Galih Freddy Craft Apps

Dog Craft Pet Simulator 1.2
An unique dog pet simulator presented invoxel. Pet your dog like in real life.Love your virtual dog very much. Feed where hungry, play whenbored, sleep while need a rest.The most beautiful and realistic Dog Simulator available on theGoogle Play! Play as a real dog, explore huge houses and awesomegardens. Choose different dogs and dress them as you like!- Multiple dogs to chooseGame feature:- cool voxel graphic style- simple and exciting gameplay- suited to play with all ages
Cat Simulator 2016 1.1
Cat Simulator 2016The cutest and funniest Cat Simulator available on the GooglePlay! Play as a real kitten, explore huge city and awesome gardens.Choose different kittens and run them as you like and of course,annoy the people!Game features:- Exciting collecting item- Beautiful locations to explore- Multiple cats to choose- Destructible objects to crash- Stunning graphics- Smooth performance- Easy controlsABOUT THE AUTHORMy name is Galih Freddy. I am a 15 years old Junior High Schoolstudent.I make games as my hobby on my spare time. Really glad can entertinyou all with my games.I love cat much. I have a cat called Toruneko, you can see him atthe screenshot :).I learn a little Japanese, although Im Javanese.Please give me good rating and motivating comment to keep meimprove.Thanks all
Learning animal in English 1.0
This game is a quiz game that cater forchildren in recognizing animals as well as English .With the guidance of the parents can understand the meaning of eachanimal in English .The game is accompanied by original drawings of animals are quiteinteresting and easy to understand . To add to the challenge , ineach session has a timer , which the child must be the right answerbefore time runs out .This application is perfect for toddlers or children age BoBoiBoy ,masha or upin ipin .This game is highly recommended as a complementary pejaranEnglish language , especially in mengnal animals.Have a good study.
Mari belajar huruf ABC & angka 1.0
Game edukasi ini diperuntukkan untuk anak andayang berusia balita untuk mengenalkan pada huruf dan angka.Setiap huruf dan angka dipaparkan dengan gambar yang menarik danucapan suara sehingga mempermudah anak dalam mengenal angka danhuruf. Game ini merupakan panduan awal untuk anak terutama balitadalam mempermudah pengucapan serta penulisan angka dan huruf.Aplikasi ini ditujukan untuk anak balita sebagai bekal masuksekolah taman kanak kanak pecinta masha, boboiboy maupun upinipin.Game ini dilengkapi fitur tambahan mengenal nama hari disertai iconyang lucu dan unik.Selamat menikmati dan semoga aplikasi ini bisa dinikmati olehbalita anda dan keluarga.Sekilas tentang pembuat:Gmae ini dibuat oleh Galih Freddy. Seorang anak SMP usia 15tahun.Yang mengisi waktu luangnya dengan membuat software untuk mobile,terutama android.Dan aplikasi ini dibuat dalam waktu lima malam termasuk pembuatanart dan semua asset yang dibutuhkan.Semoga aplikasi saya cukup membantu keluarga anda dalam menikmatikegembiraanThis educational gameintended for your children aged under five for introducing theletters and numbers.Each letter and number presented with interesting pictures andwords in a child's voice making it easier to recognize numbers andletters. This game is an initial guide for children, especiallytoddlers in facilitating pronunciation and writing of numbers andletters.This application is intended for children under five as a provisionfor kindergarten school entry masha lovers, BoBoiBoy or upinipin.This game includes additional features to know the name of the daywith a funny and unique icon.Enjoy and I hope this app can be enjoyed by your children andfamily.Overview of the maker:This Gmae made by Galina Freddy. A junior high school children aged15 years.That fills his spare time by making software for mobile, especiallyandroid.And the application is made within five nights including thecreation of art and all the assets it needs.Hopefully my application enough to help your family to enjoy theexcitement
Dino Craft Clicker 1.2
Welcome to the most addicting clicker game ison your android device! Download now for free!Prepare for entering endless hours of enjoyment and happiness. Alsoenjoy the great voxel style in jurassic era!The rule of this dino craft clicker game:- Lower the counter as low as possible until reach zero by clickingor tapping on a dino craft creature as fast as you can.- As soon as you reach certain point you will unlock a newdino.- Reach zero and you will meet a HUGE SURPRISE!Dino Craft Clicker provide you with endless gameplay and let youto play for an infinity amount of time, Challange your friends andfamily during events and be the number one on the worldranking!Become the Dino Craft Clicker master by clicking 1 millionstime!Are you ready?
Five Tries for Night craft 1.0
Five Tries for Night craft takes place in thepizzeria house.A misterious horror game that you only have five tries to escapefrom the cooldest night.Escape from pizzeria animatronic terror.Wear your headphone if you dare.This game has 3 main feature:- Easy free mode : just tap and find any creatures in the screenand progress to the next level.A mode will be unlocked after you win several scene in thismode.- Terror mode : a great main game mode with an animatronic chasingyou- Terror mode 2: the real challenge of this game! lot ofanimatronics chasing you. Beware!
Popular Skins for Minecraft 1.0.0
With this popular app you can get yourminecraft pe skin for free!This apps compatible also with minecraft PC version, not only PEversion.Easy to install pe skins memes slenderman herobrine zombies fnaffreddy and more!We are planning to make skin editor in the future.Observe your skin with differend ange before implementUpdated skin everyday!DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and theMinecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectfulowner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
Moto Extreme Up Hill Rider 1.0
Moto Extreme Up Hill RiderWitness the most addicting and fun game ever made!!Climb over hill by amazing vehicles and enjoy smooth riding.FEATURES:★★★★★ Super accurate Physics game★★★★★ Simple and smooth controls.★★★★★ Cool Vehicles.★★★★★ HD quality graphics.★★★★★ Tablet support.★★★★★ Hours of FUN FOR FREE!Start your off road motorcycle challenge and get ready fortheultimate hill climb racing experience!Drive around on your motorcycle and pick up some hitchhikers.Thisscooter simulator game has many challenging game levels andwillkeep you entertained for many hours. The game graphics andworldare absolute amazing and will definitely provide theultimatescooter simulator feeling!Get to do some moto driving but please be careful because hillclimbracing is not easy. These mountain roads are very difficultfordoing some moto driving. It will become even more difficultwhen youhave a hitchhiker on the back of your motorcycle.Yes mobile game lovers, this motorbike simulator provides youwiththe best off road motorcycle games experience ever!Normally you can play all kind of motorbike simulator games. Mostofthese mobile games take place in a city world. This is also veryfunto do but it’s time to take your motorcycle to the mountains!!Thisoff road motorcycle games is the first game ever on the playstorethat brings you mountain driving on a motorbike and at thesame timepick up hitchhikers. Yes we know, it’s prettyAWESOME.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:My name is Galih Freddy. Im a 15 years old Junior HighSchoolStudent. A javanese boy from Blitar, Indonesia. I lovemakinggames. I develop this one in five nights in my sparetime.Please enjoy my games!
Space War for Dino Craft 1.0
Space War for Dino Craft is an unlimited spaceshooter game, shoot all enemies!Each destroying enemies will gran you an experience shard.Collect it and level up to have a stronger weapon.Enjoy the game
Mod FNAF for Minecraft 1.3
This app is a scary fnaf maps and mod forMinecraft pe!You played at a sercurity guard pizzeria horror fnaf game, but nowyou can relive those moments in Minecraft PE. This highly detailedand beautiful mod and skins on topics pizzeria fnaf! New pizzeriaon freddie, as well as weapons for him.Features:• Several sections of the catalog;• High download speed;• Free;• Nights dark style graphic;• User-friendly and simple interface;• Nice graphics.Please rate the app five stars.This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets areall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All of thesematerials can be used in every 'craft' game.
Night Craft Pizzeria Clicker 1.0.0
Tap the giant Freddy Pizzeria and start yourjourney to becoming a craft billionaire!Expand your craft empire with Cookie mitten, machines, TimeMachines, a Cookie baker and more!Can you reach a TRILLION craft before your friends?!Get a head start now!
Dolphin Craft Clicker 1.0
Tap the giant Dolphin in craft style and startyour journey to becoming a craft billionaire!Expand your craft empire with Cookie mitten, machines, TimeMachines, a Cookie baker and more!Can you reach a TRILLION craft before your friends?!Get a head start now!
Five Cursed Night Pizzeria 1.0
Five Cursed Night Pizzeria takes place inanold pizzeria house. Where you work as pizza delivery,trappedinside the empty pizzeria house.Haunted with all type of animatronic, can you escape fromallthis nightmare?Observe your camera and let know, which animatronic hauntingandwant to hunt you down!They commanded by 2 big boss, like Freddy and Emily.Which want to choose depend on your hard pounding heartstrenghtLove you guy and let the gamr begin!
Battle Tips for Clash Royale 1.1
This guide will go over some helpfulClashRoyale tips and tricks for players looking to win their firstfewbattles. Earlier this week the makers released their brandnewreal-time strategy game, and it has already jumped to the topofthe download charts. If you are just now trying it andfrustratedby losses, read on for some helpful Clash Royale tips togetstarted.Use this simple tip for free
Clash Guide for Clash Royale 1.0
This is a simple application thatcontainguides and strategies on clash royale game. You can seestrategies,videos, troop upgrade costs and much more. This is theinitialversion of the app. We will improve it much over time.Please note that this app does not contain any clash royalegemshacks, downloads links or clash royale apk file download."The content of this app is not affiliated with,endorsed,sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell andSupercell isnot responsible for it. For more information seeSupercell’s FanContent"
Mods Lucky Block for MCPE 2016 1.0
Mods Lucky Block for MCPE 2016 adds themanylucky block mods to download folder in your android device.LuckyBlock minecraft pe is an awesome minecraft pe mod that is themostamazing one to find as the chances are greater at gettinggoodstuff when mined.The lucky block mod is an interesting but potentiallydevastatingadd-on to Minecraft. It adds a new block to the gamethat looks likea question mark’ block and once broken has a chanceof spawningsomething good or something awful.Instruction to use this mod:-Install block launcher and you need to have Minecraft:PocketEdition-open this apps and download the modsFeel free to use this
Guide for Minion Rush 1.0
This is an unofficial guide of MinionRushgame.Please note that this is not a game, this is just a guide made byafun !You will learn threw this application:How to collect more bananas !What if you can go fast threw levels !How you can unlock new worlds and mysterious places !Enjoy !
mod FNAF for minecraft 2 1.0
This app is a scary fnaf maps and modforMinecraft pe!You played at a sercurity guard pizzeria horror fnaf game, butnowyou can relive those moments in Minecraft PE. This highlydetailedand beautiful mod and skins on topics pizzeria fnaf! Newpizzeriaon freddie, as well as weapons for him.Features:• Several sections of the catalog;• High download speed;• Free;• Nights dark style graphic;• User-friendly and simple interface;• Nice graphics.Please rate the app five stars.This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All ofthesematerials can be used in every 'craft' game