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Tales Of Wizards 1.11
Defeat your enemy and become a legendaryWizard!Prepare for a journey into a magic world of Tales of Wizards!Become a Wizard ready to clash with your enemies with innovativespell casting systems! Learn how to control might of fire,electricity! When support is needed, create your own army ofImps!Game Features:• Free to play!• Innovative spell casting systems, 10 awesome spellsLearn how to control might of fire and electricity usingFireBalls or casting ThunderBolts!When support is needed in a magic battle, create your own army ofImps (summon Imps)If you want to prevent yourself from spells cast by Enemy, createMagic Barrier or ForceField resistant to any kind of magicAnd be ready to learn plenty of other awesome spells to make yourtales fantastic!• 45 levels offered in various sceneriesYour magic tale starts from Shattered Lands, where you have beenpracticing magic for many years and take bold decision to clashwith your academy masters.If succeeded, prepare for a journey to Dark Forest known forattempts to get the nature under control.This is not the end of your magic tales - after Dark Forest beready to visit Fungi Kingdom. Prepare for tough battle with BlackWizard trying to hide this place from the world!New adventures will be waiting for you also in cold mountains(soon)!• Collect rewards, which enrich your magic experience as aWizard!• Magic shop with 69 cool items for WizardsIf you wish to look like real Spell Masters, visit magic shop withcool items. Pay for any of 69 items with golden coins (use coinsgained in levels or buy them for real money)• Soon multiplayer mode