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Get the MOST AWESOME GRE PRACTICE APP on thePlaystore!☞ 100's of GRE style questions☞ Excellent explanations☞ GRE Score Predictor☞ GRE Exam Readiness Indicator*** A whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars! ***DOWNLOAD NOW and start practicing ALL the Verbal and Math questiontypes you'd encounter on the actual GRE exam. You can even compareyour accuracy with that of other students. Question typesinclude:☞ Reading Comprehension☞ Text Completion (1, 2, 3 blanks)☞ Sentence Equivalence☞ Quantitative Comparison☞ Numeric Entry☞ Data Interpretation☞ Multiple choice questions with one or more answers correctWhat do GRE test takers feel about this app?===☞ Megan Rawson, USA: " This is my favorite GRE study app! I likethe realistic format of the questions and the predictedresults."☞ Siddhardha, India: "One of the best! Really loved your set ofquestions, both Verbal and Math. I wish I had known of this appright at the beginning of my preparation."☞ Emma Burston, France: "Really great! I've tried a lot of apps andthis one's the best so far! You can set a goal for your scores andactually feel like you're achieving something and improving yourGRE skills. Especially seeing as the questions are all in GREformat and thoroughly explained if you wish to review thecorrection."☞ Adibul Abedin, Bangaladesh: "Great GRE app! In fact, the greatestapp among the ones I have used so far for GRE prep. My sincerestthanks to the developers."☞ Rassul Bairamkulov, Kazakhastan:"The most useful GRE app! Thisapp deserves to be much higher in the search results."What is Galvanize Test Prep?===Galvanize Test Prep delivers score boosts for competitive examsthrough Personalized Coaching. Our GRE Prep courses include:☞ Face-to-face classes☞ Live online classes☞ Self paced online courses☞ GRE Mock TestsOur GRE Coaches comprise alumni of Stanford and IIT who havetutored thousands of students over the years for variouscompetitive exams. They are passionate about motivating studentsand helping them gain a solid understanding of the conceptsrequired to ace the test.Learn more about our GRE courses and choose the right one for youat features in this app:===☞ Track your friends' scores☞ GRE Vocabulary word lists☞ Quant Ready Reckoner + Formula cheatsheetsWhat other GRE prep help do you provide for FREE?===In addition to this awesome mobile app, our free GRE prep resourcesinclude:☞ 1 hour GRE Diagnostic Test at (Ask for afree Performance Report!)☞ 4 hour GRE Mock Test with strengths and weaknesses at☞ Sample video lessons, slides, and handouts by our GRE coaches at To access the above tests and resources, please log on to ourwebsite from your computer, not your mobile device.Any questions?===We work hard to ensure all our students get the best possible testprep. Please email us at if you have anyquestions or concerns.PS: Don’t delay your GRE exam prep if you want to get the bestscore you can. So start your GRE prep with Galvanize Test Preptoday! Best of Luck :-)Disclaimer:GRE® is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service(ETS). ETS does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way withthis application.
English Vocabulary Builder for GRE®, SAT® & more 0.7.8
⏩ The Galvanize English Vocabulary Builder app continues tohelpcountless students improve vocabulary EFFORTLESSLY. Want tobenext? ⏪ The English Vocabulary Builder app from Galvanize TestPrepis a unique learning tool: why study a long and boring listofEnglish words when you can experience a gamified vocabularyjourney- one that is bound to be thoughtful, exciting and fun!WARNING:Some students actually found this Vocabulary app to beaddictive.Try it and let us know how you feel :-) 5 reasons whyeveryone isso damn crazy about our vocab app: ★ Fun and easy way tolearn:“Earn” game currency whenever you master words. The moregame-moneyyou make, the better. This is a fun way to learn newVocab wordsand build your GRE vocabulary. ★ Confidence booster:Gainconfidence as the words on the vocab app increase indifficulty.Have fun with flashcards by implementing these Englishwords intoyour day-to-day vocabulary! ★ Addictive: With apictorialrepresentation accompanying words, examples of the wordsas used insentences and many other features you’ll soon be addictedto thisvocab builder app. ★ Prep for all Tests: This vocabulary appis theperfect aid to prepare for any competitive exam that includeverbalsections like the GRE®, SAT®, GMAT®, CAT®, UPSC®, SSC®,IBPS®, BankPO, Bank Clerk, MAT®, MBA, IAS®, NDA, AFCAT®, TOEFL®,IELTS®, ESLand all other campus recruitment tests, placement exams,aptitudetests, standardized tests, and competitive exams. ★ Bestexperienceever: With a simple-to-use interface, you’ll feel likeneverleaving this vocabulary app. And another bunch of coolfeaturesyou'll go head over heels for: ★ Save time by studying onlywordsyou don't already know ★ 1800 must-know GRE words toimproveEnglish Vocabulary ★ Context-based word learning withreal-life andfictitious examples ★ Understand the Nuances ofwordlist -something very important for GRE® English vocabulary ★Long termretention with pictures and flashcards. ★ Learn complexGRE®, SAT®,GMAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS® words with crystal cleardefinitions ★ Getexamples of the common words used in sentences ★Learn advancedsynonyms and antonyms, etymology and perfectpronunciation ★Bookmark difficult words and the most confusing GRE®words to referto easily anytime ★ Get insights into your vocabularyskill-level ★Get notified as to how quickly you’re learning withthis wordbotapp ★ Test your grasp over the vocabulary you learnednewly ★ Withthe flashcards on this GRE vocab app, it is easy tobuild your GREvocabulary ★ The best part is that this wordbot appWORKS OFFLINE!About Galvanize Test Prep: At Galvanize Test Prep, wefocus ondelivering the world’s best learning solutions forStandardizedtests like GRE®, TOEFL®, and Competitive exams, as wellas GlobalAdmissions Counselling. Thousands of students from 190+countries,each with their own unique story. Any questions? Pleaseemail us if you have any questions orconcerns. Note:1) For Android versions 4.1 - 4.4, the app downloadsize is around25 MB. 2) To motivate users to learn Englishvocabulary words, theapp awards points in the form of dollars ($).However, this is justplay money, i.e., there is no real monetaryvalue for any "money"earned in this vocab game! Disclaimer: GRE®,SAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS®are registered trademarks of the EducationalTesting Service (ETS).GMAT® is a registered trademark of the GMAC.SAT® is a registeredtrademark of The College Board. ETS, GMAC andCollege Board do notendorse, nor are affiliated in any way withthis application.
SAT® Prep: Practice Questions by Galvanize 1.8
The Galvanize SAT Prep App continues to help countlessstudentsimprove their SAT score in NO TIME. Want to be next? Stepup yourSAT® prep game: Get a high SAT® score using this SAT prepapp withan in-built score prediction! With challenging SAT practicetestsyou can crack the College Board designed SAT exam. Because agreatSAT score is the first step towards your dream college.Everypractice question on this SAT app is designed to increaseyouraccuracy while answering questions. With daily practice on ourSATtest prep app, you will be able to reach your goals in no time.SATPractice on the go with: • 100's of SAT Math, Reading andWritingpractice questions Practice the most challenging questionsto helpmake your dream score in the SAT test possible. Consistentpracticewith this SAT app will boost your confidence. •In-depthexplanations During your SAT prep, all you need is aplatform withcrystal clear explanations to help you understand allconcepts. OurSAT app is that platform. Never skip your questionreviews. •Real-time SAT Score Predictor Throughout yourpreparation, you willbe provided with stats on the dashboard aboutyour performance.With these stats, you will be able to predict yourSAT score andprepare accordingly. • SAT Preparedness Indicator TheSAT exampreparedness level indicator will also sound the alarm onjust howmuch progress you’ve made in your SAT prep. This shouldmotivateyou to work harder to achieve your target SAT test score.•Accuracy level indicator to boost your confidence and help youacethe SAT test! This is one of the more unique features of ourSATapp. It will help you focus more on quality than quantity.Goodpractice makes perfect, especially for competitive exams liketheSAT. Unpack the SAT® Test Prep with Galvanize: Our SAT practiceappwill ensure you're well prepared to tackle any SAT practicetest!Question types in the app include: • SAT Reading Comprehension•SAT Writing Comprehension • SAT Math: - Arithmetic - Algebra-Geometry - Data Analysis Spoiler Alert! Designed forseriousaspirants: To be better than the best, the SAT® practicetests onthis app are what you need. The best part? Our SAT prep apphas noads to distract you! 📚 What is Galvanize Test Prep? Rightfrom SATPrep to College Admits and everything in between, GalvanizeTestprep has your back. Rest Assured. You’re one step closer toyourDream Admit. Galvanize Test Prep is your ‘one-stop-shop’ forallyour college educational dreams. Students and parents loveourapproach to teaching and admission counseling and vouch foritsease and effectiveness. Our happy customers are present in over70cities and 11 countries. Any questions? We work hard to ensurethatall our students get the best Test Prep. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.PS:Don’t delay your SAT prep if you want to get the best scoreyoucan. Also, we have designed a vocabulary app for SAT andothercompetitive exams which you can find on our page. Start yourSATprep with Galvanize Test Prep today! Best of Luck :-)Disclaimer:SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board. TheCollegeBoard does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way withthisapplication.