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GRE® Test Prep by Galvanize 1.2.4
⏩ Take a crack at Google Play’s most loved GRE® prep app! With a4.7 rating, the Galvanize GRE® app is paving the way for countlessstudents to ace their GRE® test and secure admits to their dreamschools! It's YOUR turn now 👐 ⏪ 💪 Step up your GRE® prep game Areyou getting tired of looking for quality GRE® mock tests online?Galvanize's GRE® test prep app gives you access to the mostcomprehensive GRE® practice questions created by Stanford, Harvard,Texas A&M, San Jose State University and IIT alumni! Improveyour score with plenty of GRE® Math and Verbal practice questionson this GRE® app. Stop taking bogus GRE® sample tests. Meeting yourtargets has never been easier than with this - the best GRE® Prepapp out there! 🔥 Gain an extra edge with these awesome features: ★100's of GRE® math and verbal practice questions: Practice withhundreds of GRE® questions to ensure you’re constantly progressing.★ Excellent explanations for GRE Math and Verbal Questions: Getexcellent explanations for each question. Still have doubts? Talkto an expert to get those pesky GRE® prep doubts cleared. ★ GRE®Score Predictor: Track your progress accurately with GRE verbal andmath practice questions & predict your GRE® score as you movetowards your target. ★ GRE Exam Readiness Indicator: Find out howmuch further you have to go before you’re ready to tackle the GRE®Math and Verbal reasoning sections and reach your target score. ★Timed GRE® Practice Tests: The GRE® is a timed test so it only madesense to include timed- tests on the app as well. Use our GREVerbal and Math practice questions to maximize your potential.Better than any GRE® book ever. New Features on this GRE App : ★Study with your friends: Studying in a group can be surprisinglyeffective. Stay motivated, have fun and show your friends who's theboss! ★ GRE Quantitative Ready Reckoner: Get a comprehensive listof GRE® Quant formula in a Galvanize-exclusive Cheat Sheet on theapp. Unpack the GRE® Test Prep: Ready to show the world how cleveryou are? Practice ALL the GRE® Vocabulary and Math question typesyou'll encounter on the actual GRE® exam and compare your accuracyto that of other students! The study guide GRE® question typesinclude: ★ Reading Comprehension ★ Text Completion (1, 2, 3 blanks)★ Sentence Equivalence ★ Quantitative Comparison ★ Numeric Entry ★Data Interpretation ★ Multiple choice questions with one or morecorrect answers Spoiler Alert! Designed for serious aspirants: Tobe better than the best the GRE® style questions on the app arewhat you need. Made for winners, our GRE® questions will help youexcel in the long run. Also, test your GRE® word knowledge with ourVerbal practice questions A comprehensive GRE® exam preparation appwith no ads to distract you! Focus solely on improving your scorewith Galvanize’s GRE® test prep app. What is Galvanize Test Prep?Right from GRE Prep to University Admits and everything in between,Galvanize Test prep has your back. Rest Assured. You’re one stepcloser to your Dream Admit. Talk to the experts: Our GRE® Coachescomprise of Stanford and IIT alumni who have helped 1000's ofstudents with their GRE® exam preparation over the years and arepassionate about motivating students and helping them gain a solidunderstanding of the concepts required to ace the test. Discussquestions with our experts in order to clarify any doubts duringyour GRE® practice. Any questions? Please email us if you have any questions or concerns. PS:Don’t delay your GRE® exam preparation. For the best possiblescore, start your GRE® prep with Galvanize's GRE® prep coursestoday! Disclaimer: GRE® is a registered trademark of theEducational Testing Service (ETS). ETS does not endorse, nor is itaffiliated in any way with this application.
Ultimate Vocabulary Prep for English, GRE® & exams 0.6.6
The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder from Galvanize Test Prep is aunique learning tool: far from being forced to study a long andboring list of English words, here you will experience a gamifiedvocabulary journey - one that is bound to be thoughtful, excitingand fun! WARNING: Some students actually found this app to beaddictive. Try it and let us know what you felt :-) Advantages ofthe Galvanize Ultimate Vocabulary Builder: == ☞ INCREASE VOCABULARYthrough crystal clear meanings, images, examples and synonyms forhundreds of words ☞ EARN POINTS for mastering words and spend thesepoints to unlock more words ☞ SAVE TIME by studying only words youdon't already know ☞ UNDERSTAND NUANCES of words - something veryimportant for GRE success ☞ HAVE FUN by challenging yourself as yougradually expand your vocabulary comfort zone ☞ PERFECT for examslike GRE®, SAT®, GMAT®, CAT®, UPSC®, SSC®, IBPS®, Bank PO, BankClerk, MAT®, MBA, IAS®, NDA, AFCAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS®, ESL and allother campus recruitment tests, placement exams, aptitude tests,standardized tests, and competitive exams. ... and the best part isthat the app WORKS OFFLINE! NOTE: 1) For Android versions 4.1 -4.4, the app download size is around 25 MB. 2) To motivate users tolearn words, the app awards points in the form of dollars ($).However, this is just play money, i.e., there is no real monetaryvalue for any "money" earned in this game!----------------------------------------------------------- Aboutus == Galvanize Test Prep® delivers score boosts for competitiveexams through Personalized Coaching. Students and parents love ourapproach to teaching and vouch for its ease and effectiveness. Ourhappy customers are present in over 70 cities and 11 countries. Anyquestions? === We work hard to ensure that all our students get thebest Test Prep. Please email us at if youhave any questions or concerns. Disclaimer: GRE®, TOEFL®, IELTS®are registered trademarks of the Educational Testing Service (ETS).GMAT® is a registered trademark of the GMAC. SAT® is a registeredtrademark of The College Board. ETS, GMAC and College Board do notendorse, nor are affiliated in any way with this application.
Ultimate SAT® Practice Questions by Galvanize 1.4
Get a high SAT® score using this neat SAT prep app with in-builtscore prediction! Because a great SAT score is a huge step towardsyour dream college or university. Practice for SAT on the go with:☞100's of handpicked SAT practice questions in Reading, Writing andMath☞ In-depth explanations that help you understand all concepts☞Real-time SAT Score Predictor ☞ SAT Preparedness Indicator thattells you if you're up to the mark! Our SAT practice app willensure you're well prepared to tackle any SAT practice test!Question types in the app include:☞ Reading Comprehension ☞ WritingComprehension ☞ Arithmetic☞ Algebra☞ Geometry☞ DataAnalysisGalvanize Test Prep delivers score boosts for competitiveexams through Personalized Coaching. Students and parents love ourapproach to teaching and vouch for its ease and effectiveness. Ourhappy customers are present in over 70 cities and 11 countries.Anyquestions?===We work hard to ensure that all our students get thebest Test Prep. Please email us at if youhave any questions or concerns. PS: Don’t delay your SAT prep ifyou want to get the best score you can. Start your SAT prep withGalvanize Test Prep today! Best of Luck :-)Disclaimer:SAT® is aregistered trademark of the College Board. The College Board doesnot endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with this application.