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High School Girls Craft:Party 1.4
High school girls story Create your ownlovetale Have a boyfriend build, explore Be the top girl at schoolHavea BFF, become a prom queen. The best high school games forgirlsDate your crush Have a high school romance Creative game forgirls.Building. exploration lite, craft, mine for girls Be aprincess ofthe prom Build a nail salon, spa, hair dresser salon orpet shop Befabulous Let other girls be jealous of your newboyfriend with asports car.Crafting and building game for girls Creativity, high schoolstoryromance and an infinite world All in one game for girls craft,mine& create Design the blocky classroom, make the school ofyourdreams , Become an interior designer, a fashion girl.Make your dreams come true Pocket edtion of a famous craftinggamein the high school environment.So make new friends at school,bethe famous high school top girl Build, create - make your ownhighschool story Build, your home with cubes.Design interior build and design a kitchen - start cooking , Buildawhole city with a SPA,Pet Shop, Make-up & beauty salon ,Noprincess dolls for little girls No cute animals for babiesSeriouspocket. game for serious girls .We provide the newest cosmetics for you to try out Makeup,isn'teasy So come improve on your makeup skills with thistotallyawesome app You can have a makeover in a few essential stepsAlso,there are many cute and fashion dresses for you to try on.Here are also many small fun school games,You can play withyourfriendsCome and play. Download now and become ,the star girl of thehighschool Get popular now .Lots to do, the makeover never end.- Clean and refreshCrafting items-Building craft mode.-World Craft Story.-Skyblock free modeing for everyone .- Use brushes to put on make up, like a real Salon Makeover.- Come up with new styles. yourself Create new outfits withmany.different combinations-Improve on your fashion .design skills .
Craft Cute Story:Fashion 1.4
Fashion, design, building and craftingBestgame (pocket edition) for girls Create in a world of GirlsCraftBuild your own fashion empire create a boutique orshoppingmall.Decorate your boutiques Design hundreds of stylish items styleandmakeover yourself choose one of many avatars Build, create inworldof girls craft: building and crafting game for girlsExplorationlite of the fashion world Creative game for teenagegirls Let theadventure begin Be a top model.Become a top girl in high school Surprise your boyfriend MakeyourBFF (Best Friend Forever) jealous of your new style Shine likeastar Create and be creative in a crafting and building gameforgirls, Invite your boyfriend and friends on fashion show ,Useblocks to create buildings and fashionable items hundredsofcolorful textures are ready to be used ,by you Become adesignerHave fun with fashion explore all the hottest and trendiestfashionbrands and choose the right outfits for every eventoroccasion.Manage your own crafting shop while enjoying the story of CathyandMing, a slightly eccentric cat! Craft loving customers willenteryour store to create beautiful objects but they'll need yourhelpto make the most, creative decorations. While assisting them,besure to feed Ming from time to time !The cat's extremely,cute& cuddly, but gets really grumpy when hungry! You'll playin 6different ,locations and you can customize your shops to givethem.Pick a classic summer look for the fashion magazine photo shoot,anda sexy alternative look for the club Be a Princess Craft,buildcreate Best pocket edition exploration and design game on thestoreAdventure game for girls Glamour, super star game, Enter theworldof fashion.Create own fashion world or copy the fashion Capitals:Rome,Paris,Milan or New York Be a fashionista - make all theFashion ,cutecats and puppies Serious game for serious girl,Fashionworld isawaiting - let the fashion story begin.--FEATURES----Crafting items.-Building ,craft mode.-Survival ,exploration lite mode.-Cube Block Craft..-World Craft Story.-Skyblock free mode.-Blocky craft, Mode.-Girls craft Mode.-Princess craft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design).
Boyfriend Date Craft:Love 1.4
My Virtual boyfriend in a girls craftworldDating sims high school crush game A game where you can haveaboyfriend in a blocky world build create and explore pocketeditionof the world boyfriend mod for mini craft Creative game forteenagegirls Make a sweet scandal or become an Office lover seduceyourbest friend, Create a college love story ,The world is open -makeand create anything you want a great dating game with acreativeBoyfriend date Craft mode and adventure, mode Cube craftworld withhandsome boys The best of boyfriend games .Have a virtual boyfriend and make your ex super jealous Makeyour,school crush love you Be a top girl and pick any boy youwantDating simulator with building and crafting Build a house andlivetogether Marry him Have a best wedding ever Dateway ,Meet andchatwith a boy Love and exploration lite Love and romance in ablockworld Create a crazy love story Make a huge party inviteyourfriends and have fun This game lets you create anything youwantFrom girlfriend to boyfriend love story So build.Your love, have a pet - kitty or puppy or even a little ponyGreatfree games for girls Be a perfect girlfriend Be a perfectcoupleStop being single Find your romantic romeo Dating craft - thebestgame for girls Boys & Grils craft Exploration lite of thecubeworld with a handsome boy Build create mine and craft Storymodeminicraft based on high school and college love story be aprincessof the prom party So plunge into the world of crafting andbuildingCreate and build structures from small houses to the wholecityBuild Boyfriend date Craft Make friends with pets (puppycatpony).Get a new boyfriend ,and create the best love story ever Createafashionable world Blocky craft - Boyfriend edition Highschooldating in a blocky craft world Minicraft pocket edition ofstorymode .
Soul Dark Knights2:super magic 1.4
Soul dark Knights 2 you have always wanted,inyour subconscious Explore the dungeon collect crazy weaponsdodgebullets and shoot‘em all up , Extremely easy and intuitivecontrolsuper smooth and enjoyable gameplay ,mixed with rogue-likeelementsbest shooter game you will find on the mobile store so far.All I remember is that night,The dark dragon has closed the gatetothe sun And light vanished All living creatures became darkonlycarrying what's left behind the eternal pain .As a specially trained agent you can double jump flipping yourwayover obstacles! You are also trained in wall jumping gaps ,toreachnew heights .Fight your way through your ,mission and find the mad scientisttodeliver a well earned pixel punch in the face! The worldiscounting on you, Now go save everyone!Run jump and slash your way through a vast world of soulKnightchallenges and embark on ,an epic adventure! The #1mobileadventure game and a 3D platformer , now also available,forAndroid phones and tablets .FEATURES- Unique heroes with unique ability .- 120 weapons waiting. for you to explore .- Randomly generated ,dungeon world new experience everytime.- NPCs that actually matter! They will fight by your side!.- Lots of upgrades for your character .- Unlock powerful soldiers as, you progress through the game.
Surprise Lollipop Eggs 4.6
surprise lollipop Eggs is a gameapplicationfor children, If your child likes toys and surprisesthis app isperfect for them, What is hidden inside thelollipop.If you have kids that love to unwrap (unbox) surprise eggs thiswillbe the ideal app for them.In this application you will ,find a great variety off eggs andalot of interactive, games to play with.You will find numerous games hidden in. the eggs such asmatch-3games puzzles paint book, racing games and many more Therearedifferent type of surprise eggs: - Spider man Eggs.- My LittlePony Eggs.- FrozenElsa Eggs.- PeppaPink Pig Eggs.- Thomas the Train Eggs,How to play:- Choose the egg you, want to open- Use your fingers to scrape the paper, from the egg and tobreakthe chocolate egg- Tap the egg capsule, to get to the surpriseChoose one of them and tap to it to open After ,then you willfindyour favourite toys, like baby, cars, heroes and more Thereareseveral surprise lollipop Eggs.
Surprise Eggs Ice Cream 4.6
surprise Ice Cream Eggs is a gameapplicationfor children, If your child likes toys and surprisesthis app isperfect for them, What is hidden inside the icecreams.It is thenew way of enjoy with surprise eggs.They are ice creams and they are surprise eggs too!There are different type of surprise eggs:- Eggs Kinder Surprise.- Kinder Joy.How to play:- Choose the egg you, want to open- Use your fingers to scrape the paper, from the egg and tobreakthe chocolate egg- Tap the egg capsule, to get to the surpriseChoose one of them and tap to it to open After ,then you willfindyour favourite toys, like baby, cars, heroes and more Thereareseveral ice cream surprise eggs.