a beautiful application for findingdistance and time.And this app is useful for saving locations as yourequirement.For this app finding location distance and travelling time in twoways manual way and custom the location of your position at any time.Share your Locationat any Time to your FriendsLocation Distance Finder allows you to search for streets orplaces.You can also view the maps in changes zoom. 2015 best app
Ganesh Live Wallpaper 1.2
Start you day with beautiful "Ganesh livewallpaper" and complete all your works successfully.This free wallpaper makes you spiritual and gives peace ofmind.This app is created with HD quality background images, beautifulganesh pics and amazing flower falling animation.In the wallpaper settings, you can modify the followingfeatures:* You can choose the Lord Ganesh images from various HDimages.* Choose your favorite HD background.* Change the type, speed and number of falling flowers.
Name On Birthday Cake - Photo, birthday, cake 15.6
Name on Birthday Cake application is specially created with nicerealistic and Beautifull Birthday Cakes Hd images . Send BirthdayWishes to your friends and family with there "Name on Birthdaycake". This Birthday cake app has various Premium features like: +Choose from various HD quality Birthday Cakes,On Selected "BirthdayCake" ,You can type your friend name. +You can also Re size theName on cake Move with Fingers. + You can save and Share thisSpecial Cake is to your friends with your mobile's socialnetworking apps. In the Wallpaper settings, you can customise thefollowing changes: + Choose Fireflies Type with colours + ChooseFireflies Number + Control Fireflies Speed" Categories in Name onBirthday Cake: birthday editing app Name On Cake Name on BirthdayCake is an amazing app Which lets you wish with beautiful BirthdayGreetings" Cake by writing your friends Name in Birthday Cardframes On desired "Birthday" Cake and also share them. This app hasmore number of Birthday Cakes Frames ,we have to select which isone is colorful and nice Birthday cake. Photo On cake Photo On Cakeoption is to add your Gallery image to the cake. Here you can haveadditional option to add Text and Number of Stickers from the list.Birthday Greetings Greetings Option has more number of Greetings tosend your beloved friends and family. You can add Text, Stickers toyour selected Greeting here. It contains additional option todownload more Greetings. Creations Your Images are saved in“Gallery” with in the app. Now we have to select nice HappyBirthday Cake with beloved one's name,and send Birthday Wishes tothem. we have to decorate your mobile screen colourful with HappyBirthday Cake send from your friend or family to set as awallpaper. You can apply different types of Firefly animations toName On Birthday cake Can i Send Birthday Wishes to your friendsand family with there Names? Name On Birthday Cake is an amazingapp Which lets you wish with beautiful Birthday Greetings Cake bywriting your friends Name in Birthday Card frames On desired"Birthday" Cake and also share them.This app has more number ofBirthday Cakes Frames ,we have to select which is one is colourfuland nice Birthday cake. Do i have save more "Birthday kek" withnames? Yes ,it is saved in “Gallery” with in the app.Now we have toselect nice Happy Birthday Cake with beloved one's name,and sendBirthday Wishes to them.we have to decorate your mobile screencolourful with Happy Birthday Cake send from your friend or familyto set as a wallpaper. You can apply different types of Fireflyanimations to Name On "Birthday cake". birthday date calculator andbirthday invitation card maker free,birthday video maker with songand name Options is coming soon
3D My Name Wallpaper 1.5
3D My Name WallpaperThis is amazing 3D My Name wallpaper 1 withbeautiful HD backgrounds and 3D Text Styles. Decorate your mobilewith beautiful 3D Name with your own photos as mobile backgrounds.This free wallpaper has amazing features like: Choose Enter YourName and type it your name. Choose show/hide image and you canselect photos from your mobile gallery Set as Background Or Choosedefault HD Backgrounds Choose your Text Style,Text animation andSet as Wallpaper You can also Control the Moving images type,amount and speed On/Off moving images
Fishes on Live Screen 2.4
Have you seen fishes floating on running applications???? Fishes onScreen is specially created to display very realistic animation offishes on the screen of your phone. You can play a game, watch amovie and browse the internet with the movement of beautiful fisheson your mobile screen. How to use?? After installation, tap on“Service on” and the fish will start moving on runningapplications. If you want to change fish type or direction, go to“Settings”, you will find many options like “fish type”, “fishsize”, “fish direction”, “fish transparency” and “fish count” andchoose your own setting. Finally, you will see beautiful fishesfloating on your mobile screen. Fishes on Screen will show you anotification with which you can stop the movement of fish any time.Features include: Free and easy to use. On every touch, differentfishes will appear. Realistic movement of fishes. Can customizesettings. If you enjoy this App, Please take a movement to rate it.Thank you!!
4D Ripple Lake Live Wallpaper 1.2
"4D Ripple Lake Live Wallpaper" is anexcellent realistic lake with ducks moving effect with amazing"water ripples"
Christmas Countdown 1.0
Christmas Countdown live wall paper : Its the time for Christmasweall are counting days for this joyful festival to arrive , Sohereis the new app for this countdown to begin.....if you areegarlywaiting for the Christmas coundown .....this is download on your mobiles ....Where it displaysthecountdown days in this you can change the background of yourchoice, this coundown is a reminder for you to tell how many moredaysleft for the christmas celebrations to start, with this app youcanplan your christmas shopping christmas holidays every thing forthefestival you can according to days left with out anyhurry......Solets download dis wonderful app for free and be thefirst one toshare this beautiful app to ur friends andfamily.........Please contact us if your device is not supported.
Lord Shiva Live Wallpaper 2.5
Make yourself cool, pleasant and devotional with this Shiva livewallpaper. It has beautiful 3D images of Lord Shiva and lovelynature backgrounds. You can Hear the Chanting sound of lord shiva.This Free Wallpaper has many features, which you can customize byyourself: * Choose the type of beautiful Lord Shiva images. *Choose your favorite nature HD backgrounds. * You canEnable/Disable the chanting sound of om namassivaya. * Choose thetype and falling speed of flowers. * Choose the number of flowersfalling on Lord shiva. * Control the speed of wheel rotation. *Choose the type of wheel rotating back of god Shiva. How toInstall: Download this Wallpaper -> Long press on Home Screen-> Select Wallpaper -> Select Live Wallpaper -> Select"Lord Shiva Wallpaper" from the List -> Set as Wallpaper. Shivais one of the Supreme God in Hinduism. Lord Shiva is also know asParameshwara Mahadeva Maheshwara nataraja shankara OmkaraVeerabhadra Shambhu. you can do pooja and aarthi to hindu god lordshiva while moving. This app has Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Allthe features make this the Best Lord Shiva Live Wallpaper June2014. This app is tested on latest mobiles Don't forget to ratethis 3D wallpaper, which encourages us to create more freewallpapers.
best.live_wallpapers.shiva_live_wallpaper 7.0
Live wallpaper Unlimited Looking for Live Animations? here you haveLive wallpaper Unlimited is best free app for HD Backgrounds andInterseting live animations. Download Live Wallpaper Unlimited torestyle your phone and customize to make it unique. Thisapplication provides various live wallpapers to decorate yourmobile. This application has a special feature to add your lovableimages to favorites. You can choose image from number of categoriesas you like. Live Wallpaper Unlimited has two another speacialfeatures, like SET WALL and SET AS LIVE WALL to set your wallpaperas animations with page. Categories in this Application:1.Particles Live wallpaper: In this option to choose various typesof particles to fall on your wallpaper service. 2.Rain Livewallpaper: Select this option to feel rain on your screen andwallpaperservice and also select options in settings. 3.Clock Livewallpaper: Select this option to show your time in your mobile withyour selected clock with bokeh animation. and also select variousclocks and bokeh animations in settings. 4.Funny Panda Livewallpaper: Select this option to feel Funny Panda to swing in yourmobile with rain and flower animations. and also select FunnyMonkey in settings. 5.Photo Cube Live wallpaper: Select this optionto show your selcted photo in cube with extrodinary animations andalso choose difftent photos to your cube to display in settings.6.Ripple Live wallpaper: In this option your selected background asRipple Effect. Touch to fell this options andalso set variousoptions in settings. 7.Photo Pendulum Live wallpaper: Select yourphoto and your partner photo to feel swing each other in yourscreen with lovely animations to decorate. 8.Love Symbols Livewallpaper: Select this option to decorate your phone screen somelovely hearts with smooth animations select various hearts insettings. 9.Digital Live wallpaper: In this option some stripsanimated like digitaX to feel your screen as rich look. 10.FireFlys Live wallpaper: Select this option to move some flys aroundyour mobile screen with smoothly and beatifully and also selectvarious options in Settings. 11.Fishes Live wallpaper: Select thisoption to create your mobile screen as aquarium, some fishes moveon your mobile and also select various options in Settings.12.Neaon Live wallpaper: In this options some beautiful flowersmoving like rounded with diffrent animation on your phone. selectoptions in Settings 13.Photo Bubbles Live wallpaper: Select thisoption to feel your photo in bubble.Select your photo to show inbubble with someanimation in your mobile screen and also selectvarious options in settings Features that has in Live WallpaperUnlimited: . 10+ categories with High quality wallpapers . Functionof adding to favorites for convenient access to your favoritebackgrounds . Choose Select Set as live wallpaper, then optionslike . falling Flowers on wallpaper . Rain falling . MagnificientClocks upto 25 varieties . Roping funny panda and monkey . Photocube, Cube with images in all directions . Ripple and waves onscreen . get lovely look with You and your loved one image in lovependulum . Love bubbles. Get Dazzling look by digital new look .you will have small fireflies appearing and disappearing on yourphone screen . Turn your smart phone and tablet in a realisticaquarium by adding fishes . Decorate your screen with one of manycolorful Neon flowers! . Add elegance to your mobile with cheerfulbubbles of your photos, and fantastic backgrounds . otherwise Setthe wallpaper. . Setting up of wallpapers on lock screen . Send appvia messengers or share them in social networks
Water Drop Photo Frames 2.1
Water drop photo frames Do u have any idea of taking your pics inrain but isn't not possible."water drop photo frames" makes yourthought download our water photo frame app, it makespossible to create your desired pic in rain drops with our createdbackground can select ur choice of frames to place yourphotos.As u unlock your phone, you feel pleasant and calm by seeingthe water droplets decorated with your nice feel natureis in your why late? lets start downloading in just fewminutes. features of "Water drop photo frames" --More than 10 waterdrop frames are available to customize your image. --Easy tocustomize the frames. --You can also trim your mobile withdifferent rain overlays. --Add stickers to your layouts and alsotext. --you can share or save your customized frames and can beopened in Creations tab of water drop photo frame app. how to use:select the Raindrops tab from Home page and select the desiredphoto frame from the collection of frames by clicking in the opens your mobile Gallery.choose the image from gallery andplace the image in droplet to your desired size and angle. Ifrequired you can add text or stickers and click on save button.your image is saved.
Hanuman Chalisa Wallpaper 2.5
Worship Lord Hanuman with this beautiful live wallpaper. GetDevotional and spiritual with this live wallpaper. This app iscreated to give you peace of mind and makes you feel relax. It hasbeautiful 3D images of Lord Hanuman and beautiful nature HDbackgrounds. Hanuman flying animation and Chanting sound of LordAnjaneya makes this wallpaper amazing. This Free Wallpaper has manyfeatures, which you can customize by yourself: * Choose the type ofbeautiful Lord hanuman flying image. * Choose the speed of godflying. * Choose the direction of flying god hanuman. * Chantingsound On/ Off, Simply double tap screen for Sound On/Off . * Youcan change the sound volume. How to Install: Download thisWallpaper -> Long press on Home Screen -> Select Wallpaper-> Select Live Wallpaper -> Select "Hanuman ChalisaWallpaper" from the List -> Set as Wallpaper. Hanuman is one ofthe most popular idols in the Hindu pantheon, who was an ardentdevotee of Rama. Hanuman is also called Anjaneya HanumantaAnjaniputra Anjaneyar Maruti Pavanputra Bajrang Bali. All thefeatures make this the Best Lord Hanuman Live Wallpaper June 2018.Don't forget to rate this HD wallpaper, which encourages us tocreate more free wallpapers.
Cool Night live wallpaper 1.1
Are you getting stressed due to workpressures, want to get relaxed then,just instal this "Cool Night Live wallpaper". It also improves yourmobile battery backup.Enjoy the night with beautiful moon, amazing snowfall andmovement of tress for the gentle air.You can choose from variety of cool HD backgrounds.You can also control the snow fall.This cool free wallpaper is amazing, just instal and have fun!
Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper 1.4
In "Funny Monkey" Live Wallpaper,monkey swinging on your mobilehome screen with different animations. Download this wallpaper andenjoy the Fun. Control options: Leaves Amount and Selection LeavesOn/off Rain Control with On/off Butterfly Animation On/off.
Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper 1.1
Beautify your mobile screen with natural Greenleaves, realistic rain, scrolling water drops and amazing 3Deffects.Just tilt your mobile screen to see the parallax 3D effect.In the app settings, you can modify the followingfeatures:-- You can Start/stop Rain animation.- You can control the scrolling of water drops.- You can control the speed of falling leaves.- You can control amount of falling leaves.How To use:Instal this app: -> Go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers -> Select "Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper".Make your android mobile stunning with the best wallpaper. Thisfree wallpaper is extraordinary.This application is Ad Supported.Please rate us, which encourages us to create more free livewallpapers :)
Love Fireworks Wallpaper 1.0
"Love Fireworks Live Wallpaper is speciallycreated for lovers,All the loversexpress there love to there beloved ones with beautiful sky rocketsand colorful fireworks with Sounds!This Free Wallpaper has various Premium features like: * Choose thetype of love fireworks * Choose our favorite Valentine HDbackground * Choose Enable Fireworks and On/Off Firework Sound *Choose On/Off stars and Select stars color"
Galaxy Autumn Live Wallpaper 1.2
Are you looking for cool and pleasant livewallpaper with beautiful autumn leaves floating on your mobilescreen,then "Galaxy Autumn Live Wallpapers" is the Perfect choice.In the app settings, you can customize the followingfeatures:-* Choose favorite background from various HD backgrounds.* Control the number of falling autumn leaves.* Control the speed of autumn leaves.This free wallpaper is tested on latest mobiles
Durga Maa Live wallpaper 1.1
Durga Maa Live Animation is a beautiful livewallpaper where you can worship Durga Maa idol in mandir withdifferent type of flowers and particle touch effect.Durga Maa Idols and Mandirs will be showed with different flowersanimating continuously on Excellent backgrounds.Effects and Animations provided1. Flower Falling with selection,amount and sizes.2. Durga Maa Idol Selection with emerging animation3. Mandir Selection For Durga Maa Idol with pleasantanimation4. Experience Particles On TouchThursday, October 22 Dasara Festival
Dussehra Greetings 2016 1.2
Celebrate this dussehra festival of by sendingpersonalized greetings with photos to your friends and family. Ifyou are searching an app to send dussehra wishes to yourfriends,this is the best app of customizable greetings.Features:Many More Beautiful greetings with adding photo optionSharing customized greetings with your friends and family.Set these greetings as live wallpaper with fireflies moving on thescreenIt has a beautiful collection of "dussehra" greeting cards thatyou can send to your friends and relatives by adding photo and textto it. You can also enjoy by setting it as wallpaper.Dussehra (Thursday, October 22)is also known as vijayadashami,dasara, dashain, tenth day of navarathri. So enjoy this dussehrafestival by sharing these customized greetings for navarathri
Autumn HD Live Wallpaper 2.1
Enjoy the beauty of nature with the "Autumn HDLive Wallpaper". This wallpaper has beautiful HD backgroundswhich are collected from most amazing seasonal sceneries.Take a walk to the Autumn world and enjoy the colors of the autumnleaves.It's true that "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is aflower".This ultimate wallpaper gives you live experience of autumn seasonwith animated backgrounds.Download it now, its completely Free!In the App Settings, you can customize the followingfeatures:-* Choose your own background from various HD naturebackgrounds.* Control the falling speed of Autumn leaves.* Control the amount of falling Autumn leaves.How To Install:Long Press on home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers-> Select "Autumn HD Live Wallpaper" from the list -> Set asWallpaper.
Micro City Live Wallpaper 3.3
Celebrate the rainy season with this amazinglive wallpaper.It has beautiful scenery backgrounds, scrolling water drops onwindow screen, awesome rain animation,listening to rain sounds, scrolling background and have manyamazing features.Explore the beauty of nature with "Micro City Live Wallpaper"Having this free wallpaper, you will feel How beautiful is therain!In the wallpaper settings, you can customize or change thefollowing features:-* Choose nature background from many beautiful Hd backgrounds* Enable/ Disable the raining sound* On/Off Raining Animation* On/Off scrolling water drops* Select the type water dropsPlease rate us, which motivates us to create more freewallpapers.How To use:Long Press on Home Screen: -> Select Wallpapers -> SelectLive Wallpapers -> Select "Micro City Live Wallpaper" from thelist -> Set as Wallpaper.
Sunset tree wallpaper 3.1
Enjoy this amazing wallpaper by choosingawesome HD backgrounds and by controlling the movement and densityof clouds.Cool swinging animation makes this live wallpaper wonderful.Awesome Features:-> Choose your background from various HD Naturebackgrounds.-> Control the density of clouds.-> Control the swinging speed of the tree.-> Beautiful HD and 3D images.How to install:Go to Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> SelectLive Wallpapers -> Select "Sunset Tree Wallpaper" from thelist.Please Rate this app, which motivates us for creating more freewallpapers.
Photo Bubbles Live Wallpaper 1.1
Photo Bubbles Live Wallpaper
Garden Rain Live Wallpaper 2.1
This amazing live wallpaper has beautifulscenery HD backgrounds and 3D cute flower foregrounds.Beautiful rain falling on flowers is awesome to watch.You can control the falling of rain, water drops and can change thebeautiful scenic HD backgrounds and flower foregrounds.How To use:Instal this app: -> Go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers -> Select "Garden Rain Live Wallpaper"This "Garden Rain Live Wallpaper" is tested on latest mobiles.If you like this Free Wallpaper please Rate Us and comment,which helps to to create more free wallpapers!
Lover's Photo Hearts Wallpaper 1.1
Lover's Photo Hearts Wallpaper
3D Flower Petal Wallpaper 1.1
3D Flower Petal Wallpaper
Windmill Live Wallpaper 1.5
Looking for beautiful windmill live wallpaperwith awesome grass lands, amazing HD backgrounds, moving clouds andvarious customizable features, then simply download this bestwindmill live wallpaper 2014.This app settings has many features:-* You can choose the speed of windmill.* You can choose your favorite HD backgrounds.* You can the styles of beautiful windmill.App Features:1. Beautiful HD windmill backgrounds2. Awesome Customizable features3. once installed, Works Without Internet4. Completely Free :)How to install:First Instal this Wallpaper -> Go to Home -> Press Menu ->Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select"Windmill Live Wallpaper" from the list.Have this best windmill 2014 on your mobile device with ultimatenature backgrounds and make your mobile screen decorated.This live wallpaper 2015 has been tested on android devicesPlease Rate this App, which motivates us to create more freewallpapers.
Valentine Live Wallpaper 2016 1.0
Valentines Day live Wall paper 2016: Here wehave a lovely wall paper for a special day called Valentinesday........Its an amazing live wall paper with a lovely romantic this we have small cute colourfull heart symbols fallingdown and 2 big heart symbols moving upwards in which you can addyour photos it looks beautiful on your mobile screens hasspecial setting options like backround selection ,photo selectionof ur choice ,heart symbols size nd count selections....on/offmusic selection ect....Over all its an amazing wall paper to make uand ur beloved once feel special on the soecial day....... letsdownload and share this to ur special ones........
My photo live wallpaper 7.7
My photo live wallpaper Frame your special Photos with fantasticnature photo frames and enjoy the effects. Beautify all thefantastic moments in your life and make you never forget them.Thereare amazing and stunning nature photo frames that enhance yourphotos. These beautiful frames are ideal to frame your memories andmake them unforgettable. Features - Many different nature framesincluding seasonal effects. - Edit picture, rotate, crop and resizewith simple touch gestures - Change RGB and Saturation of YourPhoto according to Nature Photo frame - Save image and share in allsharing media. Make your mobile screen gorgeous with your beautifulphotos. Choose your own photos as mobile backgrounds with amazingrain effects. You can choose rain falling effect and waterscrolling effect on your selected pics. In the app settings, youcan modify the following features:- * Choose your own images asmobile backgrounds. * Choose the type of falling drops * Choose thenumber of falling drops * You can Enable/disable rain sound * Youcan On/Off rain, falling drops and static drops. How To Instal thisapp: Go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers-> Select "My Photo Live Wallpaper". This free wallpaper will bethe best "rain wallpaper" and My photo live wallpaper 2016.
Birthday Greetings: happy birthday frames 2.8
Birthday Greetings Surprise your friends with our “BirthdayGreetings” Now you can create a beautiful birthday greeting byplacing your photos in birthday photo and by writing name onbirthday cake. Send birthday wishes to your family and friends withthese “Birthday Greetings”. Birthday Greetings has the followingamazing categories. 1. Birthday greetings background Selectbirthday greetings backgrounds to insert photos of your loved onesin those beautiful background images. 2. Birthday Text Can writeyour own text on birthday cakes. 3. Birthday Animation Have anoption to choose “balloons animation”, Ribbons animation” and“Stars animations” to surprise your loved ones with these amazingand colorful balloons, ribbons and stars. 4. My Greetings Save allyour creations in “My Greetings” and can share them later. ThisFree app contains various features like: Choose photos from yourmobile gallery. Can wish your loved ones with your own customizedtext. Can save and share greetings with your friends and familymembers through social networking sites. Download now for free.Simple and easy to use. Easy share. So, Hurry up....DownloadBirthday Greetings and surprise your friends and family members.
Gods Live Wallpaper 1.0
Gods live wall paper: Here we came up with a beautiful live wallpapers of Gods.....with an amazing background and effects of rippleand devotional music , this wall paper has many more settingoptions like we can select the image of God according to our choiceand we can keep the sound in on or off mode there is continuousripple effects which looks awesome and when ever we touch thescreen there is a flow of beautiful flowers falling on the God.....see this on your mobile screens you will feel very happy andpleasant in side your heart .....believe me this beautiful Godslive wall paper give you positive vibes and makes your day pleasantand happy.........This amazing Live wallpaper tested in galaxy s5, s4, s3, and note3, note4, nexus 5, xperis z1, z3, lg g3 and htc m8
Photo Audio Video Album Creator 2.2
Turn Every Moment into Impressive Memories with Photo Audio Albumapplication. It's provides instant viewing photo with audio It is anew album for all your "favorite pictures". Select photo from yourgallery and record the audio for that picture as "sweet memory".App feature : - create a album photo viewing with audio. - addvoice to number of photos you want to create. - Tap to add imagesand "record audio" you want.
shoot the fish 4.0
Its a free shooting fish game, this game is sosimple but addictive.Your goal is to shoot as many fishes as possible!Play this game and become the best fish hunter in the world.This best game is designed for all the age groups, especially forthe children.How to Play:Tapping the screen, the gun will aim at the target and shoot thetarget.Just aim the fish and shoot.Game Specialties:1. Wide varieties of fishes.2. Shoot the fish with bullets and bombs.3. Enable/Disable sound.4. Works with out internet connection.5. Completely Free :)Game Features:* You will have 20 bullets.* Shooting each fish gives you 100 bonus points.* You can see your highest scores at the end of the game.This is one of the best shooting fish game 2014.Playing this game gives lot of fun and entertainment.This game is tested on the latest android devicesEnjoy this game. Good luck!
funny tree live wallpaper 2.0
funny tree live wallpaper 2014
Rainbow Clock 4.0
This is the best Analog Clock live wallpaper with beautiful rainbowbackgrounds. Its fully featured, fully customization analog clock.Having this live wallpaper make your mobile more attractive.App Features:"Decorate your mobile screen with Analog Clock with beautifulrainbow backgrounds. This Free app has various Premium featureslike: 1. You can choose your favorite Rainbow HD backgrounds.2. You can write your name, change colors and change fonts.3. You can display your name or your favorite text on thewallpaper.4. The Rainbow backgrounds make your mobile more attractive."
hunting bird game 5.0
This free hunting game is amazing. Have funand entertainment playing this game. In this game, birds fly aroundyour mobile screen, you need to shoot the birds. This best game isdesigned for all the age groups, especially for the children.How to Play:Tapping the screen, the gun will aim at the target and shoot thetarget.Just aim the duck and shoot.Game Specialties:1. Beautiful HD game backgrounds.2. Shoot the birds with bullets.3. Enable or Disable sound.4. Works with out internet connection.5. Completely Free :)Game Features:This game has 16 levels.The game complexity increases level by level.Enjoy this game. Good luck!2015
Flowers 3D live wallpaper 1.1
Make your mobile cool and pleasant with thisbeautiful "Flowers 3D Live Wallpaper".Tilt your mobile to see the parallax effect. The parallaxtechnology shows the 3D depth of the flowers.This wallpaper has various features, you can change byyourself.It has variety of HD backgrounds and 3D foregrounds.How To use:Instal this app: -> Go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers -> Select "Flowers 3D Live Wallpaper".
galaxy cool wallpaper 2014 3.0
Are you looking for cool and pleasant live wallpaper with awesomeHD backgrounds and customizable features, then "Galaxy CoolWallpaper" is the perfect choice. In this wallpaper, boy swinginganimation is amazing!In the app settings, you can customize the followingfeatures:-* Control the swinging speed of the boy.* Choose favorite background from various HD backgrounds.* Control the number of falling leaves.* Choose the type of falling leaves.How to install:Download this Wallpaper -> Go to Home -> Press Menu ->Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select "galaxycool wallpaper 2014" from the list.Instal and enjoy the best galaxy cool wallpaper 2014. NextUpdate with more Features will come on May 2014. This freewallpaper is tested on latest mobiles
FriendShip Calculator 1.1
Celebrate Friendship Day 2015 on August 2,SundayHuman beings are social creatures and have always valued theimportance of friends in their lives. To celebrate this noblefeeling it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated to friends andfriendship. Accordingly, first Sunday of August was declared as aholiday in US in honor of friends by a Proclamation made by USCongress in 1935. Since then, World Friendship Day is beingcelebrated every year on the first Sunday in the month ofAugust.
Touch Blocker/touch freeze 1.0
When you disable touch input while watching a movie you don'thaveto worry not to skip scenes by accidentally touching thescreen.Also useful if you hand your mobile phone to someone ( showthem a photo) and don't want them to mess with the device.
Galaxy Aquarium Live Wallpaper 4.0
This is a beautiful aquarium live wallpaperwith 3D realistic fishes, awesome HD ocean backgrounds and floatingwater bubbles. Fishes are beautiful creatures that has most amazingcolors. so, make your mobile screen colorful with this bestaquarium wallpaper 2014. Install "Galaxy Aquarium Live Wallpaper"for Free.App Features:* 3D Realistic Fishes.* Smooth swimming Animation.* Floating Water bubbles.* App resembles like a real aquarium.If you like this free aquarium app, Please rate us, whichencourage us to create more free apps.